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    Hi I'm Ember

    Here are a few sets of clothes from an upcoming try-on video. Thought you guys might like to see a sneak peek - I think some of them are already getting tight on me!
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    I've got a chubby wife

    My wife has always been curvy, but in the last year completely unaided she seems to have just been piling on weight. not surprising with the amount of food intake but the rate of gain and size of her is amazing. Let me know your thoughts she is showing no signs of slowing down!
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    Based on her clips4sale I’m pretty sure these are pics from her latest set. And no matter what I think she looks crazy sexy here so I hope you enjoy too
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    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

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    I think I heard Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver" while watching this video
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    Yoshida Miki (吉田実紀)

    scales, weight gain, ill fitting clothes. Whats not to like? Can a japanese speaker provide the general gestalt of this here clip?
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    Mal Malloy (MAEBH17)

    outgrown. womp womp
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    Hey all! I'm Lina, I live in the Toronto area, and I've lurked Curvage in some capacity or another since the FatCelebs days, but only recently got up the courage to work through my own body image issues to post here. I gained about 40 pounds unintentionally over the past year and a half (thanks to a combination of antidepressants and smoking a considerable amount of weed on a daily basis), and it's made me so much more confident in my body than I ever was when I was "skinny". I love gainers like Reiinapop, Azismiss, Carmen, and ACG, (and plus size models like Nadia Aboulhosn and Denise Bidot) and I'd love to have curves like theirs, so I'm going to see how thicc I can get if I'm actually *trying* to gain. I also really like it because gaining in part because of my antidepressants is kind of a visual sign that I'm getting better and feeling better - I've suffered from severe depression and anxiety for years and the medication I'm on is the first to actually work, which makes my gain as a result of it even more welcome. I feel better and more like myself than I have in a long time, and I finally feel good enough to share that with people! A little more about me: I'm turning 30 in a week (yikes!), I'm bisexual & mainly interested in women, I don't have or want a feeder (I prefer gaining on my own because I'm a bit of a hedonist), I've had a weight gain kink for pretty much as long as I can remember, and I'm a huge nerd in both the academic sense and the cosplay/sci-fi/fantasy/gaming sense, which you can probably tell from my tattoo. I took these pictures last night in an outfit that I thought of wearing to a friend's party, but soon realized that my newfound curves rendered it totally inappropriate - the top used to be too big for me and now I'm spilling out of it, the skirt doesn't cover my butt anymore, and it rides up whenever I move so it might as well be a belt (I'm actually still wearing it in the other pictures, you just can't see it under my belly chub!). I don't have a scale, but the last time I weighed myself was before Christmas (201 lbs) and I've definitely gained at least 10 lbs since then because my measurements keep going up and all of my clothes are suuuuper tight, including winter coats. I used to be a 34A and now I'm almost too big for a 36C (which is my favorite part, because I've always been flat-chested), and I've gone from a dress size 6-8 to 10-12. I've included some compares too - first pic in the green top is me at 160-ish from the end of 2013 (probably my skinniest), second one is the same outfit in March 2017 at 185-190ish. I started documenting my gain in September 2016, and since then I've gone from 180-200+ without even really trying. I'm 5'6" so it took a while for it to actually show on me, but I feel like it's obvious enough now that I'm kinda proud to share it here, hence why it's taken so long for me to get up the courage to post. I don't have a goal weight, I'm just kinda going with it and seeing how I feel as I gain, but I'm thinking 250+ is possible in the near future. I have tons more pics that I need to sort through including clothing comparisons, but I will definitely be sharing them here if there's enough interest!
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    Yoshida Miki (吉田実紀)

    Like Tama Mizuki before, her call to fame is being the chubby idol. Regular member on a ridiculous japanese "harem-of-girls-do-stupid-sexy-shit" show. All she does is eat and jiggle her boobs on there. Pretty hot. Check her twitter too, more of the same on there as well. I'll try to remember the shows name shortly, there's a weighting/measurements being taken, episode on youtube around.
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    2012 I was single, 10stone (140pounds). I was really slim although I never really felt confident with my body that all changed when I met a great guy. He loved my body and constantly complimented me which made me feel amazing. As the months went on in our relationship I got comfortable, very comfortable and put on a stone (14lbs) within the first year. I never noticed as my weight has always been evenly distributed. By the end of the 2nd year I'd put on another 14lbs and my boyfriend was always so attracted to me I never really noticed. By the time we'd been together 2 and a half years I'd gained 3stone (42lbs) without even trying. I'd never been in a relationship or with someone where they constantly gave me compliments about my body and made me feel confident at any size. The sex was unbelievable throughout our whole relationship but as I started to get bigger it got more and more intense. I never linked the two together I just thought it was our connection. When I was at my heaviest 13stone was when the sex really intensified, it was out of this world. He loved grabbing me all over and said really enjoyed by curves. To cut a long story short we broke up and have remained in contact in more ways than one ever since. He started to drop small hints a few months ago about things he was into that I'd never understand and my size. I was really confused as he'd mentioned early on back when we were together that he had a thing for bigger women. Eventually he admitted this whole fantasy of me getting bigger for him and how he never wanted to tell me for fears that I would feel pressure to gain weight when all along unbeknown to me I was gaining weight anyway unintentionally. He opened up this world to me because I wanted to know more, it was the first time I'd really heard of feeders and people gaining weight instead of losing it. I was so interested/obsessed I began looking at YouTube videos of BBW's and through the forums on curvage everyday!!! I've seen a few people setting up goals by gaining a few dress sizes to see if it's really what they want to do so that's a good place to start, for me. I love reading through people's stories, everyone has their own journey and I'm just starting mine. Looking forward to the unknown.
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    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    A gazebo with beautiful views
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    Happy Saturday Everyone!

    Happy Saturday Everyone!
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    The food, the smell of plumarias blooming, the salt air in the morning. I miss my Filipino avacado tree in my backyard, banana tree in the front. I miss surfing before work, and sneaking away on big swell days. I miss my neighbors hawaiian cooking.....I shoulda' never left! Thats the best part of people watching! I loved watching tourists first experience with a lil undertow while splashing in the "harmless" ocean. How white people are when they 1st arrive, and how careless they can be on their first day on the beach with the sunblock!
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    The bathing suits are great. Looks like they all still fit, probably better than before. Love that red Firecracker.
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    Hi I'm Ember

    looking good
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    Katy Mixon

    Posted a few months ago... At the VES Awards 2018 in Los Angeles (02/13/2018):
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    Island Juicy


    Just some face shots 🤤
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    Before VS Now I'm going to stop gaining weight, just some stuffings here and there because it turns me on , but I'll stop eating unhealthy because no one of u are going to pay my medical bills, very little people bought my videos, I didn't feel more inspired... Have a beautiful day!
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    Some pictures from like last week
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    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

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    What counts as chubby/fat?

    I'm just shooting from the hip here, but maybe putting overmuch focus on "standards" is part of the problem rather than part of the solution?
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    Goddess shar


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    It actually happened to me the first date I ever went on from tinder, she was slim in pics and probably about 220 in person lol
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    Female wrestlers

    A few more of the sexy, fat gorgeous champ....nia jax
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    weight gain is a traumatic body transformation that weirded us out as a kid which grew into a fetish through adolescence pseudo science speculation on this topic sounds delusional
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    Goddess shar


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    Even painting her face with scars to resemble Shredder after escaping a garbage truck crusher in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze", Tamara is still impossibly cute and sexy. Go Tamara go Tamara go!!!
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    Great topic! I know I've encountered a number of scenes of weight gain and/or fat admirers in mainstream books over the years, but I can only remember details from a few. One of my earliest stirrings as a future F.A. came from a Sesame Street book! In Cookie Monster's Circle Book, Cookie Monster takes part in a pie eating contest. There is an illustration of the human contestants lying around afterwards with stuffed bellies. I always wondered why that gave me tingly feelings as a kid! In grade school, I read Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes. It always stuck with me that one of the secondary characters was described as an F.A.! I had to look up the ebook to recall the details. British redcoat Sergeant Gale wants to marry the "plump" and "buxom" young Madge. "The skinny little red rascal evidently liked his ladies plump." I remember marveling at that: some men prefer fat women! Note to the file! Another memorable moment is in Piers Anthony's On a Pale Horse. The protagonist inadvertently "kills" the Grim Reaper and becomes Death himself. (This was way before The Santa Clause.) There's a scene where Satan tempts him by offering a voluptuous succubus. What steamy prose Anthony put forth to describe the motion of her plump, rippling, bounteous flesh! And finally, another weird one. In my favorite novel, Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut explains mundane things as if his readers aren't from the planet Earth, even including his crude sketches of what the U.S. flag is, what underpants are, what an anus looks like, etc. In one aside he explains what an inch is, then states the penis length of the book's male characters in inches, and the measurements of the female characters in inches. He reveals that the wife of protagonist Dwayne had smaller measurements when they married, and larger measurements at the time she committed suicide. Yes, a morbid thing to find erotic... but I admit, I kinda did!
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    Hunter McGrady

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    To add a few more, these are a bit...'darker' examples of more fattened for Cannibals stories. In the second to last Narnia book the kids and Puddlegum are taken in by giants who plan to cook them up and eat them...lucky they escape. Shortest example ever is in the fourth Sinbad adventure where the crew is given food by a group of natives. The first meal robs the crew of their sense's with drugs and the next few are meant to fatten them, only the captains escapes. It's no more then two sentences. And last and most tragic is the first "Enemy" book by Higson. Warning dark, in the post apocalptic world a seemingly nice couple living underground take in kids....only to then ahem "Hansel and gretel them." They feed them food to make them fat while their muscles to weak to let them even walk.
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    Other partly vague memories from various stuff: *In the Sharpe's Rifles series by Bernard Cornwell, there's a Portugese woman who when introduced is a rail thin young lady and becomes the main character, then a low ranking officer, girl for the book. Every other time she's seen over the rest of the series (which cover half a decade), her current paramour has increased in rank and she's increased in weight, going from soft to plump to downright fat by the last time she's seen late in the series. *One that's extremely blatant is the Malazan book of the fallen series which has several overweight sorceresses presented as quite attractive, but especially one named Rucket who starts off as very lean and then has to disguise herself in an occupied city. She magically puts on half a ton with no ill effects and the text rather gleefully describes her waterfall of fat rolls, with one male main character going from mildly attracted to her to raging hard on at all times around her. She begins eating constantly and muses on getting fat for real.
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    Kate Wasley

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    Kate Wasley

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    This morning is actually very exciting! I finally hit the 190 club! I don't pay too much attention to weight as I don't have a goal there other than having a big belly, but I think 200 would be pretty sweet! Over the course of 4 months (not consecutive but since October, took a week off here and there in Dec/Jan/Feb) I've gained 34 lbs. I guess I really am gonna be a fat mountain biker this spring The goal now this spring/summer is to get to 200 with more muscle and belly fat.
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    Yoshida Miki (吉田実紀)

    shows called: ピーチゃんねる Somebody be a bro and source us some good material. There are a ton of episodes on youtube, nicovideo and similar sites. I can't be arsed to right now, but might look for the measurements episode later. Also be warned, the show is weird af lol. Meanwhile, some more shots. Whats everybodys thoughts?
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    Yoshida Miki (吉田実紀)

    Also, thinner days here, before gorging on food every other episode lol
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    My wife getting chubby and comfy

    Heard y’all like comparisons 😉
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    Stories You Keep Coming Back to

    Some of my favourites: - "Madison's Freshman 15": https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1911783-Madisons-Freshman-15 Probably, the best interactive story I've read. Pity some of the best arcs of the story are still unfinished - "What are friends for?" by BPicasso. This story was posted on Dimensions Forums but I can't find it right now. It was excellent and one of the hotest stories I've read. - "The comfort zone" by polarisdreamer. The last story I had the pleasure to illustrated. I think it's great from start to finish. https://polarisdreamer.deviantart.com/art/The-Comfort-Zone-Chapter-1-688016246 - "The sculpting of Kate" by woodsmont. Another amazing story I had the chance to be part as an illustrator, so engaging and sexy. https://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/21795-the-sculpting-of-kate/&page=1 - "Squish" by jarlewski. One of the best stories I've read in a long time, pity is not finished yet! https://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/19100-squish/
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    Saturday night and everyone is trying to squeeze into there little outfits while I'm just shovelling this vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with cream, chocolate sauce and brownies (for two) down my throat!
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    Morning everyone, for those of you asking I currently weigh 174pounds. I found myself sad the other day when I was taking pictures I wanted my belly to be bigger haha. I have a new found confidence with my size even though I am just starting out. It's so liberating to be able to just let it all hang out without being judged. Just wanted to share some new pictures with you all
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    Rebel Wilson

    From her Twitter account. She says "I feel like Burger King should make me their new spokesperson"
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    Referred by Redditors

    Hi guys! Just posting a quick update and a morning pic. Excited for summer camping and the river. Renting a huge house with a few friends, should be fun. Posted an ad on match and CL got a few nice guys who responded we'll see what happens. Thanks for all the love and support. Enjoy!
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    Referred by Redditors

    No not yet. We are all on the lease until the 4th of July so unless he chooses to move I'm stuck.. he says he is going to get his own place soon. Pics from OR. Enjoy!
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    Referred by Redditors

    Update 3: Spent the weekend in Oregon. It was amazing. Hope you're all doing well. XO- E
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    Referred by Redditors

    Argh ex still hasn't moved out. Still moving in with her but trying to get with me whenever I am here... So frustrating. I've hurt enough. He's supposedly waiting for apartment approval with her even after confessing she should've just been a fling. Again - all I can think is his loss. I feel nothing anymore. Just numb to it all. C
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    Rebel Wilson

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