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  1. There's a video of that last pic, too.
  2. The double chin on her these days is such a gift.
  3. It's unbelievable. I can barely believe it. I can't think of anyone besides Hunter who has gained so much and not missed a beat in being proud and confident and out there. She's truly one of a kind.
  4. Hunter’s ability to make any thin person look minuscule next to her is a superpower. It’s incredible.
  5. What a beauty. Love that little belly bulge edging into the closeups.
  6. I can never tell whether Sally is gaining or just maintaining, but she sure as shit isn't getting any smaller. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Look how shopped her belly is here. You know in real life that thing is busting out. Anyone have more candid shots of Diana, maybe where she's tagged in other people's insta posts and stories? Those are always the best of her. If she looks huge in her posed photos, she's got to look eve bigger in the others.
  8. If this is what she looks like when she's shooting, I can't wait to see her between projects.
  9. She doesn't even have to do anything anymore to look huge
  10. Patience...she's on her way back to that place.
  11. It's like she knows she can't hide how fat she's getting, so she just has to embrace it if she wants to stay famous!
  12. Thank you! I really wonder where this gain came from. Usually you see people turn it around sooner than this, and maybe she will at some point, but she has just kept going. I guess as a voice actress there's a lot less pressure on her to do something about it.
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