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  1. lol true! I will say this: A), it's hard to diet, our bodies are basically hardwired to resist it; B) Trisha's clearly got some mental health stuff she's grappling with, at the very least binge eating disorder that she's discussed publicly. She's contradictory, as many of us are, and there's a war going on inside her between the deep-rooted impulse to diet and be thin and the realization that that's a losing and harmful place to be. I hope she gives up on diet culture altogether, but I won't be surprised if she keeps bouncing back and forth.
  2. Tahirih Vejdani. Saw her on an episode of Kim's convenience where she was sporting a nice belly through a soccer uniform, though I couldn't find a screenshot. Apparently she sings, too, though.
  3. "I'm hungry." New vid: chowing down on a giant DD iced coffee with a donut, and then BK "cheesy tots"
  4. thadrou90

    Lana Condor

    Even in that solid black dress, you can see just how curvy Lana's looking these days. Out of this world.
  5. Always a gift to see vid of Tess that's not carefully angled to "slim" her down. God, she's incredible. Link to that clip here.
  6. Thought this thread could use a little update
  7. From that same corner of the internet, a few more B&A's
  8. Somewhere else in the feedosphere I saw someone note that Ash's twitter bio now ends in the phrase, "It's all fantasy." I wonder what this means and how much to read into it. I've always taken Ash to be one of the real ones: in all her content she's very explicit about being a longtime gainer and having ** tendencies since she was young, and she's certainly shown an extraordinary commitment to gaining that few can match. Is that sentence saying that she's no longer into the fetish, or that she never was? I suspect not, but I wonder, not least because she's never mentioned her kink or her sex work in her non-kink public-facing work (like the podcast). Lord knows, of course, there are lots of other good reasons not to mention it there, so she may mean something else. Maybe she's warning customers against treating her purely as a sex object (see this tweet), or reminding them that fantasy is fine but her relationship to them is purely commercial--not real. Who knows. Regardless, doesn't seem like her gain is going to slow down anytime soon, but I guess we'll see!
  9. Everything about her is so hot, but those arms...they're things of beauty, works of art! Look how they spill all over her torso! It's like having double-wide cleavage on top of already pretty fuckin big cleavage.
  10. thadrou90

    Demi Lovato

    "Accidentally lost weight! Totally don't care about this but also definitely need to make a joyful insta post about it." Like she can do what she wants, but this is very transparent, and a good example of the lazy ways diet culture appropriates the language of non-diet eating and being without actually changing anything.
  11. holy shit, that last and most recent photo...unreal
  12. Interesting video from Trisha. She talks about having an eating disorder (binge eating disorder) that she's been working on, but that she's working on making peace with being fat and happy - despite deeply preferring a stick-thin aesthetic. Trisha's a complicated person - like all of us, but also in her own ways. We'll see if she's consistent in this message as she keeps grappling with these issues. But it's fascinating to see her getting fatter, ending up with an FA (maybe a feeder?), and actively trying to embrace it all.
  13. I figured there should be a thread for minor celebs or people connected to celebs--people who might not merit their own thread but that we can admire nonetheless. If a thread like this already exist, please feel free to delete this one or merge it to the other thread. I thought I'd kick things off with Lin Manuel Miranda's stunning wife Vanessa. Last photo is from the Golden Globes last night.
  14. thadrou90


    Hard to tell in this dress, but she looks nice and full-figured to me
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