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  1. There was a thread somewhere (I think on another site) about some dark-haired Australian professor of sociology or queer theory or something (I think she was in the media talking about reproductive politics) who gained a ton of weight over time. Does anyone remember her name or have any videos or sources about her? I looked for a thread on curvage but dont' think there is one.
  2. Luis, do you have the vid for those first few images?
  3. Always impressed by Samhita's double chin [[ VID LINK FOR LAST PHOTO ]] You should really click through to the vid - it shows you how fat Samhita is when she's walking, when she's sitting.
  4. Update: those cheeks! Even the hint of a double chin...! I'm not so naive that I expect it to last, but Lana's showing us that she can plump up a little, and that it looks good. [[ YT VID LINK ]] You can really see the contrast with a year ago, as @Luissuarez said
  5. I saw some vid once where she talked about loving to eat and to snack, especially over the holidays, but always works off the extra weight. She's heading toward 40, though, so maybe her metabolism will start doing us some favors.
  6. Hell, we need the vid link for this one: [[ YT LINK ]]
  7. Like many, I first encountered her when she was on The Price is Right and won...a treadmill 😅 Back in the day, she was much thinner And I think she was still smaller in the composite photo just below than she is now Judge for yourself: the following are all from within the last year or so: She shows up starting around 2:06 in the vid
  8. thadrou90


    John, I wish you hadn't... 😨 😂
  9. thadrou90


    She barely looks like the same person... One of the more disappointing weight losses of the past decade.
  10. Kelly only seems to have lost weight in the last year or two, so I'll post from a time when she was still a little pudgy...February 2018
  11. Amazing thread, John, and somehow I'd missed it until now. Curious where you got these figures, too!
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