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  1. Just another screenshot from this vid, of Hunter looming over a much smaller woman. I can't get over how amazing she is.
  2. I'm amazed it was renewed for a 2nd season. But Carla's had multiple TV roles in 2019 and is going to appear in the movie Friendsgiving later this year. Here's hoping she keeps up the streak!
  3. Me too, but with all the working out I always worry about her losing weight. So far, I don't think she has. Those paparazzi photos were pretty amazing.
  4. I fear this flew under the radar, and it shouldn't. You can really see how round Michelle's face has gotten and how big her belly is, whatever she may do to disguise it.
  5. This thread needs a little update. You rarely see an actress this fat hold down a long-term job that isn't premised on her fatness. Good for her.
  6. A bit more (YT LINK) (YT LINK)
  7. What do you guys think: has Tess been about the same size over the past year?
  8. I love how this is spot on and also a dramatic understatement.
  9. A more complete set of that paparazzi beach photos. Sure puts to rest any fears that she's getting smaller.
  10. Still smaller than she once was, but this was good stuff.
  11. Hunter has gotten soooo fat vid: (link) And don't just stick to the screenshots. Watch the video. It's amazing to see her move and to dwarf everyone around her. She's huge.
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