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  1. Looks like we already have and I just hadn't seen!
  2. Nikki signing autographs back in April. I hope we'll get to see her at some Pride events before the month is out!
  3. Tess at some thing where she's selling old clothes. (I have to think she's outgrown some of them.) It's great stuff. Plenty of candid shots, and lots of comparison. Gives you a really good sense of Tess's size.
  4. thadrou90

    Bebe Rexha

    No actual confirmation, but I'd bet money she's at or above 180. EDIT: A little extra tidbit: if Bebe is actually 5'5", then 180lbs is where she's cross into the obese category, BMI-wise.
  5. Tess looks unbelievably enormous in this ad.
  6. Wow, she looks fucking great in this video!
  7. thadrou90

    Bebe Rexha

    We can only dream, right? We do have an instagram live from a year ago where she talked about pigging out and gaining weight. Some highlights here, but specifically we heard that she's a carb-lover: "I've been working on this diet called No Working Out...it's called Eating Carbs, it's all carbs. My diet consists of bagels and pizza, pasta, two bags of chips a day, cereal bars, ice cream (preferably mint chocolate), and, um, yeah, 🎶 that's my diet! You should try it! 🎶" Then she had another live not long after that where she was a little more negative about her gorging and gaining. More highlights here, especially these two: "I just started actually working out, so I'm just trying to make slight changes, but, like, I wanted just to eat bad food for a month, so I had candy, pizza, pancakes: I had everything bad!" "Do you guys want to know what I had for breakfast? Ready? I had a cup of coffee, and I had a fuckin' cinnamon toast crunch cereal bar. If you haven't tried those? Oh. My. God. It's all sugar, but it's fuckin' delicious."
  8. thadrou90

    Bebe Rexha

    Well, damn. Every time we think we have a concert performance from Bebe coming up, it falls through. I guess we just have to wait for a new album and a tour to have a sure thing.
  9. yeah, the contrast shows just how enormous she is.
  10. I think she's a true hedonist: she just never tells herself no. I think this gain train is going to be running slow and steady for a loooooong time...
  11. Fuck yes, love a string bikini where the belly hangs ALL the way out. And do I see stretchmarks there?
  12. Tabria looking gorgeous and enormous in this Matte Collection campaign Also, photo post here, and teaser vid post here. And I think there will be more to come. (EDIT: added photos from the website. holy shit!)
  13. She just can't hide the jiggle at all anymore. Her whole body quivers with the slightest movement!
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