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  1. No new posts since Valentine's Day?? We all need some fresh Tess to get us through this crisis. (vid link for the last image)
  2. I wanted to do a before-and-after with her in the overalls - I swear we've seen her in them before, several years and many pounds ago - but I can't put my hands on the video. Does anyone else have it?
  3. thadrou90

    Tyra Banks

    Tyra on Lilly. She was pretty covered up (they both were), but you know that means she's (they both are) big! Especially when she kept pulling that jacket closed around her belly.
  4. Does this mean her weight loss plan has gone off the rails...?
  5. Looks like we missed another good one from a day ago, too (vid link)
  6. Loved this - we can see how fat she is right now, rather than when she recorded the other vids that are dropping now. And God, every part of her looks fat.
  7. Couldn't move at 450? Lots of people can move at 450. I did some research. Looks like a 6X is equivalent to US women's size 36-40, give or take depending on the brand. Ash (of BigCuties and the Fat Lip Podcast) weighs over 600 pounds and wears clothes at or above that same range, according to some of her insta posts. So if Ash is over 600, Katie's at least 450. But @Dert477 where did you get that 6x number from anyway? [Edit: see his post just below mine.]
  8. Maybe more like 450? It’s big.
  9. Not just a paysite model anymore! She's also a podcaster and a fatlib instagrammer, and we have some amazing photos from that over the last few years. Enjoy her in her 600+ lb glory
  10. If anything I fear she's lost weight over this pregnancy!
  11. I can't get over this photo. I love how she's just overflowing with fat everywhere and looks like she's about to burst out of her clothes, but somehow is still so put together and fashionable. It's hard to beat that look IMO.
  12. And still you can see her ass and belly straining against it!
  13. Thank you for these. She's looking big. And a fat chef in the second vid! What a gift.
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