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  1. I agree that she probably knows about it, doubt that she'd be turned on by it. I just figure Raiza is confident enough and engaged enough in her work and her passions to keep doing her thing without our ogling slowing her down. That's what I hope, anyway.
  2. A new try-on preview vid on insta. She's still huge, obviously, but is it me or does she seem smaller than she was this summer?
  3. My bad, def not 5'10" in that case! Didn't realize we had this photo evidence that contradicted it. Based on those photos, I'm guessing Ellana's more like 5'2", then? As for her weight, who knows. My intuition's shot now...
  4. She's very short, so she can be pretty fat and still fit in a 3X. EDIT: Also, there's no industry-wide standard for what "3X" means, so she may well be a 4X in some brands. Also, she's been known to be less than frank and honest before, so take that for what you will.
  5. This makes me wish we had "ambassadors" or "liaisons," bilingual online ** who could connect, say, English-language feedists with Russian-language content, and vice versa. We obviously have this to some extent already--it happens organically--but I wish we could do it in a more organized, systematic way to discover corners of the ** universe the monolingual among us have been ignorant of till now!
  6. More greatness from Tabria. Click here for more.
  7. She was the one who completely blew up and then ended up leaving her job at the station, right? I wish we could see how big she is these days.
  8. Hard to say, but we know she's 5'10" and wears an XL in at least one brand of jeans. I've seen people speculate that she's north of 200, which seems right, but by how much who knows! Maybe 220?
  9. Some good stuff going on in Tess's stories. All this stuff is 3XL.
  10. thadrou90

    Bebe Rexha

    Yeah, she'll either have a breakthrough or a breakdown, and given the incredible pressures to stay thin as a celeb, it may be the latter... Hoping for her to find some peace and stability, though.
  11. the photo at the top of this page!
  12. For all of our sakes I hope you're right
  13. This thread needs a little more love - Enam is gorgeous!
  14. Really shows that however much we say "she's looking huge!" these days, her peak is behind her. So far, anyway. God, she looked incredible back then.
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