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  1. jokesjj


    1000% agree, she shouldn’t have got lipo but who knows, maybe I’d she didn’t get lipo she wouldn’t have a career, you feel me? The fat is not naturally distributed, so if it was natural who knows where it would go. Lipo isn’t permeant, I’ll give an example, cardi b, after she had a kid she got lipo but she still gained weight after, but not on her sides only her belly if that makes sense, her belly got bigger but her sides where not a fat. I think getting lipo just messes up the belly and the jiggling of the belly, her belly looks sexy but hard. I just think she should go natural from now on, moving forward, she should just pride herself as a BBW, not curvy, she’s curvy but let’s be honest she a BBW. But she may be wearing a corset or a waist trainer to keep her curves. I hope she’s going that but I really don’t know.
  2. jokesjj


    Lipo isn’t a permanent fix, if you gain weight, it’s for sure gonna show but not around the belly area, if you know what I mean. She’s gorgeous for sure but I think she should just really embrace her new body. The lipo has worn off but hopefully she doesn’t get lipo again, I think she’s ruin her look right now.
  3. jokesjj


    ALL her pics are edited or touched up. The pics of her with a flat stomach are 100% old, she has too much tummy to subtract, plus back rolls and etc. She’s had Lipo and other surgery, the far and weight gain is real but not naturally placed. If that makes sense.
  4. Bro, it’s the type of camera she’s using. It’s a fisheye lens, trust me. Her gain is 10000% REAL. I don’t know if she’s gonna get bigger or what but it’s real.
  5. I got some questions if that’s alright? 1. What got you into gaining? Like the story or origins of The Creamy BaBy 2. What’s the end game for you? Like is it immobility or what? 3. What’s the ideas Gain for you? Like all the fat goes to the belly? What’s the ideal way your fat will distribute around your soften body?
  6. Would you ever hold fan competition for video idea? And the 5 or 3 or whatever you choose, we can vote on them and then you make it into a video? Just a thought I had but.......
  7. Got some questions When you get to immobilisation status what would you do ? And Have you planned or prepared for when you eventually become immobilised, please please please, go into DEEP detail, I want to know it ALL..
  8. Wait are you aiming for being immobilised ? Or what?, what’s your goal? What’s the End Game Looking Like?
  9. What about you standing up straight, doing a 360 and talking a bit whilst jiggly your ass and belly?
  10. This ain’t really a request but more of a question Would you be applying to become a verified curvage model, so then you could make videos?
  11. Boys, where is her content ? Like where can I buy content?
  12. Stop Stop Stop. I’m not ready for this. It’s gonna break curvage tf. This is going to be a hell of a year if THIS is how it’s starting out....
  13. You got to only pick one: Food or Masterurbate Ass or Boobs Playstation or Xbox ( THIS ONE IS VERY IMPORTANT, this is very life changing...) Belly Rubs or Spooning Jiggle or Mass (like be as fat as you want but have no jiggle or stay the size you are right now and wobble and jiggle like a piece of jello) Sex or a hardcore stuffing Tied up and force funnel feed or hand feed and rubbing your balloon of a body ( because you just keep on getting bigger!) A big belly or a double belly Big Thighs or Wide hips Squat and your pants rip or Incredible Hulk style, while your getting fed you stand up and your clothes just rip and explode off your body Stairs or Squats Big belly and small boobs, ass thighs etc or small belly and FAT I’m talking BIG JUGS, THIGHS that can’t fit into jeans only yoga pants, ass too fat that it hangs out of the yoga pants and I can use it as a table. Hourglass figure or a Pear figure Catwoman or Harley Quinn Marvel or DC (THIS ONE IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT).......... ?.??.?..???
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