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  1. Hey GGG I got a quick short question.... Do you reply to Dms ?
  2. Hey guys, I just read that @DirtyHarriet post, that’s someone has leaked her a video of hers onto PornHub and her ex has seen it and is now judging her for it and I’m absolutely disgusted by this. Come on guys, models on here are one of the hardest working people in the community, they put time, money and tons of effort for their fans, not for somebody to rip their content off and post it for everyone to see. Models craft a gem of a video for people to view who PAY, that gem belongs to the models as they created it and allow only certain people (their fans) to view their content. @DirtyHarriet is a woman I really respect and love (for reasons that I just can’t explain but she knows why) and I really hate that her videos and other models videos such as @goodgirlgrow, @Curvage Casey, @Goddess shar or @Curvybaby are basically stolen from them and people are posting them to view for free on other websites or even worse they’ll charge people money for the clips, money which should be going to the models. Now @DirtyHarriet is contemplating whether she should continue her journey or just give up on her dream. This is very saddening, because we might be about to lose a model. It’s because of these horrible, idiotic and bad people that we lose so many good and amazing models. I think my ideas of a Task Force, that check websites for models content needs to be put into effect or something because we can’t be having this... But I just want to say I’m really sorry @DirtyHarriet, on what’s happened to you, I really am and I’m always available for a chat or a long talk. Ignore what your Ex is saying, it’s his loss..... Just please if you talk about anything and everything or need some cheering up, I’m always here you for.... I’m just a text a away. Once again, I’m really sorry Harriet you have to go through this. I’m really sorry.
  3. Question, Would you guys every become or get a models account and start making content ? Like videos or something ?
  4. Hey Guys, How’s everyone doing? I just wanted to come here and let everyone know that I’m currently working on something very exciting and special with someone, so stay tuned and follow the blog because I think everyone’s gonna love it and some of my ideas are going to take form.
  5. Wait you serious bro, my heart is pounding. Please DM me please so we can talk more or whatever Im soooo excited and honeyed. My heart is beating so fast.
  6. I just what to put this here as one of my thoughts.... If I do get a following (hopefully I will) on this thread and my profile, I’ll use it for good, promoting models, giving them expose, praising models for their good efforts or body, my thoughts and ideas and what every good I can or could do I will.
  7. I had an idea that I’d like to share to see what you guys think.... So my idea is creator of the mounts or Model of the month. This award will be awarded to someone who is consistent with uploading and interacting with their fans and the site. That individual would be monitored by a Team to see if they could be a candidate or not. Then all the models will be in a top 5 or 10 situation and then either the fans could vote or a team or the moderators could come to a decision. The reward will be that their profile would be front and seater on the clips page. Instead of the “what’s Hot”(I think that what it’s called), it’s the thing when a models video has the fire icon on the clips page, that thing. Their profile will, be plastered all over the clips page and it would provide exposer to smaller or deserving creators, because I see a lot of models on here such as @RosieMarieFeedee or @Chunky_Rose or even @Curvybaby, just to name a few examples are models who put soo much effort and time into all their videos and interacting with their fans, and get no recognition I feel as if, only a few of their videos have reviews, their posts only get a few reactions and I feel as if it needs to change. This award will allow them to get the deserved exposure and get some new fans. However, Thai reward could so go to models who already are a big fan base, such as @Curvage Casey, @Candii_Kayn or @goodgirlgrow, just to give a few examples. Who put in countless hours, to produce their amazing Clips and they take their time out to interact with their fans and also interact with other models to show love and support. @Curvage Casey, I don’t know what to say, her looks are breathtaking, we can all agree with that BUT I’d like to talk about her personality, it’s AMAING, she’s just radiate happiness and love when she’s posts. She post pictures every single day, responds to fans DM’s (which some models don’t even look at sometimes, this girl answers every single one she gets WOW). Her interaction with her fans is also breathtaking, she updates them on her current situation and comments and answers her fans questions Every Single Day, she’s just works so hard, it’s quite admirable. She’s works so hard on her body, fans and craft that I don’t what it to go unnoticed. @Candii_Kayn, this is another models who has breathtaking looks and curves BUT her personality and heart just are astonishing. She’s quite a busy person, so I think she can’t be on Curvage as much as she would like to be but when she’s here.... she makes it count. She’s post pictures, videos and most importantly talks and answers questions her fans have, on her thread and I think she’s also answers her DM’s (i don’t know but I think she does). I’d like to give an example of why @Candii_Kayn is very kindhearted and loving, so I was in her thread and I asked a question hoping this lovely individual would answer it, then a fan came in a shut me down saying something like “she’s doesn’t answer question” or something on the lines of that. The Candii stepped in and put them in their place saying that she’s doesn’t answer questions and then she answered my question and said some nice thing to me and I really appreciate her for doing that. Now on to @goodgirlgrow, I don’t know where to start. This wonderful individual, post pictures everyday, her videos are fan fulfilling and deliver and she’s on her thread what feels like 247 just talking, interacting and answering her fans questions and comments. I mean she’s number on in the leaderboard and if you take a glance at her profile, you’ll see why that is. This one is short and sweet because I’m just gobsmacked by this woman, her work ethic, her gain and her attitude are just unique. All theses models amazing, consistent and most of all care and about their fans. Hopefully the mentioned models day are brighten your by reading this and hopefully have a amazing week and month. Id just like to reiterate that the models listed above are ones I know of on this site, I’m not saying these are the only models because there are probably some models on here who are amazing and exceptional, I just haven’t heard of them. Of you guys know any please leave their profile or @ them because I’d love to check them out. This award will do the exact same thing as listed above and this will show love, support and appreciate to whoever wins and it will show that’s their selfless effort and not going unnoticed. Thanks For Checking Out The Thread, I Really Appreciate It and If You Have Any Questions Or Criticism Please Comment Them. ALL Questions and Criticism Are Welcomed Here.
  8. I’m really sorry @NogutNoglory that’s you feel this way and I don’t want to start an argument or a feud but I’d like to give my opinion on your statement and this matter. First off I’d just lie, to inform you that this Thread is about having healthy debates and me sharing some of my ideas and thoughts and hearing and taking onboard feedback form this am aiming community . Now on to my point, the statement I’ve quotes this completely false. Curvage is about celebrating and appreciating all sizes and shapes, there are no requirements or obligation that a models has to be a gainer. Let’s take you for example, you are a very beautiful curvy woman who makes content on curvage and other sites. I will be taking in regards of Curvage, you are not a feedee or a gainer and nearly all your clips have two or three five star reviews. Some models on here who are gaining or a feedee can’t even get that because they either not interactivity with their fans or not very entertaining. You are both and I believe that’s why people buy your clips because you interact with your fans daily and post very interesting clips for your fans enjoyment. So on that’s basis I believe gaining weight is not a requirement. Also, another thing you said was quote ‘gaining is the only thing that is appreciated here, not curves, not creative videos’ and I’m going to give my argument on my opinion on this quote. You said that gaining is the only thing appreciated on this site and I’m going to have to disagree with you. Just because there are a lot of feedees and gainer on this site doesn’t mean no one else is welcome, as I said above ‘Curvage is about celebrating and appreciating all shapes and sizes’ and this is what curvage is not “oh every model on this site MUST be a gainer no exceptions and they must gain over 50 kg on their first month on this website”, it’s simply not true. Also, the whole creative clip thing, is completely false, let me give an example. When @Goddess shar came out with the Tomb Raider clip, the comments were not “gain more weight, your skinny” or “ I can’t wait until you 500kg”. Instead the comments were things like “am I watching a Hollywood blockbuster” or “ the videos is so high quality” and if just like to say, her videos are very creative and unique. They have a story, a theme, emotion, acting and editing which shows she really care and puts thought into her videos like most if not every other model on this site. Another example is @Curvage Casey. She’s killing or should I say eating the game right now, her videos are creative, high quality and I believe if she wasn’t a gainer, she’d still have the same loyal fan base she has right now. It’s all about effort and commitment to the craft that’s separates the models not how much can they gain or eat. Again, I’m not trying to decorate or anger you, I think you a nice, kind and amazing individual ! Thanks for reading and visiting the Thread and Please if you’d like to comment on something please do so.
  9. Hi guys, I’m back from my break. How’s everyone doing ?
  10. I’d just like to say something.... Bro she’s a grown woman, she can do what ever she wants to do. If she decides to gain weight and be fat and happy, Let Her Be. Who are you to try and police her decision ? If your her mother or father fair enough but your some random person on the internet, you don’t have a say in her life and her choices. Anyway, who said she wants to lose the weight she’s gained ? She’s probably much happier and proud of her body and who ever said she was going to be immobilised ? She may be perfectly happy the size and weight she is currently. And bro if you don’t like her weight gain, don’t sub to her OF, it’s that simple, use that brain if yours come on. If your gonna bring all that negativity, curvage is not a place for you my guy, Curvage is about celebrating all curves and sizes not trying to bring them down.
  11. This is perfection, everything we want in a clip. I’m loving it. Also, ‘sexy changes’? Honey you were always sexy, your just more fatter and more jiggly and were loving it.
  12. You got to the gym with that body and face and I promise you, you wouldn’t be able to workout... because all the guy and girls would Just keeping giving you complements and asking for that number. They’ll just keep interrupting you....
  13. Also bit of a weird question, does birth control affect a woman body in terms of weight gain ? Like does the fat go to that ass and thighs more or nah. I’m just curious.....
  14. How on earth did you convince her to gain or was she wanted to gain already and you just helped her ?
  15. Thank You so much. Im just scared my going to lose my place on this site but now know that’s not going to happen. Thank You People for all you kind words and the love much appreciated. Im starting to feel better and less anxious and depressed already
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