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  1. Bro, it’s the type of camera she’s using. It’s a fisheye lens, trust me. Her gain is 10000% REAL. I don’t know if she’s gonna get bigger or what but it’s real.
  2. I got some questions if that’s alright? 1. What got you into gaining? Like the story or origins of The Creamy BaBy 2. What’s the end game for you? Like is it immobility or what? 3. What’s the ideas Gain for you? Like all the fat goes to the belly? What’s the ideal way your fat will distribute around your soften body?
  3. Would you ever hold fan competition for video idea? And the 5 or 3 or whatever you choose, we can vote on them and then you make it into a video? Just a thought I had but.......
  4. Got some questions When you get to immobilisation status what would you do ? And Have you planned or prepared for when you eventually become immobilised, please please please, go into DEEP detail, I want to know it ALL..
  5. Wait are you aiming for being immobilised ? Or what?, what’s your goal? What’s the End Game Looking Like?
  6. What about you standing up straight, doing a 360 and talking a bit whilst jiggly your ass and belly?
  7. This ain’t really a request but more of a question Would you be applying to become a verified curvage model, so then you could make videos?
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