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  1. do you ever miss being thin?

  2. Version 1

    MASSIVE STUFFING! 34MINUTES RUNNING TIME! Shar returns home from her date. She FaceTimes her friend and tells her all about how her date went. Shar starts to worry she’s becoming too fat to date now and takes a good look at her growing gut in the mirror. Breathing in, she tells herself she’s not even that fat and makes her way into the kitchen. Shar notices a note left by one of flat mates telling her she needs to clean out the fridge ASAP as it’s broke.. Shar is unsure what to do so she starts to empty the whole contents of the fridge out.. she gets out of breathe and begins to start eating and picking at bits of the food. Shar starts to eat the pepperonis, the potatoe salad, the left over sausage and cheese rolls, both yogurts.. she even opens the beers and starts to chug them!! Determined to clean her friends fridge totally out, Shar starts to eat more food! She ravages through the chocolate rolls, cheesy pasta, bits of quiche chugging it all down with beer and pop! An hour passes by and Shar has changed into something more comfy.. she starts to eat the pizza.. she continuously dips pizza slices into hummus and washes it down with more beer! Shar’s clothes start to become extremely tight and she now has to unbutton her jeans.. shoving ice cream into her gob, her friend calls to ask if she cleaned out the fridge..Shar tells her yeah!!!! And that she’s eaten it all!!!! WHAT?!!!! YOUV’E EATEN EVERYTHING OUT THE FRIDGE???? OHHH NOOO!!!!! 🤦‍♀️ her friend says!!!! GS X x NOTE- ALL reviewers on this particular clip are gonna be able to watch my next weigh-in for free.


  3. Hello shar can help my belly big and soft?Your Advice my belly need ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. We are waiting for a new blog😍❤️

  5. How tall are you? 🍀

  6. Goddess shar

    Bikini Chug, Burps N Play

    Version 1

    I show off my fatness and how my belly now hangs when dancing and applying fake tan.. I chug pop and let out some deep burps.. I jiggle n play with my belly n belly button


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    2. dudethatswaffle
    3. alten322


      you look fantastic! your belly makes those dresses look wonderful

    4. Dh123456789


      Absolutely gorgeous Shar!! How much more are you going to gain? After 250, I think you should get to 350-400 😍😍😍 what do you think? 

  8. I love you, gorgeous! 💋

  9. Goddess shar

    Have You Missed Me?

  10. Goddess shar


    Version 1.0.0

    Shar is eating pasta. She tells you she has to eat as much pasta as she can so she can keep growing the way she is. She starts to eat at a quicker pace than usual.. she scoffs large mouthfuls down.. her belly starts to fill up quick.. but she keeps scoffing and scoffing.. Shar’s belly starts to grow.. her dungarees start to become extremely tight.. she takes another mouthful.. suddenly her button POPS and her dungarees fly open. Letting her big belly out, Shar continues to stuff more pasta.. she leans back and props her fat overweight body up onto a cushion. GS X x


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    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      Ooh my.oh my omg GIF by Madelaine Petsch

    3. brooksmiller
    4. Hungrier


      You are the stuff that dreams are made of!

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    2. Antpant


      Hope you become ssbbw if thats your dream your gonna look even more 🔥🔥😚

    3. jim beg

      jim beg

      You're incredible. What drives you?

    4. Emmaaa


      You're so pretty 💜💜💜

  13. Goddess shar

    Spoilt Brat

    Version 1.0.0

    Sugar daddy blackmails me. He says as long as I keep eating n getting fatter n wider..I can have ANYTHING I want in the whole wide world 🌍 He buys me expensive gifts and feeds me up on donuts and all sorts of sugary fattening foods. He’s turned me into the biggest spoilt fat brattttt everrrr When I don’t get my own way..I throw tantrums. Sometimes he rewards me with smaller portions of food just to watch me tantrum and have me asking for MORE. GS X x


  14. You look so much happier now than when you were skinny. And hotter 😍

  15. 🐷📸