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  1. rxman

    Scherri-Lee Biggs

    But in the last months she has gained again several more pounds. In spite of using shapewear she barely fits in her previous season dresses and is now displaying a noticeable tummy.
  2. rxman

    Scherri-Lee Biggs

    From 2013 to 2018 she more or less maintained her curvy but slender look:
  3. rxman

    Scherri-Lee Biggs

    Then she started gaining and looked rather large for a model but still quite slim for her new role as TV presenter.
  4. Scherri-Lee Biggs is a 28 year old Australian model and TV presenter. She was Miss Australia 2011 and Top 10 in Miss Universe that same year (she was one of the favourites, but her reported small weight gain did not help her win the crown).
  5. rxman

    Rayanne Bitancourt

    In spite of all her dieting efforts her things are still large and shaky 😏
  6. rxman

    Rayanne Bitancourt

    Yes, she's desperately trying to get back in shape. She needs to, she is a model.
  7. rxman

    Rayanne Bitancourt

    Brand new pics. Besides her large butt and thighs she's starting to have a small roll when her bra is too tight.
  8. rxman

    Rayanne Bitancourt

    They should have asked her for her updated measurements 👍
  9. Here is the link to the video. Interesting to see that the make-up woman is much trimmer than the model...
  10. And watch her tummy roll when seated in a VS commercial.
  11. Barbara vidcaps from her Sports Illustrated photoshoot. At her heaviest and least toned.
  12. rxman

    Rayanne Bitancourt

    Pics released today from her latest beach shoot. Far from trim.
  13. rxman

    Rayanne Bitancourt

    Those are old shoots she brings back to her Instagram
  14. rxman

    Rayanne Bitancourt

    Brand new pics. Not slimming down 😉
  15. rxman

    Rayanne Bitancourt

    More pics from her beach shoot a couple of months ago. Check her ass when seated and her lack of abs.
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