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  1. New Nicole promo pic -- looking good
  2. Looking juicier of late than I remember from past years
  3. Hopefully the anchor convinces her to enter the corn dog eating contest 😍🌽
  4. So with Nicole's ban from wrestling in the States now over we might get more opportunities to see our hottie in action -- plus she was sporting a new outfit in her first USA match back
  5. Found another pic of busty Kris in the same outfit so guessing it's from the same event -- love to see her softening as the years go by Older pic from 2013, just when she was embarking on her weight gain journey -- amazing what packing fifty pounds onto a 5'8" frame will so for one's figure
  6. She's created a ** to try and limit her online exposure to just her most diehard fans -- though with only a few dozen subscribers over the last year, it's evidently a complete flop lol (but given the "content" and "rewards", it's hardly surprising). But there will always be peeps who take snaps of her out in the wild -- she's looking positively busty at 42 Oh and looks like she's back on the dating scene too -- somehow it doesn't come as much of a shock
  7. She is absolutely magnificent. Would love to see her wear something cream or pink — and sleeveless 😍
  8. More Nicole Matthews: I really miss this outfit -- and its epic wardrobe malfunctions
  9. I'm really looking forward to 2026 -- the world needs more Sarah 😍
  10. I would so love a video of her sitting down (or trying to sit down) in that dress 😍
  11. ...starting to thicken slightly?
  12. I'm truly flabbergasted that she's exposing that belly for all the world to see on stage -- but I love it! Her arms are getting delectably girthy too 😍
  13. I love how they excavate in cold, miserable conditions and everyone is dressed in layers yet Brigid resolutely continues to work as if she was excavating pirate gold on a beach in the Caribbean 😍
  14. They need to have a 2023 rematch — and break out the old outfits they wore back in 2016 😋
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