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  1. On the one hand, this outfit can only mean that she can't fit into her old attire anymore....which is a good thing On the other hand, it means we can't see her ever more luscious curves....we should figure out a way to send her a new, larger, and more revealing ring outfit!
  2. She has a body very similar to my boss lol -- how tall is she?
  3. Just imagine a match between her and Nia!
  4. Gawds those armmmmmssss....imagine massaging them 😍
  5. ^ Love it when beautiful thick gals go sleeveless 😍
  6. I did notice that her arms were noticeably thicker in S4 than earlier in the show’s run — I’d originally attributed it to her working out for the role, but now I’m thinking it’s weight gain...I like!
  7. ^ She’s just entering her peak years, imo — someone would do well to give her a new tv gig
  8. Look at the booty and tummy on her 😍
  9. Love that she unbuttons the top of her shorts while serving customers...she must get great tips!
  10. ^ *dreams of massaging those thick, soft arms* 😍
  11. SapphicCurves

    Hayley Mcqueen

    ^ Take your time, little one! If you feel like being even a bit late, go right ahead
  12. http://www.kriswilliams.com/a-new-start/?fbclid=IwAR0jpuu7DN3LcZdqIOIIieWRLCUgqcnmOQFV0UQ4o3mIKyR0FHSVdEVRt8k
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