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  1. Where'd you find your cover photo?

  2. Welcome! 😀 Hope to see more of you.
  3. Coming towards me because then I can feed you some delicious treats!
  4. When a woman here posts a status that says they never get DMs, so you send them a respectful, complimentary DM and they read it but don't bother to respond at all 🙄

    1. Chevalier


      That's usually what happens, nothing too personal.  Ping, ping ping... if nothing, try again later or try your luck with someone else rather than have a death cloud over your head.

      Do need stimulation but I've got a backlog and other things to do so I'm not really sweating stuff much nowadays.

  5. Finally got through most of the thread and I have to say that you're a breath of fresh air both physically and mentally. I really hope you stick around because it's great to hear your point of view and your innocent thoughts on this whole genre. Thanks for being honest and beautiful and curious! ❤️
  6. I do partipate in the eating but to a much lesser extent. My focus is on the woman and her pleasure. However, I do love good food and I'm not going to deny myself. I didn't used to be open about it and when I was young I was quite embarrassed about it. Now that I'm more mature, I do not hide it at all and share with those who ask or are interested.
  7. For me it's way more complicated than just the belly. I love the size, shape, look, and feel of fat. I also love the increase in size, texture, weight, and presence that weight gain and stuffing brings. In addition, the pleasure and abandon that is exhibited when "pigging out" is very sexy. Fat or an increase in fat on any part of a woman's body is a turn on. The belly is my favorite part because of the correlation to the stomach and its expansion as a result of eating. Where do people put their hand when they say that they are full? On th belly. women are all different and where fat gets stored is rarely the same on two different people. Fat and/or increasing size of any part on a woman is hot whether it be face, arms, breasts, belly, hips, butt, thighs, or calves. Everyone has their own personal preference for specific shapes and sizes, but I would venture that my general explanation here is true for most on Curvage. Hope that helps and sorry if this has already been said. I didn't read the entire thread yet.
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