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  1. sit on my face and tell me that I love you
  2. This is like my favorite of your pics! Peekaboo!
  3. sicsac

    MS Pic 16

    Just ran out of my daily reactions on your pics. You're so hot and your pics are so sexy and alluring!
  4. Love that you're wearing maternity pants ❤️
  5. Hey you. You’ve followed me this whole time, huh?

  6. OMG Welcome! You sound (and look) perfect!
  7. I'd love to hear you talk about your gaining fantasies. What your goal is and how you plan to get there. How you feel when you realize you're a bug, huge fatty. How your belly is taking over an d hangs so low. How you can't stop eating because it turns you on. I'd love to see you stuff yourself until you can't move and talk about how good it feels to be so full. How your clothes don't fit any more because you got so huge. How you can't stop and won't stop.
    Loved it! She measures everything, weighs in, and even has a fat chat at then end. It's like 3 videos in one. Love the honesty!
  8. Where'd you find your cover photo?

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