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  1. sicsac

    Hello everyone! I'm Doja! =P

    Hot damn! Gorgeous! What you rockin'? 3/4" tunnels?
  2. Can something be done about the load time of the homepage for those of us with mediocre Internet connections?? Seems to take a lot longer than it used to if it even fully loads. :mellow:

    1. S77


      I will work on it. There is just too much stuff on this page. It's 57.9MB  right now. That's a lot !!!

  3. When you give a model one of the best compliments ever and she doesn't even acknowledge it. -_-:rolleyes:

  4. First Curvage wants me to start the install and now I often get 503 errors. Wassup?

  5. Welcome to Curvage! From what I can see so far, you look like a goddess! :wub:

  6. sicsac

    The previous iteration of Curvage had a feature where a "new" button would pop up on previously visited threads that would take one to the first post since last visiting a thread. Any way to do that now or can it be added?

    1. S77


      We have it here too.

      See screen shot.

      first unread post.JPG

  7. sicsac

    Allie Pearson. Any befores?

    Just wondering if anyone has any "before" shots or content from her. Hell, anything from ever.
  8. sicsac

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Hadn't seen this one posted yet ( I didn't look at every page). The angle and position of her arm makes her belly look amazing.
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