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  1. GoGoFlox

    Erica Lauren

    At long last, she's doing ass shots! She hid that behind from the world for too long and is FINALLY setting those cheeks free!
  2. I just want to know is if her OF is worth the money. I'm not asking for hard-core porn. If she posts as bare ass/books or does any ass shaking videos, I'm satisfied.
  3. 1. Overeating 2. Weight gain 3. Giantess (a woman becoming unrealistically tall, either by her growing or by the people around her shrinking to a super small size)
  4. HOLY SHIT!!! Sne is full on BBW now (or at least close to it)!
  5. It's always a good day when my two fetishes, bbws and giantesses, crossover!
  6. GoGoFlox

    Kat Dennings

    Kat is looking good in this commercial.
  7. Why do some people in this tread keep trying to say that she's now loosing weight? I've seen nothing that suggest that at all. It looks to me like she has fully embraced being a bigger girl.
  8. Yeah,I don't see anything that suggests that she's loosing weight. The only thing that might suggest she's loosing weight is that (mostly) black and white nude pic spaceboy just posted. Even then I don't think that means much because 1) that could be an older pic and 2) the pose she's doing plus the angle that image was taken in might make her appear smaller than she actually is. She's gained quite a bit of weight, but not enough where it's going to be super apparent in every single pic she's in. Also she still uses the "plussize" tag. If she was seriously trying to loose weight I doubt she would still be using it.
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