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  1. It’s insane that some clowns in a porn site think this is a great spot to discuss politics. Basically what this proves is, not only are you struggling to get laid, but your struggling just to have someone to talk too. This isn’t the place for politics.
  2. I like the idea of seeing her get a fatter first...
  3. Hey thanks for bumping this one, I would have never found it if you didn’t. What a great story! Maybe we will get lucky and it’ll be finished one day...
  4. Woah 😳 I can understand why you’d be feeling yourself...
  5. How come it seems to be the dude’s that flood the unread content screen with pages of shots of there packages? Y’all can’t just make one thread like everybody else does so we can avoid if wanted... 

  6. Tricky cause I struggle to not focus all my attention on her weight, I try to stick to regular compliments any girl would like not just our big girls... I don’t want her to dwell on her weight or also think I only think she’s sexy cause of her fat...
  7. sorry if it’s mention somewhere, any idea who that blonde is?
  8. Wow! And she gains like my wife, if my wife had an extra 20 pounds on her.... that’s are goal this year tho
  9. She seems to enjoy her belly at least a little in that photo...
  10. There are so many curvage models these days, I feel like the good content is being watered down.... not trying to be offensive so I’m gonna stop there... just my opinion

  11. Would it be racist too start a fitness club for white woman? Or are woman of color the only ones that have that privilege?
  12. Holy cow! Literally 😍 That is one impressive belly 🤘🏻
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