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    This was awesome, love watching the struggle 🐷
  1. What are the chances of getting a work out struggle video sometime in the future?? With your rapid weight gain, watching you struggle should be fun ❤️

    1. BBW Casey

      BBW Casey

      I'll make it happen ❤️ 

    2. padroid77


      Perhaps you could add a Little Striptease out of your spandex after the Workout 🙂

    3. JenP123


      Would love to see a treadmill video!

  2. RippdFlannel

    Woman from Before/After post

    Sexy signature or something
  3. RippdFlannel

    Workout Attempting

    That jiggle was mesmerizing 😍 love seeing you struggle to get off the ground with the jump rope and jumping jacks. Enough working out, back to being a lazy spoiled princess 👑
  4. RippdFlannel

    Mini Dress Squeeze

    Wow I can’t believe you squeezed into that dress... you made that look way sexier then it would have been on a skinny girl
  5. RippdFlannel

    Ariel Winter (from Modern Family)

    The do my nipples offend me shirt.... her nipples most likely will considering with breast reduction surgery they are removed and sewn up higher🤮
  6. RippdFlannel

    Claudia Fattorini

    Damn, best part is she knows she’s hot 🔥
  7. RippdFlannel

    My ED is Ruining My Relationship

    Your right, but one to many baby dick comments and a guy may never fully recover.
  8. RippdFlannel

    My ED is Ruining My Relationship

    i guess I have a little advice since you clearly want to try saving it. Why don’t you communicate better with her? Even tell her about your fetish, what is there to lose at this point? But again, the best advice would be ditch that ho, she sounds like a negative bitch.
  9. RippdFlannel

    My ED is Ruining My Relationship

    Seems pretty clear what advice everyone is giving, but your hopes to make something out of this is too strong. Good luck, no need to give advice to ears that aren’t listening.
  10. RippdFlannel

    Trisha Paytas

    Honestly, she looks like she was hit by a truck.... it’s a bummer cause I want her so badly to be more attractive.
  11. Let her go, a really far admirer will enable her to become the confident goddess she is meant to be. I was all for your plan till you said, “slumming it with a chubby girl. “ Lame, she can find a guy that doesn’t consider his time with her, slumming it.
  12. RippdFlannel

    Alexandra Bortich (Russian Actress) + 20kg

    Thanks! Was just looking for this 🙌🏼