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  1. What a belly on this beauty...
  2. Hey thanks for bumping this one, I would have never found it if you didn’t. What a great story! Maybe we will get lucky and it’ll be finished one day...
  3. How come it seems to be the dude’s that flood the unread content screen with pages of shots of there packages? Y’all can’t just make one thread like everybody else does so we can avoid if wanted... 

  4. When I’m lucky in the morning I’ll catch Amy Freeze as the weather girl for ABC 7 Nyc... she’s mature, thick and sexy... my kinda cougar... She has definitely been thickening up the last year, and this holiday season she’s looking squeezed into shapewear😍 I grabbed a couple photos and made a morph, cause hey, what’s wrong with dreaming? her looking skinny a few years ago Her today, she’s looking squeezed in there and rolls sneaking through some shapewear...
  5. Tricky cause I struggle to not focus all my attention on her weight, I try to stick to regular compliments any girl would like not just our big girls... I don’t want her to dwell on her weight or also think I only think she’s sexy cause of her fat...
  6. sorry if it’s mention somewhere, any idea who that blonde is?
  7. She seems to enjoy her belly at least a little in that photo...
  8. There are so many curvage models these days, I feel like the good content is being watered down.... not trying to be offensive so I’m gonna stop there... just my opinion

  9. Would it be racist too start a fitness club for white woman? Or are woman of color the only ones that have that privilege?
  10. Not exactly a fat girl kinda hobby 😅
  11. Anybody else getting annoyed with the amount of bickering on Curvage lately? It seems like half the time I click on an updated post, it’s some nerds making unnecessary opinions. It’s worse then necroposting. Most of ya’ll don’t get laid, and it really shows when you care about arguing over meaningless crap on a fetish forum.... please.... lets stick to just admiring fatties??

    1. Chevalier


      You can stick to the status updates, and be prone to comment to those who respond. You'd also be surprised at who gets laid or what one unlearns to have some meaning relationship even if online.

    This is my first time seeing you on video, and definitely not going to be my last. Your unbelievably cute, even more so in video then expected. Your so massive, I would get lost in those folds 😍
    This was one of my favorite videos yet, you are looking sexier then ever! It is unreal how huge round your stomach is starting to become... and those boobs! Don’t even get me started on those tits...
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