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  1. Just an FYI that her IG has been suspended so her Twitter is the only place she is updating for the foreseeable future. She's definitely looking bigger in her latest post - can't wait to see her belly uncovered...
  2. Here's the text to the post: 你变胖了吗?我在家自我隔离了70多天,显然又更胖了一点😛 Google Translate: Are you getting fat? I have been self-isolated at home for more than 70 days, obviously obviously a little bit fatter 😛 Damn...can't wait to see how much fatter she is! She has no doubt just been lazing around playing Animal Crossing and eating...
  3. Is it bad that now I don't want the quarantine to ever end? 😆 Seriously though, if you keep this up this is going to be the most epic, well-documented gain of all time. Live your big, fat, gluttony-fueled dreams
  4. Any luck finding any of her older social media? Would love to see more pics between 2015 and now...
  5. I love Gfycats but they're super wide and and short when viewing them in the forum. Is it possible to increase the height or just make it proportional to the dimensions of the Gfycat itself? Like they're always 500 pixels wide by whatever height it works out to. Thanks for listening!
  6. For anyone curious about Rika's measurements, I found this page here where she talks about her weight and measurements. Here's the text translated with Google Translate: Up to 350 pounds in weight, chest circumference 140cm (55"), waist circumference 130cm (51"), hip circumference 150cm (59"), upper arm circumference 55cm (~22"), thigh circumference 99cm (39"), there is waist ratio but than the photos that highlight the waist ratio, I like to show the sense of flesh. I usually send pictures mainly in ins and B stations. The other videos that I tried to send didn't pass the review, only passed this one and rubbed my stomach, but the video of this stomach was also screenshots written by people and wrote a public account to draw a fork saying that I don't deserve BBW, it is directly divided into rubs The "garbage" of the BBW concept [blame me] is too difficult in the country, and I roll back ... Under her profile name she says: 叫我Rika/梨花/大梨都可以(不约,不兼职,不接受投食,社恐患者,只想默默的变胖><) It ’s OK to call me Rika / Pear Flower / Pear (No appointment, no part-time job, no food intake, social fear, just want to gain weight silently > <) This does conflict with what she said on Instagram where she says she "just enjoys food" rather than eating with the intention to gain. Screenshot in case the page gets removed...
  7. A couple from her IG that haven't been posted here:
  8. https://twitter.com/rikarika_707 she's not as active on Twitter as she is on IG but I guess these pics were a bit too racy for IG
  9. All good - just wanted to give people the heads up in case they missed it and wanted to see more 👍
  10. Thread dedicated to her can be found here: https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/38955-super-cute-chinese-ssbbw-rika/
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