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  1. If your vids were half the price I would have bought 3 by now but at $13 I’ve bought zero. Something to think about.
    Cookie is an absolute cutie who is totally at ease in front of the camera discussing her weight gain in her adorable British accent while showing off her incredible growing body. For anyone into the thin face, big belly aesthetic then this video is an absolute must-buy. Will be watching Cookie's career here on Curvage with great interest. Her gain since January is pretty astounding so I think it's fair to say she's all-in with her gain. Definitely has the the potential to rival Curvage legends like KittyPiggy, Mochii Babii and Shar. One suggestion for the next weigh in would be to give the number in stones and in pounds for those of us not familiar with British measurements. Had to do some Google conversions to figure it out 😆
  2. Mochii's belly is looking so round these days! Would love to see a messy cake stuffing on all fours - just super ravenous and messy. That'd be awesome!
    So good! The highlight has to be when Mochii sighs that her belly "has to get bigger", gets down on her hands and knees, shoves her face into her final serving of Mac and Cheese and scarfs it down like the gluttonous piggy she is. Legendary stuff!
  3. Welcome! Can't wait to see where your journey takes you!
    Really enjoyed the video! Lots of sexy jiggling, fat talk and of course the measurements of her luscious, expanding body. Thank you for sharing Kaybearcutie, can't wait to see more of your adventures in gaining Keep stuffing and gaining, you're getting more beautiful with every pound. Maybe in six months time we'll be talking about whether you've hit 350 pounds XD
  4. Is it bad that now I don't want the quarantine to ever end? 😆 Seriously though, if you keep this up this is going to be the most epic, well-documented gain of all time. Live your big, fat, gluttony-fueled dreams
  5. I love Gfycats but they're super wide and and short when viewing them in the forum. Is it possible to increase the height or just make it proportional to the dimensions of the Gfycat itself? Like they're always 500 pixels wide by whatever height it works out to. Thanks for listening!
    Probably the sexiest video I’ve ever watched while someone is wearing clothes. Chinky is particularly beautiful in this video but, damn, what she says so freaking hot. I could listen to her all day talking about how fat she’s getting for “me”! Highly recommended!!!
    Great little update video! Cat looks so good here as she talks about her previous weigh-ins and goals to grow over the holidays. If I would have one recommendation, perhaps leave the next weigh-in into after the holidays so we can see how much extra padding you will have added over your TWO Thanksgivings and Christmas. Lots of opportunities to stuff yourself! Maybe do your first “feeding weekend” with your feeder that you mentioned in one of your videos 🙂
    What a cute video. Cat gives us the inside scoop on her motivations behind gaining, what kind of fat animal she’d like to be (hint: it’s not what you’d you expect to be), life as a fat girl, embarrassing fat-related situations, gaining goals and all sorts of fun stuff. Cat admits she’s “in deep” into gaining so I’m excited to see where Cat’s gaining journey takes her over the years! Good luck and happy gaining! Highly recommend this video to anyone interested in Q&A style videos. Great content and a great value!
    For the booty lovers out there, this video is an absolute dream! Kitty’s ever-expanding ass is bigger than its ever been and it’s an absolute sight to behold. When she starts to wobble (shaking is out of the question these days) her huge, pale, soft booty, you can’t help but be mesmerised by its gorgeousness. Lots of fat girl heavy breathing and bed creaking. So good!!!
    Chinky looks absolutely gorgeous as she happily wolfs down a large Big Mac meal in no time flat while rubbing her expanding belly. Absolutely one of the cutest gainers in this site without question. Can’t wait to see more from the lovely Chinky!
    I've been following chubbychiquita for a few months on Tumblr and was over the moon to hear that she was selling videos here on curvage. And after watching this video, hoo-boy was I not disappointed! chubbychiquita shows off her sexy, growing body and talks about how much bigger and softer she plans on becoming and my God is it erotic. Her voice, her cute face, her already soft, well-padded body but more importantly, what she says is a huge turn on. Nothing sexier than hearing a beautiful woman talking about how she plans on becoming even bigger and more beautiful. You can already tell she won the genetic lottery is going to be one of lucky girls that distributes the fat all over, from her big booty, soft arms, double and chin and the always sexy double belly. How much her weight gain talk is fantasy and how much will become reality is entirely up to her but whatever happens - and I sincerely hope hope it's 450 to 550 lbs she has mentioned on Tumblr - it's going to one helluva ride. KittyPiggy, Shar, Mamahorker and ChubbyCupcake better watch out because there's some new competition in town
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