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  1. I love this! I love that she's lifting weights and getting bigger with muscles, and it sounds like she is also eating well and getting fatter if she is filling out her dress as you describe!
  2. (I like that you posted that quote, Someonenew)
  3. She has stated her intention to get thick, so it'll be fun to see her carry out her goal!
  4. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    Taylor looks like she is becoming a full-blown, full-grown woman. She is a strong amazon-type leader woman, like AOC. She will get bigger and stronger.
  5. Very beautiful woman to start with, just stays beautiful as she gains...
  6. kirsch

    Pam Grier

    And in those pictures of her as a cop, that is such a sexy role, for a big beautiful strong woman.
  7. kirsch

    Pam Grier

    She seems to "age well." And her fat probably helps to keep her "young." And it seems like women of African descent age well especially.
  8. Wow, she looks kind of bulkier than what I remember. And that boot makes her calves look sexy, they are getting thicker!
  9. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    The NME video, Taylor looks so beautiful and relaxed while she drinks her wine! She sweaty and sensual.
  10. kirsch

    Ayshah Tull

    She is Jethro Tull's daughter. You know, that guy on The Beverly Hillbillies? I'm joking. But she has burst out with beauty!
  11. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    She is wearing this old-style dress to create a "fake butt" impression. I bet she's secretly building up a "real" big butt under the disguise. We shall see..
  12. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    She is just fitting in with the mainstream. Women adore her because she did gain weight. They want to feel validated as beautiful in their bountiful glory (because a beautiful celebrity has gotten fatter). This is all good for her fan base! I hope she continues to "represent"!
  13. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    I sense that Taylor is crossing into a new threshold of thickness. 2020 is the Year of the Thick Woman.
  14. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    Some recent Good Morning America appearance (based on the name of the file on TaylorPictures.net). Not much recent change, but her legs are looking big and curvy. And those dancers! They look like they all are gaining!
  15. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    While you were out... Taylor's thighs have been growing in circumference.
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