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  1. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    Some recent Good Morning America appearance (based on the name of the file on TaylorPictures.net). Not much recent change, but her legs are looking big and curvy. And those dancers! They look like they all are gaining!
  2. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    While you were out... Taylor's thighs have been growing in circumference.
  3. She's rich. She can afford to get fat. She is showing off more wealth.
  4. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    What a wonderful "disease" for Taylor to be "afflicted" with!
  5. Are we bothering her? By having a thread about her?
  6. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    I've seen these videos on YouTube, but no one has posted them here, to my knowledge. Hopefully there will be more videos like this, "to be continued..."
  7. kirsch

    Taylor Swift

    Better safe than sorry.
  8. This is great news. Ronda Rousey wants to take a break from her career, from which she burns many calories, to start raising a family, which requires her to store many calories and gain weight during pregnancy,. This increases her chances of blowing up and maintaining her larger size post-pregnancy! https://www.si.com/wrestling/2019/01/24/ronda-rousey-wwe-future-leaving-wrestlemania-35-april
  9. kirsch

    Tove Lo

    Nice virgin gain!
  10. kirsch

    Queen Latifah

    That was actually a rap (on her part). But her voice was captivating, and when I have heard her sing melodies, she wails...
  11. kirsch

    Queen Latifah

    thadrou90, Thanks for the update! I kind of forgot about Queen Latifah (and I even started this thread!). I have had a crush on her ever since I heard her sing "Fly Girl" on the radio back in 1991. She is a queen, and seems to "struggle" with her weight, which is the true measure of a queen.
  12. kirsch

    Mia Khalifa

    I love this story line. A gourmet-quality chef has an obsession with food. What could go wrong? It depends on your definition of "wrong." What is certain is that her body expands to accommodate her passion for food. She happens to be beautiful, and she expands her beauty with each new cell.
  13. I love BBBWs like Alexis Nunes!
  14. I love this! I don't often visit this area of the site, but I stumbled upon some fine art! I don't know what else to call it. It is pornographic, to the extent that it is sexual in nature. Of course, all of the renderings are rated PG-13. It is a work of art. I have watched SIMS videos on YouTube that centered on female weight gain, but they are few and in between, and the ones I have seen were fairly limited in terms of variety. It is as if they were just stretched out to approximate the body change associated with gaining weight. But you take it a step further and add variety, the costumes, the scenery, etc. And it is all very sexy. I would love to see more! Have you a web site, or like a place like Deviant Art?
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