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  1. hello darling im sooo in love with youuuuuu


  2. How have you been? How was your Christmas & New Years?

  3. Hope you are ok. That is all that matters.

  4. i dont know why .. but i would love to see you and your gorgeous belly behind the steering wheel of a car 😍 

  5. Where you been pretty lady??

    Miss you!!

    1. tomek
    2. bern


      probably having a thing called a 'life'

    A great clip! It was adorable and sexy at the same time. @kitkatfeedee is a cutie!
  6. I feel this. I hope things start going better for you. Your clips are BEYOND fairly priced (especially for the quality).
  7. And my newest clip, "A Bigger Belly (Sitting)"
  8. For those who haven't seen here is "The Fattest Devil"
  9. My belly has gotten bigger! I sit down and show you with some belly play. Fat chat and belly button play also included. If you enjoyed this clip feel free to like, comment, rate, and review. If you are having issues viewing this clip just message me!


  10. Awaiting approval, "The Fattest Devil"!
  11. The fattest devil has outgrown her dress! She teases and tempts you with her gorgeous jiggling body. Sensual with lots of fat chat! If you enjoyed this clip feel free to like, comment, rate, and review. If you are having trouble viewing this clip just message me!


  12. Feeling sexy =]. New Halloween themed clip will be coming soon, still have to film it! Any sexy costume ideas for it?
  13. The waking up fat clip is awaiting approval!
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