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  1. Taytay your beautiful big belly needs an extra set of hands to be fully worshipped! 🤩😍🤩😍

    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      She's a BBW model, not the Ultimate Spirit Bomb.

      reddit GIF

    2. Jimmyirish


      But maybe it's possible for her to be both !!!!...

  2. To gain or not to Gain, that is the Question. Well I'm not sure it's a choice for me. 😆My appetite always seems to get the best of me, and I'm afraid it might again now. I make this realization while filming this very sexy video. Along with a tight shirt and pants, I am also showing off an extremely stuffed belly. I also wanted to tell you a super hot story involving me and a ride at the fair over the summer.


  3. Hi everyone! Don't forget to check out my newest video, it's my first eating clip on here in probably over a year! The photos below are unrelated to the video, I just thought you might like them! ❤️





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    2. Jimmyirish


      Tummy looks fulfilled...wowee zowee...you're just such a babe...💚🍀IMG_20190824_151809_372.thumb.jpg.022c8617db995dc717cc9405e3031ac6.jpg

    3. Jimmyirish


      Guess that since I submitted my reply too many times must mean that I really like these Taytay pics...how could you not ??...sorry for the repetition...

    4. grateful


      Yum!   😍🥰

      Thanks for the beautiful update!  ❤️😁

  4. Two clips upon purchase! WOW!! It's been so long since I've done an eating clip for you! I was very excited to make this one, I had my homemade pizza, my whole milk, and my little bite sized muffins to fill me up. And what fun would it be without some tight clothing to go along with my little feast! I scarf down my dinner like the pig I am (I even surprised myself!). I hope you enjoy watching this little gem just as much as I enjoyed filming it for you.. ❤️ If you loved this clip feel free to like, comment, rate, and review! If you're having trouble playing this clip just message me.


  5. Really happy to see you back and I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Gotta say you look seriously tubby in the new video, so heavy and soft.


    Hope to see you grow some more perhaps.

  6. I sent you a message a few days ago. 

  7. Two videos upon purchase! Mmm, a lazy day at home for me, my favorite. I start off by massaging and showing off my belly for you in bed. The second video is me standing and showing off my plump curves. There is a lot of talking in this one. ❤️ If you love this video feel free to like, comment, rate, and review! If you are having issues playing this video feel free to message me.


  8. Glad to see you are back.  Please keep growing and adding to your luscious sexy body

  9. Please check your messages 🤗

  10. Watch me worship my belly! I caress, rub, jiggle, slap, squeeze, and finger every inch of my plump gut. I added in some extra belly button play too because, well, it feels so nice =]. If you love this clip feel free to like, comment, rate, and review. If you are having issues playing this clip just message me.. <3


  11. Good to see your still around :)

  12. You are the literal best, do you still longboard?

  13. Yessss! I love the new video!! Please come back! We miss you!

  14. Dear Taytay, it is so good to see you back again and you are as beautiful as ever. I have been missing you so much, your great curves and of course your amazing personality too. Your come back is really remakable because of your great pictures and most beautiful gifs. Thank you so much for this beautiful rebirth of a well known and long time missed goddess. So goddesses will never die.

  15. At the end of your last video you mentioned that you are giving it a try again.  Do you have any weight gain goals in mind?

    1. Taytay


      Not specifically =]

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