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  1. Hey there beautiful!So great to hear from you again.And Yessss we have definitely missed you!! 😀 And always so great to see some updates of you.Glad to see you are still alive and well 😉 Dont be shy.

  2. Version 1.0.0

    I'm back, and just as jiggly as ever. The same wide hips and muffin top, the same stretch marks and dimples. Everything you have always loved about me. Have You Missed Me? 😉


  3. Hi curvage! 

    I just wanted to let you know that there will be at least one (maybe 2) Taytay clips coming your way soon! New pics should be expected as well ❤️


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    2. rambler


      Oh finally! Everyone missed you so much! We were so worried! What happened?!

    3. bozak


      So good to see you post again.  Welcome back!!!

    4. David_I


      We missed you!  So happy to see you are back!

  4. Haven't seen you for awhile?  Hope you are ok and doing well!

    1. bellymon


      guys...she's gone. It's time to move on.

    2. scotts0715


      Her website I thought said on recently..oh well

    3. bellymon


      never been so happy to be wrong


  5. we miss you ! hope all is well

    1. pluffy31


      Please come back taytay

    2. ms06zaku


      Imagine if she came back over 400lbs I think I'd pass out 

  6. When are you coming back?!

    1. ms06zaku


      Not looking like she is bro. 

    2. glamdring1287


      :( wonder what happened

  7. Taytay released 2 albums then dipped 😂

  8. Was enjoying one of your jeans videos yesterday. Hope you're having a good Xmas! 😘

  9. I miss u so much Tay :(

  10. Yeah where you been tay we miss you! 😘😔

  11. Hey Taytay, just checking in to say hi!  Wishing you the best this holiday season!

  12. I hope all is well 😁

    Your fans miss you!!!

    1. Kiel Brown

      Kiel Brown

      We really do. I come back every now and then, hoping that I'll see Taytay. 

  13. I am wondering though... If I stuff myself to exploding would I have a person to rub bellies with?

  14. where are you ?
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    2. bellymon


      Lol Can you confirm or deny, Tay? 

    3. bingo06


      We miss you Taylor 😞

    4. Chimaira10


      She's in prison 😂😂😂

  15. Missing your updates.  Hope you're doing well.