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  1. TayTay How have you been doing these days? 

  2. She has one of the best bellies. Period.😍

  3. so many love you, your energy, your lack of slickness in your homemade videos, your crooked smile...and of course your beautiful figure! Sending butterflies and kittens and hoping you are smiling somewhere. 🎈TAYTAY 4 PRESIDENT

  4. Where'd you go? 😭

  5. Hi Taytay, it's good to see you're coming back to check. I hope and trust you are doing well and are happy. You don't owe anyone anything. We all live with our dreams and hopes and real life experiences! Take good care of yourself!

  6. Does anyone know how much she weighed at her heaviest?

  7. There's no way she's coming back, she's way thinner now. I mean, around 190 pounds.

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    2. The One That Speaks Truth

      The One That Speaks Truth

      Sorry guys but it looks like the poster IS correct. She’s lost a lot of weight.


      Like, it’s not as if it were hard for doxxers to even find her. She DID kinda use her real name everywhere she went. It’s still horrible that people would do that, but yeah, she’s legit not hard to find. I’m not putting her full name and details here, but yeah, get a load of this. She’s Not nearly as fat anymore. Both pictures were from this year.



    3. Jay0991


      Where are these pic from??😲

    4. The One That Speaks Truth

      The One That Speaks Truth

      I mean I did say I’m Not putting her full name and Details here sooooo…not releasing that info.

    5. Irma1956


      Lo importante es que se encuentre bien 🙏

    6. WhoDat


      She is here like every couple of days if you look at her profile. But she chooses, as is her right, to keep on the downlow. 

    7. GurinHero


      Disappointing but eh what can you do ig

  8. Hard to believe you are 29 years old! I bet you're cuter than ever...even though you no longer answer emails. Wishing you bestest. 😍

  9. Because we are waiting for your coming back, here are three appetizers. What a beautiful belly princess!

    Tay Dee.jpg

    Tay Dee1.jpg

    Tay Dee2.jpg

    1. SVegan


      Fatgirls are so sexy 😍. I am very attracted to your belly 😍Pregnancy Overeating GIF by TLC Europe 

  10. whatever happened to her? I loved her BBW content.

    Such a gorgeous belly.

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    2. JellyKat


      Awe that sucks she was one of my favorites! I hope she comes back around! I generally thought she was a cool nice person

    3. STCChristopher


      I had no idea about that @biggerisbetter498. How did you find out about that news for @Taytay?

    4. STCChristopher


      I liked @Taytay as well @JellyKat for the same exact reasons you mentioned. I discovered her first from her YouTube content. 

    5. CarlGnarl


      She is here every couple of days, just isn't posting.

    6. PecorineOrenji


      This always happens but people who say it usually never have source and people just run with it

  11. thanks for follow me, how are you?

  12. Just love your weightgain Taylor.

    1. STCChristopher


      I agree. I discovered Taylor from YouTube first. I think I discovered Curvage site bacause Taylor mentioned Curvage so much on YouTube. 

  13. I don't think she's coming back..

    1. Dickface99


      I think you're right, sadly...

    2. Radioman
    3. Jay0991
    4. WhoDat


      If you look at her profile, she is here every couple of days at least. She's not gone. She's just not posting content at the moment because of scumbags outing her to her family. 

    5. Dickface99


      Why would anyone do that? 

      Horrible people... 

    6. Billybraskey1


      Scumbag losers ruining people's lives

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