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  1. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    If WWE Creative wants to end this storyline with Mandy and Otis where it's revealed that she's only gonna betray him, they can have it to where she only wanted the cake his mom baked her, and maybe some other baked goods. Make her a food addict. Then a bit later (let her bulk, softly), we revisit Sonya and Mandy as they lose yet another tag match. Sonya breaks it to her lovingly, carefully and bluntly: "Mandy - you're getting fat!.. and I don't like it. In fact... I FREAKIN' LOVE IT! You're so drop dead sexy it's distracting me, which is why we can't win." Then, Mandy goes on a solo babyface run with a championship push. It's bound to get her over. But of course, WWE writers don't have the balls to think it over, much less try it.
  2. That's only if you're fatphobic.
  3. OscarWinner


    If I wasn't an FA I'd honestly say she's the most beautiful woman in the internet. Fantastic skin. Gorgeous hair. Always pleasant with a smile. Great figure without plastic. Cute face without filters. Five stars on Wikifeet. She is certainly a spectacular woman who I want either way. Thin, fat and - dare I say - even... muscular. If she were 180 lbs or more (chubby, not the muscular stuff), I'd petition for us to have her figure as the official Curvage logo.
  4. OscarWinner

    Daisy Ridley

    Actually, there are three of them
  5. She starred on another show years later (which by now is years ago) called Are you There, Chelsea? They had a weight gain episode, complete with eating scenes and belly prosthesis. It's gotta be on this thread.
  6. OscarWinner

    Demi Lovato

    I love how it intersects with the dimple in her chin. So cute.
  7. OscarWinner

    Demi Lovato

    LOL Can we shop these and make it look like she was modelling on Curvage?
  8. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    I guess someone wanted to get a real close look at Kris Stadtlander
  9. That dress is quite suggestive
  10. I'd love to guard her down low. But I think creaming your pants would be an automatic technical.
  11. Who is blondie next to her?
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