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  1. Is there an alternative cover; one where her upper body is thin but her lower body is fat and cellulite-riddled?
  2. As an American, I must say, I love the Sheilas. You are no exception.

  3. YES! She's getting a belly again.
  4. <--- Trump supporter. Apparently my Blackness is relevant to this discourse, for some reason. Oh well.
  5. All that cheese is only gonna make her bigger.
  6. Wow, this Charlie's Angels reboot looks fuckin' rad. I'm all hyped as -- wait. This is just a fashion ad? Oh.
  7. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    I post this here because I'm sure we have a few good answers to that question. My dream roster: Jordynne Grace, Kaci Lennox, Charli Evans, Savannah Evans (no relation), Jenna Van Muscle, Rachael Ellering, Deonna Purrazzo, Jenny Rose, Goya Kong, Piper Niven, Chihiro Hashimoto, LuFisto as GM, Reggie Bennett on commentary and Noelle Foley on interviews. And maybe toss in one scrawny girl to see if she could get inspired to "get size", and by that, I don't mean muscle. Be sure to let them know your dream roster on Twitter 😉
  8. I think she could float without the inflatable
  9. Hopefully, all she's building is flab.
  10. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    If only... It would be quite the story, kayfabe and shoot. Kinda like their own Endgame Thor type of scenario. Depressed, eats, plays video games (we know she likes video games). The whole thing pays off at Survivor Series where Sasha - a reluctant pick for her team - is the last member to be eliminated after a very valiant effort that people thought she was too out of shape to pull off... But for the record, to me, she has not gained an ounce.
  11. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    Has one in this video too
  12. Looks like an amazing show
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