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  1. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    This is what I kinda expected from Becky after she gave birth. I have a feeling she'd be wearing different attire though. I think we have some deepfaking to do...
  2. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    NXT on now and Gigi is looking so soft
  3. Was that toxic person the one who DM'ed this to her?
  4. OscarWinner


    The dedication it takes to make that post
  5. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    Could you imagine Indi and Persia at Viper's size? It's probably something I need to try morphing later.
  6. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    Maybe Wendy Choo's next prank on the Toxic Attraction would be with Kalteen Bars, ala Mean Girls
  7. It's a time consuming venture, with a small touch of the "seeing how the hot dog is made" type of disappointment, at least with the way I usually do things. I think I'm better at it, still not efficient though. I can see where I went wrong with earlier works, but then there's stuff I'm trying to work on now that seems impossible no matter how different my approach is. Anyway enjoy the marginal improvement:
  8. A pear with a belly. The trajectory here is promising.
  9. OscarWinner

    Lana Del Rey

    Just bring back that reddish brown hair and that white half-shirt. This is great, but ginger Lana squeezed into an ultratight top would be legendary.
  10. This is recent?
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