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  1. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    I'm just waiting for Tasha Steelz to pack on the chub.
  2. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    Milf-Ryse in motion is a sight to behold:
  3. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    Lana doesn't look too bad here
  4. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    You can probably recognize the woman in question by the feet pictured. I'd like to imagine her stuffing herself with all of this, but her recent physique says otherwise.
  5. A three-way contradiction; quite poetic.
  6. Two broken noses and you're still so hot... But what did it look like before the breaks (if you don't mind me asking)?
  7. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    Even her before's are smokin' hot. She kinda resembled a chubby Margaret Qualley. Like if I had the power to harvest fat from one person onto another (I obsess with the idea), I'd leave her as is and take the weight she'd go on to gain and put it on quite a few other chicks.
  8. OscarWinner

    Female wrestlers

    It wasn't always like that. Kamille's former figure was possibly the most underrated female wrestler body in the whole curvoshpere, to coin a phrase. We completely overlooked and took for granted the old her. Now, it's like Maria Manic levels of cringe - I hear the name and can't even watch. Between her and Charlotte, Thomas Lattimer has been awful for the female form. I don't even like her tan. So, let's go back a few years:
  9. So, she didn't gain the weight needed for the role? https://www.tmz.com/2021/04/29/sarah-paulson-fatsuit-linda-tripp-triggers-anger-fatphobia-hollywood-american-cime-story-impeachment/
  10. I am not a professional comedian and jokes are not my specialty, but every so often I put an effort to use humor just to pad a discussion and add fun where I think it can be understood and appreciated, and if not, then I can accept the failure to be funny, which was truly my intent. I also tried to do as much as possible to make it obvious that I was being lighthearted because... ..as you mentioned before, "I don't ever come here to chat or react" (even though I have about a dozen times posted a comment and you've interacted with half of them in some way), one of my earlier comments to you struck a nerve with you, so I backed off from this thread for quite some time to avoid offending you. To be fair, I have not purchased content of yours, so your displeasure is justified in that regard. I have lurked on these forums for about 15 years; some people hate my guts, not enough to have reacted to me as you just have. I guess I have some who tolerate me; this site has a reputation system that I honestly don't know how it works, but I guess it's good. If the admins wanna kick me off for this scenario, then so be it - life goes on. You're one of the all time great gainers/models, and an interesting, humble, honest and brave human being. Knowing your story from what you've posted here, I can understand the dynamic involved. Ties will indeed be severed from here on. I will leave you alone. Farewell, and thank you.
  11. All of Hollywood is doing it so why not us? Let's reboot VR Troopers, but this time starring GGG as Kaitlin Star. I think you can fill the role rather well. The following attachments are concept art. I'm sure you'd be stretching the shit outta those 90s outfits.
  12. She's like Det Amanda Rollins but with the body of Ellana Bryant.
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