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  1. Ugh I hate when I see posts like this only because I hope your days always blissful to you since you make mine so much more pleasant when I log on to Curvage. I hope it wasn’t something too stressful. You know reading your usual posts, has become the best part of my day. Ones like these, my shoulder is always available to lean on if you feel like venting about it, 😕🫂
    OMG so blown away, I don’t know where to start. I think Casey is so amazing that LA should have had a red carpet event to provide her the proper welcome during her visit. This clip covers everything I love about Casey and then some! She starts off looking at her biggest but she binges on so many different foods unique to LA you can see how her huge belly swells to even bigger proportion as she continues to stuff her way beyond full. Casey talking of her appetite being out of control shows itself here because I don’t think she absolutely loved the fried cheese stick thing she was eating, but hey it was edible and she didn’t hate it either so into her belly it goes. She did however love those Mochinuts or special donut hole rings and the burrito she had delivered mid-filming, because hello she’s insatiable, looked out of this world big and delicious. Casey also touched on one of my kinks by letting out some pretty big burps as she chugged her coke throughout as well. I’m starting to believe that the fatter a woman becomes the bigger her burps do too, because Casey’s burps in this clip had a deep, bellowing sound that seemed heavier than the last few times she decided to release some tummy pressure in her clips. She never ceases to impress and seduce me. More than 5 stars for this one please 🤯😍🔥🥵⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  2. Sounds like a real tear jerker to me… tears of joy, of course. What’s a more formal or elegant adjective for someone who continues to improve, who always outshines her previous update? Whatever that word is, can be stamped on Casey’s enormous belly for all to see. 😍
    I know this is a roleplay clip but I love it when two beautiful, fat women collaborate together discussing how much weight they have gained and how they much prefer being fat instead of skinny. I imagine there is some small degree of truth in their dialogue since Savannah and Kelli have both had beautiful gains leading up to and during their time on Curvage. 😍
  3. You paint such a beautiful image with your descriptions, my imagination is on fire and I love it, thank you Casey 😍🔥
    Wow if you’re someone who gets turned by beautiful, fat women burping this is the clip for you. Aria and Nadya sit next to each chugging down cans of Pepsi after binge eating all day. I’m not sure why I have this kink. My best guess is that to see sexy, fat ladies such as these two, let deep, long burps while rubbing their bellies seems like an indication of a more than satisfied, full belly trying settle everything consumed by a release of pressure. This clip was so hot to me I couldn’t even finish it all the way, just too aroused so I get rewatch it again to see the full duration which I’m sure I’ll love as well. 😍🔥🥵👍
  4. If she ever decided to fully let go I think her gain would indescribably epic 😍
  5. So many good post/updates and on a Monday too, I don’t know where to start except to say I’m so happy and thankful. That meet up with LushLauren Bella Abbodanza looks beyond epic to say the least and a must see ASAP 😍🔥
  6. Looks like the future content will be as epic as the time pics posted together of the three of you. Can’t wait to see, thank you for sharing 🤯😍🔥🥵
  7. You took the words out of my mouth! My first thought upon seeing this pic was “Is that room on fire? Because there are some crazy levels of hot in this pic!”
  8. That looks like a definite step up in size for Mal and just as beautiful if not more so 😍🔥
  9. That’s a brilliant idea, to settle the stomach and enjoy some down time. Big movie buff here so I’m a little biased.
  10. Yikes that sucks, I’m so sorry Rosie. I’ve been there. Get plenty of rest, fluids and personally speaking mucinex dialed my symptoms down to minimal until I tested negative again.
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