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  1. It’s funny how fast time can fly by, but I could never forget your epic progression from when you started modeling here to now. It’s truly incredible and I’m so grateful that you shared all of it with us. 😍
    Why can’t I find a maid like Casey? Casey provides her irresistible charm in this role play clip as the sexy, fat maid who Is caught by the home owner lying around during her work shift. The way Casey seduces her audience here I’m completely helpless and turned on at the same time. I think if I came home to a maid as beautiful as Casey who basically cleans nothing except clearing out the available food and then taunts me with her big, fat body to the point of climax, I’d still keep hiring her to return. As for my home I’d either live in a filthy house or clean it myself, either way it’s worth it if I have Casey as my maid. I love how she talks about how much weight she has put on since working as my maid, how her uniform can barely contain her enormous round belly and massive breasts. And then she points out how skinny my wife is and how big and hard I’m getting just sitting there as she talks me up while bouncing and jiggling her swollen belly and thick thighs. Never a dull moment with Casey, no matter what theme she’s doing. 😍🔥🥵
  2. You’re an absolute stunner inhaling that ice cream in each hand. I can’t wait to see your next reactions clip 😍
    What can I say that hasn’t already been said? I too believe Casey and Candice are Curvage living legends and when they get together they heat up this community to a whole new level. I love the fat chat in this clip by Casey and Candice focused on Candice which is well deserved since she is looking so much bigger and sexier. Candice has a much larger belly hang with the stretch marks to prove she is still gaining and then some. Her double chin coming in frames her enchanting face and smile beautifully. Casey so impressed by Candice’s gain decides to keep the ball rolling by stuffing her with deep fried ice cream. They show Candice’s size off at a great POV about half way into the clip. the angle really gives a great look at Candice’s swollen belly and thunder thighs while Casey comments on her larger curves and rolled, occasionally sticking her chubby fingers in the shot to grab and bounce all the extra flab on Candice. They both say can’t wait to see how big Candice will become so hopefully this means next time they meet up they’ll each be noticeably be bigger and comparing their gains with each other. 😍🔥🥵
    This clip is hot with fat chat by Casey and Reiina of how big and round their bellies are. 🔥🥵
    If you’re like me, and have that kink that lights you up when there is an attractive, fat girl burping you should buy this clip. Dani looks so hot as she chugs can after can of ginger ale, letting out some of the deepest, gluttonous belches I’ve ever heard. Even though there really isn’t much fat chat in this clip, I still absolutely loved this clip. Dani is clearly gaining more and we get to witness her swell up even bigger as her belly becomes bloated with so much soda. I can’t help but get so turned on as she burps almost non stop, rubbing and patting her protruding gut waiting for pressure release from all the carbonation. I also love her double chin showing off when she drops her jaw to vent more gas to make room for more. 😍🔥🥵👍
  3. Sounds like a very full agenda Casey but overall I’m reading positive details, thank you for the update and im so glad to hear things are going so well for you 😘👍
    I almost can’t believe how seductive and sexy two growing, fat ladies sitting on the couch eating pastries can be, but there is no denying this collab clip with Casey and Reiina is a huge turn on! Both women already look so round and swollen from stuffing themselves earlier, but they don’t know the meaning of “overeating” as they decide to munch on their own huge cinnamon roll as a pregame snack before their spaghetti lunch later. I absolutely love each of them remarking on how fat they’ve become since last year. How they know they’re really fat when you can use your belly as personal table, or in this case Casey uses Reiina’s belly to polish off her roll. It seems now that they are both about the same size and weight they have a goal of staying in line with each other as they simultaneously gain even further, to compare upon their next meet up. This clip is not only scorching hot but also a wonderful indicator of the great things on the horizon for both models. 🤯😍🔥🥵
  4. The only thing better than collab clips by Casey and Reina is being there in person. Another smash hit and I’ve haven’t even seen it, but I have no doubt. 😍🔥🥵
  5. Wow talk two amazing ladies who know how to make the best of a bad situation. With you two together even the apocalypse couldn’t spoil the joy you both bring 😍🔥
    Wow Casey and Reiina are so hot as they chug their big gulp sodas and let out some burps. I just love how big they both have become since they started gaining and it’s so hot to hear them comment to each other about their larger size and the pressure they feel building in their bellies before they let them out in a deep, sexy belch. Simple and sexy, totally worth it. I hope we see more of these two together. 🤯😍🔥🥵
  6. Oh wow what a busy agenda for you. Make sure to pack extra comfort food for that flight. Nothing like a delicious taste in the mouth to help take your mind off less favorable experiences in life.
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