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  1. OMG top of the list on my rewatch value meter! Truly knocked me down with clips. Can’t wait to watch it again it’s so damn hot! 🔥
    Holy shit! Where do I start with this clip? There are so many great things about this latest clip by Casey! And it is so long in the best way. Maybe that’s where I’ll start. This clip from beginning to end is scalding hot. It might burn my dick with how many times I’m sure it will get me off. I couldn’t even make it the whole the clip before a rocket launch took off in my crotch. Casey is fatter than ever here and not only does this stuff cause her to swell even bigger throughout the clip but she films at multiple angles to truly show off just how round and wide and massive she is becoming. It’s so funny how this clip will turn on anyone on more than a search light and just like she admits she turns herself on simply from eating and overstuffing. They ever find a way to legally marry your favorite food Casey will probably the first bride signed up. I love how she embraces her hunger and sloppy messy eating habits here. She even lets out a few big burps that sounded so sexy to me-to me, it’s a sign of a well fed belly releasing some pressure to consume more. Well Casey, you asked us and I think since I’m a kinda tardy to this party, that I and so many others really love your stuffing clips and hope you make more in the future. To those who have yet to buy this clip, don’t wait any longer and prepare for one sexy, long stuffing with great shows of a gorgeous fatty. 😍🤯🔥🔥👍
  2. I think the doctor should just brush the concerns off since so many others have gained during COVID. Seems like besides being a little bigger and a little slower, Casey is in great health. 😍😉👍
    Wow I was so happy after seeing this clip and of course so turned. I absolutely loved hearing how shocked Casey’s doctor and her staff were at Casey’s growing size and weight. And little spoiler alert here, but I was so relieved after the lab results her doctor insisted on all came back normal. This makes me so happy to hear that Casey is getting bigger, fatter, sexier and still totally healthy. The way her doctor is concerned for her is good, but part of that concern may stem from society views on fat as taboo which is unfortunate. There is always a risk of course with excessive weight gain, but right now it seems to me that Casey is beating the odds and strutting with her fat, luscious curves for all of us to enjoy. Great topic discussion while enjoying Casey’s plump round body front and center. Another worthwhile clip to watch no doubt. 😍🔥👍
  3. How to have your cake and eat it too, taught by Queen Casey, ruler of fat and beauty 😍
    Wow seeing this side of Casey was truly a great look into her uncontrollable hunger. It was also on a crazy high level of scalding hot! As always Casey still looks noticeably bigger to me now. Her belly is getting so big I swear, some angles of her in this clip she almost looks like a giant ball of fat that’s starting to grow pudgy limbs and hair. Just seeing her tear into this cake with zero restraint on her appetite and no regard for table manners, cleanliness and any other proper etiquette that goes along with eating was too much for me to handle for the duration of the video . And you can tell how in love she is with devouring this huge dessert and savoring every bite and lick of frosting.It’s almost like she’s fucking this cake while she also consumes it in her swelling gut. I know I will take great pleasure in rewatching this clip in the future and I highly recommend if you’ve read this you do the same. 😍🤯🔥🔥
  4. You’ve created an even fatter and Lanier way to stuff yourself, you’re truly one of a kind 😍🔥
    Big curves on Casey’s horizon. This clip is so hot hearing Casey talk about her progress during her 100+ pounds gained. What’s even hotter though is hearing what she has in mind for 2021. I’m getting so turned on all over again just imagining what future Casey is going to look like, Especially considering how attractive she already is now. I think my favorite part of the clip is on the second half when Casey heaves her wide load of a body where she gives us a great side view angle that truly shows off just much fatter and rounder she is. Between her huge belly hang, her rolls of back fat and her plump juicy thighs and booty. A glorious sight of all that, and then to think just like she states, She’s only getting started! Watch and enjoy the sexy gaining goals of queen Casey 😍🔥🔥👍
  5. Bad to the bone, and just think how much fat there is over the bone! True depth on this hot fatty 😍🔥
  6. This video sounds really hot, but can anyone tell me if Kitty shows her face in this clip? I’ve seen others by her in the past where she did not.
  7. There should be more fat positive restaurant owners, where they ask a customers, like yourself, something like “you sure ordered enough Hon? That belly looks extra hungry today” 😉
  8. Definitely a favorite of the Casey pics. I couldn’t agree more. Truly emphasizes how much bigger and rounder you are now. 😍🔥😘
  9. Who is Casey? What makes her tick? I am so exited to hear this story.
    Hello Casey! Nice to meet you! 😍 so anyone that reads my reviews or comments should know I’m a big Casey fan and there are so many reasons for that. However, I so love this video because I am so happy to get to know more about Casey’s story, who she is and what led her to this lifestyle. Of course, I absolutely adore her stunningly beautiful looks and figure, but I’ve always known there was more to her than just a sexy fat girl and this clip definitely sheds some more light on Casey as a person. I highly recommend you buy and watch this clip for that very reason. That said, Casey does look so big and sexy in her red lingerie showing off how that massive belly of hers continues to occupy the majority percentage of her overall body. Also, the later half of this clip, just like she says herself, it so hot hearing Casey describe how her appetite has evolved over the years into an insatiable black hole in her gut, that despite any size she might be, knows no limits, and I love that so much about her. Watch another Casey smash hit and enjoy 😍🔥😘👍
  10. I’m sorry for the discomfort, but I so love your love of food and eating so much. If I could sooth your sitting pain I would. 😍😘🙏
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