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  1. That’s a great story. I’m glad you found someone that appreciates how beautiful you are with the extra pounds as well as your larger appetite. Your pics so far are hot, I hope updating with your progress and new pics your willing to share.😉🔥
  2. Yes you are. I wish I could feel the full weight of that glorious fat on me! Even just looking at this sexy pic you still take my breath away 😍🤯🔥🥰
  3. Nice! Show off that appetite. We need more people realizing bigger is better, and to fully give in to food temptations , can feel so liberating
  4. I like the way you think. Might as well swell that belly even bigger to give them a glimpse of what’s coming in the near future. Plus never hurts having another contribution towards the gain goal 😉👍
  5. Have fun! Strut those sexy plump curves in front of your friends. Make them realize being fat is so much better. Can’t wait to see the updates on here later. 😉🔥👍
  6. Hope you have most amazing birthday! With plenty of cake and ice cream and lots of praise and adoration 😉😍
  7. Yes of course, please use it in your story thread. I’m so glad you liked it, since I truly was worried about it. I just tried writing my fantasy if I were lucky enough to date you. So glad you appreciated it.
  8. I decided to take a stab a writing a short story. I’m no writer, so it may be awful, but here it is. When I first met Casey she and I hit it off right away. We we’re a perfect match, that made each other laugh and shared the same interests. However, during the past several months during quarantine, with Casey working from home I’d noticed she had developed a habit of snacking on a regular basis. She also seemed much lazier, refined to the couch pretty much the entire day. With that combo she inevitably started to gain weight. Just a little at first, but it quickly snowballed as she became bigger, so too did her appetite. You’d think this would’ve been total deal breaker in our relationship, but I quickly realized I was extremely aroused by her fattening figure. Her breasts filled to a much larger cup size spilling out of her bra. Her belly now hung below her waistline always full and round now. Her ass cheeks and backside swelled rounder and wider developing some nice flabby rolls and shelf of an ass. And she began to lose any sign of a neck as her face filled out and grew a double chin. I was beyond turned on and admitted this newfound inFATuation to Casey who thankfully was so excited as she’d grown to love her new fat life. From that day forward things between me and Casey was like our own personal paradise. We weighed her in at 245 pounds, which was nice but both agreed she would be so much hotter if she were substantially larger. Since quarantine was still in effect we arranged the bedroom into Casey’s feeding room and restocked the food inventory to match her favorite meals and treats. Casey’s routine turned primarily into eat, sleep and repeat. She grew tired of her job so she quit and began modeling for Curvage, which was really just filming her new routine. Her physical activity was mainly her walking between her bed and the kitchen to get more food. She couldn’t be happier and I felt the same, as I worshipped and assisted my fat beautiful goddess as much as possible. The days went on like this, which turned to weeks and before we knew it a month had passed. I suggested we weigh Casey as a progress update. I knew the number would be higher because Casey was visibly fatter. I had to tell her the number since she could no longer see past her overwhelming gut. The scale read 256.1 pounds! We were both stunned, 11 pounds gained in just a month. Casey was pleased but she said “that’s good but I need to be so much bigger. We need to double the effort!” I couldn’t believe how in love I was with Casey in that moment. As heavy as she was I grabbed her and threw her back to the bed where I first passionately showed just how intoxicating her sex appeal was. I thrusted myself on her tearing off the clothes that were barely clinging to the fat, plump rolls of lard. It was like I was swimming in a sea of fat, there was much to squeeze and grab. My rock hard dick felt so good against her bulging Fupa. It wasn’t before Long that I couldn’t contain myself any longer and came like never before. Casey had a big smile on her face as she had never felt hotter and wetter before; we truly had the perfect relationship together and it was just the beginning. So just like Casey said, we doubled the effort in getting her fatter. I began to wait on her, bringing her more food to reduce her physical activity. I also pressed her to keep eating in times where she felt too full to continue. Time continued like this, weeks turned to months, months eventually turned to years. It had been a few years since Casey turned to the feedee/feeder relationship. I was jgetting home from work, when I heard Casey yelling to me she needed more food. I said “Okay beautiful I’ve got your fix right here. Cut me some slack I just got home”. I handed her an armful of snacks that easily rested on her mountainous belly as she replied “ yeah well, we need to figure out a solution so that I am never without food for even a moment! I’ve been starving here for nearly 5 whole minutes since I polished off the last of the pizzas.” I looked around the room that was covered with empty pizzas boxes, food wrappers, chip bags, ice cream cartons and so on. “So honey, i will definitely think up a back up food supply for you, but why don’t we check your weight for now?” Casey frowned as she said “do we have to? I get so out breath getting out bed these days”. I promised it would be real quick and then she’d lay back down to feast on her next spread of foods. Casey had grown to be so large I had to help her sit right side up to turn out of bed. She plopped out of bed with a thunderous thud that made the floor shake. I walked with her as she slowly waddled to the bathroom and squeezed her way through the doorway. She stepped on the scale that read aloud “510 pounds”. “Wow Babe, you broke past 500, that’s so great congratulations” I really wasn’t too surprised. As Casey continued to grow she eventually became immobile. Weighing herself was her only physical activity besides shoveling more food into her insatiable gullet. Even at 5 foot 1 Casey had become so fat she easily dwarfed me. Her face was now a round puffy blob, with multiple chins that rested on her shoulders. Her boobs were now two huge, plump sacks the rested so well on her massively round and bloated belly that easily overtook her lap and then some. It just flowed out and to the sides. Her thighs and ass checks were nothing to brush off also. They’d become these thick and circular pounds of flesh covered in rolls and cellulite. I eased her back into bed where she demanded more to eat immediately. As I walked backed to the kitchen preparing the next of her many meals I began pitching a tent so big at the thought of the stunning plump goddess in the next room that would make me cum so many times after fucking in her fupa, belly button, her bulging ass cheeks and so much more, and I counted myself so lucky to have found her in my life.
    Curvage Casey lets her inner pig come out to play! So I’m more than happy to hear @Curvage Casey is decided to commit her modeling career exclusively to Curvage since she is one of the main reasons I login to Curvage every day. This video Casey she explains why she made this decision while digging into the cake with her bare hands. It is so hot to see Casey still getting bigger while also making a mess of herself eating the cake. The stuffing plus the thought of the large fan following she’s developed Gets her so hot and wet, she can’t help but slap her belly and stroke her fupa. I hope to see more like this as Casey continues to gain weight. 😍🔥
  9. OMG that is so hot. That’s a great milestone too. Face has become so round and fat, you officially have a new and sexier face. I love it! 😍
  10. I’m stumped too but I have to say I’m absolutely loving how plump that double chin is looking and how round and swollen that belly looks bulging out of that curvage shirt 😍🔥😍
  11. Casey holy hell! Just Look at you! Look what you’ve done to yourself! You’re enormous! I mean it wasn’t so long ago you were in prime athletic shape! Easily Sprinting miles and lifting weights, now you’re so fat you move at snails pace. I suppose your still lifting the weight technically, except it now it seems mainly carried out in The ab and glute areas. I mean just look that at round, bloated orb of a belly! It can’t even be contained in that shirt that’s now more like a sports bra around those pudgy tits. And Then that ass! You have so much flab pouring out of those shorts in the rear and sides, I almost thought you were walkIng around half naked! You’ve turned into an absolute mess of a hog! You probably can’t even hear me while excessively stuffIng more and more donuts and heavy cream into that gluttonous face of yours. Well, I don’t see how you can undo this. I can only wish you good luck that’s there some guy that can Be attracted to a woman that walks around with a massive gut hanging below the waist with donut, cream and cookie crumbs stuck between her chins, belly button and love handles.
  12. I love them all, this was a great set. Since you’re asking me to pick, I actually like this one because I think it shows off how much rounder you’re becoming but Also captures a good shot of how plump you are in the backside as well.
  13. I think I shall second the red/white/blue pop with instructions vote. 😉👍
  14. Since I’ve already posted my review, I’ll just say yes I’ve watched it. It was an amazing video that I’ll watch again and again because you’re so hot in it @BBW Casey
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