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    Wow I’m impressed with @Chubby-Gamer-GF growth in size and appetite as she attempts her 40 nugget challenge. She definitely seems passionate with her fatter life and hungry more in the future 😍
  1. OMG I have no doubt how incredibly sexy this clip will be since these preview photos are so very a rousing I’m nearly ripping through my pants here 😍🔥🥵🤯
  2. I think you’re still the life of the party just for a different occasion 😉😍
  3. Feel better Casey. We’re kinda in the same boat this week being under the weather, so I say take as much time to rest until your recovered. ❤️🙏 I
    Wow I was surprised and turned on by how much Kitty has grown since I last viewed a clip by her. I was also pleasantly surprised by the burps she let out after combining her coke and mentos. I’ve always been one to really appreciate a fat woman who doesn’t mind exhaling some big belches to relieve the pressure in her belly so there’s room for more snacks and meals later. Kitty’s gaining journey has clearly turned into an exciting and epic one considering how much she has already added on and she has her sights for even more in future which I can’t wait to see. 😍🥵🔥
  4. So sexy! Seems like after hitting your latest milestone your weight gain has picked up the pace and it is beyond attractive on you 🔥🥵
  5. Absolutely loved this clip! And you looked stunning in it Casey, thank you! 😍
    OMG Casey looks so big and round in this dress that is much too small for her. As she tells us, she role plays as our girlfriend who is in complete denial about her weight gain. As she gets ready for the date, then her boyfriend confronts her about her weight gain in a dress that hugs her curves and rolls of fat in all the right places! I was pitching a tent within the first few seconds of this clip, totally overwhelmed by how massive Casey looked. I think a sexy, fat girl like Casey in clothes like this that are skin tight on a huge, circular belly is more of a turn on for me than I originally thought. Not to mention, how big her breasts look! They are totally covered in this dress and yet they are so big now they are perfectly framed between her gut and her neck and I just want drop my face into them. You can also see how Casey has less of a neck as her double chin has been growing more since her last update. This clip is so hot as she at first denies her fatter body and then realizes that it was inevitable for her living the “housewife” life and that she actually loves the feel of it so much that’s there is no going back. She sits a great angles while she pulls out her belly to rub and requests some whip cream to snack on and add to her growing plump figure. Another touchdown clip for Casey that I highly recommend 🤯😍🔥🥵👍
  6. How I would love to have your beautiful fat belly resting on my dinner table as I fed you your heart’s desire 😍
    Wow talk about sexy! TCG looks so much bigger and rounder in this clip, you can really see how she’s gaining in her thighs and ass area making her figure look even hotter. And she has many burps throughout her stuffing that compliment this clip as well. definitely worth getting this clip and can’t wait for her next one. 😍🔥
  7. She had a six pack but was thirsting for a keg so she got one the only way she knew how…gluttony 😍
  8. Casey your written posts are just as hot as your picture updates. Like no joke, the way you describe you fatter figure and how you want to bed fed and spoiled is so hot, you could write weight gain fantasies if you wanted.
    Candice is so hot as she reflects on how much weight she has been gaining and how big it is filling out on her body. She is looking so good so far, and i am so turned on by how she can’t wait to be even bigger by eating more. And as the title suggests it’s not just her fans that aroused by her gain. Candice talks how hot and wet she feels as she looks in the mirror and rubs and grabs her belly, breasts, ass and anywhere else she notices are getting plump and sexy. Where she is moving from her chubby phase to officially fat and loving every ounce of it just like so many others here. 😍🔥🥵
    Wow Casey is looking bigger and sexier than ever as she tries on her old clothes for us. She mostly sticks to pairs of shorts and jeans she used to wear and it really emphasizes her latest gains. For starters, every time she tried pulling up the pair of pants it always became a struggle right below her wide and ample ass. Casey’s belly as always been in the spotlight, but this clip definitely shows off how much her fat ass has been filling out as the pounds have continued to pile one. So eventually, with some extra effort she does manage to pull the clothes past her ass, and then it’s the belly’s turn to shine because she wonders if she can still button the jeans. And some of them it’s truly a lost cause because the button and flap are almost on the far ends of her hips, below the base of her massive belly hang and there’s no way they can be fastened. Some are close which is so hot to see because as Casey pulls as hard as she can, she’s also doing her bust to suck in her gut, but she can’t fight her natural physique these days and her belly surges forward every time she gets close. She does manage to get one pair fastened and I salute her for it because another indication of her increased weight is that she is totally out of breath, exhausted within the first couple minutes just pulling on and off these old jeans. Lastly, she tries on the grey dress that she has sported in previous clips or old pictures and this does fit her technically since it has some stretch to it, it just frames her fat, round figure very well and if you didn’t know her you’d think she might be 9 months pregnant with her huge belly. This dress I’m hoping she keeps because I think it will still fit her as she continues to gain and look so hot framing her even bigger body in the future. 😍🔥🥵👍
  9. I’m not surprised. You’re so skilled when it comes to gaining I think you could write a book or teach a class on it. 😍🔥🥵
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