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  1. Just a couple of face shots with my chubby cheeks



  2. 64E72AEF-EA6C-4652-82E2-F549BAB1AAED.jpeg

    1. regbill


      Simply gorgeous!!!:wub:

  3. My bathing suits are getting to small and tight for me 😩 I need new ones soon



    1. regbill


      I love how tha bathing suit dhows off your beautiful belly.

    2. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      I’m getting pretty round in my belly lol 

  4. FE80023C-0AAC-4D43-A807-EB5E59DCCDCD.jpeg




    1. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      Tested out my new swim suit in the water today

    2. regbill


      That swim suit looks great on your beautiful curves.:wub:

    3. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      thanks I feel like I’m finally filling out my curves 

  5. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!! Thanksgiving is around the corner and I am going to stuff myself silly

    1. regbill


      I can't wait to see the results. :)

    2. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      Same! I can’t wait for all of the Holiday foods

  6. Aloha everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing in action but I’m back! And I’ve gained some weight! 

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    2. regbill


      I'm loving your new and improved curves.;)

    3. dmoney14


      woa! chubby cheeks! so hot omg!

    4. Island Juicy
  7. So when I first started curvage my weight gain was really fast. Now I’ve been kinda lingering around the same weight even though I’ve been eating a lot more. I even eat way more sugar now. Any one have any advice on how to keep gaining? I seem to be stuck at 160lbs

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    2. tw71


      I think it's pretty common that weight plateaus at different points. Sometimes what works is to actually diet for a little while. Maybe take a week out or so where you try to eat healthy, smaller portions of food. It "shocks" the system into a mode where it starts trying to conserve calories. Then go back to your usual eating habits again. That might bump up your body's natural set-point a bit.


    3. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      Thanks for the advice! I guess I will try to eat healthy for a week or so then go back to stuffing myself. Maybe do a little work out here and there.

    4. Melonhea


      You have to eat food high witj carbohydrates and high in calories. 

  8. New Video Alert!! Just a simple video of me being a couch potato and eating ice cream.

  9. Island Juicy

    Ice cream

    Version 1

    Aloha! Watch me be a couch potato, watch tv and just sit on my couch and eat ice cream.


  10. Aloha! Who wants to watch me eat ice cream?? 🙃

    Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 12.28.44 PM.png

    1. BBWLover312


      Aloha ! Count me in !

    2. Island Juicy
    3. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      I just added a new video clip of me eating ice cream 🙃

  11. Aloha

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    2. blu08


      Guadalupe River near San Antonio im almost at 100% now

    3. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      Oh nice, I have never been there before. Its hot out there isn't it?

    4. blu08


      Yes it is but the heat doesn't bother cause I'm use to it due to playing football and running track

  12. I made tacos for dinner 🌮 


    1. BBWLover312


      I hope that you made plenty for everyone....then ate it all.  ;)

    2. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      I definitely made plenty. Still have some left over. All I am missing is the radish.

  13. I know this is a silly question bc obviously most of you watch chubby porn, but are you brave enough to share what kind of porn we would find in your browser history??

    1. DailyDose


      I may be odd or a saint here, but I don't look at naked stuff actually haha. I just like to check out cute chubby bodies

    2. S77


      Lots of folks agree with this

  14. Not sure if I ever mentioned it before but I am a bartender. I am super excited and just had to share that I competed in my first bartending competition yesterday. Results aren't in yet but I have my fingers crossed. 🙂 

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    2. BBWLover312


      I'm sure that we would keep each other smiling.  :)

    3. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      Where are you from?

    4. BBWLover312
  15. These are my new favorite Oreos! Pistachio Oreo 😍🤗


    1. Island Juicy

      Island Juicy

      Yeah they do and they are amazing!!