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  • Post in Emily Walden - Model and cosplayer
    Post in Emily Walden - Model and cosplayer
  • Post in Mayara Russi
    Okay so I have made some of the before mentioned side by side shots, and I do have to say the comparison in regards to angles and depth is not ideal and mostly a stetch to really compare, but I have to say Mayara really does seem to be getting close to her previous maximum.

    First off I do wanna mention a number to also compare, on the Alem Do Peso show they measured Mayara to the following 

    While Mayara posted in late November 2020 that her hip measurement was 150 cm, the question is where did they precisely measure? that might be diferent. so uncertanties in regards to that.

    Here are some comparison pictures

    First off, Mayara on the left here is 300 lbs and losing weight at this point, on the right one of the 2021 photos

    The rest of these feature the biggest Alem Do Peso Mayara.

    On first look at these following side by sides, Alem Do Peso Mayara does look a good deal bigger, but the difference might not be that big, now this is just a guess, but her belly I think will look pretty similar if we imagine her bikini bottoms/ underwear line is below her belly and we see the hang.

    I do want to see even more content of revealing angles of 2021 Mayara before I´m gonna say she is just as big, but my minimum guess now is 320 lbs, butt 340 might be just as likely.

    But again this is just a guessing game.

    Here is a promo for last nights episode of Beleza GG

  • Post in Latecia Thomas
    Post in Latecia Thomas
  • Post in Johana Maya
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