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We have the most outstanding forum topics like curvy women, fashion, weight gain, fat celebrities, modeling and art. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
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View 1 Million+ FREE Images. Discover the ULTIMATE image collection. It’s a celebration of the female form. Although we don’t allow nudity, we do believe curves are beautiful.
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Our picks

  • Public Sushi Stuffing!
    Watch me stuff myself on a sushi date while rubbing my tummy in public. Shoveling sushi rolls and dumplings in my mouth, I eat plate after plate off the conveyor belt. After practically rolling out of the restaurant, I show you "the damage" in the car. With my big belly exposed, I talk about how stuffed I am.🐷


  • Kelli Gets Secretly Fattened Up (Ft. SavannahMontana)
    [role play, immobility, female feeder, belly play, body adoration, lesbian]


    Kelli has been totally immobilized due to her injury; luckily her friend @SavannahMontana has come to help her out since she can't even get off the couch. They're sitting together as Kelli thanks her for all the help. Kelli asks Savannah to grab her one of her "special snacks" that she's been giving her; she told her these gummies were for weight loss when they're actually designed for weight gain! As Savannah goes to get the weight gain snacks, Kelli muses at her big, bulging belly. She notices that her belly seems much bigger and softer than usual. When Savannah comes back, she feeds Kelli the gummies; this turns them both on, all while Savannah is feeling up Kelli's soft, fat body all over. She jiggles her belly and squishes her fat while they both moan softly out of lust and pleasure 🥵 The clip ends on a close up shot of Savannah playing with Kelli's fat, hanging gut.
  • ✅My feeder massages my big belly
    My feeder massages my big belly
    • 2 replies
  • Intense Workout Fail (From A Former Athlete)
    It's been 7 years since this former softball player has attempted to perform a hard workout! Since her glory days as a third baseman, she has managed to blow up from 150lbs to 250lbs!!!! Watch her ready up for an intense, performance based workout and see how 100lbs of fat can turn a once fit and fast girl into a slow and weak, food addicted cow! She'll attempt do mountain climbers, leg scissors, knee lifts, side steps, and squats in her tight, barely fitting workout attire. You'll get to see her out of breath and sweaty as her body jiggles and bounces with every move!
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