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Our picks

  • [PT. 2 BIRTHDAY SPECIAL] Updated 2022 weight in and banana and sprite bloat
    In this part two of the birthday bash video series, I still had room after the buffet so I decided to do a sprite and banana bloat until I was at max capacity. After I turned into a bloated burping mess, I went to weight myself. Now I’m at the highest weight I even been in my whole life; almost triple of my recommended ideal weight for my height (5’1). Stay tuned for the last installment of this series oiled up belly play and belly button fingering. (!!Unfortunately there are no measurements since I couldn’t find my measuring tape; I need one longer than 60 inches anyways!!) 
    Finally got to film with my best friend @BabyBlooand show off our highly tummies ! The contrast in our body size is so hot 🥵 it’s even hotter to see my best friend getting bigger and bigger whenever we get to have fun together 😇
  • Uncomfortably Stuffing and Jiggling :)
    Who wants to see dis chubby belly get even tighter? Even rounder?
    My stomach was already completely stuffed before filming this clip, but I got inspired and wanted to see how much more I could fit in. I inhale a couple corn dogs, chug for you; burp, jiggle, and moan. I show you multiple angles of my huge stuffed drum, sitting down and standing up. Then I turn around and jiggle this ass right there in front of you. You can watch my fat ripple as I move up and down, it turns me on just thinking about it. I’m getting heavier. I’m getting rounder, fatter. Just for you. Oink. 

  • Force Fed McDonald’s!
    In this video I squash my ‘feeder’ as he force feeds me all my favourite McDonald’s food 🥰  purchase to watch me stuff myself whilst having my belly played with and not even having to use my arms! Peak laziness, I love it 🥰  I also move to all fours with multiple points of view for you to see my hanging belly & huge ass whilst I eat 😋 

    included in the video-

    • force feeding

    • belly/ass/ boob play

    • squashing 

    • burping

    • all fours eating 

    • multiple angles/ POV’s
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