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  1. Hey all! Sorry I haven't been on here in forever, I've been dealing with a lot of real life crap, but I'm a little heavier and motivated to continue with my gain after seeing the wonderful responses I got from all of you! Your compliments mean more than I can ever express, so really, thank all of you so much for your flattering, lovely words! @penguinatorxl7 thank you! It really is a whole new world, a lot of my clothes from when I was skinnier actually fit better now because I finally have the boobs for them. @zogul I have a truly excessive amount of pictures, but the good news is I've finally got the time to sit down and sort through them to make a progress collage! @Yapo I ordered them off ebay from a Chinese seller a while back - it doesn't look like the same store is still up, but I just searched "Egyptian cat leggings" and eventually found them @MUSEic it was Zoloft/sertraline, combined with smoking marijuana on a daily basis and the fact that my anxiety had caused me to lose weight shortly before starting on my antidepressants, which I think killed my metabolism. @moredew13 loved it! I've been a Star Wars fan pretty much since birth, and I thought it was such a refreshing direction for the series to take. Luke's one of my favorite fictional characters ever (second only to Leia) and the version of him in that movie took some getting used to, but it makes sense for him after seeing it a couple of times. I'm currently sitting around 206-207lbs, and I've noticed I'm softer everywhere, and weird little things like how some of my rings are tighter on my fingers, etc. The new jeans I bought are a US size 16 - for reference, last time I bought jeans, I was wearing a 12. I'm working on a longer post with a progression image, etc. (and I'm also in the process of applying to become a Curvage model), but here's a quick update while I'm still dealing with the tail end of the aforementioned real life crap! The last pic is of me in the shorts from the last pic in July 2016, which not only used to fit, but used to be high-waisted. They don't even come close to zipping up now!
  2. Hey all! I'm Lina, I live in the Toronto area, and I've lurked Curvage in some capacity or another since the FatCelebs days, but only recently got up the courage to work through my own body image issues to post here. I gained about 40 pounds unintentionally over the past year and a half (thanks to a combination of antidepressants and smoking a considerable amount of weed on a daily basis), and it's made me so much more confident in my body than I ever was when I was "skinny". I love gainers like Reiinapop, Azismiss, Carmen, and ACG, (and plus size models like Nadia Aboulhosn and Denise Bidot) and I'd love to have curves like theirs, so I'm going to see how thicc I can get if I'm actually *trying* to gain. I also really like it because gaining in part because of my antidepressants is kind of a visual sign that I'm getting better and feeling better - I've suffered from severe depression and anxiety for years and the medication I'm on is the first to actually work, which makes my gain as a result of it even more welcome. I feel better and more like myself than I have in a long time, and I finally feel good enough to share that with people! A little more about me: I'm turning 30 in a week (yikes!), I'm bisexual & mainly interested in women, I don't have or want a feeder (I prefer gaining on my own because I'm a bit of a hedonist), I've had a weight gain kink for pretty much as long as I can remember, and I'm a huge nerd in both the academic sense and the cosplay/sci-fi/fantasy/gaming sense, which you can probably tell from my tattoo. I took these pictures last night in an outfit that I thought of wearing to a friend's party, but soon realized that my newfound curves rendered it totally inappropriate - the top used to be too big for me and now I'm spilling out of it, the skirt doesn't cover my butt anymore, and it rides up whenever I move so it might as well be a belt (I'm actually still wearing it in the other pictures, you just can't see it under my belly chub!). I don't have a scale, but the last time I weighed myself was before Christmas (201 lbs) and I've definitely gained at least 10 lbs since then because my measurements keep going up and all of my clothes are suuuuper tight, including winter coats. I used to be a 34A and now I'm almost too big for a 36C (which is my favorite part, because I've always been flat-chested), and I've gone from a dress size 6-8 to 10-12. I've included some compares too - first pic in the green top is me at 160-ish from the end of 2013 (probably my skinniest), second one is the same outfit in March 2017 at 185-190ish. I started documenting my gain in September 2016, and since then I've gone from 180-200+ without even really trying. I'm 5'6" so it took a while for it to actually show on me, but I feel like it's obvious enough now that I'm kinda proud to share it here, hence why it's taken so long for me to get up the courage to post. I don't have a goal weight, I'm just kinda going with it and seeing how I feel as I gain, but I'm thinking 250+ is possible in the near future. I have tons more pics that I need to sort through including clothing comparisons, but I will definitely be sharing them here if there's enough interest!
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