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  1. daddymattp

    Blonde Asian

    yeah that's what I tried with the tinting. I wasn't as close as you were lol.
  2. daddymattp

    Blonde Asian

    Cool haha.
  3. daddymattp

    Blonde Asian

    I was wondering if any of you have ever done hair color morphs. Is that a thing? Could you make her blonde?
  4. daddymattp

    Jersey Bash

    hmm. I may just have to do it. No regrets, right? lol
  5. daddymattp

    Chunkify her!

    Bump! Would it help to provide another picture?
  6. daddymattp

    Where are all the cute artsy FA's?!

    Hah. I get called a hipster all the time. Doesn't bother me anymore lol.
  7. daddymattp

    New Jersey Thread

    Jersey Shore! Close to LBI.
  8. daddymattp

    Jersey Bash

    Is this a worthwhile event? I mean, what's the vibe? Social gathering where everyone hangs out and awkwardly talks, creepy dudes creepin for a fetish lay, or actually a cool time to meet like minded people? I'm just wary showing up to a hotel to party haha.
  9. daddymattp

    Chunkify her!

    Bump. Thanks!
  10. daddymattp

    Potential Curves

    leave the girl on the far right of the first picture alone lol. She's already great!
  11. daddymattp

    Chunkify her!

    bump! Thanks!
  12. daddymattp

    Chunkify her!

    Can someone give this Fine Filipino a body like one of my favorites from FF, Steveholt? I'm submitting more than one picture of her for ease. Many Thanks in Advance!
  13. daddymattp

    Good picture for some shoppin

    OH HAI
  14. daddymattp

    Good picture for some shoppin

    here's a good one for you guys to photochop!
  15. daddymattp

    Sophie Moone..

    But when you see such a cute face on a big fat body, it's so right! Lol!