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  1. Arriving at Century City Mall in West Los Angeles, Ca. (12/12/23):
  2. Here's another recent video post (as well as a bonus promo photo) from an appearance that Jorja (dressed rather modestly, but still looking so round and beautiful) recently made on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
  3. She recently appeared in a “short, but sweet” advertisement; promoting her debut collaboration with Clark Originals.
  4. Posted a couple of days ago… Here is another recent (long-form) music video that happens to wonderfully show off her unique sense of style, as well as how undeniably big and wide that she has gotten over the course of the past few months.
  5. Photoshoot for Tush Magazine Issue 53, October 2023:
  6. Here's a couple of video posts (as well as a bonus promo photo) from an appearance that she recently made on "Later... with Jools Holland."
  7. Seeing that the vid on my original post was privatized (probably because of copyright violation), here are a couple of reuploads of the "food pusher" ad (the original version with the fancy split-screens, and an alternate cut without them).
  8. Walking the runway at the Le Défilé L'Oréal Paris Walk Your Worth Fashion Show in Paris, France (10/01/23):
  9. Here are some more recent video posts (mostly interviews, with a couple of performances mixed in) via YouTube:
  10. Here are a few recent photo posts via Instagram. Caption: "When in Paris" (05/22/23):
  11. Here are a few recent photo posts via Instagram. Caption: "Thank you for having me @ambush_official @yoon_ambush I love a maxi 💞" (05/28/23):
  12. Here are some additional photos (scrounged up from various sources on Twitter/Instagram) that were taken during the "In Between" EP release party last Friday (05/25/23):
  13. Here are some more recent photos that I've managed to scrounge up from various sources on Twitter/Instagram, taken during her performance with Burna Boy during his "Love Damini Tour" at La Defense stadium in Paris (05/20/23): As a bit of a bonus, here is an accompanying article about all of the body shaming comments that she has recently received across social media: https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/jorja-smith-bodyshaming
  14. Caption from the original "Throwback Thursday" photo post via Instagram: "here’s a little series I call, “Rub on ya titties," in honor of my first pregnancy, embracing motherhood like a g, and the magic that this body made! Baby RZA… he in there not having a clue how nuts his mama is, or how obsessed he was bout to make me #maternityshoot2022 #tobecontinued" (05/18/23):
  15. Here are a few recent photo posts via Instagram. Caption: "Baybee! Don't get it twisted, this is just the beginning. #5YearsOfSavageX Told ya we had somethin' Xtra special dropping today... Ur final bundle is here & she's errything. Oh, and the pic is nice too. 😝 Get ya self the bundle! Available in-stores & on the site now. 🖤" (05/11/23): Caption: "Y'all ever wonder what working at Savage X is like? #5YearsOfSavageX" (05/12/23):
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