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  1. Just in case anybody is interested: https://people.com/parents/daniella-monet-pregnant-expecting-second-child-andrew-gardner/
  2. Here's a couple of recent photo posts via Instagram. Caption: "watching the debate and boy is it a LOT" (09/29/20):
  3. Here are some recent photo posts via Instagram. Caption: "My daughter told me I looked like a piñata and I take that as the highest compliment." (09/21/20): Caption: "Wearing my power colors today. ❤️💗" (09/25/20): Caption: "Summer 2020, you’ve been weird." (09/28/20):
  4. Just in case anybody is interested; Tia Carrere is going to be one of the scheduled guests during the fifth season of "The Eric Andre Show": https://ew.com/tv/the-eric-andre-show-season-5-premiere-date-photos/
  5. Here's a couple of recent photo posts via Instagram. Caption: "A beautiful pair of oranges makes all the difference to the final product! Orange cake that does not take grated peel is 50% less tasty because it is where the essential oils live, like the soul of the orange 🍊 This buttery recipe with caramelized oranges is so wild that it will become your best ally in the kitchen, just like this one bra made of paper mache became mine o 🍊! Jaja at 10pm@gntwinter conjoined cookie, for you to make various flavors and combine as you wish! #FatiasDaLida" (09/29/20):
  6. Here's another wonderful episode of Rainha da Cocada (feat. Raiza Costa) wearing, once again, an outfit that was not only shown off prominently in one of her livestream video posts from earlier this year, but is now desperately working hard to contain her expanding figure; notice how the green overalls are "fitting" (more like stretching) across her big belly.
  7. Here's a few recent photo posts via Instagram. Caption: "An image of pure joy. ❤️ @kennyethanjones @bodyposipanda ❤️ (09/22/20): Caption: "[Image description: 1. A photo by @alex_cameron of Megan and Kenny posing in front of a grey backdrop. She's sitting on a stool wearing pink lingerie with an open robe, he's standing behind her in an open white shirt. It looks kind of like a Calvin Klein ad but with a mixed race trans guy and a mixed race chubby girl. Their expressions are serious. 2. A selfie of Megan and Kenny taken from a low angle with blue sky in the background. Kenny has an eyeliner drawing on his face courtesy of Megan. Their expressions are a little goofy but smiling.] #CoupleGoals" (09/24/20):
  8. Here are some recent photo posts via Instagram. Caption: "Don’t get me wrong...I’m missing fashion week but there’s definitely some perks to this new normal. Front row just got a lot more comfy! I’m so excited to step into @csiriano’s world again for his show today ✨ You can join in too at 2pm on NYFW.com!! 💃 💃 💃" (09/17/20): Caption: "Aaaand I’m back in that Empire State of mind again ✨🌃 crazy to think it was six months ago that we packed up the car to drive 20 hours to Nebraska! Feeling so grateful to be back ❤️ wearing my favorite T1 @tiffanyandco #TiffanyT1 #TiffanyPartner" (09/17/20): Caption: "Woke up in a @fendi dream ☁️🤍✨@silviaventurinifendi @stockdale.charlotte @pg_dmcasting @chaos thank you for having me and congratulations on such a gorgeous collection! It has been a difficult year for everyone and I’m so impressed by the fashion industry’s resilience and quick adapting. Thank you to everyone who helped me (safely) get back to the runway. I missed it so much! 🙏" (09/23/20): Bonus photos via one of her more Instagram stories:
  9. Here's a couple of recent photo posts via Instagram.
  10. Here's another recent photo post via Instagram. Caption: "Bedrest chronicles. @chrishimmm (who went from my first assistant, getting me llamas on a whim and any flowers you received in the past 5 years, she picked) to now, my head of brand operations for @cravingsbychrissyteigen! She has been here for it allll. Anyhoo, she isn’t kneeling and feeding me chocolate here. Well I guess she kind of is. But it’s for work!!! We have something verrrrrrrry cool coming and I CANNOT WAIT!!! I’ll be showcasing more of team cravings in the next few weeks, as the team has really come together and I am just SO proud of them and what we have built. My dream for everyone is they love what they do and feel fulfilled in every way. I want to laugh and be stupid and silly and have dumb parties because it’s Tuesday, celebrate every birthday with an hour nap or hour of television (@mindykaling) and make dreams happen on the daily. I love what @cravingsbychrissyteigen has become and I cannot wait for you guys to see what we have in store...in store...innnn store. Ah!!! Anyhow, @chrishimmm, my right hand, my brain holder. Thank you for all these wonderful years past, and the future to come!" (09/20/20):
  11. Here's another recent ("throwback") photo post via Instagram. Caption: "Tomorrow the tiny baby that formed inside my womb officially becomes a teen. They grow so fast..." (09/20/20):
  12. Posted sometime yesterday... Here's another wonderful "somewhat longer" episode of Rainha da Cocada (feat. Raiza Costa) wearing an outfit that is probably straining desperately against her increasing weight, since the last time that she wore it during one of her livestream video posts (posted 5 months ago).
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