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  1. I never saw anyone gain so much weight in 2 months Do you plan to continue gaining more weight? even if it is slower? Do you think you will continue to fatten up all that remains of the year?
  2. a force feeding video would be great you tied hand and foot to a small chair with the ropes very tight on your body And you saying that please stop that you are going to explode and that your belly hurts from eating so much but he goes on and on
  3. maldita sea, eres enorme, tenemos la misma edad ,pero pesas 220 libras más que yo jajaja ... quién sabe cuánto pesarás en unos años ¿Tienes algunas fotos antiguas de cuando estabas menos gordo?
  4. you were already very fat, What were you thinking about gaining more than 20 pounds during quarantine? you are too greedy if you don't control you will end up being a ssbbw
  5. don't worry you're not so fat surely you are bloated because you have gas hahaha
  6. Are you able to eat more than 2 or 3 months ago when you did not have as big a belly as now?
  7. Siempre tuve este fetiche cuando tenía 13-14 años de edad, comencé a buscar mujeres embarazadas en Internet. Me encantaron los vientres grandes y luego descubrí la maravilla de Kimbery y Helena fuerte, esto es lo primero que recuerdo de este fetiche. mujeres con cuerpos normales que ellas mismas deciden aumentar mucho de peso, eso me encanto, creo que el mío es más que un fetiche, es una obsesión ... También me entusiasman las mujeres delgadas con un buen cuerpo, pero no son lo mismo. cada vez que veo pornografía es de mujeres con sobrepeso, tengo 1200 fotos de mujeres que vi en línea que me gustaron y 800 de esas fotos son de mujeres gordas
  8. Could you take a photo against the wall? to see if your belly is the first thing to touch the wall, or if it does your feet or your breasts. and speaking of feet ... can you see them with that huge belly?
  9. Thanks for all the love 💓

  10. long ago I saw in a video that it was weighed, and I weigh just over 260 pounds but it seems to have put on weight since that video
  11. You are getting fat so fast that it seems that all the weight is coming to your belly. damn you got a huge belly! No one asked if you are pregnant? As you continue to gain weight at this rate, no one will soon be able to tell that you are pregnant. because you will be much fatter than a 9 month pregnant woman
  12. You always show me so much love Alex, thank you so much 🥰 have you seen my thread dedicated for just my before/afters? 

    1. Alex44


      of course I just saw it ... I love the before / after photos many people do not have this fetish and think that it is not good for a woman to put on weight. I think he is wrong they should see these photos of you and other girls much they would see that it is very sexy the extra kilos make you have more curves I always read your comments but my cell phone broke and I could not enter curvage for 2 weeks

    2. HungrylilKitty


      Awww, well I def missed you Alex ...you're one of my favorite followers 👍💯💕

    3. Alex44


      Am I one of your favorites? please you are going to make me turn red hahaha you have so many followers

    4. HungrylilKitty


      Yes you really are, when I see you like my stuff I think "Awww there's my sweet Alex" 🥰

    5. Alex44


      Are you so sweet all the time?

      jajaja OMG

  13. This having a skinny twin sister can be a great video. Your sister is surprised with how fat and big your body has become and that turns her on ... envy your big boobs, then she also decides that it would be good for her to get fat and you 2 start to eat, you eat much more than her but she with her slim body can't keep up with you then you force her to eat more although logically this is just a fantasy making a video of sexual content with your sister is super strange hahaha
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