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  1. Will it continue to gain weight? She will be a super sexy ssbbw
  2. She looks like she has a face like she's been fat all her life. So round and plump 🤩🤩
  3. If it continues to gain weight, it will become a T-shirt.
  4. He was of the same opinion. She looks fantastic she is very fat she doesn't need modified pictures to impress. It would be nice if you could show the 2 images, the normal and the modified one.
  5. It looks like fun but 10 minutes like that and you'd hurt my bones.
  6. I would say 500 pounds would be more like a cow. You weigh more than any piglet
  7. I saw an old video of her weighing herself and she weighed 118 kg. It was before 2020 Now she is fatter and should be 130 or 140 kg. Did anyone see a more recent video of her weighing herself?
  8. Looks like she got even fatter! It's unbelievable that a beautiful woman with a perfect skinny and fit body decides to put on weight like a pig and wants to reach 180 kg. She is 1 in a million ❤
  9. Can you imagine her getting pregnant as she is now? Her belly would have to be incredible!
  10. Are you able to sit in the bathtub again? Will you get stuck? Or are you so wide that you won't even be able to get in? I think you are already ssbbw
  11. Que tal un video que en la mañana cuando te levantas con el estomago vacio te pesas. Y te pasas todo el día comiendo al máximo y por la noche te vuelves a pesar y ves cuánto peso eres capaz de almacenar. El día que comiste 30.000 calorías podría haber sido un buen día para esto. Pero, por supuesto, no pudiste levantarte de la cama ni moverte al final del video.🤣
  12. She has been 2 years creating very good content, It's not fair to talk bad about her because she hasn't written for a few weeks. She will write when she wants to She still needs time to think of new videos She will be back when she wants and knowing her she will come back much bigger.
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