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  1. 5 or 6 years ago Carmen was surely the skinniest girl wherever she goes, restaurants, cinemas or on the street but now Carmen is probably 3 times bigger than that woman from a few years ago Now Carmen is undoubtedly the hottest, fattest woman with the fattest ass and the biggest boobs wherever she goes, restaurants, cinemas or on the street, looking at her photos, I would bet that she now weighs more than 135kg In public places people will see that she is the fattest, maybe some stupid girls will criticize her, what they don't know is that Carmen was skinnier than them 6 years ago
  2. hello mochii I have a question do you think you will gain 200 pounds in a year ?. since you decided to start gaining weight quickly you have more than 150 pounds gained since then it's crazy! damn it must be a world record for sure
  3. One thing I love about your photos is that you are practically always smiling. I love that you seem very happy that makes the photos sexier
  4. are you still smoking? I do not want to bother you but if you quit smoking, you may gain even more weight and your health will thank you You still have about 600 pounds to go to officially be the fattest woman in the world If anyone can do it, it's you! keep eating you're going to make history
  5. Carmen is incredible and this last year I have gained a lot, She is practically as fat as Layla Do you think it is already a ssbbw? must weigh more than 130kg for sure
  6. and next year it could be changed to... (tripled my weight in 5 years)
  7. fuck you really a pig !!! I've been seeing women in this feetiche for years, but I've never seen anyone gain so much weight and so fast Carmen Lafox is one of my favorite bbw but what you have done in less than a year It took her about 3 years to make it Now you and Carmen will weigh almost the same You must be close to 300 pounds or maybe you weigh a little more a few more months and you'll be at 400
  8. It feels great to gain weight. You had an ideal figure when you did fitness. But now your boobs have grown a lot and your waist and thighs have grown too. it's all so hot ❤ ... do you have comparison photos of your butt? how much did your boobs grow? I think you'll look great if you keep getting fat at this rate
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