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  1. Great photos, love how chubby she got!
  2. Sorry guys, cold weather makes for less tight and revealing clothes. Anything worth sharing I will be sure to upload
  3. Fatter and fatter every day. Just look at the love handles and muffin top spilling over those trousers 😍
  4. Okay, that’s a lot of back fat for a top that is ‘supposed’ to be loose fit
  5. Yeah, she always makes reference to getting fat or tight clothes but it doesn’t really seem to make a difference when it comes to a toffee sundae!!
  6. A few snaps to start with. She used to be very skinny and has been piling on flab and rolls likely to only get better as she is very lazy now and eats lots of junk food
  7. I am so surprised she is not on here!! such a cute flabby belly 😍 Alexis Murdoch
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