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    Goddess shar


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    Shar’s been busy eating! She scoffs pizza and tells you all about her new Gaining shakes. She loves them! Shar shows off her growing thighs and growing belly.. she shows you her new stretch marks and how fast she’s recently outgrown her denim shorts. Shar chugs pop.. she burps and jiggles her fat, stuffed, bloated belly! GS X x


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    A co-worker didn't hesitate to tell me I was getting fat. Can you guess how much I weigh?
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    new stuffing video pending <3333
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    Ally and I are filming together tomorrow!
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    Good evening 😊

    Good evening 😊
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    The legendary @Goddess shar has reached an unprecedented 30,000 Curvage Reputation points!!! Shars accomplishments here are truly remarkable. With nearly 2 million profile views, Shar receives at least 1 profile view every single minute. WOW! She started as the girl nobody believed was real, to truly achieving the unthinkable! On behalf of Curvage @Goddess shar we thank you for all of your contributions. Your beauty brightens our day and you are an inspiration for so many. I am sure I speak for all when I say we hope you will stick around for a long time to come.!! Congrats on 30K RP!
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    another little treat since i’ve been neglecting you. you know i don’t mean to, right? p.s. you like my new hair? 🥰 ♥️🐽
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    Hey! felt fat today. might have uber eats delivered to me at work, idk. B-B-B-BONUS: Pictures were taken before the "Funneling Fun" video. They feature me in a donut-shaped kiddie pool with a donut beach towel, lazing about in a swimsuit, thinking about all of the lovely calories I'm about to gobble down Well, I'm getting those pics ready for upload right now
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    BBW Casey

    Work clothes: then and now

    Work clothes: then and now
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    I passed my driving test this week! Had my first late night McDonald’s run last night to celebrate 🥰 all this freedom to go get fast food whenever I want to is going to be terrible for my waistline 😍😍😍
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    It’s hump day, guys 🐪 Another day, another victim of the chub rub. RIP (literally) my jeans. ⚰️
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    i've got a photo set in the works that i hope you'll all enjoy. i'm the fattest i've ever been and it's hard to stretch a skirt over this huge ass but i still try. here's a sneak peek
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    Who remembers this video? Maybe it’s time for part 2 😍
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    This colder weather is doing wonders for my figure 🍂🍁 Cute outfits and I just want to snuggle under a blanket and stuff til I can’t move 🐷😌
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    Goddess shar


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    Thinking of wearing this for filming today 🤔 Let me know what you think 😍
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    Pics from my newest video in the clips store!
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    Finally had time to gorge myself silly tonight, and shoot some vid on my new camera with new lights! God I can barely move but it’s so good.
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    hiiiii 🥰 i have such busy days until vacation!!! i can’t wait to go and be a lazy fat pig the whole time. i put these leggings on to be comfy while i do errands but they’re so tight! 😩 oh, & i’m gonna keep this sale going for a little while longer, just cuz i like ya. 😉 https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/mypaidfiles/file/3744-sale-50-off-pizza-binge/ 🐽♥️
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    Good morning curvage cuties! I wanted to share some selfies from last night’s dessert binge to kick off your day! 😬 I also want to express my gratitude for all of the support and love for my new videos! You guys are incredible, thank you so much for helping to support my gain!
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    I can’t get over how huge I look in my latest videos 😍 You should definitely check them out 😏 Finally reaching my piggy goals 🐷
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    Hi everyone! Don't forget to check out my newest video, it's my first eating clip on here in probably over a year! The photos below are unrelated to the video, I just thought you might like them! ❤️
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    i'm working on new content mrow. 🐈
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    Can I still go out like this ??? 😳🐷
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    Such a contrast love 😳

    Such a contrast love 😳
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    I hope you’re ready! 💦
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    Feeling super cute. 🍂

    Feeling super cute. 🍂
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    Good morning curvage cuties! 💕 My Halloween game is officially over! I’ll be messaging the winning team with their FREE video soon! Thanks so much for participating!
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    From the weekend.. hibernating for the foreseeable future
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    Goodnight everyone 😘 🌙

    Goodnight everyone 😘🌙
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    Wanna see more of my adventurous side? 🙈😉
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    3 months - stuffed before and empty now. Even then, I'm bigger. Some poor panties struggling to keep its job.
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    Letting my belly out of its cage helps me concentrate harder at work...🤔
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    Bebe Rexha

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    Booty For Dayz.

    Booty For Dayz.
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    First official curvage video!!! Super excited!!! Double Quarter Pounder is my fav at McDonald’s so I decided to film my risky business in my work parking lot 🤤 hope y’all enjoy! More to come!


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    From upcoming video.. Do you want more? 🙂
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    By the way... I found this gem in my pictures. Yanno, I really should do a before and after, chubby spanking video, huh?
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    TODAY SALE ONLY! for only today my newest chub rub pt2. Will be on sale for only $3 ! Also doing a buy one get one free with a purchase just leave a review ❤️
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    Hello beautiful curvy people!! I'm sorry I've been gone so long, life has been wild!! But things are starting to slow down and I'm spoiling myself tonight with takeout!! Do you think I got too much? 😜 nom nom nom!! my empty belly awaits!!
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    Goooooood morning! ☀️ So there’s a chance my roommate is going out of town this weekend which means I can finally do a little filming! I’d like to make a Q&A video so comment any questions you have. 😊 Also, let me know if there’s anything in particular that you want to see!
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    i can feel myself getting rounder and rounder .... ♥️🐽
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    October 4th 2019 - October 8th 2019- October 11th 2019- October 15th 2019- October 26th 2019- Wow, Now that I've put all these images together. I'm really am getting bigger then i was at the start of the month. How much bigger do you think I can go? I'm going to keep putting on this swimsuit on till it's ripped to pieces. How does that sound to you guys? it well just get more ripped as a get grow seeing that the its around started.
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    This is Laura trying to do exercise after many months of do nothing more than eat, eat, and eat... you are about to watch a huge Laura in super lazy mood, wearing a tight leggings and a sport bra at the public gym, drinking soda as a hog, burping in public and ready to continue doing nothing. After a session of nothing at the gym, Laura arrives to her home to keep eating however she decided to check her measures, After she check her measures she just started to eat a huge pizza, while you watch her mesures.


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    BBW Casey

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    I have been eating SO good the last few days - been stuffing myself all day with lots of yummy food I feel like SUCH a pig😋. Working on making my first video and I CANT WAIT to share it with you all! Please let me know any suggestions for what you want to see in my pics and videos because i'm new here and want to make sure i'm giving you ALL the content you deserve! Enjoy these pics of me earlier today! Excited to watch the pounds pack on and watch my body grow grow and GROW!!!
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    BBW Casey

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    Heres my big butt for your viewing pleasure😇
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