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    In my belly as of right now: Four plates at the buffet Pizza 64oz Piña Colada Slushie Donuts Peach Rings Two Family Sized Bags of Chips Calamari Homemade Mozzarella Balls Chicken Fusilli Chocolate Ganache Cake And to think I’m looking through the room service menu right now because I’m absolutely insatiable 🤤 the fiancé is already prepped to roll me around the rest of this trip
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    Goddess shar

    📸 🙃

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    I’d first like to thank @B/A Creator for making these little comparison photos. I’ve been gaining for a little over six months and I already look so much different 😅 I never thought in a million years that I would enjoy gaining weight. When I was younger, gaining two pounds would get you crucified by my friends, family, and significant others. Now I’ve made such a supportive group of friends and a fiancé that enjoys feeding me as much as I love food! ❤️ I don’t know how well my photos or videos display it, but when I look at these comparison photos...the left always seems to show a girl who isn’t that confident in herself. I didn’t really look at the camera and I always seemed to place my phone in the way to partially obscure how I looked. Now I love being in front of the camera! All of this extra weight and softness has made me so beyond comfortable and happy! I finally feel sexy in my own skin and I never really got to feel that way before 😔 My gaining journey hasn’t just been about growing my belly or my ass (which I LOVE how big it’s getting), it’s been about growing my own self esteem and confidence. My fiancé posted my beginning photos on Reddit to prove to me that people would find this sexy besides him, that he wasn’t lying to me. Now I just want to keep growing bigger and bigger. On Sunday the words “I love having a big belly,” came out of my mouth. I never though I would say something like that. I love my growth and I love feeling softer, heavier, fatter, bigger, curvier, and more jiggly. My gaining journey has made me so beyond happy and I just can not wait to finally reach 200 pounds. Even then...I feel like I’ll be so addicted to this I’ll never want to stop getting bigger...and I don’t mind that at all 🤤🐷❤️
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    I just want to take a quick minute and thank the wonderful support system that is the feederism community ❤️ I’ve experienced practically 99% kindness, caring, and support from everyone I have met. Of course there’s the few bad eggs in every single aspect of life, but I know how to separate them from the whole. I seriously want to thank all of the models and community members for not only supporting me but for also inspiring/motivating me to continue gaining weight despite some initial hesitance on my part 😅. My confidence and self esteem have grown (along with me) due to the wonderful love and support I’ve received from the feederism community. Thank all of you for the love and support! I hope I can continue being someone who the community finds worth supporting because I know I would not be here if it wasn’t for the love and support from the community! I love you all and have a blessed day 🥰 -Candii 💙
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    Hey, my name is HungryDorkGirl, you can just call me Dork I guess! I started gaining about 4 years ago at 125 and made my way up to 155 recently. Since I joined this site just recently, and with lots encouragement, I've actually jumped up to 160 really quickly! I hope you all continue to cheer me on and support me as I chase my goal of 250lbs! Here is some pics so far. Thank you!
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    Laying in bed hungry again after my massive dinner 🍴 someone feed me 😩 in awe with my gain though!
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    One more week before I get to go on vacation and stuff myself like crazy 🥰🐷
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    Queen’s feeling nice and plump curvaceous my skin is clearing up! My tummy is getting rounder 🥰 someone’s about to stuff my face with pasta! photos coming soon! 🍝 🍝 🍝 the zipper on my jeans kept falling down today 😶🤭🤯 we’re at a new love of CHUNK today folks
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    I have somehow eaten six burgers today without even realizing it 😳🍔
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    Soo who's ready for a STUFFING/GORGING video?! Where I make a complete & utter HOG out of myself?! ..Vote by reacting 🤭😋🎊🎉 Love you all! 🥰
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    Just indulged in a yummy filling happy hour 🍹 🍣 my butt is filling fuller, hips wider, arms are softer my cheeks feel softer and more plushy ☺️ Boobies def feel heavier too my jeans felt oh so tight 🥵 can’t you tell I was so excited to take them off hehe
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    Have a goodnight fellas more belly hanging out of gym clothes for you tonight 😋 🌙 💦 💤
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    Trying out my new ring light I got for you guys 🥰 Oops almost forgot a booty shot 🤣
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    Who’s ready for a new clip from me? 😍🙋🏼‍♀️ It’ll be an explanation of my hiatus & my plans and goals from here on out while I slather my delicious curves in the silkiest body butter 🥰
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    let's make this a big, fun update 😛 part i i uploaded the krispy kreme & junk food stuffing! i wish i could say i haven't been packed this full in a while, but i haven't filmed many stuffings in a while, so there's that! part ii here's a pic of me from being out and about yesterday i bought some more shapewear yesterday to try to tame this big belly part iii i broke the photography stool!! if you can't tell, these pics were taken while i trying to make a clip 😂 i guess the next stool will have to be sturdy enough to accommodate a big girl
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    Greedy night last night... 2 huge entrees and a box of cookies, and I wasn’t even stuffed! Its crazy how my belly has changed these past few weeks, getting undeniably fat.
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    Girls get you a man that can be your feeder, mine reminds me to eat 24/7, I wouldn't be half the size I am right now if it wasn't for him. He's constantly feeding me and buying me fast food whenever he can & makes sure I don't skip a meal if he forgets the sweethearts on here will remind you or help you out ☺️ Before 115 lbs, After (current)182lbs ❤️ Short term Goal: 200 lbs
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    I finally finished the video to go with the pictures. Had to capture every angle of my gluttony as I stuff myself on messy buffalo chicken wings. I'm guzzling milk and breathing heavy as I gorge myself. And, what's worse, is I have no napkins! PS, this just might be the last fully-produced piece of content for a couple weeks. We leave on our vacation tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll be posting, updates photos and maybe small videos in the meantime. And I expect to have lots of "content" to post when we get back! So, for now, enjoy the latest stuffing video from me and a little before & after cuz I love y'all. 🥰
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    Hello Everyone, Good evening Just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to have such a great 1st day yesterday and today!, I'm ecstatic to be apart of this community! You're all so very sweet & welcoming If you're interested, I've just uploaded another picture set showcasing my ever growing belly & new muffin top & stretch marks, I had yet ANOTHER funeral for another workout outfit as I have said goodbye to my fitness lifestyle and chosen a much funner lifestyle of Hamburgers & French fries haha enjoy! check out my recent 20 lb weight gain destroy the fabric of yet another outfit 😂 I've got a new stuffing video coming this week! Also, I've got a video of me that's focused on my new huge booty doing the dishes, it's about 8 min long, would anyone be into that? it's a booty worship video I'll be making a tummy worship video as well, is that something you guys would be into as well? If you've got any video ideas PLEASE tell me below! I'd love to hear your suggestions, I'm open to anything! ❤️ x0x0x -HungrylilKitty
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    Really feeling amazing and growing in my self love chunk 💕 sometimes I can compare myself to others that are bigger but it’s pointless doing that...cause I have my own plump chunk that I’m proud of 🤓 Also holy crap looking at my new stretch marks I found this morning!!! They’re like at the top of my love handles ! Grow baby grow!! Must be from that pizza stuffing the other night 😋
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    I’ll post a few GIFs tonight if people want to see them 😜 make sure I’m stuffed full of beer, chicken, and baked potato
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    Got these new booty shorts for y’all! 🍑 these photos were for this morning ☀️ hehe but happy hour was amazinggg & Harley Quinn movie was a great way to end my day off work 😌 going into work bright and early tmrw but I’m going to sleep nice and satisfied already dreaming about my next meal 🤤🥵🤓😛
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    she had no chance against the freshmen 15...
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    Booty progression ❤️🍑 x2 When I first started fitness @117 lbs: 140 lbs: 150 lbs: 155 lbs: 165 lbs: 182 lbs: Please come follow my booty expanding journey ❤️ Also I uploaded my 1st stuffing video, before I feast away on Taco Bell I measure my tummy and hips etc...you won't believe how many inches my tummy is! I'm officially a piggy!
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    Hello Everyone 🥰 just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to have such a great 1st day yesterday, I'm ecstatic to be apart of this community! You're all so very sweet & so welcoming If you're interested I've just uploaded another picture set showcasing my ever growing belly & new muffin top & stretch marks, I had yet ANOTHER funeral for another workout outfit as I have said goodbye to my fitness lifestyle and chosen a much funner lifestyle of Pizza & French fries haha enjoy! check out my recent 20 lb weight gain destroy the fabric of yet another outfit 😆
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    That’s more like it 😍

    That’s more like it 😍
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    I think I ate myself twice over...
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    Huger Fat Work Belly

    Huger Fat Work Belly
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    So I’ve already planned a girls night to go to another buffet! And Happy Hour drinks afterwards!!! Definitely thinking about filming a video tmrw to show off my new weight, curves, tan and VDay lingerie 🥰 what do y’all think? Leave a ❤️ or comment if you agree 😋
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    I’m still bloated from yesterday’s binging but now I get to go and stuff myself even more today 😍
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    Kitty's alive & well 😋 I'm finally recovering from my food coma..but I'm just now beginning to get hungry again lol 🤣 Lord help me 😇💕 me now.. Moments before the food coma happened..
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    @AslynFaye and I just finished filming our belted belly video! belly play, cinching our bellies with too tight belts as tight as they will go, high and low angles, playing with each other’s bellies and more. Video coming soon!
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    Hot dogs, chips, and spinach cheese dip are extremely good for a well rounded figure 🐷🤤
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    BBW Casey

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    Some more before and after!

    Some more before and after!
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    Uhhhh...I need some help 😅🍑
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    Who wants to see me bigger? Are you boys ready to make me grow? Content Coming soon. Meanwhile show me some love.
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    Mal Malloy (MAEBH17)

    Omg, her body is so sexy, that belly 😍, Idk how she carries any/all weight so well; just a zenith of thick curvy goddess.
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    Wanna support my Weight Gain? Catch my newest video while it’s on sale 🤓 I come home from stuffing myself to a full Chinese buffet, desserts and eat MO desserts when I got home filming! my appetite has been growing like crazy! I want more food so feed me 🥵🥵🥵 before work I had 12 nuggets, large fry, large coke, and sandwich AND IT DIDNT EVEN PHASE ME GUYS?!?! A month ago I would’ve been in a food coma like wth 🤯🤯🤯 SO I’m excited!!! Eating big again tonight!!!
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    Wow thank you @Ryanbirds88 for this awesome lingerie set for my birthday 🥰 I'm in love with it! 🥰 New video coming soon! 👌💕
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    One down, one more to go 😝
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    These pants are starting to strain, and I love it. New bra is still fitting alright. For now 😁
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    Will someone please love me?!
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    I was a good piggy and kept on eating more and more for him, ended up sliding pie and ice cream directly off the edge of the plate and into my mouth. Can’t move. So full. Want more.
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    Are you ready?

    Are you ready?
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    Talk about a blow out 😏🤓 back then I used to be obsessed with having a thigh gap! If I had that I was considered sexy! Now I fill up the whole mirror when I eat, my thick thighs touch, and I enjoy swelling up 😍 Let me know if the photos expand! thank you @B/A Creator This is a bombshell blow out for sure 😘
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    Scarlett Johansson

    Remember when Scarlett was pregnant when they filmed Age of Ultron? Well, we finally have a picture of her squeezed into the Black Widow outfit.
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    Check out my newest stuffing clip💕
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