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    Goddess shar


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    Goddess shar

    🍑 📸

    🍑 📸
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    Candii Kayn

    Well I think I’m gonna get there if I keep stuffing my face every single night like a greedy piggy 🐷
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    How a fat girl hides her belly🐖👀
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    College weight gain journey

    These were from yesterday so this is what I look like right now
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    Would you go on Autumn adventures with me? ☺️
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    2018 vs 2020, I miss having a feeder 😭💔
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    You’re my favorite ❤️
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    As Much as Fast as Possible!

    Hi there! My name is Elisabeth, I’m a relatively new feedee and super excited to start. On this forum I‘ll post my journey, and hopefully be able to communicate and get some ~feedback~ 🥰✨
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    Getting so s o f t

    Getting so s o f t
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    I'm getting fatter and fatter🍔🍟🍕
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    I love how all chairs look tiny underneath me 💖
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    Candii Kayn

    Like I feel as though I’ve just been inflating nonstop since summer and I’m really loving how it looks on me 🤤❤️
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    Hang tight 😋

    Hang tight 😋
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    To fat for Playboy 🐰

    To fat for Playboy 🐰
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    last day of quarantine! the fact that my corona room mate is already back in our room and is cleared to go out and about yet I still can't (and am not sick) sucks :(( but i'm almost done wooo!! almost positive i've gained a few pounds during the past two weeks too 😳😬 you guys are the best, and i'll have a new video for you tonight at 7. enjoy!
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    Um... did I eat too much?

    Um... did I eat too much?
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    Taking myself for a lunch date. Thank you for supporting me as always, Curvage.
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    Fat de-bimbofication should be a thing! 🎀😈
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    These shorts are now painfully tight.
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    My pretty And gorgeus girlfriend

    Hello everyone!! today I bring to you this beautiful photoset. This is just a little bit of what I have for you... a bdsm bbw is always hot but I have some surprises for you to make it better... enjoy me!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤
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    Found a old clip from when I was trying on a swimsuit from 2017, today I tried on a new swimsuit... can you tell a difference? 😉
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    Man, I feel like a woman. There is something so feminine about being plump and filling out clothing with luscious round curves. Don't you think? ☺️
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    Seems I got rounder 🤭
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    Filled to the brim with cake and cream 🍰
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    They were closed! Changed their hours wo saying anything 🙄 so I’m just going to eat and play video games instead 🐷😇
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    I don’t even recognize myself. . . . 2 years has made me one hell of a BBW!
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    Gosh I’m really starting to look like a fatty huh? 😏😏 Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s new video “turned on by my fat” to hear me talk about how horny I am for my new body
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    Candii Kayn

    @pacco honestly it’s been the freedom of not having to worry about eating too much of something. I can just indulge in whatever I want! @bigirlover stay probably somewhere around 185-200 pounds of fluff ❤️ But the reality is that he’s a *really* good cook so I will probably end up getting even fatter by complete accident 😅
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    Why waste calories getting up when you can just install a couch funnel? 😏
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    It's been a white since the last time I put this pink bra on. It fits a little differently. 🤭 This is a most gluttonous stuffing video. Watch me make and devour a rich, fatty ice cream cone. Even my fishnets are digging into my soft, piggy flesh. And I'm so tubby now, you can discern my belly button through skirt!! 🙈 It only gets better at the end, when I treat you to a wet, jiggly surprise. ❤️
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    Only my feeder decides when I’m done 😈
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    So fucking happy. I just got the apartment I applied to in LA. It’s huge. It’s the nicest place I’ve ever lived. If you think I’m “bragging” like miss me with it; I’m celebrating. I lived in a 600sqft 1bd/1ba with my mom from 12-17. THANK YOU! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND BELLY.
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    Guys! I think I had a glow up. 🥺 April VS Now
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    In this video, I talk about where I am getting fat. I show you all the different parts of my body and grab handfulls of fat! I also step on the scales and I’m shocked!! 🥵 love to you all, stay safe out there ❤️ Ps.. sorry about the editing of the end clip, forgive me it’s been a while ❤️


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    Recovering from a 5000c day of junk food while driving home (Carl’s Jr, McD, and Taco Bell in 6hrs 😅) with a poke bowl and Sailor Moon ❤️🌙 I love my lower belly 🤤
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    before + after stuffing my belly 😋
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    Feed me, I’m hungry 🐷🍴
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    Carbkween - back at it!

    I'm still around, no news really. I've been eating well as always! I'm about to go on a 3 day trip to the other side of my state. I made sure to stock up on plenty of Halloween candy for the car ride. Hoping to eat lots of junk food for 3 days straight. My goal is to gain at least 20 more pounds in the next few months.. Shouldn't be too hard as the holidays are approaching! 🐷
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    Lazy Saturday cake binge 🤤
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    My accidental weight gain over the last year. I guess I really love food. Lol Tonight I have a whole pie with my name on it 🤤🤤🤤❤
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    Girls, get you a man that appreciates every inch 🐷💕
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    Update: to fat for public restrooms 😅 accidentally broke the trash bin with my hips.. Opps I am sorry Nordstrom 😰 lololol Hope you’re having a fun Friday 💖
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    On all fours, funnel in mouth like a good girl 😈
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    Oh, hey, I love being fat

    Oh, hey, I love being fat
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    Time to get this breakfast in belly 😋
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