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    Candii Kayn

    Oops 💐 all piggy now 🐷
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    Candii Kayn

    May the 4th be with you 🐷⭐️
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    Just wanted to do a little announcement on here that I’m applying to be a curvage model! I’ve been thinking about it for a while and have so many hot videos that I know you guys will love and I can’t wait to share them with you! Xoxo Aliss
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    Goddess shar

    🎥 🔵

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    Candii Kayn

    Grew it myself 🥰🍑
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    Hey guys, sorry for not posting. I am still gaining and will be posting a lot more here 🌯🍔📸
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    HELLO EVERYBODY 🐷💕 Well, since I finally know how much weight I gained since I decided to have an extreme year of gain (January), I thought that it would be a good Idea to do a before and after. The pictures I’m presenting today are contrasted with pictures from June/July 2018 and there's one from 2015 (you will noticed the huge differences). I can’t believe all the notorious changes. I never visualized how I will look, in fact, I just thought that the process and the final results would be delicious, but no, the process and the results are more than that! 🤩 My feedee life and the feelings I have every time I’m eating, or enjoying a forced stuffing, or feeling tight in my clothes, or wishing to gain more weight are… indescribable🤯 however, I can try. I’m ballooning and my gluttony feels... 🔥hot🔥, makes me feel sexy and so turned on🥵… every time I’m devouring food I just can think that all the extra fat is getting permanent and I am putting even more fat in my body… so the excitement goes to really high levels! In the same level of joy, there’s all the video recording, every time I have to record a video for you I got very exited, in a very turned on mood where; if I have to eat I really want to eat AF, or if I have to try to do exercise to show you how morbid I’m getting… well, I will definitely try 😈. The clothes try-ons are also something very special 🤤Everything goes to another level if my feeder is feeding me, because I just leave the control of my entire body to him… and I can definitely say that if he slaps my belly, or rubs my fat body, or he puts his face in my belly...😈🥵🔥 I have micro-orgasms 🤩🤩🤩 So, as you already read… there’s many feelings around being a feedee, all are positive, intense and every extra pound makes everything even better 😏 Hope you truly enjoy this before and after. and just to let you know, in this picture (2015 vs 2022) my hand is below my belly, but you can't see it cuz my belly is fully covering it😎 As always… THANK YOU!! My weight gain reach new levels because of your support, and love... my belly can feel it and I can't be more happy!!🐽🐽🐽
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    This before and current really has me feeling some type of way 🥵
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    My belly out in public 📸

    My belly out in public 📸
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    I love how bloated I look here, do you agree? 🥵
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    Hey lovers, Seeing as I've been here a little while I thought it was about time I created my own thread. I'm still trying to learn the difference between forum posts, blog posts, status updates, image gallery, albums and all the rest - but in the meantime have some silly (sfw) pictures to kick things off! Thank you to everyone who's already welcomed me, left likes, comments, watched my clips & left reviews! I'm gonna be around for a while, so come get to know me. Millie ✿
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    Casual 💋

    Casual 💋
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    Princess Leia (Candii Kayn) is captured by Jabba the Hutt. In an effort to escape, Leia plans to eat so much food that she becomes bigger and fatter than Jabba. She eats plate after plate; Her outfit gets tighter and smaller by the minute. She plans to grow and much as possible. After devouring multiple plates of food, the Princess lays down for a rest and hears Hans voice in the distance. She thinks to herself- "Oh no. What have I done? What will he do when he sees how fat I've gotten?" 🐷


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    There are shorts that I will never be able to button… 🐷💕
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    Pink piggies 🐷🐷🐷
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    ✨🙃 still can’t believe this is meee
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    Would you take me and my belly somewhere fancy in this red dress? ❤️
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    I hope you guys can tell ALL I've been doing is eating & loafing....eating & loafing...& eating some more....lol..check out all that new loafing cellulite 🤯😅💕
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    Fat Ass Ruby

    Fat Ass Ruby’s journey...😉😍

    Bring me chocolate milkshake🍫🥛❤️
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    Craving a good grab & jiggle😋
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    New weight goal

    Hey everyone DeeDee here thanks so much for all the love . I have just about reached my 1st goal weight of 200lbs. I have received such a warm welcome and enjoy all of this so much that I have finally made the decision to go for more . 300 pounds by Christmas is my next goal so far I have put on an amazing 55 pounds in 2 months. What do you guys think? I think I got this . I have never felt so sexy so keep following my progress I could have never done this with all of you . I love you all.
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    At the cutest little weekend getaway right on the water 🥰 My only complaint is that all the chairs here are all SO tight on my wide ass and hips 😅
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    Curvage Casey

    Massive 😍 😍

    Massive 😍😍
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    Somebody asked to see the size of my knickers and I didn’t realise just how big they were until this photo 🫣 🩲
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    Mal Malloy (MAEBH17)

    Holy shit is this a morph?
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    FatGirl gains 100+lbs…

    I actually thought I was so fat in the first photo, I was at Friends fest, I felt huge all day! Crazy to think I now make Fat Monica look tiny! 😂
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    Bring me chocolate milkshake🍫🥛❤️
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    oink ✨

    oink ✨
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    Reiinapop 2020 Gaining and BEYOND

    No I definitely did not think she would get this big. She has exceeded all my expectations and I love it. As I believe we all do.
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    Happy Friday Curvage 😘😈
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    Candii Kayn

    Something something more like Fatme, something something
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    I’ve gotten so fat 😲😍
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    Good Morning Everyone! 🌤☕️ While the world tries to convince me to hate my fat rolls and belly, I stay loving it.
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    Made something reaaallllyyyy sexy today👌
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    I wear crop tops constantly. What do you think the public thinks?
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    Morning 😉

    Morning 😉
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    CurvyBaby... A Thread

    I’m bursting out of this lingerie set now ,.. I’ve been piling on the pounds like crazy 🫢
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    Ready to play with this belly 😜
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    Fat Ass Ruby

    Happy Friday ❤️

    Happy Friday ❤️
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    Momma wants a big burger!🍔
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    Nikki Maialina

    How’s it hangin?
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    Mal Malloy (MAEBH17)

    For my fellow gals out there lol
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    Queen Celeste

    So I married a feeder...

    Alright yall so update time. so i know ive said this alot but hopefully pics will speak for themselves. ive been in fuckin heaven for a while now and its honestly changed me. I've gotten so lazy and fat its honestly funny! ive been looking up the word to call someone with my lifestyle? or kink? anyway, its hedonist. I love that word cause it totally describes how I am. I just want all the things and food and I want to be lazy and stay as high as possible lol. And I want more and more! I like being greedy! So yea, a hedonist and a glutton more specifically. I love how HUGE my belly is getting, and the stretch marks are so sexy. Also, can you notice im getting real pale? I am NOT goin outside if I can help it 😂 and then of course my face is getting fatter and more queenlike! And of course my faces are silly looking cause im high as fuuck. but im in my feeding frenzy during those so im feeling pretty good, and ill be honest im high all the time so deal with it lol These are just a few weeks apart, and Ive already grown! I eat sooo fuckin much now. This is from a vid I sent a fan that bought me donuts! It was so sweet of them, so I sent a video showing me eating them and uh, helpin them finish somethin else while I finish my donuts
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    Founder & President of the Big Titty Committee 🥰
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    You all better lock your fridges ❤️
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    The PG pic 😉

    The PG pic 😉
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    Craving dessert 🤤

    Craving dessert 🤤
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    Princess Peach 🍑 👑
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