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    I decided to go even more blonde 🥰 I feel super cute but I feel like having platinum blonde hair makes me look even fatter for some reason
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    ❤️💙Daddy’s Little Porker💙❤️
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    Goddess shar


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    Ugh, less counter space...🐷
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    All the weight I’ve gained this past month has gone straight to my belly 🐷 I’m at the point of my belly hanging out of my shirt every time I eat
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    Ice cream is tasty, but how about a slice of CAKE
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    New Pj’s who this?? 😜 Hope you’re having the best Saturday!!
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    Hey everyone ❤️ I hope you saw how good I've been doing with my walks and waist training! I'm worried that I might have undone myself this weekend, though. We went to Chinatown and loaded up on hot wings, bulgogi, and bags of snacks. I've been sort of drinking my calories, too. Fresh coconut juice & sugary condensed milk over crushed ice is a fun quarantine treat! But what I've really been craving is ice cream. My feeder knows if he brought some home, I'd gobble it all down greedily. It's been on my mind so much, it inspired the body painting in my latest clip 🍦🍨
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    When I was in college my friends and I would always try and learn cute J-pop and K-pop dances. Let’s just say my body does not move as quickly as it did 100 pounds ago... ☺️ Please enjoy this gif of me attempting to learn a dance and failing miserably 😅
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    Post Quarantine Booty & I’m SO PROUD! 🍑 🏋🏼‍♀️ Here’s what gorging everyday + waist training + home work outs = delicious 😋 Drop a 😍 if you love this Perkier Peach 🍑
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    Goddess shar

    Day 4

    Day 1: Shar wants to make a workout series for those online. Wearing tight leggings, flaunting her fat ass into the camera, Shar begins with small stretches.. but Shar suddenly gets lil hungry.. stopping her workout.. Shar begins snacking. Day 2: Shar figured where she went wrong on Day 1 and knows that the only way she can continue her workout series is if she clears out all her fattening junk food from her home. Shar begins clearing out and seriously pigging out. She unbuttons her jeans that suddenly become too tight. Day 3: Shar was suppose to shop for healthy snacks. It doesn’t go to plan and Shar is pigging out more than ever! Day 4: Shar is lay on her bed.. surrounded by junk food. Her fat belly is on display.. she is struggling to button her jeans up. But food catches her eye once AGAIN. NOTE : parts of this video was captured with a 360 camera. U get to see drone shots and angles that have never been shown of me before! GS X x


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    I'm currently at my heaviest yet, 190 😁👍🎊🎉 OFF TOPIC, But NEW video coming soon! Plus, I listed all my newest videos for only $3.99 also, mmmuahs!💕
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    Letting it all go I guess. I swear these pants used to fit perfectly not that long ago... not so much anymore haha Which do you prefer!? Before or after?
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    Two years between these two pictures. May of 2018, we went on a tubing trip down a river. I was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, because I thought I was fat. If 2018 me could see me now, I think she'd run and hide for fear of being devoured! 😫
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    Guess my weight! I’m so excited! Did I exceed or meet 170?! I have no idea! I look and feel so big! 💋❤️
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    Morning! Took these photos last night and wow am I chubby! My undies are so much tighter than they were just last month😅 I took the photo of me laying down to compare with my cover photo, and holy moly the difference is crazy. Rip these undies😭 (and many others lol)
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    Goddess shar


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    Lol this my empty belly. more on forum (link)
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    Are you proud of your growing girl?
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    I just got back I wore this to a big lunch. If you could take me out for a bite to eat what would you feed me?
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    xoxox! Come follow and watch a (once) fitness model become an obese 250lbs (long term goal) ..currently 190lbs (5'2)
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    Wanted to make a face comparison...so much CHUNK now 😈
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    Hello Everyone! I hope everybody is having a happy Friday. As for me I gave in again and made a trip to my neighborhood Asian market for some yummy fatty food. Yes everybody take a look at all the food I got, pig cooked 4 different ways even got a whole damn pig leg. I feel so gross and guilty and had the meat sweats afterwards. What happened to me??? I was doing soooooo good this week eating only 3x a day instead of binge eating. I even went to the store for salad and wrap stuff but I just couldn't handle it anymore. I guess I am what I eat😔😫 Anyway... much love to everyone on the site and have a good weekend!🐽❤
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    tom tomson

    Tom's Sorority Gains

    Girl 23 French-Canadian girl thickens up after quitting dance
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    I don't think you're ready for this.. 🥵
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    when did I get so big?

    when did I get so big?
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    So a little while ago, I said my next video was going to take inspiration from a favorite movie of mine. Well I’m pleased to say that only one person was able to guess the movie correctly 😜 for those of you who haven’t seen the movie “Horns,” it’s about a man (played by Daniel Radcliffe) who grows horns out of his head after being framed for the murder of his girlfriend. The thing is that the horns compel people to give in to their deepest, darkest desire...including wanting to be fat 😏 here is the scene I took a ton of inspiration from
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    Hi Everyone! Finally got around to filming a new video for you😘 Let me know what you want to see next. Also let me know what the fuck you guys have been doing in quarantine because I cant stop eating.
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    Goddess shar


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    Ugh. About to write an admission essay 🙃 bath time for piggy. Sitting in the tub with her chub always makes her feel better. Look how far my belly drops when I spread my legs!
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    Happy Sunday 💖💖 I am at my happiest when I am eating, thanks for making me so happy ☺️ Hope you have the bestest day 💖
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    I just want to be force fed 💕

    I just want to be force fed 💕
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    This kitty has officially gained 10lbs in a month! My feeder went away & I got down to 177 by April 4..I'm now 187.4 again! I'm so close to 200lbs! I can just tell from the way my thighs rub when I walk, how I've gotta stretch out all the elastic bands to all my pants so that they're comfortable again..I just ordered new clothes in size XL but I'm gonna have to order a XXL now cause all these clothes just barely fit! My belly is jiggling when I walk, along with my round booty & thighs & new tiger stripes on my inner thighs & love handles..I feel so sexy & feminine, meow! 🐯
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    Sending your bf sexy pics from bed [before feedism] Sending your bf sexy pics from bed [after feedism] *I kinda sorta made this six months ago and forgot about it, hence the smaller belly.
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    Gifs from my clip
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    I love how round my bloated belly gets. My clothes will be fitting a bit different this summer. 🥤💛
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    How the fuck am I STILL full? Can’t let my sushi goto waste... I got three rolls, tuna tataki, and agedashi tofu 🙂 that’s on top of sausage, eggs, bacon, 2 croissants, rice, veggies, salad, 2 servings of chicken adobo, 3 kind bars, 2 clif bars, and 2 fruit pops.
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    Craving ALL the food today! I woke up pretty much starved and I’ve been feeling ravenous ever since. 🐷😈
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    Forever waddling, no turning back now or ever❤️
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    since u all liked the red one so much 🐷🥺❤️
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    I got a bunch of Filipino food today! I feel a bit bad because I spent $80 on food and ate a ton. It's the middle of the week and I am only supposed to have cheat meals on the weekends. As you all know I'm trying to be good and eat more healthier foods. It's been an up and down experience because I had 3 cheat days last time because of the 3 day weekend. Another thing you guys probably didn't know about me is that I love food from all over the world from African to Asian cuisine. I'm pretty open when it comes to trying new things so when I see new and interesting places to eat, I go for it. One of my dream one day is travel the world. It is so hard to keep your diet in check when your not picky and have been taught to eat everything off your plate. Oh well, I will restart again tomorrow😞And btw Filipino food is the bomb💣💥 and I highly recommend it! I love you guys and have an awesome day!
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    My feet are officially gone, my belly massive and my pussy fat growing out of control...what should I get for dinner?!
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    Another fattening day in the books ❤️ So thankful for you guys always pushing me to test my limits, supporting me through all my belly aches, and motivating me to become an even bigger pig than I already am Which clip are you going to entertain yourself with tonight? Click here ---> BBW Casey's Clips I cannot put into words how beautiful I felt today in all of these pictures. Love you guys ❤️
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    There's ALWAYS more room for dessert 🤤
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    Who's ready for the new content to the video?)
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    tom tomson

    Tom's Sorority Gains

    Girl 26 Not really a gain, but a great shape on a gorgeous girl
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    So thickkkk now.. holy hell.. 🥵 Look at my arm!
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    Just another day, one of my favorite dresses. It's already feeling like summer here.
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