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    Out with this one @KittyPiggy talking about my gains over the last 2.5 years. I can’t believe she’s gained the amount she has in such a short time. Just think what she’ll look like in a few months! 😱 Had to move the split screen on the collage as I couldn’t fit my fat body in the screen! 🐷
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    I’ve been feeling discouraged about hitting a gain plateau so I decided to remind myself of how much I’ve grown; can’t believe I’ve come this far! A 60ish pound difference here, photo taken last night after a big stuffing, weighing in at almost 230lbs!
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    Pending... 😈

    Pending... 😈
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    I ate my Chinese and some sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting. My belly is bulging!
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    Funnel feeding before and after! You guys I’m so proud of myself!! I haven’t done this since 2013/14 and I was so nervous. But I shocked myself with how fast and easily I chugged! I’m still shocked! My belly expanding before my eyes?! I did it! 2000 calories in ten minutes!! I’m So happy! I can’t wait to share the video!!
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    Couldn’t find a pic of me in the same exact suit but here’s me in a very similar one! I can’t believe how big I’ve gotten 😍😍😍😍
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    Curvage is one of the only place that has made me feel welcome, accepted and heard. This past year alone has been one of the most horrendous yet rewarding years of my life. I felt like my voice and reputation was shattered in one split second and yet I have managed to continue to build such a wonderful following on instagram. With all the new people flooding in I never run short of those asking how to get into fetish work. Curvage is the number one site that comes to mind when introducing people. There really is nothing like having people there to help, get hands on and bring you in when it felt like the whole world hated you. I am very grateful to be here. ❤️
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    Fat traffic cone or pumpkin couture? 🎃😂
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    HighSchool vs Now 🙊
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    If my maths is correct, I’m just about to devour around 4800 calories - Just another casual Sunday afternoon 🤷🏻‍♀️🐷
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