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    Now time to partake in my favorite past time… getting absolutely stuffed and going online shopping looking for the best deals ☺️ Will take all my strength not to purchase all the kitchen appliances 😅
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    Omg! I’m so thankful that my gut is taking on such a nice shape with these recent pounds! Do you like it 😈
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    Built for going out 😎 vs built for staying in. 🐷
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    Do you guys like my back roll ?? 🤤😗
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    My belly is starting to hang, I’ve been eating so much recently my appetite is going crazy. No slowing down 🌮
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    Seriously, right now I feel like my entire life is a cycle of sleep, work, sleep, work again... ...and eat. Nonstop. I feel like I'm shoving food into my face from the moment I wake up until the moment I pass out at night. I even starting bringing snack TO BED for the middle of the night! 😵‍💫 it's entirely out of control. If you're a woman who's job is in any way retailed to retail, you know you're in for the "Black Friday 15," the inevitable extra pounds that come with the most stressful part of the year coinciding with the season food is EVERYWHERE. Most ladies know they will have an extra 5 or 10 pounds of extra padding to lose next year. Just enough to make your pants dig into your belly a little and make it difficult to move your arms in certain shirts. I think I'm going to be lugging around a little bit more than that come New Years. These jeans fit loosely in the spring, and almost fit when I was trying on clothes to go back to work.. 😬 It's a lot. I'm getting really big.
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    My favorite dress of all time

    My favorite dress of all time
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    I ate so much today with Lisa that I literally cannot lay flat on my back right now to go to sleep! I am propped up on 5 pillows and I can still barely breathe. I’m a huge stuffer but today was nuuuuuuts like I’ve never eaten that much before and it felt so damn goooood 😻
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    So I married a feeder...

    We got married around 4 years ago! I knew his kink before we got married, but once I moved in I told him i'd give the lifestyle a chance and let go... He indulged me while we were dating, and I definitely gained, but I really blew up when we starting living together. Not having to lift a finger is paradise. And food is addictive! I'll just say it's nice 😁 So to give a timeline.. The picture with the stuffed animal is when we started dating, and then the one with me sitting on the ground is my wedding rehearsal, the last one is me high as fuck eating a whole bag of halloween candy while my hubby takes funny candids 😅
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    She’s just a party girl who loves to drink n have fun..she starts to experience headaches..headaches soon become crazy thoughts..crazy thoughts eventually turn her into the devil! GS X X


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    weight gain - chubbyelfgirl

    First pic is me before starting to gain weight. Second pic is about halfway to where I am now, or after adding about 25 lbs. I’m now really close to 200lbs and have gained about 50 lbs total. 🥰
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    So I married a feeder...

    Home and feel like im about to pop! Woo!
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    ✨ 🍀 🌿 🧚

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    Goodnight Curvage ❤️✨😘
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    Oh my I really am starting to look FAT... Is it weird that I am also playing with it all more🤣
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    Enchantress: When Magic Backfires

    Feeling v plump today
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    I was just saying to my husband that I feel like I haven’t gained THAT much in the last year or so. Then he showed me these two pics together 👀
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    Won't be long before I can't fit in this body suit anymore 😏
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    This one is for sure one of my favourites... I just love that hang ❤️ I kinda hope it will hang more and more ... maybe down to my knees? What do you think? I will make a new video you today (hint: it will involve lots of calories, in liquid form )
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    My girlfriends weight gain

    The holidays are off to a great start on her figure
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    Today I made lemon cookies, gingerbread men, fudge, oreo truffles and chocolate covered potato chips! I’m in a festive (hungry) mood!
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    I made a little gorJESS thread! :-P

    idk, the last pic it looks like my belly might be getting a little out of control 😳😅
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    So I married a feeder...

    So i got home tonight and was really feeling myself while i was stuffing my face so i took some pics! Which pic do yall like the best?
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    Did someone order pork loin?
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    Lazy fatty 💞 all I want to do is lay around and stuff my face 🐷
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    ✨ 🕊

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    Today my top has kept going up over my belly exposing my whole midsection! I went in to get my tires rotated and the man working on my car kept staring at me hard-core! Almost like he was drooling! I looked down and saw I was exposed😂 Needless to say he gave me a good discount and I gave them a good show!
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    Kinda overdid it last night… also peep that new double chin 💖
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    I hope you guys all had an awesome day yesterday! I ended up grabbing dinner in the city and then came home to finish packing for my trip today. I’m heading wayyy up north for a little cabin getaway! So much hot content to come… especially of me attempting to hike 🤣🤣🤣
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    Sometimes I forget how hot and fat I am. here’s the reminder ;
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    Okay, I really wanted to make Option D work, because it's a brand new dress I bought this spring and never even got to wear. It still has the tags on it! So I'm thinking if I safety pin it backwards so they aren't so obvious, maybe that would work? Is it too much cleavage? Do I need more safety pins?
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    So I aced my interview!! But thank god it was a zoom meeting! I could get both the suit jacket and the pants to button, just never at the same time! I wonder if she will be shocked when she meets me in person?
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    Reiinapop 2020 Gaining and BEYOND

    I know the star of the show is her belly, but look at those thick thighs and that triple-hip meat!
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    Another photo ..I should've used this one on my video..ugh..*sigh* oh well lol
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    I love catching guys admiring my big beautiful body in public 🤤 Wannna squeeze?
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    Straight out the bath after a greedy day 😋 Sweet dreams Curvage…😴❤️
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    This fatty tried a workout and instantly got a headache 🥺
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    Red lips Plump babe 💕

    Red lips Plump babe 💕
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    Curvage Casey

    Curvage Casey: Out of Control

    My huge fat hanging gut in the front always gets the most attention, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how big and round my formerly FLAT ass has grown?
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    Today was amazingly fun and fat with these 2 beauties. I’ve made so many friends in this community over the years. It’s so much more than content. Candice has become one of my best friends… Lisa and I chatted for hours as if we were long lost besties. So thankful 🖤
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    Happy Friday curvage.. im going to go stuff myself now 😊🐷💜
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    So I married a feeder...

    Funny you should say that! Got home, took off my work clothes, and im about to eat mountains of yums and film my first clip to post tonight! Then after THANKSGIVING🤩 tomorrow im gonna do a certain.. comparison with a belly filled to the brim!
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    Chubbii gets Fat

    Hi everyone! Here are a couple before and after I found! I’m at an 80 lbs gain!
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    I love how round and wide I'm looking even on an empty stomach here 😚 what do you think I stuffed myself with after taking these pics? 😂
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    Happy Saturday! I hope you’re having a good weekend
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    My cute fit girl lets go

    Horrible photo quality. Terribly sorry guys. But this is after some pizza and Krispy kreams ☺️
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    Fat is better 🥵

    Fat is better 🥵
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