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  1. I too encourage the ring. Especially since I hear it causes weight gain as well. The shipping is real here and good luck to you both.
  2. I KNEW the chocolate puddings from Dungeons and Dragons were up to something! Also wolves. Never trusted wolves.
  3. Fap wormhole you say? To quote that guy from Dr.Strange: ”Well don’t stop now!” Even if/when Reiinapop decides to shrink again...comparisons are still an excellent option. Enjoy making her look tiny in the future at the rate you’re going!
  4. I’m wondering if the main character has immunity from weird magic shit because of her brain cancer or that the universes instability and changes are all in her mind, caused by trauma and missing neurons. Or maybe a bit of both?
  5. Hey, looks like they used reclaimed lumber from another building in this area! Says “Overlook”. Don’t tell the chef. He’s kinda King of the kitchen and he’s overbooked for some reason.
  6. And I’m glad that the fish is glad that binky is glad....not bad. (Hi glad, I’m Dad.).
  7. Sally was stranded at Christmas? Still better than jack skellington.
  8. Jimmy Fallon? Interesting lead up.
  9. Did I finally get my hostesses fruit pies reference in a story? Love it. Also more of starfire. (Which way? More. ).
  10. Game of Thrones, winds of winter.... Seconding Batman’s writings. Must be kept busy with his rogues gallery.
  11. Thank you for making me forget about MY 2020 for a second. 😜
  12. She seemed pretty darn cool. Never got into the mythology thing though. I hope everything is going well for her.
  13. Kind of don’t like this doctor. But they have a high rate of burn out and covid IS going to fuck them so...understandable. Bluebell is a bad influence but maybe that’s what we need sometimes. (Maybe 2020 is the bluebells we made along the way...).
  14. Thank you so much for being a part of this community. I love your pictures, especially the more recent. (I’ve got anxiety from *gestures* and well, you help. ). Enjoy the process and enjoy your food!
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