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  1. This is seriously one of the sexiest gains I've ever seen. So damn erotic. Hope to see more
  2. A video of you walking on the beach in an obviously too tight swimsuit would be HOT!!
  3. Sexy as hell! I hope he's keeping you nice and well fed ;)
  4. Sexxxxy! Keeping eating girl, the weight looks great on you. 😍
  5. Sooooooo sexy 😍 god I hope she keeps eating like this! Thanks for sharing!
  6. She looks amazing!! 😍 Is that all food or is there by chance a baby on the way?
  7. That’s soooo damn sexy!! God I hope she starts to just dig into her urges to eat and eat again. And possibly even start to enjoy her growing curves. 😍
  8. Sexxxxxxxy!! 😍😍 live that chubby belly poking out. Hope those cloths continue to get tighter 😉 and she starts to enjoy eating and eating again. Hehe
  9. Oh my 😍😍 beautiful gain girl. Can not wait to see more. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Welcome! Your gain is quite beautiful. I cannot wait to see more thanks for sharing.
  11. She’s quite sexy 😍 so happy to hear she’s beginning to have some fun with it and relax about gaining a few. Personally, it be amazing to see her at the big 200. 🤤
  12. Sexy! Certainly not fat or even that chubby yet, but keep up those milkshakes and large meals and she’ll continue to plump up nicely. But thanks for sharing! I hope she’s enjoying the extra food and growing curves as well. 😍
  13. Super pumped to see this weight gain timeline of photos! Your girl is amazing and sexy as hell. 😍
  14. 🤤 She’s beautiful. Hope she’s enjoying the added weight as much as we all are. Thanks for sharing, and keep her happy and well fed 😉.
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