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  1. I certainly like SSBBWs, but when I come across the extreme immobility health porn, that's a line I can't cross. Seeing BC Echo on oxygen wheezing in a hospital bed is an instant turnoff.
  2. Yes, but the point while there is an association, not every person who is obese has those issues. And if you are obese but don't have those issues, your pregnancy risk goes down significantly.
  3. Which foods you eat may have a role in whether you gain visceral (hard potbelly) or subcutaneous (soft jiggly) fat. However, the distribution of subcutaneous fat is purely genetics. If you gain your subcutaneous fat primarily in the belly, you will always gain it in the belly.
  4. I know anecdotes are not data, but my wife has a BMI of around 40 and we have zero fertility issues. There are some risks with carrying if the mother is obese, but generally those risks are associated with other specific health issues such as PCOS, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc. If the mother doesn't have any of those issues, then there isn't really much of a link with obesity and miscarriage.
  5. Been here since the olden days. Mostly a lurker, occasional poster of opinions and health related stuff. I vaguely remember the fatgirlfriends site Master WG mentioned having a forum that got shut down, causing a mass migration to the Fat Celebs boards. At the time, I also frequented the various Yahoo Groups (may they rest in peace) and the pages of various models including Brooke, an SSBBW named Cindy before the term SSBBW was invented, and others I can't remember the names of who have come and gone. I remember the triad of mods Serendipity, Chapman, and Atlya had the ranges of FA preference named after them. Serendipitous = curvy, Chapmanly = BBW, Atlyaesque = SSBBW. There was also a female mod Ayumi who had a thread documenting her gain from skinny to serendipitous. She was very influential in shaping the culture of Curvage. But then she left the scene and became skinny again.
  6. I'd have to strongly disagree with that assessment. It is hard to imagine obesity any more medicalized than it is today. Gastric bypass and the ingredients of fen-phen were invented in the 60s/70s, and became hugely popular in the 90s. And all you needed to qualify for either was to be diagnosed as "fat". In the medical community, it is nearly impossible to find anyone who doesn't consider having fat on your body to be a disease. Yet all of that hasn't done squat in the prevention or reduction of the ever increasing obesity rate. On the other hand, I expect the younger generations - if not the millennials, at least gen z - to normalize being fat. For one, there will probably be more and more young BBW superstar role models like Lizzo preaching body positivity. That combined with the point allgrownup made about the snowball effect of fat people perceiving that their weight is normal when they see other fat people, I don't think a drop in the obesity rate or even a drop in the speed the obesity rate is increasing will happen any time soon.
  7. I am what seems to be a rare breed, as a mutual gainer. It seems like almost anyone who is a feeder or FA, regardless of their gender or preference, is not fat themself. I grew up skinny due to living in a fatphobic household, but as far back as I can remember I have always felt like I should be fat. Once I moved out and went to college, I made good on that. In addition to wanting to be fat, I also always admired fat people. As a kid it was just a sense of awe and wonder, but it became a sexual desire the moment puberty hit. So I have never been sexually attracted to someone who wasn’t fat, and if obesity didn’t exist I might think I was ace.
  8. 5k calories per day is not difficult to do. 3 meals and a snack, each 1200 to 1500 calories is pretty easy to accomplish. However, if you have the fast metabolism that you claim to where you find it easy to accidentally lose weight if you are not consciously trying to maintain, you will be lucky if you can maintain 2kg/week.
  9. Here’s a fun one: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4128798/
  10. https://www.medpagetoday.com/clinical-connection/cardio-endo/77502
  11. Let me lay it out for you, since you like science. There are numerous studies out there that show that it is possible to be fat and healthy, and that most of the so-called obesity related illnesses are actually due to a sedentary lifestyle. Correlation does not equal causation, and the correlation between being fat and being unhealthy is because most fat people are sedentary. But active fat people are as healthy as active thin people, and sedentary thin people are as unhealthy as sedentary fat people. So find yourself a fat chick who is into hiking and other active outdoorsy stuff, and you can be satisfied both in your sexual drive and in your desire for your partner to be healthy.
  12. She openly discusses the size of her 80" rear on instagram. As to the weight figures, she has a ** site and perhaps she divulges that info there. edit - apparently the names of all sites featuring models for which you have to pay a subscription to view are censored here. The site in question is mentioned on her IG bio.
  13. Was reading a story not too long ago that was a WIP. Curious to see if there was any more progress on it, but can't remember where I found it or what it was called. A woman gets an inheritance, and discovers that there is a family secret that is some sort of weight gain cult.
  14. Another study has just come out predicting that in 10 years nearly half of all adults in the US will be obese. What's more is that they predict that nearly 25% of adults will be "severely obese", having a BMI of over 35 or being over 100 pounds overweight. It will be a golden age for FAs. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMsa1909301
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