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  1. Desdinova

    Christina Hendricks

    Christina on Busy Tonight looking impossibly gorgeous and bosomy as she's interviewed by Busy Philips (who is also looking pretty hot). If you don't get hard watching this video, please your doctor about Viagra or Cialis.
  2. Sounds like faxe001de got Austria and Australia confused.
  3. Desdinova

    Nzinga Imani Noel - big, brown, beautiful

    Such a gorgeous, sexy and LARGE woman! Can any jeans hope to contain her for long?
  4. Desdinova

    Saucye West

  5. Desdinova

    Saucye West

  6. Desdinova

    Christina Hendricks

  7. I've had trouble sending photos via text message to other Curvage members I'm chatting with, that could be improved.
  8. Desdinova

    Elly Mayday

    Elly was beautiful, strong, witty, wise, courageous and a warrior right up to the end. I never got the chance to meet her face to face, but I bought a few of her calendars donating to her charity, and she liked and responded to a few of my comments on her Facebook page; so I'm glad to have interacted with her in some small way. As well as being a gorgeous woman, Elly Mayday was a source of light and hope in this world.
  9. Desdinova

    Aidy Bryant

    Aidy shows up around 2:20 in this sketch, looking attractively plump in a plaid dress:
  10. Desdinova

    Aidy Bryant

    Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon both breaking throughout this sketch!