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  1. We need to see that in a future Batman movie!!!! Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman is fine, but I wanna see Christina Hendricks as a plump middle-aged Poison Ivy going Mrs. Robinson-style seductress on the Dark Knight Detective!
  2. Some more of the lovely Lauren Maloney of ABC WVNY Local 22 and FOX WFFF Local 44 fame, seen at the beginning page of this thread:
  3. Desdinova

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Congrats to Hayley on her little bundle of joy! Hope she makes a wonderful mother (and that she keeps on some of that glorious babyweight!).
  4. Desdinova

    Aidy Bryant

    Aidy emerged as the real show-stealer of the Season 45 premiere! She was also quite adorable in this sketch:
  5. Desdinova

    Aidy Bryant

    In last night's Saturday Night Live season premiere, what would have otherwise been an unmemorable skit is made hilarious when Aidy Bryant undergoes a failed costume change that causes her to break! I haven't seen any SNL cast member since Jimmy Fallon break this hard on the air! Aidy is adorable enough to get away with it though, her chubby cuteness is weapons-grade!
  6. Michiko is without question; the biggest and most beautiful member of Pottya/Big Angels. Here are some more photos of her:
  7. An epic star-studded review of Pink Floyd: The Wall guest-starring Corey Taylor of Slipknot/Stone Sour fame, creepy animations by Fennah, a downloadable parody soundtrack, AND the glorious sight of Tamara in a maid uniform(!!!!)---Doug's not going make the idea of a #changethechannel boycott easy, is he? While I haven't watched much of anything Channel Awesome-related lately, as a Pink Floyd and Slipknot fan, I couldn't resist watching this one.
  8. Looking beautiful, with a pleasing hourglass shape to her!
  9. Congrats to Rachel! May her baby inherit her talent and humor, and her beauty!
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