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  1. Desdinova

    Aidy Bryant

    One more sketch featuring Aidy:
  2. More from the SNL season finale:
  3. Desdinova

    Aidy Bryant

    Some videos of Aidy looking very plump and adorable in the SNL season finale!
  4. With her mother (quite the BBW in her own right) over Mother's Day weekend:
  5. Lisa literally dolled up as Barbie:
  6. Mayara looks so gorgeous and HUGE in this video, she looks she's getting close to 300 lbs. again! She has quite given up the whole diet thing and is just letting herself blow up like a big beautiful blimp. I hope the fashion industry doesn't give up on her as she gets bigger but as you said; if Tess Munster can still find work maybe Mayara can as well, she certainly has the beauty and sexiness to be a goddess at any size.
  7. I clicked on the link above, and all I got was a "403 Forbidden" message. But anyway, here's some nice photos of Mayara as a reporter for E! Brasil, covering the premiere of the reality show #LuanaEDeLua
  8. Mayara looks so gorgeous in these photos, and she's getting so fat! Her hips, boobs and bulging belly are ballooning beautifully; she's got be at 265 lbs. by now, maybe even 270. While it's futile to hope that Mayara will blow up back to her heaviest weight of 162.2 kg (350 lbs.) when she was on Alem Do Peso, we can dream, can't we?
  9. More recent photos of Mayara, who doesn't seem to be getting any smaller!
  10. Desdinova

    Hayley Mcqueen

    For being only six months along, Hayley is already huge!!! By the time she has the baby, she could weigh close to 280 lbs.! Yet she's never looked more beautiful and radiant, Hayley would be gorgeous at any size.
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