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  1. Wow, this curvy lady deserves a thread of her own!
  2. Hopefully, she'll spend that money on more FOOD.
  3. Whether or not Michiko is losing weight, she is still adorable and plump, and I love seeing her play with her chihuahua!
  4. In these (sorta) recent videos, Michiko is down a few kilos from 114kg (251 lbs.) to 112.2kg (247 lbs.). Has she been ordered by a doctor or manager to lose weight? I'm hoping that she doesn't make the same mistake as Adele, she looks so good big and beautiful!
  5. Keep eating those bags of Cheetos, Trysta; they're doing wonders for your waistline! I would love rub down that enormous belly and cover it with kisses. You are so huge and sexy, Trysta; a goddess blessing this Earth with her beauty.
  6. She's a true beauty; gorgeous eyes, great smile and a lusciously plump figure!
  7. So sad that bigger models still face weight prejudice, even when they look as amazing as Mayari. Here are some recent videos and photos of our big Brazilian beauty:
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