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Become a Curvage Model

Why Become a Curvage Model?

  • Curvage already has 177,305 members waiting for your clips!
  • Be your own boss.
  • Payouts on Demand!
  • Keep a larger share of your profit. (versus other services)
  • Benefit from the power of Curvages targeted audience and social network.
  • Your clips are featured and advertised all over Curvage for FREE!
  • You can use Curvage Clips and other services for additional income.
  • However, we think you will prefer to sell a video here when you can, due to higher payouts! :)
  • Those who follow you on Curvage are notified when you add a clip to Curvage!
  • Advertise for FREE your Curvage Clips anywhere on Curvage.

The opportunity at Curvage is better than you might think.


Easily Sell Clips
  1. Upload video (2 mins or longer).

  2. OR Upload picture sets (15 or more).

  3. Set Price and Sell Sell Sell!

Favorable Revenue

75 / 25% in Models Favor - Most favorable revenue split!

  • C4S:60%
  • MANYVIDS:60%
Ultimate Audience

Curvage already has the ultimate target audience looking for your Curvy Girl content. We admire your Curves. Launch your business now!! 177,305 members and growing!

Getting Started

What you will need to get started becoming a Curvage Model

(hint, It's EASY)

  1. Apply to be a Curvage Model
  2. After you're approved, upload some clips and start making money!

Note: Your Privacy is IMPORTANT to us!!! We understand your concern for privacy. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone. Even the moderators of this site will NOT have access to your information. We only collect a small amount of information to comply with legal requirements. For the safety of everyone we must operate legally. Curvage is a fun website but also is operated as a serious business. We have been working with models for years and have a reputation of good service. We are confident that you will be pleased with our service. So do not wait, ... You will enjoy making some money on the side and being your own boss. Apply Now!!!


1 form of ID


Signed W9


2 forms of ID

USA & Intl.

Complete online Application

Requirements for all USA Curvage Models

  1. A valid photo ID (passport, driver's license is ok but we cannot accept military ID). Your Photo ID must match the name on the account application.
  2. In addition, ALL producers from the United States MUST fill out and SIGN with your actual signature (we do not accept electronic signatures) a W9 form for tax purposes. You can find the W9 form here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf - Please remember you MUST print and sign this document, electronic signatures are not accepted and an application will be denied until we have a signed W9 on file.

Requirements for all International Curvage Models

  1. A valid photo ID (passport, driver's license is ok but we cannot accept military ID). Your Photo ID must match the name on the account application.
  2. A current utility bill (power, water, cable or anything else that shows your real name and matches the payout address you listed on your application).

Apply Now

What are you waiting for?

Curvage is an incredible opportunity that you're going to love

If you're over 18 and have all of the above, you're ready to get started. Simply hit the button below to begin filling out your application. Soon you will be getting paid to Model. Remember to keep it classy! Curvage is not a porn site.

Will my information be kept private? Absolutely. We only collect the information to comply with legal requirements.

Models: You're a Model if you will be submitting pictures or videos of yourself.

(Registered members only - MUST have 10 Reputation Points first)
To learn about earning reputation check here

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