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    Hehehe... 🤭









  3. John Smith

    Dascha Polanco

    All the pounds she did lost has been stolen by Rihanna.
  4. First time trying the mass gainer shakes I got 😍 & they’re so delicious! 

    🌸 clip up soon 🌸



  5. Neepeep

    Dascha Polanco

    This girl is a thick icon
  6. Has anyone seen the new american dad episode she starred in?
  7. Not really an excuse. Even Kryptonian metabolism under a yellow sun does know its limits. Remember Supergirl's alternate-reality self Power Girl and her weight issues??
  8. Today
  9. Forse dovresti provare a sostituire le piccole cose: succhi di frutta e bibite gassate al posto dell'acqua, dosi extra di olio e burro, no arrivare mai al punto di avere fame. Poi non so, qui ci sono tanti esperti, puoi chiedere loro consiglio. 😉 Non ho presente chi sia Crabkween 😅
  10. Love seeing the models here growing fatter and fatter

  11. So a little update for those interested: I've decided I would give gaining a try. My girlfriend and I had a long talk about it, I expressed my concerns about body confidence and feeling ashamed of what other people might think of me, and that I wouldn't cross the 75 kg barrier. She was totally fine with that and just told me she was looking forward to supporting me and seeing the changes in my body. So I've just been letting myself go a little with snacking and eating bigger meals and it's already showing. My belly is plumper, my arms, legs and butt are getting jigglier, and I feel softer all around. I can't really believe it but for the first time I'm actually starting to like my body! My girlfriend is definitely enjoying the weight gain as well. She always tells me how hot she finds it that I've gained weight, and things in the bedroom are better than ever. When I wear tight pants she likes to fondle my muffin top and sometimes when I lay in her lap she likes to rub her fingers under the bulge over my pants. My weight on sunday was 70 kg. It's going crazy fast. I'm becoming more comfortable with having my rolls played with and my belly more involved in our sex life. I'm excited to see what the future holds, I don't know exactly what's coming next, all I know is that I'm going to enjoy myself all the way!
  12. I'm going to be straight up coarse mannered, but who the infinite f**** are those people who slams a body positivity advocate about a body-positively point she did made about self-image issues?? "After receiving considerable backlash over her photoshopped bikini picture, in which she made herself look curvier than she is, bikini designer Karina Irby finally opened up about why she had chosen to edit her photo. https://www.meaww.com/amp/news/karina-irby-deletes-photoshopped-instagram-post-reveals-goal-behind-curvy-photo In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, the founder of Moana Bikini admitted that there was a purpose behind her choice to photoshop herself to look fatter. She explained that her goal was to call out women who tamper with their photos and selfies to make themselves look thinner or smoothen out the cellulite to appear flawless."
  13. Drytuner

    Kelly Brook

    What's disturbing is how fast she's gaining. At this rate, she'll be huge in no time.
  14. There are a lot of stories that incorporate a sabotage theme. I don't mean that as a complaint--it's a mechanic that aligns well with a lot of my own preferences. Rather than trying to rattle off a complete (or even substantial) list of all the good and thematically on-point stories I might be able to recall, I'll instead just flag one author who has written several stories that both incorporate the sabotage theme and rank among my favorite weight gain stories in general: @Maverick. In particular, I'd recommend checking out: The Lesson, The Wicked Stepfather: Revisited, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, and Jean Therapy. You can find all those (and more) in his DeviantArt Gallery: https://www.deviantart.com/maverickthewriter.
  15. Io porca vacca non riesco ad ingrassare, faccio una vita troppo frenetica. Ma mi eccitano molto le donne in carne, soprattutto quelle belle.... Quelle che grasse o magre sono fighe lo stesso. A proposito secondo me Carbkween è un'altra gran bella ragazza! Spero proprio che anche lei inizi a fare video più strutturati...
  16. This was full when I started...


    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      And likely will be empty before long! :D 

    2. NagitoKowaru


      I'm working on it!! My poor tummy is stretched out and so shiny...

  17. She's perfect - so plush with a pretty and distinctive face.
  18. I can't stop eating!! Even when I'm full to bursting and my waistband keeps rolling down, I can't stop my hands!!

  19. I'm bored... come tell me your favorite thing about me!

  20. there are lots of things, i do miss my fit stomach, fitting in so many fashionable clothes, being confident, healthy, not needing to catch my breath just walking up 4 stairs... lol, i just love the negative too its part of my kink. get to a point where i hate where i look but get stuck looking it
  21. Is there anything you don't like about being fat?
  22. tying my shoes, lot more difficult. waking up, sleeping somedays i have dreams im being choked and wake gasping for air. just walking anywhere, pretty certain i have weight induced asthma
  23. Have any of your daily routines changed or become harder to complete with your added fat?
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