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  2. I absolutely love her chubby belly and pouty lips. She looks extremely kissable.
  3. grimb84

    Female wrestlers

    Incredible. I can't wait until Toni is featured more.
  4. She is so damn sexy and cute.
  5. She looked wonderful tonight but I think she's self conscious after last night because she seemed to get more irritated at her stomach than usual, I wonder if I'm not being very subtle when I look. When I got in from work she was lying on the couch reading, her belly was actually sticking a little bit behind her book so I got a great view there. It's starting to roll up and spill out a bit at the sides when she moves too, but she sat up and then put a cushion over it Later on we cooked at the same time and she was wearing a long hoodie thing, which still wasn't enough to hide the obvious outline when she had her side to me. I could see that her jeans were cutting in to the bottom of her belly through it easily. I caught her getting annoyed when it seemed to get in her way when she was working at the counter, she kept groaning, fidgeting and sucking in a lot. Although she let her guard down a few times, at one point she even purposely rested her belly on top of the oven door handle when she was stirring something. Another time as she studied a recipe on the fridge she put her hands against her lower back and arched forward a bit, sticking her gut right out. It was a thing of beauty, although it didn't last long enough. It never does. The only other time I caught a glimpse was when she was sitting down to each and saw her belly bunched up slightly over her lap. That's new. I don't know if anyone cares about me writing all this, but it's definitely offering me some relief and a way to get my energy out. I'm starting to fall for her bad. We're going to go to the store tomorrow and there's a good chance she'll buy booze. I'm getting excited. I'd give anything to have her talk about her gain and belly again, and what I wouldn't do for her to show it to me again. I'm not sure how to bring the topic up naturally, and I have no idea what it would take for her just to show me again - does anyone have any ideas or tips? Even better if it involves her letting me take a photo for one reason or another lol. I wonder if we'll see that sweater again?
  6. Here's a trip down memory lane. These were posted in the (now defunct) Fat Celebs Yahoo Groups by various users in the early to mid 2000's:
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  8. Might not be a massive weight gain, but she looks hella soft for a "fitness" model.
  9. It’s kinda nutty how big she got
  10. I think I died and went to heaven 🤩 you’re ass is phenomenal 🍑
  11. 🌻💅🐷🐽💘


  12. Madeline and her boyfriend broke up. Hopefully she gains that breakup weight
    The amount of jiggliness in this video is uncanny! Sofia's grown quite the belly, she's a fat girl now and it suits her so well!
  13. It's not bad at all. My wife weighs 260 lbs more than your gf, and she's all good. You mainly encounter problems over 500 lbs and over 40 years old.
  14. I often use the phrase "go on, just have the box of cookies... everyone's fat already anyway!" Doing my part to encourage and normalize obesity. I want these numbers up!
  15. Wow! These are amazing! How did you ass get this big? What size are your hips up to now? 47 inches now? You are driving the guys on here insane!
    Wow!!! Amazing to be trapped in the cell lol. Watch as you eat donuts, jiggle, twerk, belly play, and show off!! Everything was so hot!!! 🥵 You guys are missing out!!! Can’t wait to see what’s more to come!!
  16. I’m the luckiest chubby girl in the world. And he’s right.
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