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  2. Oh no, The hype levels are climbing now 😩🫐
  3. 1. Sometimes you need something comfortable. I imagine sexy thongs are quite literally a pain in the ass walking round a supermarket... 2. A gorgeous woman is still a gorgeous woman, no matter what. 3. It's not about the wrapping, it's the gift inside I'm interested in. My thoughts for the evening 😄😍
  4. Yesterday
  5. That's the sort of hard work I like to see 😍 Beats an excel spreadsheet any time 😄
  6. BIG SALE 😱 All videos $5.50 only NOW! 🐷🥵🍑 




  7. I believe the appropriate response to your pictures is :- "Ding fucking dong" 🥵 I've never wanted to be a lollipop more in my life than right now 🤣
  8. Coke, fat chat, chugging and slapping the burps out of my belly 😮💨🤰 29 minutes 💜👀



  9. They say red is an eye catching color.

    What do you think?😉


    1. bigbellyman892


      You have definitely caught my eye! 😍 Looking amazing!

    2. smthn12


      I think they're right cause I can't look away 😍

  10. BRAND NEW ‼️‼️ 
    this clip is definitely one of the hottest I’ve ever put out 🥵



  11. Where’s my big burp lovers? 🫧👀



  12. She has certainly grown up and out since then.
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  14. New video out(terrible acting tho🎭 sorry lol)




  15. i heard you like a thick girl


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