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  2. they look so good and so fat❤️😍
  3. Alright folks, closing this 24 hr sale in about 1/2 hour, last call to grab one of my best-sellers while it’s still such a steal 🖤 Let your chubby goth gf tell you she wants you to be her feeder and make her SO much fatter (as she shows off her sexy body for you, of course) 

    FLASH SALE- from $9.99 to just $6.99


  4. Sounds so wonderful, Babe! It's going to be so sensual and hot!!! Ugggh🥵 We need the shutdowns to end. Maybe now that the lord and Savior Biden is here and the evil dark lord Trump is out....they will have pity on us little people and allow us to have happiness again 🤣
  5. Omfg THROWBACK baby Casey was such a lil nuggggg🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲


  6. We haven’t planned any specific videos out yet but knowing my relationship with her, yes haha. We are already so so comfortable with eachother. With trade shooting that's often the hardest part of it - meeting someone the first time and you’re kinda just bargaining that you click and it’s not awkward. But her and I have been model friends since my early early BC days so we definitely know eachother VERY well haha. And we are so open about how attracted we are to eachother. She can’t wait to feed me 😍 I don’t wanna hype it up TOO much tho - my trip isn’t till the end of feb! It really did make me so damn happy. Having a friend who understand and was trying to understand more. Pigging out with someone and watching movies. Ugh I miss it. Stupid covid. Stay tuned 🥰 I look like a ball of greasy lard right now and I fucking love it
  7. Needs dessert 🤤


  8. For those wondering, it seems she cut most (but not all) of the burps out of this one. Still great though!
  9. You feeding me tonight?


  10. I think you look much more feminine to answer your first question
  11. I love how you say it like that😍 that pizza must’ve been loaded with greasy juices dribbling down your throat!
  12. You should make a belly button fuck video

    I guess everyone loves me FATTER! hah


  14. Would love to see her - but even if she's still not down with filming, I just really want you guys to get back together because I know how much you love those times you've had so far.
  15. SO READY FOR BBW model on model action!!! Will there be making out!?? 😈
  16. It's my birthday this weekend! Can't wait to share some birthday surprises with you! 😊🤭😇


  17. Hahahha you two are up to no good! 😈 I’ll see what Curvage appropriate content I can come up with with her. If not her, I do have a shoot booked soon with a fellow bbw model fraaand 🥰 no spoilers yet! We’ve been planning this forever lol
  18. I can’t even call it eating anymore - it’s making love to food 🐷

    1. pgtip00


      Is there foreplay involved, or is just straight to the fu..... eating?

    2. MarshallT


      You did sound like you were fucking the cake in that clip! 🥵

  19. TheIronGut


    You can kinda see the bottom of the top popping out a bit. Those sweats are really keeping her belly in.
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