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  2. do you have my new video? what do you think about it?


  3. I will sit on you and crush you! I Will flatten you like paper!


  4. You will feel dirty after seeing thisss 🍦🤤🐰😋🔥




  5. Can you tell I’m feeling sexy today 🥵 


    1. wdyw


      I'm not surprised you feel sexy - you look unbelievably sexy

  6. 🔥🔥1 . 2 . 3 Actionn! 🔥🔥

     Have you seen my new video? I leave it over over here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻




  7. That's the biggest I've seen her belly so far. She looks sexier than ever IMO.
  8. Looks like the same photoshop-overdose here...
  9. Can you post the videos here or atleast screenshots?
  10. SALE OF MANY OF MY VIDEOS 😘 Don't miss the chance to have them for a really low price 😍


  11. You are so Hot and so sexy!!! ❤️ thank you for posting!
  12. ahh i speak for myself but i can wait for you to reply thats a valid reason to go off radar:) never feel bad you've sharred so much and its all been 100/10. waiting is great it builds anticipation ❤️ and anyone that gives you hassle doesn't deserve your time ❤️ hope the move go's well
  13. I think in the next few years we'll see a lot more milf-bellies 🤔😂 I. E if they overturn roe
  14. This thread makes me sad....knowing how this woman ruined her body through surgery
  15. frecklefactor

    Demi Lovato

    2020 Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles (10/14/20):
  16. What weight would you love to see Casey reach someday? 330-370. But honestly whatever weight you’re at seems to look pretty damn good What food would your dream stuffing with Casey include? Pizza bc that seems to be your favorite food. Also 5 guys bc it blows my mind how much 5 guys you can eat. Which position would you fuck Casey in first? She’s gotta be on top first to tire her out and so I can see all that bounce. Would you be dom or sub to Casey? Steady mix. Might not be the right answer but it’s my only answer 😂 Mutual gaining or contrast? Contrast Fat shame or fat worship? Or in between? In between One night with Casey - what would it entail? Dinner with her wearing something tight then we go home and I stuff the hell out of her while I fuck her. Also she eats so much at dinner she either pops a button or has to let the gut out in the car Favorite clip Casey has ever made? The newest one. I literally love every clip you make and I’m not being a kissass 😂 Dream clip from Casey would include what? UPDATED WORKOUT lolol
  17. Isn't Monica such a hot fatty ? ❤️ 




  18. I'll take up this offer, without particularly claiming to qualify as any sort of expert. 1. I love your fantasy city setting. You set this up very well in the first few chapters (wealthy quarter, poor quarter, lots of thieves), and you continue to introduce new locations. In my fantasy stories, introducing enough new locations to keep things interesting (but introducing them quickly enough that readers don't get tired) is an ongoing challenge. (Less so if you have a complete story plotted in advance, but I usually don't). Revisiting locations is great, in longer stories. No particular advice here. I like the city. 2. Physical description. I think you do a really great job on Sarya's hefty bust and thickening figure. 3. You make fewer typos than me, I think. So I assume you re-read and edit, which is good. I also assume you've come across the banned-words list and make sure to fix anything that ends up as **. 4. Full names. In my more recent chapters, I've begun starting each chapter with a sentence that just-so-happens to recount the current protagonist's full name and title / profession. The reason for this is partly because I write chapters as new posts, and I assume most people won't read back to remind themselves of characters' names and details (I know I don't). Also, recounting full names and professions together in a recap sentence make it easier, later in each chapter, to tag dialogue and actions with a more interesting variety of "She said" / "Erica said" / "Said the sorceress" / "Responded Erica de Gaunt" - it also gives flexibility to use more or less formal tags - (because readers were reminded at the beginning of the post that they all refer to the same character). Now, I think you (quite sensibly, because your protagonist is a rogue rather than, say, a Countess) stick to one name for Sarya - so it's a bit harder to come up with more name-tags for "she said" but you do a good job with "buxom brunette", "fence" etc. Anyway - this is just my comment that some characters are easier to write when they have longer names. Likewise, a story is easier to write if you have 1 Countess, 1 Duchess, and 1 Baroness, rather than 3 Countesses. Example first 2 sentences from my latest chapter, which incidentally recap the full character and profession: "Erica de Gaunt’s townhouse was, as befitted its stylish owner, in the most fashionable district of the Principality’s capital. And the sorceress entertained many guests." 5. Dialogue. You use mainly paragraphs of third person narrative. And that works just fine. Speech and dialogue is good for revealing the characters' attitudes and personality, or just for hamming them up - among other purposes - so I think you'll sometimes want more speech in the future. But I think you are right to avoid long stretches of dialogue, especially during the introduction of the setting. I use a lot of mixed speech - a lot of my action scenes use mixed dialogue and action, but just that's my method. Also, I would not italicise direct speech - just put it in speech marks as normal font. In terms of italics, I've been experimenting with using them more often for emphasis in speech - I'm not sure how readers feel about it. One of my characters uses vast amounts of italics to emphasise that she speaks in annoying buzzwords. Others have just been using more, for ordinary emphasis, than they used to. 6. "Three Calices". Chalices is more standard English - but calices is a legal spelling, and has a Fantasy aesthetic. So a nice use of language. I like it. Was it a deliberate choice? "Fencer" and "fence". Mmmm. Evelyn is a fencer (i.e. swordswoman) and Sarya is a fence (i.e. black market trader). OK!. But if I was writing this then there is a serious risk of typos leading to severe confusion. 7. Yeah, I've noticed that if I go more than one post with mainly plot, and a lack of a protagonist overeating or getting fatter, fewer Likes are received from the aether. Some of my chapters therefore follow the pattern <Plot that I actually want to cover> then <obligatory stuffing etc>.
  19. I know how much you love cooking for me. I also know every time you do you slip extra fatty ingredients. Putting extra butter and ranch in my HUGE bowl of rice. Adding heavy cream to all my dishes. I’m blowing up super quickly and it’s all because of you. You keep your feedee well fed making sure I gain even more with every calorie! It makes me so horny the more I eat and you can see and feel it too. You make me dish after dish and make me eat every last bite. I love when you fill me with calories on top of calories. I’m your big fat growing girlfriend.


  20. One new vid coming soon😋😘💗 If you have any suggestion, let me know😘
  21. You may find the problem 'solves itself' anyhow. If she's losing weight, feeling good, getting compliments, getting more attention due to her 'conventionally attractive body'.... All while you're unable to show her the same level of sexual attention you once did. .... you may find she loses interest in you as she thinks being slim means she now has "better options"
  22. It's nice to see even with all of the activity in your life these days it's nice to see you've been able to maintain your beautiful curves.
  23. Your story is amazing !! Something tells me it's the beginning of a big weight gain 😊
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