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  2. i was so sweaty & hot by the end 


  3. Hello beautiful group❤️


  4. See me show off just how thick and squishy I am in this pink lingerie! 33 cowgirl pics in this photoset!! 🎀
  5. Hello, I'm new here, I like discovering good food and good people, and I like belly dancing, it's so sensual, who else here likes dancing?

    **New Clip Live - "Waitress Encourages You To Gain"**



    Waitress Encourages You Gain.jpg


    1. Frenchcookie


      Yes! and she has everything to make us fat!

  7. Watch as my twin shows NO MERCY making me eat more pizza & actually shoves it in my mouth ignoring ALL pleas 😳 she's a SAVAGE!..I was mad at her..but she's been forgiven 😂 I did say I wanna be 350lbs never expected that though 😂



    !! check out all my most recent and popular clips if you haven’t seen them yet🍓😏🤤92BAAA86-8007-4DC1-8EDB-D12C9E3ECD7B.thumb.gif.b5e8f4d4ca9617293015b1bd36ffb5a7.gif3EB4ADDC-2AF7-42BE-94B5-E8FDC8CBAED2.thumb.gif.1054bc1166a17181e4da1784992c7e23.gif


  9. Welcome to the community! Can't wait to see your journey🫂
  10. My new little clip just got approved!



  11. You can call me Pearce. I’m hoping it’ll be a pleasure ✌🏻😁 Ive been dying to be someone’s feeder for as long as I can remember. However, I find it difficult to find someone local, or someone willing to travel. (women only) I’m posting here hoping someone would reach out. I’m open to any type of relationship, it does not matter if you are a content creator or not. I have lots of good energy to give, but nobody to share it with. 😪 Located in Toronto, Ontario. introduce yourself through here, or on my snapchat 👻: pearcepers6 I’m attaching recent photo’s of myself. That is part of my feeder application 😋😌

    little photo dump of cute fat rolls 🩵


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