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  3. I feel like a holiday goal is not being able to fit in those PJs by Christmas
  4. I have eaten til physically sick 3 times today. So, why am I still starving?


    1. Onexzero


      Cuz your body needs to be fatter ;)

  5. Yikes! It’s crunch time for me, I goofed and totally forgot I bought my bridesmaids dress over 6 months ago absolutely forgetting the fact that I am gaining weight🤦🏼‍♀️ even my bra is too tight! In this video I STRUGGLE to squeeze into my bra (it wasn’t easy!) and nervously try on my two dress options… spoiler alert, both of them show WAYYYYY to much of my new belly fat and overall weight gain! I talk about how different they look on me with my new fat and how noticeable it is. Everyone will notice how much fatter I’ve gotten😟! Watch me literally scramble to make either one work lol not even a pair of spanx can help me at this point! 😭


    Every video from @IvyMars is an amazing experience, and this one is no different. The video opens with the stunning sight of this extraordinary beauty squeezed into sexy lingerie, proudly showing off her gorgeous body. I love how proportional Ivy's growth is: from her chubby feet all the way up to her lovely, rounded face, every single inch of her is so succulently plump. It would be ridiculous to single out one particular body-area for its strength (because every single part of her is absolute perfection). There's no music playing (I much prefer videos without music), which means that we get plenty of Ivy's exquisite fat-chat. Her personality is totally adorable, totally sweet, totally cute, and 100% sexy! You can really tell that she loves her body and how she looks - she moves so confidently, and obviously wants us to enjoy her fabulous body too. The things she says are worth the price alone! The outifts she tries on are out-of-this-world!! All you'll be able to do is stare in slack-faced astonishment at her beautiful, heavy, hanging breasts. At her awesomely sexy belly. At her mind-blowing arms. At her chubby little hands. At her unbelievably pretty back-fat and side-rolls. At her thick, luscious ass. At her curved shoulders. At her ultra-pretty face with its generous double-chin. I cannot emphasise enough how much Ivy wants to show off! I love how she's so eager to showcase herself. What I mean is, she doesn't just stand there and comment on the outfit she's wearing. No - instead she's turning around, jiggling herself, getting down on her knees, sensually bouncing herself around. The video ends as perfectly as it begins. Ivy asks us which is our favourite outfit. There's no way I could choose - they all looked staggeringly impressive! The final sight is a close-up of her pretty face - delicious! There's something magical about Ivy - this video is wonderful, amazing, beautiful proof!
  6. Oh wow! 😍 Hey! You're a true beauty! Your gain has been incredibly beautiful, your belly hangs in such a lovely way and your breasts are also incredibly beautiful 🤩 You've got magnificient thighs and a very pretty face; you're a hottie 🔥😉
  7. It started out so innocently....one bite turned into countless calories


  8. You're extremely hot and a true beauty 😍 I would grab your belly and kiss you, then your really beautiful breasts, also grab them, touch your thighs and then please you 🔥😉
  9. New video goes live in a few short hours and it’s a hot one 🥵🔥🔥


    1. matxyz


      Can’t wait, the blouse looks awesome!

  10. Siodmak

    Lady Gaga

    No idea, but she’s ludicrously curvy in that film. Multiple shots staying on the wideness and roundness of her ass, the voluptuousness of her tits, and at the end when she’s “old and sad,” a prominent double chin and belly pooch in high waisted jeans.
  11. Today
  12. Look at those rolls and that jiggle 😍😍


  13. I found your thread this evening and I love it. Your figure looks amazing and I can't wait to see what you post next.
  14. But her in the black outfit? That coming out later or she just Jape us
  15. tumlover

    Billie Eilish

    Sorry to dissapoint
  16. Look at this lil double chin 


    1. regbill


      Your face is starting to ifll out just like your belly.

  17. I think your maid video has sound disabled 🤔 

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