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    Your new best video !! Love the concept and the end is the best haha can’t wait to see you even fatter and wider. your defo the prettiest gainer I’ve seen ❤️❤️
    Wow kitty! You look so cute and massive in this video. It’s soo crazy, this beautiful girl looks cuter, rounder, and even more massive by each update. Her dedication to the gains is so hot and amazing. Lol each week I always look forward to seeing her new videos! So everyone keep supporting this growing bbw who will blossom into a ssbbw very soon, right in front us! 😍

    WORKOUT ATTEMPTING... watch me trying to work out and failing it while boucing my fat.
    179356936_workoutgif.thumb.gif.717f385740a938ba2e05c1930fe13a59.gif   163   515.74 kB

    BIKINI PUBLIC STUFFING... watch me eating in public wearing a bikini at sidepool.
    155273741_publiceatinggif.thumb.gif.cbae9d3512b518d35252a172325f14f6.gif   150   353.44 kB

    TWO GAINERS AFTERNOON FUN... watch me and my friend eat in the car then play and rub eachothers belly ♥
    2girlsincarGIF.gif.ddce62d6748d0608d31055935d2ca305.thumb.gif.f6e8612018be6a6bd0643f92a4c41863.gif   103   15.37 MB 3b7zx3.thumb.gif.d272f851e57a127331a3095deb634f43.gif   98   130.89 kB


  3. Feeling myfatself today 





  4. ABC's Coverage of Disney, Freeform & ABC Television Group's 2019 Summer TCA Tour (08/05/19): The season premiere of "Bless This Mess" (08/14/19): "Bless This Mess" - 2019 Tribeca TV Festival (09/14/19):
  5. Ok, couldn't help it. At first I thought this roly-poly young cutie was unaware that a fat roll was hanging over her obviously-too-small shorts when we were both waiting in line, but as time went on and she didn't pull the top down, hadda take a quick pic specifically to show Curvage. Imagining her putting on lots of weight "and not realizing it" so her shorts are squeezing her to death, and her fat belly is begging to be released. You gotta wonder, too, if maybe it's on purpose... Also love that you can see through her shorts that her fat stomach has a hang even though she's not (yet) that huge. What a total cutie she was, and...may Goddess forgive me for being a perve. Hey, at least I blurred her face.
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  7. Celebrities Visit Build & Celebrities Visits SiriusXM (05/21/19): 2019 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour - Day 6 (07/28/19):
  8. Un link a questo sarebbe ben gradito
  9. Here's a bit of an update... Premiere of STX's 'POMS' (05/01/19): ABC Walt Disney Television Upfront (05/14/19): Celebrity Sightings In New York (05/21/19):
  10. I’m being followed! 😱

  11. Highest weigh in in SO long this morning 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    1. grateful


      🔥Too hot!   😍❤️😁

  12. look a bit like a bigger Hunter McGrady...
  13. ***New Clip with Special Introductory Pricing***

    Sale Pricing ends 9-24!! Don’t miss out.  

    So you want your girlfriend to be bigger softer sexier? Im going to tell you how. I give you all my best tips for fattening up your girlfriend. All the while snacking on doughnuts and heavy cream, while showing off my soft curvy body. 






    1. grateful


      Even the sane pics look fatter each time I look at them!    😍

      What kind of magic is this?   ❤️😃

  14. "What a view!!!" Here's some more recent photo posts via Instagram. Caption: "Embrace your Sunday ✨ Deja que tu domingo te abrace." (09/22/19):
  15. New stuffing video soon, I want to get biggeeeeer

    1. Cuze


      I want to see you get bigger! 

  16. regarding suddenly Susan Christmas?
  17. Brighten up your Monday with some of my videos! ❤️








  18. Gosh her big belly bulge is too hot
  19. I love to share my body! Here’s a gif of my growing ass! I love that my ass and thighs finally have a little jiggle to them💞


    1. Cuze


      We love seeing your growing body! Thanks for sharing 

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