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  2. Chevalier

    My Rugby Kit SHRUNK!

    Wow lol Chubbycupcake is out of breath just for starting. I do feel she reminds me of Mr. Incredible getting stuck too. Superb video quality and cute outgrown panty/bras. At the time of upload, she even broke the internet, outgrowing to make Curvage slow down while I tried to buy this. I love seeing her lay down and really show off every curve pushing everything to the max. The 2nd effort she puts to make things go past that first belly was tough, but the double belly was too much to contain. That rugby shirt was a 3 act story, with the breasts as an easy hurdle, but in CC's shape, she needed a break. Then to the main event to pull that rugby shirt over her first belly, and the 2nd is just taunting us, as though to say not for long, as it rides up when she celebrates pulling it over for a second. In the 3rd act, she becomes wiser and uses the underbelly to hold things together like a paperweight. Power of gravity and voila! She barely made it with a belly weight And yes, CC, be a plus size model even if you have to democratize and be fantastic here. Loved the poses for Nike you pulled.
  3. JustPassing

    Gina Rodriguez

    Is this Jane the vigirn?

    1. degek2001


      Wow, so sexy your curves and round belly in this lovely update. Thank you for sharing. ❤️ Henk

  5. ggwellplayed

    Female wrestlers

    Mickie James always so hot
  6. Chevalier

    Describe the ideal woman for you.

    lol why post then? Thanks for the explanation @aspartamedoublesgains Easy ideals keep me writing in wonder, rather than make me feel inhibited or desperate. For a body type, I'd say this black widow cosplayer is perfect, very busty and flattering. I do like different types and don't put an ideal on a pedestal, specifically because my thoughts/feelings may change.
  7. NikeLove1986

    Feeding My Girlfriend

    That was incredibly awesome too read man.. Just dont rush the process day by day she will see that weight isn't a thing and pile it on watch ! Lol
  8. Version 1.0.0

    IT FEELS LIKE YESTERDAY THAT I WAS RUNNING ON TO THE FIELD, GETTING READY FOR A MATCH. I really don't know what happened! I think that when I last washed it I must have put it on a hot wash and it has shrunk... because I don't think I look that much different Did I really get this huge? If I grew this much in a few years... how much more do you think I could grow in a few more 😍 All my love and lots of *hugs* CC xx


  9. ronnie17de

    Habituating my wife to weight gain [updates]

    Great news! Back on chips, her defenses crumbling. Looks like your assiduous work over last few years is finally starting to pay off!
  10. Today
  11. vilecoyote

    Tabria Majors

  12. I need help, I want someone to help me eat.

  13. but what do you guys think I can do to get rid of anorexia because I wanted to be very much a model of curvage

  14. I Love curvy


  15. college basketball GIF by NCAA March Madness

  16. Chevalier

    WhipCream Stuffing

    Cute veil and leggings. Nice way to make being a one-minute man a good thing 😉
  17. Chevalier

    Pasta Limits

    Wow your belly is as full as that huge bowl. Mix it up any way you want Bigbunny, even if all is pasta goodness with a beautiful 10 min time limit even if the portrait view is like a girdle 😉. Do note that the video loops for 5 minutes after 10 minutes into it. Did love the belly rubbing and subtle movements.
  18. Hungrier

    My goal to 250

    You should auction yourself to the highest bidder to feed you for 1 week!
  19. JayG

    Feeding My Girlfriend

    Here's the update, as promised: I showed up at my girlfriend's place to pick her up and brought her a huge bag full of candy including lots of her favorite types of chocolates. I gave it to her, hugged her, and told her that she deserves to be treated since she's been doing so well in her college classes! Seriously, she really is-- gotten all A's so far and I'm really proud of her. She was really happy and kept saying how sweet I was all during the car ride to the restaurant, while munching on candy. We get to to the Italian restaurant and I insist she orders however many things she wants, telling her she can bring back leftovers to eat back home. At first I can see her looking a bit hesitantly at the menu and again I told her proud of her I was and that this was her special day, so she shouldn't worry about prices or how much she was ordering. She ended up getting a soda (with two extra refills during the dinner), a salad, a huge lasagna, and tiramasu cake for desert. I also ordered "us" an appetizer of mozzarella sticks meant for two people, plus we got a bunch of free bread sticks. She cleared her plate clean and ate so many bread sticks and mozzarella sticks to the point where I was incredibly impressed she could get all that in. I praised her all throughout the dinner saying I was so happy she she was enjoying herself and that it made me glad to see her letting loose a bit. She seemed really happy and relaxed. By the end of the dinner, she was holding her stomach saying how she was completely stuffed and had gotten her calories in for the next few days. I told her something like, "No no, don't worry about calories babe. You have been working hard and deserve to eat what you want. Besides, I think you look amazing now and would look amazing regardless of how much you ate." I then offered to buy her another meal and dessert for takeout so that she could eat it later at home. We got her a chicken fettucinni alfredo dish and a chocolate lava cake to take home. When we got to my place, I cuddled with her on the couch and could see that her stomach was very visibly distended. We ended up watching a two hour long movie and halfway through I brought out a bag of chips to munch on plus drinks. I just put a large handful chips in her lap and she slowly got her way through all of them by the end of the movie. She wanted to take off her "super uncomfortable" pants too (I am guessing because her stomach was so full and bloated, but I didn't ask, lol). Afterwards, we ended up in the bedroom and did the deed. She was so sexy all with her full, bloated belly and I made sure to tell her over and over. After sex, we snuggled some more and coincidentally, her bag of candy had been placed on my bedside table. I reached over to take one out for myself since she had offered before, and since we had the bag out and were talking, she absent-mindedly ate several of the candies until she lay back down groaning. I rubbed her belly for her and then we went to bed. In the morning I made a huge breakfast of orange juice, scrambled eggs with lots of cheese, sausages, and cinnamon rolls. She ate a lot! After that I drove her to her place, and I made sure I sent her back with all the leftovers from last night's dinner, breakfast, plus her bag of candy! When she got out of the car I saw her clutching her bloated belly with one hand as she walked to her front door. I am so excited I was able to get her to eat all that food. She has very little self-control with food if it's in the house or if it is right in front of her, which I why I think she's developed a love-hate relationship with it in the past. She always goes grocery shopping with one of her skinny fitness friends who is into dieting-- I think it's because she feels like this particular friend helps keep her accountable with not buying junk food because of her impulse eating/buying. Hmmm, wonder if I can take her grocery shopping instead sometimes without making things look too obvious.... Anyway, that's my update! It was so sexy and exciting and I hope I made her feel more confident!
  20. Tacobell666

    Make me Huge

    Very sexy! Showcases how big she's gotten and talks about how she's going to keep getting bigger.
  21. Chevalier

    Female wrestlers

    10:29 all those breast slaps to Goya kong lol damn @ratetankmark just learned Goya meant barbarian room. Only knew of the foods. Glad it's not trademarked.
  22. cai man

    Stuck Pinups

    Nice 👍
  23. Tacobell666

    Cream Funnel

    Background music ruined it for me.
  24. heartperson

    Voice Actress Lauren Landa

    Another one from amke2019
  25. John Smith

    Describe the ideal woman for you.

    I really have no ideal woman in mind.
  26. squeezymcsquashins

    Stuck Pinups

    Starting my next patron-commissioned holiday vignette!
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