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  2. First Monday Night Football of the season ❤️ watching the Packers ... hoping Aaron Rodgers will get it together! a girl can wish  :) My New Clip will be here tonight here is a little teaser ❤️ do you see my belly fold? So turned on editing this clip 


  3. Well that's a bummer. GGG said something about paying for private and unlisted so maybe that's the difference. I don't really know how it works but I am continually disappointed by various platforms attitude to BBW. Like seriously Instagram deleted London Andrews page at 1.4 million followers!!
  4. Here's more pics from the article:
  5. Welcome! You can get a lot of support and advice here. The moderators and the models have a lot of great info on becoming a model. The rest of us will be glad to give you advice on gaining. We look forward to seeing more of you!
  6. !! VIDEO WILL BE THIS LOW PRICE FOR 24 HOURS ONLY !! Are you ready to get me fat again? I didn't mean to lose this much weight, but here we are. I didn't mind it too much at first. As we all know, I'm a fan of myself at any size... but as I started to lose my squish I started to realize... Maybe I like myself a little more... a little bigger. So, let's do it again 😈 I squeeze myself into a skirt I haven't worn in forever. (I thought I got skinny but I guess not THAT skinny, it's still pretty tight!) And gobble down some Mcdonalds. I wash it down with Dr. Pepper and of course I drink evert drop because we know I love my soda and the burps it gives me. I let out plenty of those, and play with my full, growing belly. ❤️ Let's enjoy this journey all over again.


  7. Bit of a greedy girlfriend update. She’s been leaning more and more into the whole feedism kink over the past week. She confessed to me how much she likes her belly being played with, and has been eating with full abandon. Yesterday, for instance, I met her at the beach with some friends and she was wearing a bikini that hardly fit. She was practically popping out of her top, and her belly kept flopping out of her bottoms. When I showed up she had a already eaten through almost all of their snacks, and was already hungry for more. (She ate through half a bag of chocolate covered pretzels, a bag of beef jerky, a sub sandwich and a bag of Cheetos). She even let me rub her bloated belly out on the beach in front of everyone (was very subtle, but she and I knew what was happening.) Later that same day we went and got bucca di beppo with some friends, and she nearly finished half a three person serving of fried ziti on her own, as well as a large Thai iced tea (500 calories in that alone). She then went on to eat a entire loaf of banana bread and two bowls of ice cream as we watched a movie with friends. Needless to say she was practically busting out of the bootie shorts she had on. She covered her belly up with a big sweater but it was very obvious that she was stuffed out of her mind. Whenever she got up to get more food she’d wink at me. Ontop of all that, today I sent her a box of cookies to her work and she ate most of all of them on her own. Needless to say, even if she isn’t actively trying to gain, I feel like it is happening anyway, and I hardly even have to try to encourage her. Will definitely update as things progress.
    Wow Candice exercising with Casey is so hot! I’m only surprised by ow much I like because usually workout clips are not usually my first choice but these two beautiful women have most definitely changed my mind about that. And as far as the quality of this clip, it is top notch. Candice is still insisting she is still in shape, and It’s definitely my kind of shape I look for. The best part of this clip is when Candice and Casey are bouncing on the big rubber balls by the mirrors. The camera angle combined with the reflections in the mirror truly show off how each of them is getting so big, round and incredibly sexy! 😍🔥🥵
  8. Hey guys! After all that Candy I still craved real food, like, I can't just eat a thing right? So I ordered a big sandwich with grilled meat as main course and really really enjoyed... But, you know what? Eat desert first is a bad idea... I felt my stomach ache and then couldn't help throwing up but I always finish my meal so...


  9. Trouble 😈 


  10. Thank God I learned french in school 😅 (a while back). Lovely photos and I'm excited to follow your weight gain journey.

  11. You definitely right when you said pigs don't need clothes 😍😍
  12. A little update but not really. I think it's a little funny that i'm gonna make a spreadsheet to optimise the situation the girls might get into to pick the girl that situation will work best with. So if you have some situations that a girl gaining weight might get into (like popping a button) it will help me a lot. Also if you want to help even more you can add to each situation what characteristics of a person it would work best with if possible (my first post here) Also if you really really want to help you can also add if that person would be in denial of their gain or not or if they would be embarrassed by it or angry because of it to make that situation better. And all other useful info.
  13. I WILL clean my mirror soon I’m sorry 


    1. GodBless22


      The holidays are coming up it is time to get you massive girl;)

    2. PiggyJRC


      Fav time of year!! I eat more because I’m not over heating or moody and all the best food is about

    Good gravy Jess! It is difficult to put into words just how ridiculously hot and sexy this video is, because I don’t believe there are any words to describe just how amazing you are. With every single video you manage to shatter every expectation that I have in terms of quality, content and professionalism. You do such wonderful work and it’s obvious that you like what you do and you loved cramming those donuts into your ever growing belly. Keep up the amazing work Jess, I am so proud of you.
  14. 🤔I find it kind of funny that the only place I can upload videos from is my office job 🤔

    New clip will be uploaded tomorrow once I return to work! in the meantime have you seen my favorite clips? 😍 

    Smokes and Squishes 


    Smoking and Snacking 


    Dunkin Donuts Stuffing  


  15. jim beg

    Ellie Warner

    God she could end up huge huge-er
  16.    a good lunch in bed and a little dessert I was hungry        


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