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  2. Satisfied for the moment...but dreaming of my next meal 😴

    Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 6.08.58 PM.png

  3. Give away time, a free clip!! Enter here on my blog post!! Deadline is Sunday April 5th! 


  4. Hey guys! I have a tie dye obsession!!


     I posted a new video last night!! Super excited about it and I hope you guys like it! Please check it out???? 🥰🥺🥰🥺🥰🥰 I promise you won’t be disappointed 😘




  5. I’m giving away a free clip of someone’s choosing randomly!! All you have to do is be following me! So if you aren’t, follow me! Then comment the title of which video you want! there will be one winner on Sunday April 16th ! thank you for your continued support ❤️
  6. Soo it was my birthday and I ate. A lot. This tight dress really emphasises my belly. What do you think? xx





    1. GodBless22


      The queen is popping, much respect girl👑👑🔥🔥🙏👌👍

    2. Synthesis


      Happy (late?) Birthday, and..

      Love You Reaction GIF by Bounce

  7. Can’t wait to see what you can do as a model here 👌 

  8. Looks like she gained some back, especially in the ass 🍑
  9. Everyone should go give JuicyJunt a follow! You definitely will not be disappointed. 😜

    1. JuicyJunt


      Aw thank you, love!


      Heart Flirting GIF by swerk

  10. EBEB6AB0-5219-41BF-96DA-E868B4A1C44B.jpeg


    1. markb


      Lots of fat 😋

    2. Funferall
    3. Bellylover777


      Sexy your round figure an your sweet big belly - keep on

  11. Today
  12. Freshman 15 claimed another victim
  13. New clip coming tomorrow!



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    2. NikkiMaialina


      No lol you were right the first time! I was joking that's why I winked 😉

    3. dj2k1357


      Quarantine has you about to join the belly covers my 😻 club 🐷🐷🐷😋. Cant wait. Need to get caught up on your latest one. 

    4. NikkiMaialina


      Well that IS the goal hehe 😉

  14. Yup, what I love is how first her ass got massive and then everything else got equally massive as catch up
  15. McDonald’s being closed is depressing me so much 😭 and now my favourite Chinese takeaway has closed too. Feel I’m going to start wasting away... 🐷

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    2. Porky Princess

      Porky Princess

      @wdyw sounds like a standard night for me 😂🐷

    3. Porky Princess
    4. Porky Princess

      Porky Princess

      @Residentsteven I just want a Big Mac!! I’ve made myself so many burgers but they’re just not right!! 

  16. Please excuse me while I have a sexual experience with a MOUND of Taco Bell 🥵

    Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 4.32.29 PM.png

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    2. Mochii Babii

      Mochii Babii

      @FIL1 I'm honestly going to need more after this...

    3. Bellylover777


      Good meal for a belly-goddess- spoil your incredible belly

    4. Synthesis
  17. Batman76

    Kelly Brook

    It's fun to contrast this with the first page of the thread from eight yes ago.
  18. Pictures from this week’s 6 minutes meal segment
  19. I hope this isn’t stolen or some shit, but jfc is @FattyFreya hot. Support her here (link) also, if that’s not her, I feel dumb as hell. These are screenshots of gifs... lol hard to capture how hot it is.


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