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  2. Good morning @Curvage Casey Do you have any exciting plans today?
  3. After discovering and browsing this site a quite a few years ago (5+) I found it a consolation in something of which I found internally odd within me for sometime. I anticipate this post to go unread since much of the attention of this site is, rightfully so, on the beautiful models who seek support here. I decided to log on and type out some thoughts, share a story and see what happens. Not expecting much. It's the internet, so Nancy's, Karens, Jills, James Peters and Scott's alike, all the troll or fun types of people we can categorize on the internet from those that might read this and within their moment of confidence typing, and in their own individual moments or spite or judgment, hold your horses and just go back. This is not a post for you. So one of the things I've always been curious about is the perspective of the feeder. The reason for that is because that's the label I found myself identifying with once I discovered this kink. It didn't start off as myself getting off to fattening someone up to extremes, but I always found myself attracted to, what I call "the S shape". Belly in the front, booty in the back, and wider hips and enlarged breasts are always welcomed. I suppose for myself the closest I could relate my actions to this kink while being a feeder all started back in high school, around 2008, I'm sure there's people on here who scoff and knew long before. But it was with the first person I was in an actual relationship with. Granted, we were in high school, young and stupid. It's interesting as I look back at it now, especially with all of the role-plays that can manifest within this kink. But my focus back then was on football and basketball and I was the "captain" of both, for whatever that means (within these regards I'm talking all four years, without a break). But, I'm sure for you as to me it means little, because time always goes on and things change and we all understand that. If you don't, well reflect. But from early on I was very selective about who I was attracted to and thought I wanted to date, for whatever "dating" meant during this developmental period of my life. I was always attracted to the larger bum and a little bit tummy, we were all entering puberty so most guy's dicks were still way to tiny to consider large if their testicles had even fallen and the gals breasts were no were near what would be considered developed. Hey, just an adolescent reflection nothing more to read into. But as I recall, beginning of sophomore year, sitting in my math class I was randomly seated between two of the girls that had caught my interest. One of them was blond and played softball and had a good well rounded bum while the other was a cheerleader, a bit taller, thicker thighs and forming a slight tummy, I found myself in a position I wouldn't have encountered. Now I know many places are all about school lunches, but for the sake of, whatever, my mom insisted on making mine and my sibling's lunch. And she always put in a homemade cookie. It was like our little treat. Well, me being familiar with this cookie and knowing it was just pulled out of the freezer, placed in a ziplock bag and by the time lunch came around at school it would be thawed out got to thinking.."What if I just offered one of them this cookie everyday?". I mean at this point I personally had already been taking the protein shakes for workout to gain weight for sports and what not, and already understood the concept of calories and physical mass. But it was the first time I did it to, what I call "shape" someone. I wasn't giving it to her to inflate her by any means. She was active, but had a nice formed set bum and my mind went towards offering her this cookie routinely with the intention of gaining friendship and also towards shaping it to a size that I found irresistible. Clearly I initially chose the blonde. As time went on throughout that year, the blonde girl with the nice bum would routinely ask for my cookie every day in class. Sometimes the brunette would say something and they'd split it for whatever my memory can recall. But I just really remember loving the idea that before this semester started, they weren't even aware this cookie existed. I do recall though telling my mom that I was giving it to one of the girls in class after she asked me about it one day and then she started putting two in my lunch. I eventually began handing out the second to the brunette. And just to keep in mind, it's not like none of us weren't interacting within a normal situation outside of the cookie, we were friends and with the social dynamics of adolescence this was just an interesting way for me to break the ice without having to flaunt and machismo B.S. and just be a person in some way. So moving quite a bit forward, the brunette girl and I started dating. I was captain of the football team, she was captain of the cheer squad. Something like you'd see out of the O.C. and I f** hated it. She was probably around 5'7" 120lbs, and definitely loved her Starbucks frappes and believe me, I took note. My goal was to build that "S-Shape". And why? That's a question I've asked myself for sometime. Why was purchasing someone these fattening foods to enlarge their figure to a particular shape so attractive to me. I didn't understand. I still struggle to understand it as other than my subtle ways take action. But none-the-less, at every hem and call I would provide this girl with whatever desire the sweet delicacy the fast food chain she requested provided. I think at the time most she gained was 15lbs. She definitely hated gaining weight and her mom would more than be vocal about her daughter's weight gain. But just wait for her to come into the story. So, myself, really enjoying going to the store with her to pick out new jeans in a larger size, selecting her tight fitting shirts that rode up to try on and even purchasing (albeit because I liked how they fit) and diligently being the supportive boyfriend that would provide her with whatever sweet she craved thought things were going pretty good. I still had no idea about feederism, but really enjoyed shaping this girl to fit my sexual lusts..."the S-Shape". I'd leave Ben N Jerry's in her freezer at her house when I'd go over and make her smoothies whenever she felt like being healthy. And that's when things took a turn...If you recall I said I was playing quite a bit of sports throughout these high school years and was well aware of weight gain powder as I was taking it during these times. Well, unknown to me this was a thing of a kink at 17, so I began putting my muscle milk powder in her smoothies. She would ask for these or I'd offer if she wanted one before we'd meet up. If I recall correctly it was about 5 months after doing this that she told me her mom had started eating the Ben N Jerry's I would bring over for her. Now her mom was kinda the MILF of our grade. Huge natural ass, soft midsection, fake tits and more than willing to flirt with kids...she was a teacher..Idk if that means anything but I know she wasn't happy in her marriage so that was probably part of it. But thinking ahead, because my lustful adolescent brain saw multiple possibilities, I started bringing over two Ben N Jerry's pints..I'd tell my girlfriend I would be over early and sit with her mom as she'd eat her ice cream and then cuddle with my girlfriend as she at hers while massaging her back and treating her in whatever way I could to show comforting and true affection. There was no ill intention with these actions as I didn't know about feederism and just figured I if I could shape the girl I was "in love" to my lustful desire, then all would be good. Luckily I'm telling this as a reflection of a 17 year old and not discovering that realization at 29. But my girlfriend's mom and I were really close, and talked much as my family was having issues of it's own during these times and I couldn't help but notice that she was getting a bit bigger. She loved me like a mom or a future mother in law, but I think she like the sweets more. So what do I do? One day I offer if she'd like a smoothie. And just to cut to the chase that's when she really started plumping up if you didn't catch on why just reread. It lasted for quite sometime, drove her husband furious his wife was getting fat. But my girlfriend's mom would ask me to run down to McDonalds to go pick her up lunch during her lunch break during my freshmen year of college. And believe me, I'd be there probably more on time that door dash arrives with your order today. So it was intoxicating, shaping my girlfriend and her mom, two very attractive women who clearly loved their sweets and could go through a denial phase, say they were going to diet and then revert back to whatever foods I brought over. The relationship ended for several reasons, but the kicker was my girlfriend was looking through her mom's phone and found texts we had exchanged and she, rightfully so, felt betrayed in our relationship. But the experience in and of itself left an impression. I've thought about this much before first encountering FF and this site back in 2015, and can say there has been quite an evolution in the scene. When I first stumbled upon it, it was relieving. Kinda like the analogy they make to being into feederism is like being gay. But for me I don't think it's that simple and I think there are still many things that have yet to be openly discussed in regards to the feedee-feeder relationship. I mean in its essence, its give and take and give, also trust and commitment. I think it will be interesting to see where this kink goes considering it's becoming a more known and sought after topic of pornography in the upcoming years. But yet, who am I to know, I've only participated discreetly within realms of respect without the other knowing. To all the women who put themselves public on sites like these and others and express your sexuality and kink, I thank and applaud you. By the way, there's other stories I might share on this thread I've had all before my journey and one afterwards if interest is gained and I'm in the mood to type it out. Anyways, if you made it this far, thanks for reading!
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  6. Thank you 🥰🥰 I want it to get widerrrrrr 😆 thank you 😚 Thank you 😁😊
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  8. w-o-w Ruby u r gaining so fast! u look better and better in each Video.
  9. Today I put on these shorts, the moment came that I could not button them!  Although recently they were my size.

    Damn I'm fat !!!🐽🐽🐽


  10. Sarahred brand new!! 
    I gained 45 lbs in 5 weeks !!😱😱

    great results proud of me !! 


  11. I'd say get her big enough that black pair of panties turns into a thong 😉
  12. Today is a good day !!! So I broke up with my ex last October and kinda went a bit mad after finding out she was seeing someone else after 10 years together it killed me!! So I started smoking about 10 grams of ** a day to numb myself but for the last 30 days I've been in rehab and I'm out tomorrow 😉😉 I feel brand new and can't wait to get back racing the one thing I truly love.

    1. Freepizzas


      Why it blocks out cannabis I never know !! 

  13. Already three 5⭐️Reviews!🥰 Thankyou❤️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“I've purchased all of the last five videos and your videos are sooo good! A very beautiful lady who loves to eat and pack on pounds! The first part of the video was cute, and really loved how you ate all that food! What a queen-sized appetite you have. Loved it and really hope for more” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“That was an amazing stuffing! Beauty....!!!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“ Well ... that was a really awesome video. A great price for a whopping 35 minutes, too! Ruby looks so sexy in that red dress, and it was awesome watching her take down all that Fried English breakfast goodness. Pretty Epic. There is, of course, some cool chat with it, too. Would recommend! 5 stars” Please check it out and let me know what you think😘❤️ https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/14048-🐷4000-calorie-breakfast🐷/
  14. More of zee bike....




  15. Already three 5️Reviews!🥰 Thankyou❤️

    ️“I've purchased all of the last five videos and your videos are sooo good! A very beautiful lady who loves to eat and pack on pounds! The first part of the video was cute, and really loved how you ate all that food! What a queen-sized appetite you have. Loved it and really hope for more”


  16. She's my favorite type of chunky girl
  17. I just looked down and my belly almost covers my toes!!!! 😯☺️


  18. On zee bike.......



  19. Even though she's wearing black her belly is obvious
  20. I’ve had Panda Express 5 times in the last week.

    My belly and appetite are getting bigger! 😍

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