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    Apparently she put on 25 lbs during the holidays. Looking at that belly, I'd say she need to breath.
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    Trophy Wife

    CHAPTER 22 It was like a dream come true for James to have Nicole as a co-worker. He talked to Prem about it and he had to do a little sweet talking and charming to his co-workers in order justify hiring her based on her nearly nonexistent resume and total lack of experience but it didn’t really matter. After seeing her in person any questions about her qualifications were out the window, she was still just that damn beautiful, and her beauty trumped all. James’ colleagues and team members were all googly eyed at the sight of her, and they were too overjoyed to be working amongst a gorgeous woman to worry about her making any tangible contributions to their cause. “They’re still moving some furniture in and doing some electrical and finishing work but this is the front desk…it will be your… front desk. I told Maggie to stop by and help you get oriented when she’s out of her meeting.” James said to Nicole on her first day at the office. The building was located in a quiet office park and Tush was leasing the entire bottom floor, although it was a small enough company that they occupied less than half of it. “We are still in the process of hiring a lot of engineers so there’s plenty of space for now, but please Nicole, bug me all you want, seriously anything you need, any questions you might have, I’m usually right through that door, but feel free to ping me anytime, and Maggie is nice and she’ll help you out too.” “Oh, okay thanks James…..I mean…Mr. Rolland.” Nicole said with a giggle. James laughed. “Yeah….Mrs. Mitchell.” He answered spitefully, causing Nicole to flirtatiously stick her tongue out at him. “Umm okay, what else? There’s a Starbucks right outside through those doors you probably already saw, ummm, there’s a Subway…a french creperie next to that a Chipotle….and an Olive Garden, Cupcake Royale, not a whole lot else but the cafeteria/lounge area is down the hall, I can show you later….. if you must smoke…. there’s a smoking section outside with a little covered area and benches, you’ll see.” “Maybe you can help me quit, James Rolland.” Nicole finally chimed in with a naughty grin on her face, and her big beautiful eyes locked firmly on his. “Ah….yeah…sure…sure..Nicole.” James slowly replied as he lost his train of thought somewhere in the mesmerizing effect of her eyes and lips. ‘Oh……man……it’s gonna be hard to concentrate on work with….this……thing…..this…thing of sexiness standing before me all the time, oh holy God!’ He thought to himself as he took her in with his eyes even more. She certainly more than looked the part of the hot secretary office girl, dressed in a high waisted black pencil skirt, a sleeveless white blouse with a button or two undone to reveal ample enough cleavage to be right on the cusp of appropriateness. She was even wearing glasses, which James still wasn’t sure was a necessity or a show, like, ‘I’m at work now, I’m a professional I wear glasses,’ but either way she looked damn good in them and they divulged a whole other level of sexiness to Nicole that he had never seen before. “Don’t worry James.” Nicole said as she slowly bent over and lowered her hips into her swivel chair. “This all looks pretty fun to me.” “Yeah….sounds good…” Was all James could muster in the midst of the distraction that was her ass. Good God she was getting wide…….he thought black was supposed to be slimming but that skirt in contrast with her white top only seemed to amplify the shapeliness and sheer volume of her hips and thighs in the most captivating way. “I have a meeting in sec, it won’t take long, you can just relax for now and then I’ll show you all the transfer numbers for different desks, or I guess Maggie can show you that too, k?” “Okay and let’s have lunch together when its time yeah?” Nicole said as she rolled her chair forward towards her desk. “Yeah sounds good.” Was again all James could articulate at that moment. ‘Well I guess I’m not gonna get much work done today.’ He thought as he walked towards one of the conference rooms. “Hi I’m Maggie, you must be Nicole.” Said a voice as Nicole quickly looked up from behind her desk after taking a big sip from her iced venti carmel mocha. “Oh yes…ummm hi Maggie.” Stammered Nicole as she looked at the woman standing before her. Maggie Brasdt was 27 years old, 3 years older than Nicole and she had been working for Tush for 8 months. She had a kind and pretty face, and was about the same height as Nicole but she was very fat. 294 pounds to be exact and she was what Nicole would consider to be a ‘fat girl’. Despite her own girth she certainly didn’t think of herself in that way, besides Maggie had much more of an apple shaped body compared to Nicole’s pear, although a lot of that was just because she was heavier in general. “Sorry, I’m just not quite sure what to do yet and my blood sugar felt super low.” Nicole added, referencing her icy beverage and her half eaten Starbucks brownie. “Oh that’s okay, I know how that goes.” Said Maggie sweetly as she looked Nicole over. “I just have to say, they told me you were a model, but I was not expecting you to be this gorgeous!” “Oh wow, you are too kind, thank you.” “I love the body positivity movement that’s going on right now, and I am a huge proponent of plus size fashion, I think it’s so cool what some of the models are doing these days.” “Okay, thanks, but I’m not really a model, I just got invited to a convention.” Nicole said as she looked up at Maggie. “You should follow me on Instagram though, @nicolething.” “Okay great!” Said Maggie with some enthusiasm. “I should get you in our system too and help you get going.” She added as she lowered herself into a chair beside Nicole and rolled it in towards the computer on the desk. Nicole noticed how Maggie was totally crammed into her chair. Her thighs were spilling out over the sides and oozing out against the armrest uncomfortably. Her belly was absolutely huge and it strained the fabric of her dark blouse which she wore beneath a cozy maroon duster and it pressed itself against the desk. She proceeded to go through the rigmarole with Nicole, having her sign forms, go through the phone lines, the company policies, benefits and so on, all the while Nicole was thinking that her body wasn’t really that big after all, compared to Maggie’s. “So you knew James from high school?” Maggie asked after Nicole finished signing the last e-document. “Yeah, he was one year ahead of me, but we knew each other a little.” Nicole said. “He’s such a great guy.” Said Maggie as she fanned herself with her hand a little. “Oh yeah, he totally is.” Said Nicole as she rolled back in her chair and relaxed her posture. “We’ll, right..okay I guess all that’s left to do is show you the break room, I don’t know about you but I could definitely use a little pick me up.” Maggie said as she struggled to her feet. “This is a dangerous room if you’re addicted to sugar like I am.” Said Maggie as Nicole looked around. She noticed that Maggie seemed a bit winded just from the short walk down the hall to where the so called miro-kitchen was. It was more like an employee lounge/junk food pantry. There was a large table in the center stocked with fruit and nuts and an empty bowl with a sign that said blueberry muffins on it. There was a half eaten box of Krispy Kreme donuts on the counter and a large cooler filled with Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Snapple, orange juice, coconut water, milk of all kinds and bottled water. “The Tush 15 is a real thing, not that you can really tell on me.” Maggie added with a nervous giggle. “Oh God, seems like everything is a something 15 which is the last thing I need right now, as you can see.” Nicole said as she shimmied her hips provocatively. “I’ve literally just been like sitting on my ass for the past year, it’ll be kind of a nice change actually to have a job.” “Oh honey we just sit on our asses here too you know.” Maggie said as she grabbed a pepsi out of the cooler and quickly started drinking it. “Yeah.” Nicole said nonchalantly. “But I think it’s much healthier to enjoy yourself than to beat your self up, why should we ever feel any shame about our bodies, right?” “Oh my God Nicole I love your attitude, I wish I had your confidence.” Maggie said as she eyed Nicole’s rear end packed in that skirt. ‘My God those are some wide hips .’ She thought to herself. “It just takes a little practice.” Nicole said as she reached into the Krispy Kreme box and pulled on out. “But if I feel like a donut, I’m gonna have one.” “Well good to know, I’m in charge of ordering food for this room so i’ll keep that in mind.” “Speaking of feeling like (munch, chew) something, you don’t happen to smoke do you?” Nicole asked between bites. “Omigod do I?” “Want to join me?” Nicole asked as she finished her donut. “Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who still smokes these days, it’d be nice to have some company.” “Ditto. I’m glad you're here Nicole, we’re going to be great friends.”
    Love this update from shar her belly looks even bigger than her last vid like the tv ad in the background says its a whopper 🐷, and that yellow dress looks great on you, hope to see it again in a future update but it already looks like its days are numbered with the continued stuffings 😍. Shar takes big mouthfuls as she greedily stuffs down her pasta, before moving onto the shake. You will love the angle this is filmed at from the side showing how wide her belly has become. Not sure what you added to your shake before you started drinking it but I’m sure it made it more fattening, followed by some more burps and a bloated tummy, this will definitely add some pounds for the weigh in shar that’s if you can see the numbers 😉 you might have to get a scale that reads out the numbers instead 🥵
  7. All I’ve been doing all night is eating cookies😩🐷🍪❤️ But I’ve just posted my newest photo clip and for those of you that have missed MY FACE you will love this new set of photos 😘😍😏 (currently pending approval) 🥴


  8. My new video is of me eating pastries and talking about all the weight I've gained since high school. Watch me stuff pastries down my fat pig mouth, rub my belly, and twerk a little bit for you. #bbw #feedee #belly #gainer



  9. https://www.audible.com/search?keywords=model+on+the+plus+side&ref= Check out the finished audio version of Model: On the Plus Side by Jolene Dubois I know y'all will love Katrina Medina's narration. Leave a review if you can, thanks!
  10. Chapter Four “Wait, what time are those maids coming?” Denise asked. “I don’t want to be around when they’re here. I’m going to run some errands.” “They will be here by 10:30.” Replied Tony. “Alright I got to go to work, love ya.” “I guess I better get going to, I’ll be in time for McDonald’s breakfast.” Said Denise as she shook her long freshly washed and blow-dried dark hair. “It’s been a while since I’ve been up in time for that!” Denise had gotten up a little earlier than usual that morning, because she and Tony had decided hire maids to tidy up the house a little. She squeezed her 248-pound body into a pair of sinfully tight size 22 jeans. “Don’t be walkin’ around in public too much in that outfit.” Tony said as he grabbed his car keys. “Guys will be jerkin’ off in their cars!” “Why, Tony!” Denise said trying to act shocked that such words would come out of his mouth. She flung her long brown hair over her soft tan shoulders and sashayed towards the door. The ankle strap high heel pumps she was wearing caused her huge caboose to wobble and bounce in a wonderfully exaggerated way that kept Tony in tunnel vision mode until she was out of sight. 1 month later… “I picked up a little surprise for today.” Denise softy purred as she sat of the sofa and munched on her popcorn chicken from KFC. “Oh really, and what’s that?” Asked Tony. “A little something from (chew) Hips and Curves,” she replied as she gazed at him with a slight smirk on her face. “Just because I don’t model (munch)(chew) for them anymore (smack, chew) doesn’t mean I can’t shop there.” “Oh that kind of surprise.” Said Tony. “Do I have to wait til’ tonight to see it on you?” “No, but you do have to wait until I’m done eating.” She said as she leaned forward and sipped her coke from a straw, still gazing at him with sultry eyes. “Oh, well then why don’t I just help you finish.” Tony said as moved in close enough to smell her sweet perfume. “Oh, no you don’t, those are my biscuits, and my mashed potatoes, and my chicken strips mister, you have to get your own.” She said as she giggled and playfully pushed him away and continued eating. “You just love to tease me don’t you.” Said Tony. “You ‘boys’ just get a little too impatient sometimes. I have to keep you in line every now and then.” Said Denise as she popped the last piece of popcorn chicken into her mouth and quickly switched over to her crispy strips. “I’m just going to finish my snack and take nice hot bath, and when I come back out, you’ll be glad you waited.” Denise finally came back fresh out of her bubble bath all moist and damp with perfumed steam. Tony had just opened bottle champagne when he saw her slowly flounce into the living room. The sight of her nearly took his breath away. She was wearing a sweet, sexy and dangerously seductive shockingly provocative pink halter baby doll. If her intention was to grab his attention, she was certainly successful. In fact she nearly paralyzed him with an uncontrollable sense of want. She was the only object of his desire, and she knew it. The flirty ruffles at the bottom of the dress were so high that her enormous shapely ass was deliciously close to exposing itself. Tony gazed at her long tan legs and thick tender thighs. He followed the creamy, smooth skin underneath the black lace from her deep-set belly button up to the cleavage of her full ripe breasts. He inhaled the wonderful sent of what was perhaps the most naturally beautiful woman in the world. She was the consummate seductress in skimpy lingerie that highlighted every corpulent curve of her bulging, fleshy, and luscious body. “What do you think? I didn’t buy this for me, I bought it for you.” Denise said in a libidinous voice as she flirtatiously twirled her delicate body around, showing Tony her thong. Unable to contain himself a second longer Tony put his arm around her waist and started stoking her side. He could feel the cushiony warmth of her expanding love handles as she leaned in and kissed her neck. He gave her big booty a little squeeze and thrust his pelvis into the gelatinous pillow of her stomach, and launched his arms around her widening hips. “My gosh Denise, you look so…… yummy.” Was all Tony could manage to say as he amorously lugged her heavier body to the sofa and kissed her in a mad frenzy. He caressed her silky smooth thighs and began to pull on her stretch lace thong. “Hold on (pant) mister.” Denise softy cooed. “I want to eat first.” 3 months later…. Denise struggled to get out of bed long after Tony had gone to work. She laid there under her down comforter like a spoiled princess, unable to find the energy to move. As noon approached she finally found the strength to light a cigarette and order some Pizza-Hut. She finally heaved her voluptuous, 260-pound body out of bed and jiggled her way to the bathroom. She let down her hair, put on a little makeup, (not that she needed any) and checked out her amplified hour and a half glass figure in the mirror. Before she could turn around and tell herself her butt might be getting a little too big, the doorbell rang. She was anxiously waiting for her PANormous pizza, Tuscani lasagna and Hersey’s Chocolate Dunkers. She signed for the pizza still wearing the tiny light blue pajama shorts and matching spaghetti strap tank top she had slept in, and she looked so appealing, it was a crime she was alone. She collapsed on the couch, turned on some Hulu, and dug into her pizza ravenously. She knew she probably should cut down on the fast food a little, but she was just too tired and hungry to think about that now. She knew she was getting pretty out of shape, and she knew her weight was really getting up there, but she also knew she was still very beautiful. She felt really sexy, and she had become convinced that part of exuding femininity was indulgence. Whether it be buying nice clothes, having a hot sensual bubble bath, or eating whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. Even still she knew she probably ought to get a little more health conscious. She was only 24 years old and already she was having trouble breathing just walking around the house. She thought maybe, she had taken enough time off from modeling and was perhaps ready to go back to OMG and to Hips and Curves. She thought about it some more, grabbed another slice of pizza and lit up a cigarette. Denise always wore her weight well and she was so beautiful and well proportioned that she was heavier than she actually looked. When she was 200 pounds she looked more thick than fat, and when she was 240 pounds she just looked soft and extra curvy, but now at 268 pounds she was getting to the point where friends and family members were calling her fat behind her back. Everyone still thought she was beautiful though. Her flawless creamy tan skin was still as vibrant as ever and her face didn’t look a whole lot different than it did when she was 180 pounds, except for a blossoming cute little double chin. It was her thighs and butt that went through the most changes. Her ass was so big and round that even at 268 pounds it looked proportionately too big for her voluptuous feminine body. But she was still so elegant looking, and unbelievably attractive that Tony had no problem with her laziness or, let’s face it, flat out gluttony. Denise was proud of her exaggerated womanly curves, but at the same time she knew she might be getting a little too curvy, even for her. She had really enjoyed her time relaxing and being lazy since she quit modeling, but now she thought she was ready to get back to work. “I need to get back to work before I get any fatter.” Denise said to Tony as she nibbled on her French fries from McDonalds. “Oh no, are you sure? I have loved having you home, you don’t need to go back do you?” Tony asked. “Yea, it’s been nice (sigh) but I think I’m ready, I’ve had enough time off.” She added facing Tony with her belly pressed against the marble kitchen counter top. “At Hips and Curves?” asked Tony. “Yea, I’ve already talked to Bob.” “How soon are you thinking?” “I’m going to head down there tomorrow and talk with Mike.” Said Denise. “Well, shoot, then this is your last night of real freedom for a while.” Said Tony. “We should take advantage of it. I’ll go get us some champagne and some take-out, you pick the place….. whatever you want for dinner!” “Oh really, well that’s an offer a girl just can’t pass up.” Denise sweetly purred as she took a bite out of her Premium Crispy Chicken Ranch BLT. “How about (chew) Italian?” “Sure, what are you thinkin’…..maybe Bella’s?” Tony asked. “Ooo yea Bella’s! Get a pizza, but I also want some of that chicken Alfredo pasta they have…it’s soooo good.” Said Denise as she continued eating. “Alright I’ll be back!” Said Tony as he headed toward the door with his car keys. “Oh, and, um, eh, (sigh) we’re out of cookies……and ice cream.” Denise said sheepishly before he could leave. Tony arrived back at the house with take-out food and groceries. He was welcomed to Denise sitting on the couch provocatively in white spaghetti strap tank top that flaunted her chubby arms. Her upper arms had really been getting doughy lately but they were still tan and silky smooth. She put out her cigarette and started right away on the pizza as Tony popped open a bottle of expensive champagne. Denise ate and drank like a titillating sensualist that night, and she got a little drunk. She looked over at Tony’s lean, strong and hairy legs in his shorts. Then she looked at her own sexy, silky smooth tan legs that were exploding out of her undersized cotton sleep shorts. She hadn’t realized how much bigger her thighs were in comparison to his. “Wow, you’ve really been keeping yourself in great shape, lover boy.” Denise murmured in Tony’s ear, slurring her words a little and sliding her corpulent hips firmly against him. “How do you do it? It seems like I go up a dress size just from looking at food!” “Mmmmmm, but your thighs are so soft and….scrumptious.” Tony said dreamy-eyed as he slowly rubbed his hands up and down every inch of her delicate feminine legs. Denise started laughing with delight and her huge paunch began to shake and jiggle. She lethargically reached over a grabbed another cupcake from the end table and daintily fed it to herself. She lifted her massive thighs onto Tony’s lap as she ate, as if to encourage him to continue giving her all of his attention. Tony was extremely turned on by her devilish beauty and by her increasing weight. He gazed into her lovely soft eyes and noticed that her sexy overweight body was creating a significant depression on the couch cushion. He leaned into her, and kissed her plump pouty lips before she could take another bite.
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  12. Candii shows off just how chubby she's getting. Her chubby belly and huge boobs jiggle as she switches poses. It's only a matter of time before she can barely do any of these poses.


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    Trophy Wife

    CHAPTER 21 Although Nicole was still a little hurt and depressed by the comments of Byron and Rumando, and ate her feelings during the next several days like she always did, Cassey’s words stuck with her. She couldn’t help but think Cassey had a point. Nicole was beautiful, she was sexy, and she had always felt sexy, it was just the outside pressures that got to her, nothing more than that, and she felt a little stupid for letting them effect her the way they did. After all, life was too short to waste worrying about something dumb like a dress size or numbers on a scale, Cassey was right, ‘flaunt what you got.’ What she had was an ass. So she decided to get a little more adventurous, and with Cassey’s help got a few good shots of herself by the pool wearing nothing but a thong bikini with her feet in the water with an arched back and her huge ass sticking out on full display. She hadn’t really showcased her butt in such a revealing fashion like that before, but then again her ass had never been so enormous before either, and if sammyy02k (who she thought wasn’t nearly as beautiful or as feminine as she was) could get over a million followers doing this, imagine what she could do. She didn’t even mind that she showed a little back fat, her ass was such a dominant part of her body that it didn’t even matter. Good old Instagram, it never failed to boost her self-esteem. It was like she was making up for lost time, and she really enjoyed the attention, especially when she felt like she wasn’t getting it from her husband. And with all the flattering comments that came in with each new post, Nicole gained more and more acceptance of her size, and appreciation of her curves. It almost made her feel silly for ever losing confidence in the first place, because according to the internet she looked hotter than ever…. So with not much else to do all day while Greg was at work, shopping for new cute outfits online and taking pictures of herself became her little pastime. But with all the body-positive reinforcement she was getting aside, Nicole certainly wasn’t expecting that the one picture of herself in something as simple as a tank top and jean shorts would be the one to cause people to come out of the woodwork in covetous hordes and cause such a stir, but that was exactly what happened. Old boyfriends and male admirers from all over cyberspace were in pleasant disbelief upon stumbling across that image Nicole’s sensually soft and untoned physique of generous voluptuousness, whips of dark hair covering her face, and the noticeable opulence of her limbs which augmented femininity. You’d be hard pressed to find any red-blooded man who could gaze upon her without needing a shower session afterwards, let alone not leaving a comment or at least a ‘heart’, and…obviously James Rolland was no exception. James had been with his girlfriend Lissett for almost 4 years but he still couldn’t bring himself to ask her to marry him. Something was missing and he knew what it was. Ever since puberty James had been attracted to curvy voluptuous women. He loved the idea of taking care of the woman he loved, providing comforts for, and making her feel like a princess. The only problem was that no matter how hard he tried Lissett had managed to stay below 120 pounds during their entire relationship. She was anal about working out, and she was super uptight about what she put into her body and it drove James nuts. All he wanted to was for her to let go a little, indulge a little and be free and happy. Maybe just let herself grow into the womanly body he knew she had but it just wasn’t to be. It wasn’t that James was attracted to fat girls necessarily, it was more that he was attracted to women who enjoyed themselves and let themselves gain a little weight while remaining confident, or so he thought. He had resorted to going online to find his sexual pleasures and once he started doing that he only became more fascinated by curvy women. When James saw some of Nicole’s recent photos, he was only reminded of what he really desired. He deserved to be truly happy didn’t he? He couldn't help but reach out to her. Nicole’s heart skipped a beat when she saw his message on Facebook. She hadn’t heard from James in so long but she still had that delicious feeling of butterflies in her stomach at the very thought of him….in fact, now more than ever. Part of her attraction towards James had to do with the distressing truth that Nicole’s marriage, (especially ever since Greg flipped out on her) was completely and utterly passionless, but an even bigger part had to do with, (after investigating a little more of James’s Facebook page) that the last couple of years had been very good to him, and while he had been hot before, he had since gone up onto a whole other level of hotness, and the mere image of him caused Nicole’s temperature to rise. So…the two began messaging back and forth, sometimes late into the night and with regularity, getting to know each other far better than they ever had before. Their conversations escalated quickly until finally they said the hell with it and met for coffee. “So I just have to ask.” Nicole cooed nervously and devilishly. “Does Lissett know that you’re having coffee with me?” She added as she took a dainty sip of her Grande white chocolate chai tea Latte. “Well…..no.” James said hesitantly. His heart was pounding, but he was trying hard not to show it. The vision of Nicole walking in that coffee shop nearly knocked him off his feet and took his breath away. She was so much bigger than when he saw her last, it really was a little shocking at first, but James delighted in the way the extra pounds seemed to do nothing but compliment her so perfectly proportioned figure, and he thought she looked as beautiful as ever. With the Prada sunglasses, the Louis Vuitton handbag, and the way she stylishly dressed in a light grey knitted tunic that was tight enough to encase her upper arms like sausages, and a cute pair of designer jeans that reveled the full form and expanse of her curvaceous hips. She certainly looked like she had been….enjoying married life, yet she was still every bit (and more) the stunning hottie that she’d always been. He watched her closely when she lowered her ample butt into her seat, and the way her luscious thighs looked huge, and spread out slightly wider than the chair, which was not as small as she made it look. He noticed a cute belly spilling over the waistband of her jeans, and then the cleavage, oh the cleavage, right there in his face, exposed wonderfully in the low-cut neckline of that top with her decolletage gently tanned and flawless as can be. There must have been something about the angles of which she took pictures of herself, because she just looked so much…. wider in person. Her face, up close was even more captivating than he remembered, also just a touch….fuller looking, but those plump lips covered in pale pink lipstick, those hypnotizing brown eyes and long eyelashes, it was the same old Nicole Thompson, and James could hardly believe she was sitting across from him. “But that doesn’t mean I’m trying to hide anything from her.” He added as he looked down to make sure his heart wasn’t beating out of his chest. “It’s okay my husband doesn’t know either.” Nicole cooed in an almost exaggerated girly voice as she batted her dark eyes. “What, are we doing anything wrong?” Asked James inquisitively. “No, I don’t think so……” Purred Nicole. “Kinda feels like it though doesn’t it.” Said James as he shrugged and looked down in an irresistibly cute way. James was a nerd and always had been but he certainly didn’t look like one. He had a strong jawline covered in perfectly sexy five o’clock shadow. His dark blonde hair was short and it had a slightly messy look to it that Nicole found nearly irresistible. “Yeah…….but in a sorta…wonderful way.” Nicole said hesitantly as she took another sip of her calorie-laden drink. “Mmmmm, I’m sorry I need to eat something, I am so hungry. Do you want anything?” Nicole asked to break an awkward pause. “Umm no, ah well on second thought….. sure.” Said James as he reached for his wallet, not wanting her to feel awkward eating alone. “No no, it’s on me.” Said Nicole. “You sure?” He asked. “I insist…what do you want?” She asked as she bit her lip delightfully. “Surprise me.” He said as he watched her wiggle away with a half turn of her head and a toss of her long hair, as if to tease him. He remembered watching that bouncing booty of her’s back in high school, and it still had that bounce for sure, but the years had added….just so much more to it. Her hips were no longer that of a teenage girl, but rather that of a goddess, or a queen who spent her time lounging around, indulging in her every desire excessively. She walked slowly, but there was delicious jiggle to every move she made, from her arms to her incredible thighs, and her ass was like a ripe piece of fruit, just ready to be grasped, grabbed, and clutched with just it’s absurd size and improbable heart-shaped, tear-drop pertness, that seemed to defy the laws of gravity and make men and boys alike completely rethink the term ‘Badonkadonk.’ “Hope you like chocolate.” Nicole said as she sat back down and placed two pastry bags on the table. “Oh, chocolate croissant? I don’t think I’ve ever had one.” Said James as he pulled the flaky treat out of the brown pastry bag. “Omigod are you kidding me? They’re soooo good.” She said as she took a bite out of her chocolate chunk cookie. “I’m like addicted (munch, chew) to them….and I guess i’m addicted to these too.” “Looks delicious.” Said James with his eyes clearly on Nicole’s lips. “Uhhhh yeah, but my husband always gives me shit about eating those things.” Said Nicole as she leaned in towards him and lowered her voice to sexy whisper. “I can never eat what I want without one of his doctor lectures about health and calories and…” “Sausage breakfast sandwich for…Nicole.” A voice called out from behind the counter. “Ooo, I’ll be right back.” She squealed as she clutched his arm flirtatiously, with her soft, manicured fingers. James watched closely at the way her magnificent body wiggled and moved. ’Well she may have gained a ton of weight, but she doesn’t seem too self-conscious about it…..there’s something so hot about that.’ He thought to himself as he felt himself getting hard as a rock. “Ooo, gosh all this getting up and down get’s me..out of breath!” Nicole said with a meek giggle as she fanned herself with her hand and sat back down. She quickly opened her little bag and pulled out her sausage egg and cheese sandwich and let the steam escape. “I’m so sorry I should’ve asked if you wanted one too.” “No, it’s okay Nicole I’m really not that hungry.” James said politely. “Oh…okay, well please at least eat your croissant so I don’t feel like such a pig.” She said with a smile before taking a bite out of her gooey, greasy, melty, hot sandwich. “Umm, I just (chew, munch) didn’t get much of a breakfast this morning, and I drank a….little too much last night.” She added with a self-conscious giggle. “You make that thing look really good.” James said as he continued to get hypnotized by…….every Goddamn thing about her. “It’s funny there’s a Starbucks in my office building and we’re always getting gift cards and stuff but I never get around to using them.” “Omigod, me working right next to a Starbucks would be so dangerous.” Said Nicole. “What do you mean?” He asked. “I’m like addicted to coffee…..especially frappuccinos.” She answered. “You know how many calories there are in those things?” “Oh.. who cares about calories.” Said James nonchalantly. “Haha……not me……obviously.” Nicole said with a giggle, as she did a cute little wiggle in her seat, causing her magnetizing breasts to bounce and shake……ohhhhh, in the most arousing and provocative way imaginable. “Well you look fantastic.” James said with forthright inflection that Nicole found sexy. “Really? Thank you James.” Nicole purred as she gazed at his masculine facial structure and puppy dog eyes. “You are gorgeous.” Said James…….understatement of the millennium. “Mmm thanks….…but i’ve been doing a lot of… stress eating since being married to Greg and i’ve gained (munch, chew) a few pounds as I’m sure you can probably tell.” Nicole said as she once again self consciously bit her lip. “No, no, seriously Nicole, what ever you’ve been doing, keep doing it.” James said as he made direct eye contact. “Haha…..oh my God….really? Ohhhh…James….” Nicole cooed sweetly. “What?” He asked as the magnetizing qualities of her eyes and lips really began to take effect…….’God she was perfect.’ He thought. “I don’t know, you’re just sooooo sweet.” Nicole said. “I still can’t believe you’re here in front of me.” The two locked eyes with each other with such passion and desire where it almost felt like time itself had stopped. He looked at her in a way that every young girl dreamed of being looked at, and she could feel her heart slowly melting. “Jame-“ “Nic-“ The two spoke simultaneously, cutting each other off. “Sorry.” Nicole said with the widest smile on her face that she had since, before she could remember. “No i’m sorry… I mean…it’s okay.” James said as they nearly spoke in unison once again. “Soooo….tell me more about you’re startup or whatever.” Nicole finally said to break through the wonderful awkwardness. “It sounds like you’re doing really well.” “Ah yeah, so far so good. It’s a company I started with my friend Prem from college, we’re called Tush, which stands for tertiary useable storage hierarchive, and I mean we’re still in the pretty stressful….. beginning stage.” James answered, trying to break himself out of that love induced funk. “Right now I’m working on getting some videos produced for our website, you wouldn’t believe the money we’ve been spending.” “Well….that’s good right? I mean that computer cloud stuff is pretty over my head, but you need to spend money to make money right?” Nicole asked, trying her best to not sound dumb and follow what he was saying. “Yeah, you’re right about that, it’s all seed money I mean….get our idea up and running, get bought out by Amazon and retire before I’m 30, that’s the plan.” James said with a light hearted chuckle. “Really? Retire by 30?” Nicole asked, as her face lit up brightly with that notion. “Well no, I mean you can’t look at that way, I didn’t get into this just for the money, we like our team, I believe in what we are trying to do, Prem is basically a genius, just hate how it always seems to get more and more complicated. “ He answered. “How do you mean?” “The investors are putting up all this money and they expect certain results so they sort of call the shots on a lot of things.” James explained. “Sorry this is probably boring.” “No, sorry if I seem stupid for not understanding.” Nicole said meekly. “Ummm, no I just mean we started as a small team, just a bunch of newly graduated college kids but now with all this money and different departments and what not… it’s hard to keep things organized.” Said James, who was still looking deeply into her eyes. “Sorry to make you talk about work.” Said Nicole. “It’s okay.” Said James, in a comforting voice. “Let’s talk about you…..things getting any better with Greg?” “Oh…..God.” Nicole said in exacerbated tone. “I don’t know where to start with that one.” Nicole went on in detail about her complaints with her husband, and James hung on her words attentively, completely enthralled by the situation he found himself in. Their conversation went so smoothly and wonderfully that the two of them completely lost track of time under the spell of that sensational feeling of mutual giddiness towards one another. It felt great for Nicole to be able to pour her heart out like that to a boy that listened….especially when that boy was as freaking attractive as James. “Uhhhhh…..” Nicole sighed. “I just really need to get out of that house.” “Or out of that marriage.” James, said slightly under his breath. “What?” Asked Nicole with a nervous smile on her lips. “Nothing.” Said James. “Yeah….I…..I….just don’t know what I’m going to do yet.” Nicole said ponderously. “I mean I like being taken care of, but I don’t like being so dependent like this……well on Greg anyway.” “Hey.” James said as a devilish idea had suddenly occurred to him. “You probably wouldn’t want a little part time work at my company would you? I mean if you…..want to get out of the house a few days a week.” “What?” Asked Nicole. “Just an idea.” Said James. “I’m looking for a…front desk person to..ya know let new clients and recruits in our office space….keep track of appointments, transfer phone call, that sort of thing.” “You mean like a receptionist?” “Well…..yeah.” Said James ponderously. “Really simple easy stuff, but it would make things a lot easier for me.” “Yeah?” Asked Nicole as she recovered a sense of giddiness in her eyes. “Yeah, I mean really…. right now we have a certain budget to hit… if we don’t spend money, we won’t get as much money for the next period.” James explained. “I mean it’s almost like we have to hire someone, I just thought I’d throw it out to you first, considering the circumstance.” “Hmmmm, sounds like a cushy job.” Said Nicole with a glowing grin. James laughed. “Yeah pretty much, the pay would be worth your time, you interested?” “I am so ready for a change.” Nicole answered. “I’m serious Nicole, I’m not joking, I’d make it really easy on you, not too may hours …and it would actually help us out a lot.” Said James, trying to hide his excitement. “Okay.” Said Nicole calmly as she subconsciously picked apart the rest of James’ chocolate croissant. “Really? You really want to do this?” James asked. “Be your…mmmm(chew) part time receptionist?” Nicole asked in a sweet affectionate voice. “Yes.” James said directly and earnestly. “I would love to, James Rolland.”
  15. Actress, television director & producer, filmmaker, dance choregrapher and Phylicia Rashād's sister Debbie Allen (Fame, Roots - The Next Generation, Grey's Anatomy) within the past five decades. She went to celebrate today her 70th birthday:
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    Bebe Rexha

    She should contact Oprah for suggestions 🤔
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    Trophy Wife

    CHAPTER 20 Cassey apparently had been modest about the idea of Nicole having her picture taken for a client, because when she arrived at the downtown location, she realized quickly that it was more like a red carpet model convention, rather than a simple test shoot. ‘That bitch! No wonder I had to fill out all those forms.’ She dumbly thought to herself as she entered the building. It was the real deal, casting directors from all over the country, bloggers, writers, fashion designers, a fully catered lounge with an open bar, what had she gotten herself in to? She saw models of all shapes and sizes, some of the most beautiful men and women she had ever seen…. all in the same building, but even with all that….competition, Nicole stood out in the best of ways. She got measured…which was quite a shock to her and a little embarrassing, being as the tape said 46-34-52, but she got over it quicker than she expected, as she was trying to embrace the whole ‘body positive’ vibe that was going on amongst the plus size crowd. She went through several outfit changes, slight hair and makeup changes, and posed for an array photographers……and she got noticed. “Yeah…..well what are we looking for?” Byron, who was a casting director that frequently worked with the major modeling agencies, asked Lisa, who was one of the coordinators of the shoot. “Well-proportioned, beautiful skin, perfect face….” He added in a fast paced whisper. “Well….yeah.” Said Lisa, as the two of them waited in the studio during a quick costume change. “Right, and this girl has those things in spades.” Said Byron in his slight lisp. “She does have a pretty big online following.” “She’s certainly captivating.” Said Lisa, as she and Byron continued their discussion and gossip of the days happenings, as people in their position do. “Don’t know that she really…. has the type of energy we’re looking for though.” “Yeah it’s a shame she’s not in better shape, or I might be able to overlook the height thing.” Said Byron. “She has such a good look, and the camera loves her. Although she’s much bigger in real life than she is on her Instagram.” He added. “She looked great in that outfit, kind of hid her hips a little.” Said Lisa. “I think she wears her weight really well though.” Said Byron, as the photographers and lighting crew made their final adjustments. “But yeah, she’s got an ass for days, those proportions are just unbelievable!” “Alright let’s see how this one goes.” Lisa said under her breath as Nicole came out with her hair and makeup redone, wearing a casual yet elegant, sleeveless black and white form fitting dress. “God, those lips! And her skin really is flawless!” Byron said in an exuberant whisper as he laid eyes on the stunning Nicole through a monitor screen. Nicole was a little nervous and self conscious, knowing she had gained weight and knowing all eyes were on her, but she revealed in the attention. Her inexperience showed, but so did her beauty. She knew for sure that she didn’t want to do this for a living, but for one time thing, it felt right, and in her mind it was a way to get back at Greg, and make him jealous perhaps just as Tara had alluded to, but it just felt so weird for her to be in the plus size category, with the ‘bigger girls.’ Never, ever, in her life had she been considered the ‘big girl’. Back in high school, the only thing that could ever be called big on her was her ass, and well maybe her tits too, but she was kind of proud of that. Through Instagram however, she had learned to embrace her ‘thickness’ a bit more as she called it, and be proud of it, of course she had done most of her revealing photos a good 30 pounds ago. But here there was this whole ‘body positive, pro-curvy’ vibe going on that she hadn’t experienced before in real life, and she thought was great! “She’s bigger than any of the signed plus models isn’t she?” Lisa asked. “Oh yeah….well maybe hips and bust, but not height.” Said Byron. “I mean look at her ankles, their tiny, and her shoulders are pretty petite really.” He added as he dissected Nicole as if she were a priceless painting. “Those eyes are like cocoa, really unbelievable.” Said Lisa. “But her arms look pretty…umm… chubby in that dress.” “Yeah, that dress is by Tripp, it’s designed to be slimming through the hips for plus sizes……but….I……don’t know if it’s working.” Byron said as he started laughing. “Yeah, from the neck up I’d say she’s perfect, she has such natural classic beauty to her, but ummmm…..yeah…..actually from the right angles she doesn’t look as big as she does in person.” Said Lisa. “What did she measure………46-34-52…..good God!” “Yeah, uhhh…wow….she is quite the find.” Said Byron. “If only she could get those numbers to go down a bit.” “Oh for sure.” Said Lisa. “But looking at her she probably get’s more excited seeing the numbers on the microwave go down.” She added with a laugh. “Oh, you are too mean!” Said Byron as he leaned in and touched her shoulder playfully. “That sounds like something I would say.” It seemed Nicole was creating a buzz throughout the building. Not many people in the industry had seen a girl with the ample proportions she had while still maintaing a striking classically beautiful look…..and ‘Who’s that girl?’ Seemed to be on the tip of everyones’s tongue. “Hi I’m Tess, it’s Nicole right?” A young woman asked once Nicole was done posing for the camera. “Umm yeah.” Said Nicole as she looked the woman over. Tess was someone who had broken through all the barriers of what society’s idea of a model should be. First of all she was too short, only 5’4”, and although she had a pretty face, she was flat out obese. She carried her weight differently than Nicole, much more top heavy with huge pillowy fat upper arms covered in tattoos. “You’re fucking gorgeous.” Said Tess. “Oh, okay thank you.” Said Nicole, not really knowing who this woman was. “I’m starting a campaign called ‘eff your beauty standards’ It’s my goal to be the first size 20 model to get signed by a major agency.” “Cool.” Said Nicole nonchalantly. “Are you trying to get signed?” Asked Tess. “Ummm, no I don’t know i’m just doing a favor for my friend Cassey.…Cassey Lawly.” Said Nicole as she looked more closely at Tess. ‘I’m not nearly as fat as this chick and i’m so much better looking too….size 20 my ass.’ Nicole thought to herself. ‘If she can get signed by a major agency than I wonder what I could do?.’ “Oh yeah, I know Cassey, she’s rad….well you should think about getting signed.” Tess said as she started to eye the snack table. “You’re really beautiful.” “Thanks.” Said Nicole, still not really sure what to make of Tess as she watched her wiggle towards the food, but she did admire her confidence for a woman who was clearly well over 300 pounds by Nicole’s estimation. “Woah! There she is I’ve got to get an interview with her.” Peter said to one of his colleagues in reference to Nicole. “See what her story is.” He added as he rushed towards her. Peter was one of the photographers who had been taking pictures of Nicole in the studio, and to say he was quite taken by her would be an understatement. “Excuse me…Sorry to bother you…” The nice looking man said with a dashing British accent. “Yes it’s Peter by the way, I took your picture a few times, do you mind if get a quick interview with you for the website? I can start whenever you’re free, it will only take a few minutes.” “Ohh…..gosh…are you serious? You can if it’s okay with my umm schedule, do you even know? If you can check that would be great.” Nicole said hesitantly as she took a breath and got off her feet. “Absolutely.” Said Peter with a charming smile on his face. “I’ll let you get settled but if it works out I’ll meet you back here in ten, I think it will be fine.” “Well……okay.” Nicole nervously responded, a little surprised at his offer, based on the fact that she wasn’t really even a real model. Peter came back several minutes later after Nicole had a smoke, and sat down beside her on a velvet love seat in the corner of the lounge area. ‘Oh my God, she’s even more beautiful up close.’ He thought to himself as he looked her over, taking in the sight of her incredible body packed snuggly into a tight, form fitting grey dress after yet another wardrobe change. The dress was sleeveless, but she was sadly covered up by a tiny and stylish black leather jacket. “Please, I don’t bite….here, have a glass of champagne.” Peter said as he slickly grabbed two glasses of sparkling chardonnay as a caterer walked by. “Guess….a girl just can’t say no to Champagne.” Nicole said as she flashed a slight smile and scooted her butt back into the chair. “I like you already…..” Said Peter as he took in with his longing eyes, her seductive indulgent beauty once more. He thought she was absolutely stunning, after all…he didn’t become a photographer of plus size models by accident…..this was his dream job for a reason, and Nicole was his dream. “Okay, you ready then?” “Okay.” Nicole said, as she looked to be warming up to the idea of an interview. “Okay great…..Miss…..” Peter said, as he sought to get started. “Mrs.” Said Nicole, correcting him as she held out her delicate little hand, flashing her wedding ring. “Nicole….right?” Said Peter. “Nicole Thompson.” She said as she bit her lower lip with a smirk on her face, choosing to use her maiden name as her model name to spite her husband. “Do I have to answer in interview…speak or something?” “Just answer how ever feels natural.” Peter said calmly, trying to put her at ease as much as he could. “So, Mrs. Nicole Thompson…apologies.” He added as he held out his phone to record audio. “How did you end up here…er…when was the first time modeling entered your mind?” “Gosh, I mean it never entered my mind….” Nicole answered with all seriousness, trying her best to sound professional. “But I’ve always been told I’m great in front of the camera, and my Mom was a model, so maybe it’s like in my DNA or something.” She added with a bright smile. “But I like Instagram because I can basically do this but on my own time.” Peter smiled back. “So, but since were here and everything…..you were approached by someone in the industry correct?” He asked, as he had heard Cassey (who he knew as well) mention something previously. “Correct.” Nicole answered, still not quite sure what to make of this guy Peter. Was he gay… was he straight? His accent was sexy, and he seemed to know a lot of people in modeling, and he certainly seemed to have an admiration for her to say the least, so she thought it was best to answer his questions as seriously and as well as she could. “Did you know about Plus Size modeling?” He asked. “I mean I guess I knew about it but I still needed Cassey to explain what it was exactly…..I mean I know who Ashley Graham is…but it was really like confusing, especially for me because I always had a slim, trim body for the most part, but guess i’ve put a little weight recently, but i’ve always been kind of a pro curvy model in general.” Nicole answered flirtatiously after a long pause. She started to understand something, she was in a highly concentrated area of extremely beautiful people, and even with her weight gain she was getting looks from men that most girls can only fantasize about. Perhaps she really was as sexy as she felt…she could certainly see it in her interviewer, and the only thing that gave her almost as much pleasure as her own loveliness was to see the effect that her beauty had upon men….and she gently ran her finger through her luxurious hair, as if to toy with him and say, ‘I am what you dream of.’ “Ashley Graham couldn’t hold a candle to you.” Blurted Peter as he looked deep into her big beautiful eyes causing a moment of awkwardness. “…Ummmmm, ahhh…did you have misconceptions about plus size models?” Peter asked with quick recovery and with genuine curiosity after getting completely lost in her incredible sexiness for a moment. “Because many people do.” He added. “I guess, I always thought that plus size models were like you know, more….frumpy…. and I’m learning that…more and more that’s not the case.” Said Nicole. “Tell me candidly, When you compare yourself to most other models, do you recognize that you’re more beautiful than they are?” He asked with a devilish smile. “Ummmmm……the thing is, okay wow…” Nicole said ponderously, quite surprised by his straightforwardness, and a little tickled by his complement. “You have to understand, I am like the most modest person. But I will tell you any day, all day, I think I’m beautiful….and yes I know I’m not as………. skinny as I used to be, but I have always had curves, and I am getting more confident admitting that and embracing that. I like the way I look.” She added as she struggled to cross her beautiful, smooth tan legs. Peter witnessed the way her luscious limbs were completely devoid of any tone, and were instead shaped into a soft appealing form by a natural fullness and hints of dimpled flesh in her more than ample upper thighs, which were becoming exposed as her short dress rode higher with each adjustment of her posture. “And yes…I know I could probably lose a few pounds….” Nicole continued as she nervously looked down momentarily. “But I’m never going to be the person who gets jealous of the way another girl looks…just because she might be a size 4 or whatever…. if that makes sense.” “I understand. That’s a different sensation entirely. That’s resentment.” Peter said with encouraging conviction. “I will tell you that sometimes… I can’t believe I’m going to say this because this sounds so vain.” Nicole said with a cute little smile, as she got a little more comfortable and slipped her jacket off. “Say it, say it, say it.” Peter pleaded eagerly, hanging on her every word. He was totally enthralled and fascinated by the creature that sat before him. She was just so damn sexy, and refreshing. From her exquisite looks, to the way she spoke, her sweet sultry feminine voice, to the words that came out of her mouth, he thought he had died and gone to heaven. “Sometimes I look at myself…” Nicole said as she searched her brain. “Yesterday, I was going like out for brunch. I had my hair all wavy, because I diffuse it, because I love it like that.” “Certainly.” Said Peter with a nod of his head, as he lusted over the alluring fullness of her exposed upper arms, complete with a pretty dimple at the elbow. “But yesterday, at the restaurant we were waiting for a table to open up, and I saw my reflection and… because I’ll look at other girls, and I’ll think, …she’s pretty …she’s cute, whatever. And I looked at my reflection in the mirror on the wall ya know, and I thought, oh, my God, I’m gorgeous.” Nicole said as she burst into a full on white smile. “I really did.” “I adore you.” Peter said, in an almost worship-like manner. “Yeah and I thought, Omigod….and I had smoky eyes, right… my hair was awesome, my makeup was on point, I had some lip gloss on but I literally looked in the mirror and… I will tell you, though, I do have high standards, very high standards. You are either….., you’re pretty….you’re beautiful, or that’s it. If you’re neither of those, sorry, you’re not that cute. I’m not trying to be a bitch…. But I have high standards, and I hate to say that. I hate to say that.” Nicole said smugly. “Why? It’s true.” Peter said agreeably. “I know, but I feel like I sound so vain.” Nicole pouted. “But you deserve to be vain.” Peter said reassuringly. “Conversely, those who are not particularly attractive, they’re the ones whom you’re supposed to call attractive.” “It’s funny, because they are the ones who will strut around like they’re hot stuff.” Nicole said with a giggle. “Isn’t that vulgar?” Peter said with a laugh. “Yes. I think…. girl you do not look that good, there was girl in high school named Lissett who was like that.” Nicole said conceitedly. “A few nights ago I went out with some girlfriends downtown, we weren’t there that long, and I kept seeing this group of guys all looking at me and talking about me. I thought, ‘Wait a minute. What is going on?’ Because one thing about downtown…. people will stare at you, and when you look at them, they don’t look away. They just keep staring at you. It makes me feel so uncomfortable. I know I’m a beautiful girl, but I thought…..omigod, is there something on my face? What’s going on? They kept talking about me, and this guy finally stops me. He grabs my hand and says, ‘I just want to let you know, you are honestly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.’ And my face went bright red immediately. I said, ‘Thank you so much.’ That was genuine. It wasn’t, ‘Hey, girl, you’re fucking hot.” “Do you get that?” Asked Peter, even more infatuated with Nicole. “Are you kidding me? All the time. Whenever i’m in the city. Guys are so unbelievable here. I have never dealt with this. I’m used to the suburbs still…..” “By the way I have to ask, and forgive me if this is too much but I mean it with the upmost admiration.” Peter said. “Yes?” Nicole asked curiously. “You looked absolutely stunning in that swim dress number you wore earlier, and it showed a fair amount of skin, it really highlighted just the…ample fullness of your figure….” “….Ahhhh….oh goodness It did.” Nicole said in a bashful tone. “That was heart-attack-inducingly beautiful.” Peter said with straightforward sincerity. “Thanks…I guess…” Nicole said with a giggle. “Are you a gourmand?” Peter asked, changing the subject slightly. “Do you enjoy food?” “Do I enjoy food?” Nicole answered coyly. “Oh, my God, Well…..i’m kind of a curvy girl for a reason I suppose.” She added in a delightfully shy manner, before brightening up again. “Of course I enjoy food. I love food. I don’t enjoy food. I love food. I don’t eat to live. I live to eat. I love food.” “This is too good to be true.” Peter said emphatically. “I love good food, and I love almost every kind of food.” Nicole said reassuringly. It was like being in the environment she was in, where she seemed to be getting praised for her vivacious curves, gave her a newfound confidence and acceptance of her body shape that she really hadn’t embraced before. “What are your favorites?” Asked Peter. “If I could eat anything for the rest of my life, if I had to pick one thing, it would be like cake or pizza. I could never handle the gluten-free diet, let’s just say that. I would just eat cake, and bread and cheese, or ice cream….omigod, I have a weakness for carbs and dairy I guess …. I love it. I could just eat a cake and ice cream every day of my life.” Nicole was a little surprised at herself. Never before had she admitted out loud her true desires so freely that way. She felt slightly embarrassed at what she had just said at first but that was all quickly overtaken by a surge of new found confidence. “But don’t you recognize, you could…” Peter started to say. “I would weigh like 500 pounds if I….” Nicole said with a giggle before getting cut off. “But you would be so gorgeous!” Peter exclaimed. “Not at 500!” Nicole said, still giggling. “I do love ice cream, though.” “Thank you so much for your time.” Said Peter with a huge grin on his handsome face. “It was so nice meeting you in person.” “Likewise.” Said Nicole as she lifted herself up off her seat. “And speaking of favorite foods…I need to get something to eat.” Peter gazed upon her body in it’s complete and opulent form, noticing with satisfaction at the way her entire figure seemed to jiggle with the slightest movement. She was obviously carrying much more weight that her physique was intended for, but it was so marvelous to watch, and Peter nearly passed out from over-stimulation of the senses as he witnessed her huge gyrating hips sway back and forth as she wiggled into the crowd towards the buffet table spread. ‘Holy fuck, did that really just happen?’ He asked himself as he pinched his arm. There was fresh fruit, steel cut oats, grilled chicken breasts, assorted scones and muffins, as well as pasta primavera, fried chicken, salads, among other delicious looking things. “This is the best part about being a plus model.” Said a young woman. “We can actually eat! I used to be a straight sized model, and I literally had to starve myself and they still said I was too big.” The woman added with a laugh as she filled her plate with food. “Haha, yeah, I’m really hungry.” Said Nicole. “That was a long time sitting and waiting.” She added in reference to her photo session, not to mention the interview. “Oh, welcome to my world honey.” Said the woman. “I’m Hunter by the way, your Nicole right, Cassey’s friend?” “Yeah, how did you know?” Nicole asked as she looked at the woman more closely. She was tall and looked like she could be a super model just in the way she carried herself. With blond hair and nice proportions, Nicole didn’t really think she was plus size at all, just a big tall person in a nice dress. “Cassey told me about you and said you would be here, but I follow you on Instagram girl, you really should get back to posting more, you rock!” Nicole was so hungry she had trouble paying attention to what Hunter was saying and her eyes went back to the food. Her first instinct was that she should eat something healthy, but she felt so famished that she instinctively reached for a scone……and then a muffin, then some fried chicken. It was fine, she told herself, besides, after witnessing the way Hunter unapologetically dug in she didn’t see the need to feel guilty. ‘Maybe these so called plus size models have it right.’ Nicole thought to herself. ‘They’re all so confident with their bodies, maybe I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself…….that’s not healthy either, right?’ Meanwhile a male model named Rumando, spotted Nicole from across the room, and he was completely mesmerized by the sight of her ass. He had witnessed her earlier during her shoot and his eyeballs were pulled out of their sockets and completely fixated on her and no one else. He himself was tall, handsome, and incredibly thin, but he was amazed at the voluptuousness of Nicole, and as soon as he realized he was staring at her quite obviously, he decided to duck back and find Janet or Byron to find out who she was. Nicole nibbled on a few more snacks, said goodbye to Hunter, and then wiggled her swaying hips out the door before running in to Cassey in the hall. “Thanks again Cassey, that was so awesome!” Nicole said next to an open office door at the end of the hallway. “Oh yeah, thank you for coming to this, nice to get some fresh faces.” Cassey said. “I hear Byron and Lisa really liked you…..Janet too, I’m just waiting to talk to them actually.” “Well I’ve always been very photogen…” Nicole said before being distracted by a man’s loud voice coming from inside the office. “I do what I can ya know, was no problem!” The voice said with a laugh. “By the way who the hell was that really pretty girl with the a….” “Really pretty girl?” A voice answered, which sounded like Byron. “Are you serious Rumando? We’re surrounded by models.” “Haha, yeah….no, but that really, really, really pretty, ya know the new girl, she would tempt the devil himself, really put together, such hair, such mouth, with the great big ummm caboose on her, I think i’ve seen her on Instagram.” The voice said, apparently coming from Rumando. “Nicole Thompson?” Asked Byron. “Is that her name Nicole Thompson?” Rumando asked. “We’re talkin’ bout the same girl right, the one with the dark hair that was doin’ that black and white dress thing, I saw her at the snack table with Hunter.” “Yeah that’s Nicole.” Answered Byron. “Nicole, yeah, damn she was hot!” Rumando exclaimed. All the while Cassey and Nicole were still waiting outside the door, hearing every word clear as day. “Ummm…I should probably go in there.” Cassey said a little uncomfortably as she reached for the knob. “Ha, I don’t know Rumando, she’s a little……” Byron started to say, causing Cassey to pause for a second. It was like Cassey’s worst fear was starting to be realized, as she knew how Byron and Rumando were, and she bit her lip nervously and at looked at Nicole. “What you think she’s too much woman for me?” Asked Rumando’s voice. “Well, I’ll just say she better stay away from that snack table or she’ll be too much woman to fit through the door in a few years.” Byron said, at which Cassey gasped as she saw the look of pain and embarrassment on Nicole’s face. Nicole turned and stormed right out the exit of the building, leaving Cassey a little bewildered. Cassey, knew what it was like to have your body scrutinized like that from her former life as an aspiring actress, and just her life as a proud woman in a man’s world, and thought about barging in the office and telling Byron and Rumando to go fuck themselves but something stopped her, and she decided to track down Nicole instead. She saw her wiggling away from the building smoking a cigarette, looking like she was on the brink of bursting into tears. “Nicole wait!” Blurted Cassey, causing Nicole to stop and turn around. “Those guys are assholes.” Nicole cleared her throat and said, “It’s (sniff) fine, you don’t have to like console me.” Cassey paused and asked, “You got another one of those?” Nicole looked at her, and slowly reached into her hand bag and pulled out a Camel Silver. “I didn’t know you smoked.” “I don’t.” Said Cassey as Nicole handed her the cigarette. “But I used to, and I still enjoy one every once in a while. Can I borrow your lighter?” Cassey lit up and looked back at Nicole who still looked pretty shocked and depressed. “Hey you rocked it today.” “Ha.” Nicole chuckled sadly and sarcastically. “Yeah I rocked my……what was it…..big caboose?” Both girls half-heartedly giggled a little under their breath, but Cassey was happy to get a smile out of Nicole, if only a slight one. “Well, Rumando may be an asshole, but he was certainly into you.” Cassey said. “I believe he also said really pretty, about ten times.” “No, no, God, it’s okay……I know….I mean I’ve let myself get so out of shape this past year, I know that.” Nicole said as she filled her lungs with smoke. “Uhh, I gotta sit down my feet are killing me.” She added as she moved over to the courtyard bench. “And let me guess, you’re afraid of what people will think, and that’s why I met you at the gym last week.” Said Cassey, as she followed her to the bench. “Uhh, yep, pretty much.” Said Nicole as both girls sat down. “Well you need to knock that off and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You might not believe me, but the God’s honest truth is that you were the most beautiful girl in there, i’ve been doing this for 14 years, I know what I’m talking about.” Said Cassey as she blew smoke into the air. “Don’t go to gym because of other people, only go to the gym if you want to go to the gym. If you worry about what other people might think you’ll always be unhappy with your body, and guess what….. that would be a tragedy because you have a great body Nicole, and you should flaunt what you got!” Nicole let out a little smile and said, “Thanks Cassey…..it’s just that, this is all so new to me, and I got a little more to flaunt than I used to.” Nicole said as she ran her hand down her hip to her thigh for emphasis. “God I real have gotten big.” She added. “So what, thick thighs save lives right!” Cassey said. “You’re a woman, don’t be afraid to be a woman, okay? Don’t think about what you don’t like about your body, think about what you do like! All those girls in there would kill to have your hair, and your lips, and your skin, and your eyes, oh my God Nicole, so would I! Fucking embrace it!.” “Okay, okay jesus, you’re gonna make me get all mushy, with these motivational speeches.” Said Nicole with a little giggle. “You’re right though, I probably beat myself up too much.” “Don’t you ever beat yourself up.” Said Cassey. “Beauty doesn’t have a size, and you don’t even know how much influence you could have.” “At least with Instagram I can choose my own angles, and I can shoot from my shoulders up.” Said Nicole. “Don’t be afraid to show off your body more, because you have an incredible body.” “Maybe I will.” Nicole said with a smirk.
  18. It's like they always say, "It's not over until the cute lady sings. " She's a doll!
    A definite must buy if you enjoy a chubby girl that jiggles like jello with the slightest movements. She walks back and forth, showing off her jiggles from all angles and shows how fat and jiggly her butt, boobs, belly and thighs have become. Love that she untucks her belly out of her panties.
  19. Those pants are slowly but steadily getting tighter --- she can FEEL it --- but she's in denial about the weight gain !!! 💕😃👍
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