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  2. Deadpool 2


    Just putting that booty on notice
  3. My summer of good eating is really starting to show...


  4. Just made that for you. 🥰💜



  5.  One BIG Belly Boss Bitch 👸🏻 

    I've been watching back my favorite clip, because getting to play out the fattening office queen Bee  is one oh so hot hot fantasy...
    Rule #1 in my company. Always bring snacks to meetings.




  6. Hotel California going well with this T-shirt 



  7. @ExponentialGrowth I was so excited about how much my belly expanded I had to record a belly play! 🤤😍 Just submitted it for review. 😘
  8. So I was thinking, a while ago I did a whole situation involving these, among many other photo shoots, and I'd love to do something like it again ❤️ Wondering what I can do to spice it up but keep it..."Appropriate" for the places I upload atm (primarily YouTube, Twitter, and here looking for other places to post too alongside "inappropriate" videos too)




  9. GUYS!!
    I invite you to watch my latest video. You're ready. It is a belching and belly dancing session. 
    Enjoy baby.




  10. I recreated my first stuck video since I’ve gained a bunch of weight since January! :D 


    enjoy~ Price will go up at midnight!

  11. Crap! I lost again. I guess I have to eat another slice of pizza...



    1. Jorin85



  12. Today
    Damn, this was so hot. Rose did a great job and she's definitely put on weight. 🥵🥵
  13. The day has gotten hot. 🌅🌅

    Very hot seriously. Have you seen my latest video? Give it as the new ones get ready. 🌶️🙈💥🌅

    Have you seen my latest video? Give it as the new ones get ready. 


    Screenshot_20220702_143240.thumb.jpg.e8ce548291a60b27e722f1efd62a3187.jpg. Wanting to misbehave today.  What do they say? I jump in? 


  14. That is a fantastic get up!
  15. So, do you have a weakness for fat jiggly bellies in tight leggings?


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