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  2. Annnnd we are LIVE 😍🎥 And epic expansion collab with @JamesJColey! Cinematic as hell and the effects are unreal…. A thin, fit Casey turns to dark magic to maintain her "perfect" body, but the demon she summons wants to play a cruel trick on the naive and entitled brat. ENJOY 💗


  3. You misspell "blurry"
    It's no wonder why you are blowing up. Seeing you stuff your gorgeous face with tasty food is always a sight to adore. The visible change in your tummy and chubby cheeks as you push your limits.
  4. A thin, fit Casey turns to dark magic to maintain her "perfect" body, but the demon she summons wants to play a cruel trick on the naive and entitled brat. Casey''s wish for the ideal body goes drastically wrong and she completely loses all self control as the demon takes control of her body AND appetite. See trailer below for more! If you love weight gain and expansion - you do NOT want to miss this spoo0o0oky masterpiece! SO much gratitude for @JamesJColey who made this possible with his legendary SFX! You can expect more from us in 2023 ❤️


  5. Bella spears really let herself go during quarantine, and then she just kind of never stopped being a fat lazy slob. Now her comeback tour is only weeks away, and her manager and publicist come over to check on her and get a few candid promo pics for social media, but they find a bloated, fat whale squeezed into a tiny performance costume, so buzzed she has no idea how she looks. They try to explain that she looks like a fat whale, a piggy sausage stuffed into too small a casing. They shame her and discuss photoshop to fix her pics, but they can’t fix her irl in time for tour. They poke and prod and jiggle her fat, eventually feeding her the last of the box of a dozen donuts she clearly inhaled before they arrived as Bella continues to deny there’s any reason to worry, that thick is in, and that everyone has called her fat her entire career, so what if they’re finally right?


  6. I am not worthy 😍 But welcome back old friend, this place is better (and hotter) with you here! Can’t wait to catch up 💗
  7. Wait..are these ALL Miles Teller movies? 😍 Sure babydoll! Did you watch the "Kitty submits to her feeder video? I literally eat half that pie..I literally COULD NOT move after that lol Awwww 🥰 more to come fellas *kisses*
  8. whoops 🤭 check out the videos here


  9. It’s Friday night, let’s stay in and order delivery pllllz


  10. ok if were doing this right go BIG or gtfo of the kitchen 😆 @Ms MacNCheese & @Curvage Casey
  11.  know you’ve been waiting patiently. 


    Thanks for making me fatter 🥰



    And Mira as a kinky kitty 




  12. New video🙈🍒💋Shake boobs, HARD jumps! Loud noise! Boobs play with body cream!😘



  13. I wish you all a good afternoon, evening and night later.

  14. Yup my answer been validated she doesn't need our help Gents now we just watch her grow into The BBW she is and we admire 😍😎👍🏻
  15. I think she may be the heaviest she’s ever been
    Oooh so soft and jiggly 😍
  16. My pick for a collab would be #teambrains @Ms MacNCheese and @NocturnalDevotion
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