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  2. U r beautiful!!!....love everything bout u


  3. My Fluphy Fall Fashion Show is now up! 

    Watch me struggle not only with my jeans but my shrinking button ups. 

    My belly spills out over my jeans and either hangs below my shirt or fills up my tucked in shirt making me look even bigger than before




    I honestly don't know what are you doing with your money if you dont buy this video. CQ is a delicate piece of art.
  4. Du bist das heißeste Mädchen unter der Sonne!!!! 

  5. Today

  6. D8A27CD6-1B7D-4908-A3AA-B7818DBE30A2.thumb.jpeg.6b95ae4323afd7f29fa6c21f0cfaa371.jpeg





    Where have I been this last week? 

    Recovering from Iceland because all that hiking really knocked it out of me! 

    But I’ve been filming and editing lots for you and I’m going to be uploading later 🧡


    1. regbill


      It's nice to see all of that hiking didn't diminish your beautiful curves one bit.👍

  7. RegularUser

    Noelle Foley

    I'm so hyped rn
  8. I also thought people here would appreciate this holiday pinup:
  9. Just to update people here on what I'm working on lately. The last few months I've been working on a BBW weight gain stuck graphic novel of sorts: "In Which Wendy Goes Visiting and Gets Into a Tight Spot." The first 30 pages of which have been collected on Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/squeezymcsquashins?sort=newest It will probably be around 90 pages when I finish. $5+ patrons get to read it all and everything else I post. I've also started an Instagram: @squeezymcsquashins
  10. Waiting for approval now!!!

    New Photoset! Only $2.99!!!

    I feel so incredibly fat and sexy in these pictures!


  11. 25 pics of my fat and growing body in a continuously shrinking bikini!!! I feel so huge and sexy in this outfit.


  12. Hope so, I really miss her physique from 2013-2015 (esp 2014 and early 2015); she's got such a thick waist and so much fat on her at that time! I will keep finding her curvacious pics and post it once I got em
  13. She could be the type - that once she puts the racket down for good - balloons.
  14. Sorry. losing interest - IMAO - Turning old looking and matronly.
  15. Antro

    Dee van der Zeeuw

    No she got skinnier the last years, was chubby in 2014-15
  16. tcoc

    Female wrestlers

    Blair Alexis returned for a one-off rumble match, and well...
  17. Ex girlfriend of famous Dutch Vlogger Enzo Knol, she got thicker the last few years
  18. looks like she isnt minding her growing belly:
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