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  1. That was her in the same TV Format in 2019. Her Dirndl almost burst. And she complained at the end, that she had eaten too much during the live Show.
  2. Thats a nice Story. Regarding she became way fatter in the following years.
  3. BigBoobs80

    Laura Goodger

    Thats an inviting ass! 😳
  4. I did not manage to find out that up Till now. But shes not too tall.
  5. BigBoobs80

    Pritti patel

    Amazing comparison.
  6. Rebecca has plumped up noticeably during corona. Fat ass, thighs and boobs. She wants to lose some weight now. We she have success?
  7. It definitely shows in her face.
  8. I think, shes at her fattest ever right now. And its looking so good on her.
  9. BigBoobs80

    Beatrice Egli

    And also very full face.
  10. Dena... did you eat well in lockdown?
  11. Lockdown has been good to her. Seems to have gathered a lot of Corona kilos. A recent TV appearence shows her in sexy black dress. With huge ass, thighs and boobs.
  12. Yes, thats true. Thats some weight! ^^ German speaking buddy.
  13. Are those videos recent? The remarkable thing in the first vid (white shirt, red skirt) for non-German speakers: Watch as she sits down in the first seconds. She claims: "Oh my, this skirt is so tight. I almost cant sit down." Comments like this make me so horny. You can see the tightness, as her belly makes a serious roll when sitting down.
  14. BigBoobs80

    Beatrice Egli

    Very curvy. Did she gain?
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