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  1. Her 25th? Holy shit, I'd love to be the owner of that restaurant/bar. When you're only having 2nds, I'm having 23rds... Hey...I see an attractive plus-sizer, but I'd love to have the sensation of a rusty nail scraping across my brain every time her name is brought up. Could anyone help me out, please?
  2. Ciao mi potresti dare il link di Claudia??

  3. It was only one person, and he himself has just died. I wasn't involved - not criminally, that is. I'll leave it at that...at least for now. Proof of death(hope this is allowed): https://www.facebook.com/zaxtor.znort @John Smith
  4. Wow...I feel retarded. That snap is proof positive that Chris J.B. has nothing to do with this operation...J.S. simply took a few English courses and now she writes almost identical to her literary genius of an ex.
  5. Last time I saw you holding up a sign in front of your face for a photo op, it had a date and your height written on it. Nice to see you forgave him enough to let him hold the camera, but could you please give him a few extra slaps on my behalf...I promise I won't turn ya in! 😉 PS. Nice strategic placement of the paper...was the moniker "Jaye" given to you by your dad, Mr. Leno? Very true. Though I'd hate to be someone who needs oodles of special attention 24/7....can't think of anyone like that for the life of me. 🤔
  6. Who is still involved, going by the most recent vid descriptions...wouldn't be shocked if it were only him behind the c4s(wouldn't be the first time, either). My time is too precious to go there again...do some research, or let someone else here have the "honors".
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