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  1. Looks more like an "8" to me. 😛
  2. and Errr...on't-Day ut-pay ullname-fay, ilename-fay ithout-way....ename-ray? 🙄 Jokes on you...that's the only picture on this thread that I came to. 😜
  3. Something about her is hot. Not her face, her body, and not even some of her politics...maybe it's her feisty demeanor? Whatever. I'll vote for her in 2024 over Don Jr. any day of the goddamn week.
  4. Hey, let the man(?) have his day in court...have some faith in our jussie system.
  5. Weren't/aren't you also a Big Cutie?
  6. I'm a real celebrity insider and I can tell you that Chrissy Metz is fat as fuck, believe it or not. Hope I don't get fired for revealing her secret.
  7. None. I was just throwing out possibilities since the question was raised - albeit by you, not me. I for one am fine with things the way they current are. But about that "disappearing" abyss... 😉
  8. To take it further, what if the emoji reactions and the karma system were two separate entities? To the best of my knowledge, the only faces that don't add karma are the 'Wow', 'Sad', and 'Confused' ones. And I've seen a good few instances where the 'Haha' clearly wasn't meant in a positive connotation. Similar to the 'Wow' many times being worthy of boosting a user's rep. AND retractions don't even update in real time...they only appear once an admin does a site-wide audit to refresh those statuses. I learned that the hard way when I thought I had hit a milestone, yet @S77 showed me that in actuality I wasn't even close. 😋 No offense, but this forum is rather, uh, "unique" in how the user feedback/reputation system is set up. Never seen anything quite akin to it in my decades of surfing the web. And I'm not sure whether or not it's the most efficient way of going about things. 😕
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