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  1. The Pluses keep getting bigger on SI's covers...
  2. Batman76

    Kelly Brook

    Yeah, if a skinny woman was their spokeswoman, heavy women won't use it. T he bigger Kelly is, the more she'll sell.
  3. Batman76

    Jessica Simpson

    Ugh, she's down to Daisy Duke size
  4. Batman76

    Hilary Duff

    While eighty pounds thinner then I'd prefer, I don't think anyone in like, 2008 wouldve predicted that she'd still be starring in series, much less be ripped.
  5. Damn, you've really delivered. she's stunning.
  6. I am nowhere near caught up but holy shit, this story is a master piece even before the weight gain kicks in! The setting, the characters, the writing, the pacing, all of it is just amazing! And then when the pounds pop on! Part of me is slightly peeved it's so quick. That we don't see the early stages of dessica going from reed slender to just a hint of padding where she first needs a corset. But the other 95 percent of my brain sees "28-27-41" And can only scream "pear pear pear pear PEAR"
  7. Batman76

    Mia Khalifa

    Let's hope she stays happy...
  8. Probably went on an extreme diet to drop weight for the show then rebounded hard.
  9. Latecia is looking rounder in the face, thicker in the arms and rounder in the middle. Looks like the rest of her caught up with her chest though.
  10. Already voted one DA but did want to add that I love how much longer it took them to get back then to walk out
  11. Batman76


    Damn, had never heard of her before this thread...I beg to watch better streamers
  12. In every movie, the CGI gets worse and her ass gets fatter...
  13. Oh Yes I do the DM rolls for Kayla...
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