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  1. After time to digest it, I like it. Glad to see her lack of social skills coming out.
  2. Oh man, this is gonna be great.
  3. Huh, reminds me of something teased from the Devil is a Part Timer. Its an anime where ...essentially Satan and his top lieutenant are defeated in a huge war by an epic hero in a fantasy world they flee through a portal, arriving in Tokyo as powerless teenagers and have to work at McDonalds. The hero arrives as a girl who stalks them. Shenanigans later and there's communication between the heroine and her team back in the fantasy world, with her speaking to her cute witch friend who reports that the only problem is she's been putting on weight lately for some reason, with the camera panning out to show a mountain of american junk food next to her. Unfortunately it never got a second season, it was a good show.
  4. I'd seen some pics of her recently looking slimmer than she had in years, glad to see it's no longer the case. wonder if she got in shape because people had talked shit over her hip width at the last, literally, Victoria secret fashion show and now that it's not on she can pig out and rely on Photoshop and shape wear.
  5. We don't even get to see skinny Kate in a bikini anymore
  6. Oh jeez, this is some dark magic shit.
  7. Okay, so that was a thanksgiving miracle of a chapter. Looking forwards to seeing the cheerleaders first hand. Jane is getting pretty evil though...
  8. Oh fuck I had my notes at the end of this. Oh well.
  9. Chapter 8: Rising Stakes, Rising Weights, pt 1/4 'Come on Lil, get your act together,' the ex-siren muttered under her breath between bites of cream cheese, honey and a little bagel as she tottered around the blurry, luxurious captain's quarters aboard Sanctuary IV. The once sensual siren was wearing a decent approximation of her old outfit: red combat pants, a yellow shirt and a leather vest. Of course, the pants were painted on and straining at the seams, size fourteens that after weeks of lounging about in sweat pants felt painfully restrictive even if the garment might technically fit. That was only a possibility though, because Lilith wasn't yet ready to try the inevitable fight closing the button would be. Just getting them over her suddenly beefy ass was hard enough and she was letting her heart rate return to normal as she waddled through her messy room with her milk-pale avalanche of a gut sagging out through the open zipper. For once only a little bit bloated, Lilith usually turgid and stuffed to the max stomach sagged, having succumbed fully to gravity without a belly full of junk holding it up. A double belly of standing rolls was now well underway, rippling and wobbling with every small motion the depowered commander made, sweat already forming from the minor action of waddling her out of shape bulk around the room. Nothing hinted at the slender waist Lilith had once boasted of, neither individually nor as a whole. Taken apart, the prominent slabs in front and the floppy love handles hanging over the brim of her pants, red marks already forming, and the squeezable chunks of back fat surging over her waistband pointed to a lover of carbs in solid and liquid form, who drank candy like water and soda like champagne. Taken together and Lilith had the mother of all muffin tops, pushing her supposedly relaxed fit shirt up over her stomach and revealing the six quarter inch and dull red stretch marks on each side of her deepening belly button. 'Where the hell are my glasses?' she wheezed, voice high and raspy, an asthma attack coming on. She took a puff of her inhaler to calm herself down a little, feeling her chest expand as she inhaled. Lil's breasts pushed forwards and failed to meet the cups of her bra, the C cups clearly far, far too optimistic. The DD melons granted by her siren powers had vanished away, leaving her with the barely Bs she'd had most of her life. Stretch marks were on each of their sides too, revealed by the recent shrinking, and they were honestly saggier than when she'd previously been this size. But Lil knew that was temporary, she'd get back to a C cup again...around a hundred pounds from now. But worrying about the contrast between pitiful chest and foot blocking gut wasn't her main concern. Lilith had a briefing to give her vault hunters in half an hour, maybe less now, and needed to get her notes. Unfortunately telling notes apart from Bunkers and Badasses sheets when you have to put the papers three inches in front of your eyes to see them made finding them a bit difficult, especially when the wreckage of a three evening gaming session littered the big table in your room. Between herself, Maya, Moze and Amara they'd had a lot of fun, but the four women had packed a way one hell of a lot of snacks, a forest of empty bottles and bags and boxes rising up around the rockslide of polyhedral dice and carefully painted figurines and sheafs of papers. It reminded Lilith of her old apartment, a mess of gaming paraphernlia home to a complete geek and total virgin. Weirdly enough she didn't feel any shame in returning to that state, it was comforting but she still felt frustrated. 'Where the hell are my glasses!' she hissed, putting her chubby hands on her head and feeling them, 'Oh.' Sliding them down made the room 90% less blurry. When Tannis had made them the prescription had been perfect but Lilith was deteriorating fast and would need a thicker set of lenses soon. Still, she was able to find her notes on the king sized and still unused for sex (Amara saying she wanted to wait and pop Lilith's fat girl cherry when she hit full morbid obesity and hurry towards the door. Her stomach, kept mostly empty to fit into her pants, rumbled in protest at only eating three bagels that morning and Lilith ordered the solid gold food synthesizer to print her out an emperor sized candy bar to quiet its grumbles. While she did, she noticed in one of the many tall mirrors that the 200lb cream puff who used to be the galaxy's most badass woman's pants were still undone. 'Oh shit,' Lilith remembered, putting her much thicker and yet weaker arms on either side of the flaps and pulling. She felt chins bunch under her once pointed jawline as she looked down, face reddening around her rebudding and medication resistant acne and sweat immediately forming in her multitude of fat rolls. But the woman who beat Handsome Jack wasn't going to quit just because of a mere issue like several inches of her own lard preventing a button closing. Deploying the tricks of a life time of being overweight and poor, the now decadent resistance leader hauled the zipper upwards by angling her back, moving her fat up instead of in. Then came the moment of truth, inhaling deep as she could with her asthmatic lungs, Lilith sucked in her stomach and got the button closed. A seam popped somewhere and Lilith was careful to slowly release her gut, tugging the pants down and leading her muffin top pour over. She looked at herself in the mirror, taking in her moon round face with its blemishes and hurriedly covered them up with too much concealer, how her shirt was pushed up so far it was essentially a tube top to the tiny tatas within and how her thighs were now rubbing together half way to the knee. The redhead grimmaced, she'd gotten fat before after all but it had taken her most of high school to go from skinny nerd girl to 200 lb pizza faced nerd girl and now she'd done it in a few months. It was unreal, it had to be related to losing her siren powers. Or maybe, highly illegal weight gain chemicals a certain jacked Siren had programmed the ship's computer to dose the food rations of every woman but herself with. 'Its only temporary,' Lilith promised herself, sure that Amara, her big strong, steel bicepped and tritanium abbed girlfriend would soon get her her powers back, 'just think of it as a vacation from worrying.' With that she waddled off, cursing how long it took to walk anywhere on this giant, luxurious ship and wondering if she should order a mobility scooter. Back at her fattest she'd been on a waiting list for one and while she knew the pounds would come even faster, it would make her life so much easier. She occasionally felt a cold breeze on her rump and kept guessing it was due to how her back fat poured over the pants, not realizing it was due to the seam tearing during the buttoning, a six inch hole in her pants revealing a purple thong showing Amara's cockily smiling face. fight vault beast Obese Tyreen arrives after VH break in, grabs helpless Maia and depowers her. Krieg kicks their butts, they flee. Need to get to Jacobs and charge vault key but only one siren.
  10. Fantastic chapter! Loved the imagery of Fran's return to form: snapping clothes and increasing stretch marks as she still denied being obese. Not a fan of farting so much, but it's not that distracting. I'm guessing Tottie and Kate will have major rebounds. They were already barely holding onto their partial losses and two weeks of calories of magically addicting pure fat and sugar are going to send them shooting right back up, especially as they don't have any athletic or social events to train for. Chloe has possibilities. If her boob growth calorie soak spell is active still, this could give her truly enormous boobs, ones that would interfere with exercise. Or the magic in the cheese cake could interact badly with her muscles, causing laziness, rapid metabolic decline and muscle loss. And of course, Chloe's just seen evidence of some one else using magic. That could prod her to improve her own powers, necessitating fat gain. Also theory: the fruit cocktail causes you to be oblivious to your own weight gain.
  11. Rereading, I'm wondering if the professor didn't somehow put her fat onto Tina and is about to do the same onto Katie and Tottie.
  12. Batman76

    Taylor Swift

    That stomach is looking soft as meringue.
  13. I want more of that Duchess. Especially as she was finally starting to bulk. Love to see the whale prequel and the game of thrones parody too though.
  14. This chapter was superb. I'm hoping we see a lot of post show slacking though, those tight bodies can't last.
  15. Nice starter paunch on a skinny vain chick.
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