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  1. Number 16 & 17 added too. Which one of all of them is your favourite and would like to see it developed? I might have some free time again in a couple of months and start working in a new illustrated project. Regards
  2. I added up a new one! (number 14).
  3. Hi everyone! I've recently had some ideas for weight gain stories. Sadly, I don't think I will be working on any of them any time soon, so I thought it would be nice to 'free' them, write them down right here and make them public in case any of you want to use them to develop your own thing. There are lots of different topics between these scripts. So, if you are a writer looking for some inspiration, feel free to use these ideas to create a wg story if you like them!! (Excuse my grammar errors; English is not my native language) Idea 1. The story is about a freshman girl who moves in to a flat with 3 sophmore guys. She wanted to go to a girl's flat, but it was too late and the classes were about to start, so she just take that flat full of guys. The girl (very beautiful, posh and skinny, a tipical barbie girl), first is a bit reluctant to participate in the flat's live. Her 3 flat mates are always kidding and doing stuff together. They invite her to join them but she declines it. At some point, after the start of the classes, the girl hasn't been able to make friends in her class and she feels a bit alone.So she finally accepts to go out with her flatmates and she has a great time getting drunk, partying hard and eating fast food on the way home. After that night, she became friend with them and fully join in the flat's regular life style. She start playing videogames with them all night (like LoL or something like that, watch movies, going party, getting drunk, eat all the junk food they normally eat...etc. Of course, these new habits, start to show in our girl, while the boys stay fit, as they burn the calories in their gym sessions, she starts to blows up. She ends up falling in love with one of her flat mates who is a FA. She transitions from very posh and girly barbie to a fat nerdy slob. Idea 2. A more dark story, kind of anime master and servant type: This story is about a girl in college that needs money to pay for her studies. She is very shy, very skinny, and she is a virgin. She has a beautiful face but she is so skinny that she never had femenine body. She looks for a job and ends gets an interview on a weird mansion. The mansion is full of girls wearing very sexy outfits. All of them live there (and work there). The mansion is ruled by a man that all of them call "master". The protagonist is interviewed by the master, she finds him very hot and gets very attracted by him. She gets the job as a maid of the house, she doesn't get to ask many questions and little information is given to her about what is that mansion ( and of course, she doesn't know that her job as a "maid" is how all the girls around started). As the days pass, she starts noticing that it's a brothel, but it's kind of weird because all of the girls live very happy there and love the master. She is very curious about all of it and start sneaking around to watch some of the girls get sex with their clients. The right hand of the master, a very beautiful girl caughts her and tell her that if she wants, she could be one of the girls someday, but first she have to learn... The right hand of the master schelude some "training" for the protagonist, where she makes her cum over and over with dildos and stuff. She also sets a new diet for the protagonist, with some enhancers to make her gain weight (the protagonist is very slim) and pills to develop her femenine features and pills to increase her sexual libido. After some months, the protagonist as blossom into a super hot girl, and, with all the training and pills, she has become almost a sex addict (also, as months pass, she is more and more in love with the master). The day she finally becomes a "woman" of the house, she finally gets to have sex with the master. And after that, she start getting clients. Some months pass... the Master wants one girl to get fatter so she can fullfil the bbw profile in the house for the customers. The master picks the protagonist and tell her that if she does that, she will get extra attention from him and he will monitor her "developing" personaly. She accepts and she starts to eat more and get fatter, she gets lot of suplements and her body blows up. The protagonist transitions from a very shy, skinny virgin girl to an obese sex addict whore. Idea 3. This story is about a woman in mid thirties who is trap in a marriage that doesn't work... However she has a kid with her husband and they don't want to separate because of that. her life is kind of miserable and she is not happy at all. They rarely have sex and the woman start to comfort her sexual libido with food. She gets chubby and that bothers her husband. However, one day she gets a new workmate who is a young beautiful man. This new man flirts with her and make her life excited again. This new man not only enjoys her new chubby figure, but encourages her to get even more fatty... They start having and aventure. She is so in love with him that decides that she wants to leave her husband, but she doesn't feel capable of doing. She then gets an idea: as her husband hates her body more and more as she keeps getting fat, she will get as fat as it takes for him to divorce her. So she gets fatter and fatter on porpouse with the help of her lover until she reach +300lbs and his husband finally gives up and leaves her and she marries her lover. Idea 4. So, this one is about a young Primary School Teacher. She is a rookie, around 25 years old, and she is incredible hot. She is new at the school and from the first day, all the male teachers lose their heads for her, even the hot physical education teacher, who every single female teacher in the school was trying to seduce, falls in love with the new rookie. As she attracts all the male attention, the rest of the female teachers are very envious of her, specially a copuple of them. As the weeks pass, the rookie is having troubles with her class, (a difficult group) and ask for help to that couple of teachers who seemed very friendly (but both hate her guts). They tell her that maybe she should put a few pounds... since that would help her to look more "mature" and the children would respect her more... The rookie thinks about it and after another difficult week, she decides to give it a try. Her "friends" start bringing food to her. The rookie starts to put on weight, but all the weight goes to the right places, her boobs became huge and her ass too. She is still hot. As the rookie still has problems, her "friends" suggest that she should start eating the bad students food and give them a carrot instead (the students would improve their behaviour because they don't want to lose their meal and the parents wont complain as it is sell as a good mechanic to help them eat healthy and improve their behaviour). The rookie starts to pull on a serious weight, and blows up. She gets addicted to all the junk food of the kids and gorges during classes. At the end of the school year, she has gain over a 100 lbs but her class is the best of the school. Epilogue: A new rookie enters in the school and is stressed out about her students behaving badly, she goes to the teachers room and finds the protagonist of the story, weighing 400lbs eating some kids lunch. The new rookie ask for advice...and the protagonist lets out a big burp and tells her that if she wants to be a good teacher, she should start packing some pounds. Idea 5. Two male friends live together during her time at university. The protagonist is secretly in love with her friend's hot girlfriend, lets call her Jennie. He knows Jennie from very young age, and he always had a crush on her. However, she only saw him as brother. When she started dating his bestfriend, our protagonist support them, and tried to forget about her dating other girls. However, as he was living with Jennie's boyfriend, and Jennie came to visit very often, it was difficult for him to forget her. Time pass, and he is still mad in love with Jennie. Also, he dislikes how his friend is treating her lately, since she has gained a few pounds (she is still damn hot). His friend flirts with other girls through social media and when they go out to parties (but never ends up cheating on her...), and tells everything to our protagonist, as he doesn't know that he is secretly in love with Jennie. Our protagonist decides that he has to take Jennie out of that relationship, because his friend doesn't love her. One day talking with his friend, he mentions that Jennie is getting a bit chubby lately... and if that trent keeps going on, he will break up with her as he won't date a fat chick... So an idea cross his mind. If he can get Jennie to gain more weight, he will be free to date her when the break up. So Jennie tries to lose weight to please his boyfriend, but our protagonist sabotages her diet and exercise attempts using every trick on his pocket (wg shakes, appetite enhacers, etc). Despite Jennie's efforts, she keeps gaining weight (due to the sabotage) and the relationship with her boyfriends starts to get more tense. Also, our protagonist, who has always a preference por chubby girls, starts to develope a more feedeer/fa mindset as he really fucking love how Jennie is looking as she gets fat. Jennie's boyfriend goes to a 2 month trip during summer vacation with his family, with his relationship with Jennie in a very bad spot, in the meantime, our protagonist stays at campus and Jennie moves in with him during summer to avoid costs. Our protagonist use these two months to step up his game and turns Jennie into a really fat girl. After summer vacation, Jennie and his friend break up. Jennie and our protagonist have sex after the break up. Jennie realize that she loves him but, our protagonist, that sees Jennie very vulnerable and manipulabe after the break up, tells her that "how he could know that she really loves him and she is not using him to rebound after the break" Jennie tells him that what she could do to prove him that she loves him. The protagonist tells her that she shoud gain another 50 pounds, then he would know she loves him. Jennie, who is over 250 already, fat, ashamed and alone, decides that she has nothing to lose already, as she has lost all control with food and gaining. Our protagonist gives her 5 months to do it, and they won't see each other during that time. When the 5 months pass, Jenny comes to him weighing much more than 50 pounds... They both have sex and live happy together. Idea 6. So, this story is about a hot girl who is very conceited and vain. She has always have everything she wants because of how pretty she is. She is from a very wealthy family and has being always spoiled. She didn't like to study, she never saw the point on it since she always thought that she would inherit his father bussiness. All she did was going out with her hot boyfriend and taking pictures of herself for her instagram account. But at some point, her parents get tired of her bad attitude and lack of purpouses in life so they decide to stop giving her money. She has to work for her first time in her life. She start studying a course for hairdresser. She finish it and get hired in a hairdressing famous chain in town. She mets Jasmine, who is her coworker. Jasmine is pretty but she is quite fat. The protagonist, does really well at work, getting a lot of customers just by her hot look. Also, she treats Jasmine with superiority and condescension. When Jasmine starts a diet, trying to lose weight to get some of her old customers back, the protagonist makes fun of her. Jasmine decides that she have had enough of her, and starts trying to sabotage her coworker to fatten her up. From here, Jasmine will lose weight gradually and the protagonist will gain more and more, at first, she is oblivious about it, not noticing, then, she will try to stop and diet but she will be too far gone. Her new appetetite and lacks of control will keep the numbers on the scale going higher. As she gets fat, she start losing customers and Jasmine taking them. Also, Jasmine will start getting more dominant and bitchy, and the protagonist more selfconcious (they kind of switch personalities). One day, with the protagonist now being a well fed fat girl over 200 lbs, she comes early to the hairdressing shop and finds Jasmine having sex with her boyfriend, cheating on her. She leaves her job and gets kind of drepress and comforts her pain with food. She gets very fat, however, as fatter she gets, she becomes more humble and her relationship with her parents and family improves. Her parents are very please with the attitude improvement of her daughter (despite their concerns about her weight, they prefer a good fat daughter than a fit bitch one), and they give her a job on the family company. Fast forward 20 years, Jasmine, is still working at the hairdressing job and she is jealous of her new eighteen and hot coworker... Jasmine is now a 42 goodlooking (for her age) hardstuck hairdressing making the minimum wage. At the end of the day, a very rich woman enters the hairdressing shop, she is at least 400 lbs. After some time, Jasmine recognize the protagonist, and she there to pick up her daughter (the Jasmine new coworker). The protagonist send there to work there for awhile to teach her to earn a living and to see what see never should become in the preson of Jasmine. The protagonist leaves a huge cake for Jasmine, telling her "you should get fat again, you were a better person", and then mother and daughter leave the hairdressing shop in their expensive sport car, Jasmine, burning in anger, starts to pig out from the cake, hating the protagonist and her own miserable life. Idea 7. This story has some fantasy elements. About an eighteen years old girl that goes to a family reunion. At the begining, she is at shock because she finds her cousin very transformed from the last time she saw her a few months ago. Her cousin was very slim and she never dressed sexy at all, but now, her cousin was a bimbo bombshell with huge tits and big ass. The protagonist thinks at first that her cousin has had plastic surgery, but after some drinks, when her cousin gets drunk, she finally tells her that her boyfriend has a magic cum, and everytime she drinks her cum she her tits and her ass grow. The protagonist never believed her, but she was quite impressed with the changes... since she is very slim herself and has never being considered sexy, neither had a boyfriend. A few months later, when the protagonist is studying at the university campus, she meets a boy who seems familiar to her. After some talking with him, she realize that he is her cousin's boyfriend (she saw some pictures with her on facebook a while back). However, he tells her that he is not dating her cousin anymore, that she broke up with him. After that meeting, they keep the touch, and the protagonist gets more and more curious about the story of his cum that her cousin told her. Also, the guy always changes the subjects when the protagonist asks him about why her cousin broke up with him. After some weeks flirting, they finally have sex... and when the guy is about to cum, the protagonist swallows it all (she needed to know!!). The next morning she checks up her body to see if anything is different but she doesn't find any changes "my cousin had plastic surgery after all". However, after a week having sex together (and drinking his cum, she was developing a taste for it... it was kind of addicting) she start to see a few changes on her body. Her tits are growing and so her ass. The protagonist is so excited about it (it was true after all!!). She starts getting more horny too and demands her now new boyfriend to fuck her many times a day and cum on her mouth every single time. After some more weeks, the protagonist develops a really huge tits (like J cups or something) and an insane big ass, however, some more changes start to show on her body, she is starting to put on weight on another areas, as her belly, her legs her ass. At first she thinks it is because she is eating a bit poorly and having no exercise besides the intense fucking... but some more weeks pass and she is getting very fat very fast. She is now over 200 lbs... So she has a very tense conversation with her boyfriend, where he shows her a recent picture of her cousin, at 300 lbs, fat as hell, and confeses that thats the reason why she left him, because her cum, after drinking it so much of it, have that effect on the girls, makes them fat. The protagonist is mad about him for not telling her. They fight and he leaves the house. But, after a couple of days, the protagonist realize how much she miss him and his cum (she is addicted to it), she goes and find him at his appartment and tells him that she needs him, that she wants him, that wants him to cum in her mouth, that she needs her cum, that she wants to get fatter... And so she does. Idea 8 This idea is about two girls that go together to the university for her freshman year. They are very pretty and spoiled girls, and very slutty both of them. They enjoy the constant partying and having sex with extrangers. One day, they discover an application to find sugar daddys and they decide to try it. They love it. They get to date some 30 - 40 yo rich men who would spoil them and buy them expensive clothes, take them to exlusive parties and have sex with them if they feel like it. But one day, one of the girls has a date with one customer who is very very rich and kinda "strange". All he wants seems to see her eat fatty foods. If she finished the meals he brings to her, he gives her very expensive presents. The girls tells her friend, and they both go together to a date with this strange man, with similar situation, as much food as they eat, the bigger the present is. After some weeks of dating this man, the girls are gaining some weight, losing their hot figure. The man also start to demand them to have sex between them after the stuffings. However, they are making so much money from this man, that they almost forget about the other customers and become exclusives of this man. After some months of this rutine, the girls gets fat and the man makes them a proposal, the one that gets closer to the 350 lbs mark before the day the set, will become his wife. The only condition is that they can't weight themselves before that day. The girls, addicted to this lyfestyle, start a stuffing frenesi day and night to get as fat as possible. When the weigh in day arrives, they are both well over 350 lbs (the man never expect them to get over 350 lbs) so, as it's impossible to determine who got there before, he marries both. Idea 9 This one is about a popular university girl who, at the begining of her sophomore year, in one of the important subjects of her degree, she is partner up with a fat guy (around 280 lbs) of her class to make an essay. The essay is a year long work, so she is stuck with him for the whole academic year. At the begining, all her friends make jokes about her being partner up with such a lard ass fat guy. When she finally mets with him to start the essay, she finds him very shy but funny, a bit nerdy but overall a good guy. Weeks pass and they become friends, as she gets to know him better and finds him very humble and good person. She tries to encourage him to not hide and ignore his bullies...She also encourages him to lose weight, she even tells him that if she finds junk food on his appartment, she will take it so he doesn't eat it (that will end with the protagonist gaining a few, without any weight lost for his friend). However, her old friends still mock him and pick on him on the university campus. She gets annoyed by that. She starts hanging around more with him (and getting some of his bad eathing habits). As she pass more time with him, she is eating poorly and starts to getting chubby. She doesn't notice at first. However, one day partying with her friends, she listen them speaking behind her back about how fat she is getting because of the fat guy influence. She fights with her friends and breaks her relationship with them. She starts spending her whole days with his now only friend, and getting more and more of his habits (eat junk food, playing video games, burping a lot, etc). One day they finally have sex and its amazing, the girls loves the fat sex, with meat all over the place, it's a better experience than all the sex she had with fit and muscular guys. However, the girl starts to get a bit selfconcious about her expanding body, the boy responds to that giving her the same advised she gave him when they met... and something switches on in her and she realizes then that she has anything to feel shame about. They start dating as a couple, and she convince him to not hide from the people, that they should be allow to enjoy life as the rest of the students. So they go to the cafeteria and other public places and show in public how much they love and enjoy each other company despite the mock and insults of her old friends, which are answered by a fatty behaviour and huge burps from now the fatty protagonist (who is passing the 220 lbs mark). Time goes by and they are perfect together, however, the protagonist gets more intense about gaining and starts to demand more feedings, food...she seems insatiable. She gets more and more turned on by the idea of getting fatter than her boyfriend, and at the end, she finally achieves it, becoming the fat one of the both. Idea 10 Ok, this story is about a hot girl that cheats on her boyfriend after 5 years of relationship. The boyfriend finds out and gets mad about it, because he was the one carrying the relationship, bringing money home and supporting the never starting carreer as an actress of her girlfriend. She basically was staying at home all day, going to the gym and taking some auditions from time to time, but never getting a single role, not as a supporting actress even. At first he thinks he needs to instant break up with her, get rid of her an move on with his life. However, he kind of wants a little revenge on her after so much time together. He knows that if he just break up with her, as hot as she is, she won't have any problem to rebound to another guy and keep suck out his money. So he comes with the plan of making her fat, so no one would want to date her. He starts sabotaging her diet, putting powder on her gym shakes, some appetite enhacers on her food, etc. She start packing on the pounds, and at first she doesn't notice a thing. His boyfriend switch the size of her clothes and sabotages the scale so she doesn't know about her gain. At some point she does notice her gain and starts a new diet, working harder on the gym, however, her boyfriend step up his game and increse the dose of her caloric intake. Despites her efforts and desesperation, she keeps getting fatter and fatter. At this point, even her lover, the person she was cheating her boyfriend with, leaves her because she was getting pass chubby territory. As she gets fatter and fatter, with all her efforts getting no payoff to lose weight, she starts to get sad and depress. By this time, her boyfriend knows that he is in full control of the situation, so he starts to tease her, and humilliate her about her weight. Her girlfriend hates all the tease, she hates how fat she has gotten, however, what she can do? She has no job, she is over 250 lbs and no of her old suitors would fuck her now... so she endures the humilliation as her boyfriend goes harder and harder on it. This goes one, until her boyfriend completely destroys the old self of her girlfriend, that has pass the 300 lbs mark, and has become a big fat, submissive, slob with no will power... Then he breaks up with her. Idea 11 This story is about a beautiful skinniy girl about 23 yo that is a closet feedee. She has a normative hot body and she works out to look hot because of society standars. However, she has beeing into feederism since she started to get sexual desires back at puberty. She refuse to embrace her desires because of the concern of 'what people would say..." and the fear of her boyfriend leaving her if she gets fat. She has a boyfriend, and she has being with him since highschool. Their relationship is good, however, she doesn't have enough courage to tell him about her fetish. One day she crosses paths at the mall with an old friend from high school, they were super close back then but they didn't keep touch during university. Her friend is a newlywed and she has lost her good figure and has gotten quite fat. Our protagonist finds quite hot her weight gain and she is quite envyous of her friend as well. They say goodbye to each other but promise to see each other again soon. They keep their word and keep meeting regularly. The protagonist, driven by her repressed sexual desire and watching her friend getting fatter and fatter (her friend could be easily 230 lbs) without that having any bad repercusions on her marriage, gives her the resolution to start fattening herself. She stuffs herself regularly, and puts on some pounds. Her boyfriend doesn't seem to mind her curvy figure either. More time pass and the protagonist gets more obsessed with her gain. She buys weight gain powder and eat more calories every day as she feels she is not gaining fast enough, she wants to be fatter than her friend. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, starts to show some concerns, nothing too important, but he is clearly not a FA as she would like. He doesn't give her the thrill, the fat humilliation, the role play, the bed feedings that she fantasizes with... Looking for that missing part of her fetish, she starts uploading some pictures and videos online, on the websites she has been visiting for years. She gets what she wants and keeps fattening herself getting to 250lbs. She meets up with her friend and she realize that she is now the fat one, which makes her so horny. But one day, her boyfriend finds out the content she has being uploading online. He gets mad and order her to delete everything and lose at least 50lbs if she wants to save their relationship. She does quit from online forums and tries to lose some pounds. During that time, her bf gets a bit untrusful and controls her diet. The protagonist lose a good 30 lbs but she is unhappy. Their relationship never gets to be the same... After some months, with the protagonist very close to lose all those 50 lbs that her boyfriend demanded, she finally meet again with her friend, that she hasn't seen in a long time. Her friend has gotten quite big, around 260 lbs and has become again the fat one, she complimets the "weight lose" of the protagonist, and, at that point, the protagonists has a break down. Tells everything to her friend. Her friend listens to her and tells her that she must figure out what makes her happy. Fastforward a couple of years later, both of them are meating again. The protagonist's friend is now around 300lbs, she is still happily married, has a baby and she is waiting for another one, she looks into the cafeteria to find the protagonist like a massive ball of fat, weighing 400 lbs eating a gigantic milkshake...She seemed quite happy. Idea 12 This storyline involves politics and some idiology themes. Laura is a 18 yo girl who has the normal interests of any girl her age that is excited about starting university life. It's when she meets her roommate on the university campus, Becky, and starts spending time with her, becoming good friends. Becky is a very radical feminist activist who participates in protests and actions throughout the campus related to political correctness and social justice. Becky will introduce Laura to her world, and Laura begins to adopt Becky's ideas about gender, identity politics, etc. Laura also begins to change her way of dressing (less feminine to break with traditional gender roles) and her tastes. Becky is a lesbian an will try to seduce Laura. They made up and have sex, however, Laura isn't sure about how she feels about it. On top of that, Becky is poliamorous, and even she desires Laura, she isn't looking into a serious relationship, she just want to have fun. That's when Laura will meet a boy named Steve in one of her classes. Steve is quite intelligent and a good speaker, but he defends positions against Laura's new ideas, and they will hold debates in class. Laura thinks he is an asshole and macho even though she finds him quite handsome. Unaware of it, Laura looks forward to that kind of confrontation agaisnt Steve. A few weeks later, Steve makes a presentation in class that shows some videos of Jordan B. Peterson and other intellectuals to address the issue of political correctness. Laura does not like the presentation (because it goes against her ideas), but she does not find arguments to rebut him either.. But after that presentation, Steve stops going to class. Laura is surprised and even worried. Then he will find out that Becky and his group of university activists have filed a lawsuit against Steve for making that presentation which, according to them, is against human rights and is racist and misogynistic. The university has taken action against Steve for the pressure and protests on campus and has been suspended for the remainder of the academic year. Laura begins to have doubts about the activism she has been following, because, even if it does not coincide with Steve, she thinks that he has not done anything wrong, he was just making a presentation explaining some ideas about a relevant topic and holding a side on a debate but always showing respect for the another one. A month later, Laura will meet Steve and both will end up drinking coffee. They spend an incredible afternoon talking and debating. From there, Laura and Steve begin to see each other often, and Laura will begin to adopt positions of thought closer and closer to Steve's. In addition, all these talks with Steve that usually take place in a bakery, and her relationship with Becky becoming more and more distanced (which lead into more time alone for Laura at her bedroom reading books and papers and snacking her way into boredom) make it increase her weight a little. The realtionship with Becky deteriorates fast. Becky is also repulse by Laura's weight gain and she rejects her sexualy, which makes Laura realize for good how superficial and shallow Becky's ideas where on first place about tolerance and feminism. The final fight with Becky which will lead in Laura leaving the university campus. She needs a place to crash and calls Steve, who offers her his flat. Laura will move in with Steve. Months pass, and the increasing weight of Laura, all together with her new ideas regarding gender and political correctness, will make her rekindle her love for her femininity, and she will start to dress more feminine and show off her new and sensual curves. Steve and Laura start dating officially. Laura continous to gain weight and loves it. With each new pound in her hips, tits and ass she feels more and more feminine and empowered. Steve also loves the change and encourages her to keep getting fat... Idea 13 This is a story about a young 28-year-old secretary named Hillary who gets a temporary job at a major law firm. She is attractive and has a beautiful and toned body during long gym sessions (around 110 lbs). She becomes the secretary of an important lawyer of an abogacy firm. The workload is intense but she is smart and does her job diligently, although at the cost of extra hours and losing her good food habits (having to eat fast food in the office many days to keep working til midnight...) and skipping gym classes . In addition, she becomes a good friend with two secretaries of the firm (both quite chubby), with whom she shares snacks during breaks. One of her co-workers, Finn, a young but very fat boy (270 lbs) falls in love with Hillary and tries to conquer her, but she friendly rejects him because of his appearance, despite being a good person. During the first months, Hillary gains a little weight (140 lbs) due to bad habits acquired. It is because of this that her boss, very cold and distant at first, begins to treat her with more affection (although she does not associate it with her weight gain). When her first work evaluation approaches, in which she will be told if she continues or not, one of her friends in the office tells her that her boss is reputed to be a "chubby chaser", and that's the reason why almost all the secretaries that work for him are quite chubby. She suggets to Hillary that if she gains a little of weight, she may have more options to pass the evaluation and get a long contract on the firm as a secretary.Hillary has doubts. She begins to be more aware of the changes in her body and does not like them. She feels disgusted with her body and is terrified of the idea of becoming fat. But on the other hand, she wants to keep the job of his dreams at all costs. Finally, she decides to get a little fatter in order to get a steady job in the company, promising herself that once she gets it, she will lose all the weight gained. Hillary asks for help from her two friends at the office, who help Hillary get fat as much as possible in the two months that precede the evaluation. Hillary follows all the advice of her friends and begins to eat junk food everyday and get fatter. When the evaluation arrives, Hillary weighs about 180 lbs. However, in the evaluation, instead of giving her the guaranteed position, the boss decide to extend her temporary contract for 6 months and then re-evaluate it, he expect "more commitment from her part", words that Hillary interprets as "get fatter or leave". Hillary, who does not like her new body and feels disgusted, has to decide again whether to continue with her plan or stop before becoming a real fat woman. Finally she decides to continue for 6 months. This time, she thinks she needs a more extreme plan so she asks for help from Finn, who is the fattest person she knows. Finn accepts with the condition that she goes to live with him those 6 months, and so he can personally take care of his fattening diet. During this time, and under the influence of Finn, Hillary explodes, fattening up to 280 lbs (now she is even fatter than Finn which disgust her deeply). When the evaluation arrives, the boss hires Hillary permanently after seeing the results. He also takes advantage of her and have sex wit her. Hillary doesn't reject him as she thinks so low of herself, she thinks that an obese pig like her deserves being treat like that. She rejoices because of her secured job, but at the same time she despises herself and hates what she has become: an obese fat pig that only thinks about food. It feels disgusting but at the same time she is can't help but keep her routine pigging out and eat and eat. When Finn asks her what she's going to do, if she's going to live alone again, Hillary decides to stay with Finn, even though she's not in love with him. She thinks due to her low self-esteem that she will not be able to find anyone who loves her. She stays with Finn and drowns her sadness in more food, knowing that Finn does not care if she gets fatter and fatter... and she does. NEW** Idea 14 This is kind of a classic mutual weight gain story. The story is about a young marriage without kids. Both are quite good looking and popular during their university days. It's like the perfect couple. The husband is currently unemployed because he is preparing to become a firefighter, while the wife runs a small and successful pastry shop alongside her (quite fat) sister. They both eat healthy and hit the gym on a daily basis. However, the husband breaks his ankle before the examinations to become a firefighter. He is desolated and, during the months of his recovery, he neglects his diet and starts packing on the pounds. The wife doesn't like it at all but she thinks that when he recovers from the injury, he will get in shape a again to become the firefighter he always wanted to be. Months pass, the husband, now recovered, takes a job that a friend offers him in an office. It's a good job and he doesn't feel motivated again to try to become a firefigher. The wife tries to convince him to hit the gym but he doesnt feel like after all the efforts in the past. She gets angry because he only is getting fatter and fatter while she is the only one on the relationship trying to look her best for him, hitting the gym regularly and starving herself to look like a top model. Then she decides that, maybe, if she starts gaining weight, she can blackmail him to go back to the gym... She starts pygging out and stuffing herself silly in front of him, telling him that she won't stop until he gets back in shape. He thinks it is a bluff. However, weeks and months pass and the wife is really blowing up (she gets fatter than her sister). The sex life is non-existent at this point because neither of them feel atractted to each other right now. This trend keeps going. One night, the husband comes home at night after having some beers with his friend and finds the wife completely stuffed on the sofa, she's now even fatter than him. They have a big argue but they end up having sex for the first time in a long time. This new fat sex feels amazing and change their perspective about their bodies. The sex life reborns, they can't keep their hands off each other while they try to fatten themselves even more. NEW** Idea 15 So this story is about a woman mid twenties called Hannah. She is quite slim and she is single. Despite being pretty, Hannah doesn't like her body, she has no tits at all and she has always been self-conscious about it. She had some one night stands in the past but she never had a serious boyfriend. She works at junk food restaurant and she doesn't know what to do in her life She just see the days pass by. One day, a new girl starts working at the restaurant. Hannah and her become good friends fast. Her new friend (Fionna) convinces Hannah to party and have fun with her. When Hannah gets drunk, she opens to Fionna about all her body insecurities and all that. Fionna tells Hannah that she should love her body, has she does (Fiona has small breast too), but if she can't she can always have breast augmentation surgery... After some weeks of thinking, and with the support of Fionna, Hannah finally have the breast surgery. Some time pass and Hannah is finally enjoying her life and partying hard with Fiona. They also start to made up some times and having feeling for each other. With all that partying and indulging, Hannah start packing on the pounds (Fionna, however, remains thin and hot). Hannah likes the changes on her body and Fionna tells her that now that she is a busty girl, she needs some ass to match it. Hannah starts packing pounds on purpouse and feeling more and more attractive the more curvy she gets. Also, her sexual libido is getting stronger as she gets fatter. Some more time pass and Hannah is becoming chubbier (around 190 lbs). Fionna loves it and tells Hannah to keep going. There is something that drives Hannah mad and excited about seeing herself so big and fat next to her hot and loving Fionna. Hannah becomes an eatting machine and gets bigger and bigger reaching 250 lbs. During this time, Hannah becomes quite obsessive asking Fiona to get breast augmentation too, Hannah wants Fionna to look as hot as possible to increase the contrast between them. Fionna doesn't want too, but Hannah won't gain more weight if she doesn't give her that treat. They make a deal, Fionna will have the breast augmentation if Hannah reaches 300 lbs.... The day Fionna got her super boobies, Hannah was already weighing 347 lbs... and counting. If I come up with more I will let you know! NEW** Idea 16 This story is about three friends (Jena, Sarah and Alexandra) around 30 years old that are happily married and have a comfortable life. The three of them were ver close during highschool and university but, after, graduate and get married, they lose touch with each other a bit. However, the three of them get together after Jena gave birth last month to her fisrt son. The three friends were very popular because of their beuty during university, they were known as "the three queens". Sarah and Alexandra still look quite hot, they exercise a lot and keep in shape their bodies for their hubbies. Jena, however, is looking quite plump. They think that it's only because of the recent pregnancy, and assume that now Jena will get in shape again. A few months pass and they reunite again. Sarah and Alexandra notice that Jena not only hasn't lost any single pound but gain quite more (Jena is 200 lbs now). Jena confess them that she is indulging like she was still pregnant and that she loves it. She says she is tired of count calories and now she has a son with his husband, she can relax and let herself go, since his husband will always love her now she is the mother of his son. Alexandra and Sarah tell Jena to not get very confident on that, because Jena's husband could get a divorce if she gets too fat. Jena tells them that his husband wouldn't do that because he truly loves her. Jena then ask her friends if they are as sure as her that their hubbies wouldn't leave them if they get a bit chubby as herself. Her friends get furious and, trying to defend the love of their husbands, they end up betting that they could get as fat as she is right now and they would be ok with that... But Sarah and Alexandra also request something from Jena in order to be a fair bet. If they are going to gain to 200 lbs, she has to gain the same weight that they are going to. Alexandra is 132 lbs and Sarah 125. So Jena would have to gain about 70 lbs more. Jenna agrees. Alexandra and Sarah are quite sure that if Jena gets to 270 lbs she would be dumped by her husband. They also agree to go out on a dinner the six of them together at the end of the each following months, to see the progress and their husband reactions. The bet is set and the three friends start their gaining journey. During the next weeks/months they confront a lot of different situations involving their gains. Jena's husband seems to like the gain of her wife and kind of encourages her without telling openly. Sarah's husband is quite concern about her wife's gain once it starts to be noticiable, and annoys her with it. Alexandra (even if she said different, she is afraid her husband would leave her if she gets fats, so she decides to fatten up her husband alongside herself, so, if both of them get fat, he won't have a moral upperhand to leave her if she gets to 200 lbs. After a few months (and some dinners together) Jena (255 lbs) and her husband seem happier than ever. Alexandra (185 lbs) and her husband has gain a lot and they look happy too. However, things between Sarah (192 lbs) and her husband aren't working at all since she started getting fat. Sarah notices that she is the only one that is having problems because of her weight and that makes her sad because feels that her marriage isn't based on love. She gets quite sad and comforts with food, which makes things worse between her and her husband. The bet comes to and end. The three friends get together to weight themselves. Jena is now 290 lbs, Alexandra 210 lbs and Sarah 220 lbs. Sarah blames her friends and the stupid bet that has cost her marriage (her husband dumped her 10 lbs ago). Some time pass, Jena and Alexandra keep going to dinner together with their husbands frequently, but they lose touch with Sarah after that day. Jena kept getting fatter for her loving husband and also got another kid. Alexandra and her husband loved being a fat couple and got fatter together. After a couple of years, Jena (370 lbs) and Alexandra (335 lbs) finally got a message from Sarah and they bot reunite. When Sarah appears, she is huge, over 400 lbs. She tells them that she has to say sorry to them, because of them, she has now found a new husband that really loves her and her enormous body. NEW** Idea 17 The protagonist of this story is Andrea, a spanish 20 yo old girl who goes to study abroad to United Kingdom with an Erasmus scholarship. She has being with her boyfriend for 2 years and they decide to try to make it work despite the distance. Andrea lives in the dorms of the university with her roommate Monica. Both girls hit it off well and became friends. They party a lot together and enjoy their time there to the fullest. Andrea has a lot of success with boys. She tease them and flirt with them a lot but, at the last moment, she rejects them because "she has a boyfriend". However, this kind of attitude piss Monica a lot, because she gets in the way of her conquests. Both girls pack a bit of weight because of their bad habits and all the alcohol. Monica have the idea then to make Andrea gain a bit more so she won't interfere with the boys she likes. Monica starts to sabotage Andrea's meals, and Andrea gains weight quickly, however, she is oblivious to her gain. During Christmas holidays, Andrea returns to her home country and discovers that her boyfriend has being cheating on her. She gets furious because of all the oportunities she had back on UK and she remained loyal. She spent the holidays eating a lot to comfort from the break up. When she gets back to UK, Monica and Andrea party all day. Andrea is on a sex carrusel, sleeping with as many boys as possible. She is having even more success than before, despite being now quite chubby. Monica is quite piss off, because chubby slut Andrea keeps getting a lot more attention than her. Monica reforce her efforts to fatten her up. During all this time, Monica has being getting quite fat too, but she is unaware too as she is too focus on fatten Andrea up to notice it. As months pass, both girls start getting quite fat and their success with boys start to decrese by quite a bit. That's when Monice realize how fat she has being getting too. Andrea becomes aware too but she seems to be ok with being a fat bimbo slut. As their lack of luck getting lay progress on time, Andrea and Monica start to having sex with each other after their unsuccessful party night looking for men to fuck them, and they both get hook to it as they keep getting bigger. NEW** Idea 18 The protagonist of this story is a 40 yo man called Brad. He has a pretty normal life. He is married, has two kids and has a normal job in an office. He is satisfied with his life but he is kind of having a 40 yo crisis. His marriage is kind on a automatic pilot. He loves his wife but there is almost no desire or romance as it used to be when they were newlywed, their sex life is almost inexistent. One day, he gets a new coworker at his office, Patrick. Patrick is around his age, he is recently married and he seems like a nice guy. They become good friends. One night having some beers, Brad tells Patrick about his doubts about life, routine, love and marriage love. He opens up about the lack of sex desire he feels for her wife. Patrick, adopting a very strange attitude, invites him to come to his house. When they arrive at Patrick's house, there it is his wife, Chiara, who is a chubby bombshell gorgeus woman 12 year younger than them. Chiara start flirting with Brad while he and Patrick have a night cup on the living room. Brad feels fucking awkward but Patrick seems to encourage his wife attitude. Patrick explains to Brad that he is a voyeur, that he actually enjoys to watch his wife having sex with other people while he jacks off to that. Brad doesn't understand shit but he is pretty drunken at this point and very horny, so he ends up having sex with Chiara. After that night encounter, Brad comes regularly to Patrick's house to fuck his wife in front of him. The thrill and emotion of this fling, made Brad feel alive again. He rekindles his sex life with his wife also. However, he kind of miss all the chubbiness of Chiaran on the slim frame of her wife. Because of that, he decides to start fattening his wife, so she can get as curvy as Chiara... He secretly puts weight gain powder on her food and treat her like a princess, encouraging her to eat. His wife loves this new attitude of her husband and the renewed sex life so doesn't complain, and happily indulges. Time pass, and Brad's wife gets as chubby as Chiara but Brad decides that he wants her wife fatter. As his wife gets fatter he stops going to Patrick's house and slowly forgets about Chiara, having eyes only for her now fat wife.
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    it's always nice to come across a new talented writer. Keep up the good work!
  5. Wow! the gained weight really made you blossom!! Love the hair, btw. Welcome.
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    Mia Khalifa

    OMG she looks incredible
    An excellent purchase. Laura is already a legend. 100% recommended!!
    This girl is amazing. She is blowing up!! 100% recommended.
  7. Great job. This story keeps getting better!
    One of the hottest videos I've ever seen. Period. You can really tell by how turned on Laura looks in this video that she is not faking it, she is into feederism, and that she is getting horny by her own fattness and the thought of turning herself into a piggy. 100% recommended.
    Amazing video. Brooke answers all the feederism related questions while tease us with her incredible body. Brooke you have a marvelous body which is getting better and better with each pound you add. Hope you get to the goal you mentioned and even go beyond, what a journey that would be. You mentioned that you love Katie Cummings, well, you sure have the body to match her... those boobs can blow any man's head. I just wish we can soon put a face to that beautiful and sexy voice you have.
  8. Ask and you shall receive Second illustration and 2nd part of the chapter are up! https://www.deviantart.com/polarisdreamer/art/Bulking-Up-Steph-Chapter-9-Part-2-761205505 There is only ONE CHAPTER LEFT!!
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