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  1. daum!! that face&neck blew up🐷 well as that belly my gowd!! its been a while and man youve packed it on!!
    Totally agree with CFH... Speechless just perfection🔥🔥🔥🐖😍 Keep growing you greedy piggy 🐽 looking forward to lbs of the new year!!
  2. Bunny ia growing HUGE!! That belly is seriously getting BIG!😲😛🔥😍🐖
  3. I sure do hope that belly grows big like the last time, almost reaching 400lbs right?🔥
  4. Belly is rounding out very nicely👌 and has lots of growing to do still😜 Belly is getting sexier by the lbs/kg🔥😍🐖
    Wow! Incredibly sexy video!🔥😍😛🐖 I hope you continue to grow and really pack on the lbs, make that belly even softer😜❤
  5. Hey there beautiful 😘 Hru?

    Hope all is well, and that belly is growing!!😉😚

    Gosh darn Idk who in their right mind would stand this goddess of beauty up but this girl deserves to be spoiled like the belly queen she is!! Would love to feed you and give all that belly love💓 it deserves... Loved the outfit and hair👌 a very sexy clip 🔥😍 and cant wait to see you continue to grow!!😘
  6. My gowd your belly👌😛😍🔥🐖

    Keep it growing babe!!💕😙

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