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    Mmm super sexy vid, piggy has been really growing! And her burps are big and loud(sexy) love the hair style super cute!🔥😍🐖
    That growing belly is sexy af!🔥😍🐖
    A very sexy video of your growing curves, seeing that belly bugle from that dress and as you walk showing your plump booty/hips gets me excited to see the progress you've made(from your YT vids) Hope you continue to grow!😉😙
    Totally agree with Steven, just can't wait to see you grow and grow Shar🐽🐖🐷🔥😍💓
    Lovely video! Cant wait to see you continue to grow!😘💕🔥😍🐖
  1. Omg! Such a sexy video, this piggy is growing fast, her greedy fat belly just wants to consume everything in site..🔥😍🐷🐽
  2. Stunningly gorgeous piggy, that dress won't fit much longer... Keep up the amazing job!
  3. It can be hard sometimes getting past a certain weight but keep at it!! Best of luck and hope to see you 200 and beyond real soon!!
  4. another very sexy video!! Let it grow!
  5. Wow!! Just speechless, hope to see the next Fat talk & Gain shake vid but your double the size... A true Goddess!!
  6. Your gains are amazing and breathtaking!!😏😌🔥😍🐷 hope you have lots of gaining in store..😉

  7. Love it!👌🔥😍🐷 hope that belly grows much bigger!
  8. Very nice, how much more do you want to gain? That belly is getting nice and big🔥😍🐷
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