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  1. Apologies for the hiatus. Going to try and resurrect this. Chapter Three: The Proposition Ben was just about ready to pass out once Brianna finally walked into her bedroom at the top of the tower. He had been in her room with his cleaning supplies for close to 45 minutes, and the anticipation was killing him. She had been due in at 7, but dinner had apparently gone late as the clock informed him that it was twenty past. His heart had been smashing against his chest in anticipation, and Ben was doing everything in his power to avoid breaking out into a nervous sweat. Grossing out the princess with his odour was the last thing he needed right now. Ben whirled around in surprise as he heard the creak of the double doors open, almost dropping his cleaning rag. He had almost resigned himself to the fact that the princess wouldn't be coming up at all, and he wouldn't have to make his terrifying and insane proposal. But alas, there she was, eyes wide in an equal amount of surprise. 'Well, it appears this evening isn't a total sham after all', Brianna said as she shut the doors behind her. 'To what am I owed this pleasure Benjamin? I- I'm just giving your quarters a spot clean m'lady', Ben stammered as he tried to pull himself together. Brianna looked as beautiful as ever, her lean figure encased in a figure hugging green dress and her dark silky hair cascading down to her waist. She frowned a little at his response, and Ben didn't have to look too hard to detect the disappointment. 'Oh. Well, better get back to it then. I shall be turning in soon.' She strode past him to her bed, and Ben noticed a more troubled aspect to her demeanour that wasn't usually present. Not to mention, she had forgotten to call him out on his use of 'm'lady'. Something was amiss. 'Just about done up here anyway', Ben said as he set down his rag. 'I have to say, I was expecting you up here a lot earlier. Was dinner prepared late? Brianna chuckled sadly as she flounced onto her bed. 'Oh no, nothing like that. If you would really like to know, my father is a royal pain in the arse.' Ben raised his eyebrows as he sidled closer to the bed. 'Really? How so? 'Well, he -, Brianna paused, her eyes narrowed at him. 'I can trust you, right Ben? You won't be gossiping about my troubles to the maids? 'It would never occur to me to do such a thing,' Ben said as he sat on the edge of her bed. 'Your secrets are safe with me Brianna.' She took a deep breath and crossed her legs. 'Well, I'm due to be married soon,' Brianna said, her speech slower and more methodical than usual. 'Well actually, my father is the one who's getting married. To the Alkaranians. You know of them? Ben nodded, rapt with attention. 'Well, I had no say in the matter of course. One evening my father announced to me that I would be marrying Lucien Ryker, an Alkaranian prince. All for political purposes of course, interests I certainly have no vested interests in.' She chuckled. 'Not to mention, the man has to be one of the most loathsome and repulsive beings I have ever met in my life. So I'm sure you can imagine where I stand on the matter, and what my father thinks.' 'That's horrible,' Ben said. 'And your father isn't backing down? Brianna shook her head. 'Never. I am not a person with agency to the wretched man, but a woman, and therefore a pawn in his silly political games.' Ben felt himself flush, though this time from anger rather than nerves. 'And what does that make your father then? Certainly not a man, if his only daughter's happiness is worth less than the riches of his throne. Brianna, mark my words, you deserve only the very best.' Brianna sidled up next to him and touched his hand. 'Thank you Ben. It's a shame it isn't you that I'm being married off to. I'm going to miss you when I'm gone.' Ben, suddenly realising that Brianna would likely be carted off to live among the Alkaranians in some strange faraway kingdom, found himself gripped with an even greater sense of urgency. He squeezed her hand and stared deep into her eyes. 'What if I told you it didn't have to be this way? What if I told you there was a way we could be together instead? 'But Ben, my father...' Brianna murmured before Ben shushed her. 'What if I told you that we could, if we're lucky, get Prince Ryker out of the picture permanently? What would you say then? 'I... that's impossible Ben,' Brianna said, her hopeful eyes communicating the opposite sentiment. 'The deal has long since been made.' Ben shook his head slowly, their faces growing closer. 'What if,' he whispered. 'What if I told you I have a plan? Brianna was silent for a moment, Ben's intensity and touch leaving her stunned and somewhat flustered. She had heard maidens use the phrase of being 'swept off my feet' before when describing romantic escapades, and now she thought she had an idea what that meant. 'I... I would ask what the plan was,' she said finally. Ben looked down for a moment, then changed his mind and looked right back at her. He couldn't be sheepish about his little scheme, he had to be confident and assertive, otherwise she may not buy it. 'Well,' he said. 'It is not something to be taken lightly, and I want to be honest with you about that. It involves you altering your appearance to turn off the advances of Prince Ryker and hopefully lead to him calling off the marriage.' 'Changing my appearance? Brianna frowned. 'How so? You want me to put on a disguise? I don't think that's going to work Ben.' Ben shook his head, the girl's naivete charming him. He had no idea how she was going to react, and he was mulling over his words carefully. 'Do you like food? Brianna nodded slowly, her eyes showing that she hadn't caught on just yet. 'Yes, of course. Don't we all? 'What's your favourite food? She thought about it. 'Well, I really do love some good pie after supper. But of course, I can't have it too often if I want to look like a proper lady! Ben took a deep breath. 'Well, what if I proposed for you to eat as much pie as you want for the foreseeable future? What would you say to that? Her eyes widened, and Ben saw she had finally connected the dots. He held his breath. 'Ohhhh,' she uttered as she leaned back slightly. 'Oh I get it. That's.... interesting Ben.' 'I apologize for being so direct, but time is short,' Ben said. 'If we are to get you so plump that Lucien Ryker calls off the wedding, we must start as soon as possible.' Brianna looked a bit dumbfounded, and Ben couldn't blame her. It was a lot to process, and he put his arm around her. She didn't recoil. 'Ben I... I mean, would that even work? She finally said after a brief silence. 'Do you know for a fact that Lucien Ryker would be repulsed by my fleshier form? Ben didn't, but wondered if Reynard knew otherwise. 'I have it on good authority,' Ben said as he squeezed her shoulder. 'Brianna, this is the best chance we have. You know as well as I that we can't just run off into the sunset together.' Brianna sighed. 'I know Ben, and I want nothing more than to be with you. But I'm worried... are you still going to desire me once I've fully surrendered my figure? Ben leaned in closer and stared into her eyes. 'Brianna, this is not about my desires. This is about saving you from the desires of your father and of the Alkaranians, and if you have a better plan, I would love to hear it.' This remark was met with only silence from the girl, and Ben could see in her eyes that she had also deduced that the scheme proved the most likely pathway out of her predicament. 'Ben... this is quite the scheme,' she said quietly. 'If I am to grow so fat as to ward off my Royal suitor's advances, you must not present yourself as a worthy suspect to my father. If he found out you were aiding in my weight gain...' She swallowed, and Ben saw the poor girl was terrified. 'Brianna, it's not just me. I've talked to many people around the castle who will help provide you with the necessary nourishment under the nose of your majesty himself! This is not a plan I aim to execute half-heartedly, as I hope you understand.' In a final move to seal the deal, Ben touched her hand and leaned in closer. 'Never forget Brianna, while Lucien Ryker may balk at your swelling waistline, I personally see no issue in having more of you to love.' 'That's very sweet Ben, and I don't doubt the scope of your love for a second,' She said softly. 'But if we go through with this, I'm going to be worried sick every day about you. My father is an aloof figure, but he or someone close to him is going to notice my portly figure at some point. You must stay clear of me as much as you can, so he doesn't suspect you.' 'Of course my dear,' Ben said. 'The plan is heavily coordinated across many individuals, both inside and outside the castle, so there will be no reason for your father's suspicions to hover over me. Trust me when I say, there are many more involved than you might think.' She smiled at him. 'Well, I look forward to finding out. To think that you have been planning and orchestrating all this just to be with me...' Her eyes welled up slightly, and Ben put an arm around her. 'Risking your life to be with me... it's just all so romantic Ben.' Ben said nothing, holding her for a minute more before getting up, his eye on the clock's steadily rotating arms. 'I must go Brianna, but if you have no qualms, perhaps the same time tomorrow night? I can even bring a freshly baked chocolate pie up? Brianna's face broke out into a small coy smile. 'I would like that Ben. I would like that very much.'
  2. That gut's gonna pop a button on your jeans soon, looks like you might have to retire to stretchy leggings or sweatpants for all the inevitable winter weight!
    You're turning into such a chubby beauty, you ooze sex appeal at any size but seeing how much fuller all over you are compared to when you started is so hot. Unreal curves, and more weight is just going to do even more unreal things to them. I loved seeing the extra beefiness and thickness of your arms here, and your double chin is so damn cute . But that belly! When you jiggled it, I couldn't get over how soft and doughy it's gotten, and how much it bulges out now. Would be very hot to see you step on the scale in the near future. Can't wait for the next video, and I would love to see you jiggle and play with your fat more in the future. Keep on eating!
  3. You've really got to hand it to the Indian film industry, they know how to fatten their actresses like nowhere else. I need to check out more Bollywood films.
  4. Damn that's hot, would love to see more b/a's showing your gain.
  5. Chapter Two: The Plan A few days later, Ben was clipping one of the hedges in the castle courtyard from the highest rung of his ladder. From the perspective of a spectator unaquainted with daily views of him on the job, he looked somewhat precarious balanced at the top with his clippers, though the more informed would know that Ben was the most efficient groundsman of the castle's servants. It was certainly one of his favourite jobs, though not necessarily because of the work itself. It was because, on warm sunny days such as this one, princess Brianna would also be out wandering the grounds. Sometimes alone, sometimes with her two closest compatriots, Lady Camilla of Arundell and Lady Claudia of Vandermere. Both maidens travelled from nearby regions every weekend to socialize with the sheltered princess, and they were both daughters of two of the wealthier families of Westvalen. Despite his attention being reserved for Brianna, Ben had to concede that both of these women would make more than adequate wives. Both were beautiful in their own way, with the tall and graceful Camilla's thick mane of silky auburn hair never failing to turn heads, who contrasted and complimented nicely with the shorter, sunnier and blonder Claudia. Still, neither matched up to the regal Brianna, and Ben silently cursed the fact that not even these two women would be caught dead marrying a simple servant boy like him. He could see the three maidens over the top of the hedge, laughing together in the garden near the fountain. The pitfalls of life as a peasant working under the aristocrats. The prospect of a higher class of woman, being dangled right there in front of him everyday. So close yet so frustratingly distant, the class rules of society forging an invisible wall between him and his utmost desires. 'But how distant? Ben thought, recalling some of his recent exchanges with the princess, particularly the incident days ago in which he had been more or less invited up to her tower for lovemaking. He immediately blocked out these thoughts. It didn't matter if she wanted him as much as he wanted her. the barrier existed on both ends. She was royalty and he was a peasant, and if anything happened between them his right to an existence would be brought up for question by the Royal Court. Ben was suddenly interrupted from these bleak thoughts by a familiar voice from down below. 'Get your arse down here lad, I know full well the damned hedge doesn't need more trimming! Ben looked down and smirked, his mood uplifted by the sight of his boss, Master Reynard, gawking up at him from under his bushy white beard and mustache. Ben climbed down and faced the wise but wizened features of his superior. Reynard was a frail old man of seventy-five who Ben could confidently call a close friend. He knew it was a luxury to get on so well with your boss, and he liked listening to Reynard's bounty of tales about his life working on the castlegrounds. Reynard, in turn, liked Ben's work ethic and his company even more. He had never had children, but he felt an almost fatherly affection for Ben after all the years of keeping him under his employment. 'What's the deal boss, I was making such progress.' Ben grinned. 'You know full well the hedges never look better than when they are under my watch.' Reynard raised his bushy eyebrows. 'Ah, under your watch, precisely. Though for some reason, I harbour doubts that it was the hedges that were the focus of your gaze...' Ben blushed and shrugged, but Reynard but a hand on his shoulder. 'Walk with me to the stalls boy, that was exactly what I wanted to discuss with you.' Ben's heart began to race. He had never formally discussed his near-debilitating crush on Princess Brianna with Reynard before, though he suspected the old man had a vague idea after catching him daydreaming on the job a number of times. At the very least, Ben was expecting a stern lecture. 'You like the girl, don't you? Reynard said as they strolled across the rolling fields toward the horse stalls. 'I..., Ben found himself tongue-tied by the bluntness of the question, which Reynard met with patient silence. Finally, Ben blurted out: 'You're not working with the King on this, are you? Reynard let out a hearty laugh and slapped Ben on the back. 'Oh my dear boy, if that wasn't so funny I would be completely heartbroken! Do you really believe that at my age, after all the years, all the drinks and all the tales you and I have shared, that I would be snooping around trying to get you executed? Now that it was put this way, Ben felt foolish. 'I'm sorry Master, forgive my lapse in judgment. One can't be too careful around here.' 'Oh don't apologize lad, you are wise to question everyone and everything,' Reynard said with a twinge of melancholy. 'You are my favourite around here Benjamin, and I need your help.' Ben frowned. 'Help? How so? 'We'll get to all that in a minute,' Reynard said. 'But first, answer my question. You like the girl very much, yes? 'Oh, much more than that,' Ben said. 'I would give my life for her, if the situation demanded it.' Reynard nodded, stroking his beard contemplatively. 'And you believe the girl feels a certain affection toward you in return? 'Oh without a doubt. She openly flirts with me, and a few nights ago even invited me up to the tower after hours, which I declined against every base desire in my body telling me otherwise.' Reynard nodded. 'Excellent, excellent...' 'But master, what's all this about? Reynard paused, as if debating with himself how best to word it. 'Given your fondness of the girl, I would assume the arranged coupling with Lucien Ryker has been a matter of, shall we say, annoyance to you? Ben laughed. 'Annoyance?! Ha! I dare say Master, age has not undermined your unique talent for understating the matters at hand.' Reynard did not join the laughter this time, his expression remaining stony. 'Yes, I suppose annoyance would be putting it mildly. In fact, I pity the fool who would merely be annoyed at what is going on behind the walls of that castle.' He met Ben's gaze, his bushy eyebrows raised. 'Do you know anything about Lucien Ryker's people boy? Ben furrowed his brow in thought. 'The Alkaranians? I know their kingdom is set deep in the mountains, and that they are a rich people. I know nobody who has ventured there, so stories are somewhat difficult to come by. Reynard nodded. 'Very rich indeed. And how, may I ask, do you think they have amassed their wealth? After a brief pause in thought, Ben said: 'Power and control? Reynard nodded again, his demeanour becoming more excitable. 'Precisely, precisely! The Alkaranians have control over numerous smaller kingdoms across the land, plundering their resources and labour. But not through the use of force, that is the key! They are an imperialist people, yes, but war is an outdated and barbarian concept in these civilized times. When you have the power, like they do, then all that needs to be done for control is to quietly infiltrate the Royal class of a society.' Ben's eyes had grown very wide. 'So what you're saying is, we're on the verge of a takeover? Reynard nodded, his eyes gleaming. 'You catch on quickly boy. Yes, Westvalen will become a mere puppet state of that foul regime if this marriage goes through. Imagine, what better way to take over a kingdom than for the king to announce a new 'trade partnership' with the Alkaranians, with the marriage of his daughter to their prince the ultimate public facade of allegiance and assimilation? It pains me to say this Benjamin, but most of the peasantry around here wouldn't think twice about it.' 'But surely the king and queen wouldn't allow this to happen! Ben exclaimed. 'They care deeply for their people, and not to mention their only daughter! Reynard chuckled. 'Ah, the joys of being young and naive. My boy, the Royal class are nothing like you and me, and don't think for a second that they won't be benefitting greatly from a takeover. Things will get much, much worse for the everyday peasant around these parts if the Alkaranians succeed, while the Royals will reap an abundance of rewards in exchange for their puppet leadership. Ben, his worldview shattered, had gone quiet. Reynard waited patiently for him to respond, respecting that it was a lot of information for a young servant to take in. After what felt like minutes, Ben finally broke the silence. 'So what did you have in mind to stop it? 'Well,' Reynard said. 'In our own invisible, non-violent way, I supposed we could help make Brianna a little, shall we say, undesirable for our dear Lucien Ryker.' Ben, struggling to reconcile these two things, shook his head. 'Uh Master, with all due respect, but the princess as undesirable? What foolhardy scheme is this? Reynard cleared his throat. 'What would you think,' he said, his voice vaguely apprehensive, 'If I proposed that we fatten our dear Brianna like livestock so Ryker will delay, or if we're lucky, completely break off the marriage? Ben was stunned. The proposal was so ridiculous that he would normally have burst out laughing, except the deadly serious circumstances had sucked any potential levity from the situation. Instead, Ben said; 'But how would that work? Someone around the castle would suspect something, and we don't even know if the princess would agree to something as outlandish as that.' 'Don't you worry,' Reynard said as they finally reached the stalls, stopping in front of the entrance. 'I have not devised this little plot on my own. There are a number of, shall we say, accomplices inside and outside these castle walls that will assist in our efforts, with a number of those individuals being in the castle kitchens. As long as the princess agrees, we will succeed.' 'But how do we get her to agree to such a thing? Ben asked. 'She is very beautiful, and she could be very vain.' Reynard smiled again. 'Ah, now that is where you and your unique skillset come in Benjamin. Who better to convince her to get fat than a handsome young man that she fancies, and who desires her just as much? Love can certainly make you do crazy things.' Reynard chuckled to himself. 'That I know for sure.' 'So am I to tell her our plot then? Ben asked. Reynard's eyes widened. 'Heavens no! You must pitch this solely as a means for you two to be able to be together and nothing else, and quench any of her fears by insisting that you will stand by her regardless of her size.' He chuckled again. 'Personally, I can't think of anything more romantic.' Ben could, but he kept his mouth shut. 'So when do I get a moment alone with her? It's not like she's the most accessible person in the world.' 'That,' Reynard said as he put a hand on Ben's shoulder. 'Has already been arranged. It appears that a random spot clean of the princess's tower was cleared by yours truly for tomorrow night just after dinner. Would you care to take a guess who I nominated for the job? Ben sighed. 'So this is actually happening then? I really don't know if I can do this sir.' 'Sleep on it,' Reynard said as he clapped him lightly on the shoulder. 'I know it's a lot to take in, and there is an element of risk for all of us, but it will be an utter disaster for our kingdom if this marriage goes through. An utter, utter disaster. The stakes have never been higher, and if this succeeds it will help us bide our time to come up with more organized strategies of resistance against the Alkaranians. You will be a hero if you do your part Ben, and most importantly, you are the only person I believe can do it. I bid you a well rested evening.' Reynard turned and walked back toward the castle, leaving Ben at the stalls, his mind a whirlwind. Tomorrow night was going to be very interesting.
  6. Just found your thread and wow, you are absolutely gorgeous. The weight is looking so good on you, and I can't wait to see you get really plump. Do you have a weight goal at all, or are you more casual about your gaining?
  7. Wow, I can't believe I only just found your thread today. Such hot content. I mean damn, between your sedentary lifestyle and your gluttonous diet (and also judging from the results of that incredible weight gain shake video) you're gonna be tipping the scale past 250 in no time. As far as clip ideas go, I would definitely be into seeing an exercise attempt or a video where you chat about any fat-related struggles you've experienced as you've become heavier and more out of shape
  8. Here's a few screenshots I got from her two most recent streams that showcase her thick fluffy arms and growing double chin. She's getting so soft and squishy.
  9. That attempt at a run is so fucking cute
  10. I don't know what you've been eating the last few months, but you are looking noticeably fatter lately and it looks absolutely amazing on you. Would love to see an updated weigh in soon!
  11. Haven't checked on this thread in a bit and wow, this is definitely the plumpest she's looked. That double chin is so much bigger now and her belly is really starting to push the limits of her dresses. Her arms are also looking particularly beefy, and it's so sexy how her sleeves are just completely digging in to her upper arm fat in this picture: . Such an attractive woman who looks amazing with the extra weight.
  12. Had no problems with the pacing myself, and I'm looking forward to reading whatever else you do next. An office setting sounds promising for sure.
  13. I remember that. Damn, that long huh? I've been out of the writing game too long. I appreciate the interest. Hopefully this one turns out ok and I can improve on Expansion of Emily. I'm finding the change of setting really freeing so far.
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