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    In this video: lots of jiggling, some eating, funny stories...and... What an ending
    Truly the fattest and most greedy she's ever been, and she shows us from so many angles. Excited to see the next cheeseburger stuffing! Curvage model of the year?
    Shar is looking ever-so chubby and cute in this! In the first half, Shar is quietly snacking at various restaurants and beaches. She looks adorable in her summer attire! I think it goes without saying that I wish she were wearing no sunglasses in the first half (such beautiful eyes, we want to see them!) In the second half Shar is showing off her newly added weight and definitely growing stretchmarks in a few scenes' worth of belly play and bra-and-panties stuffing! If you ever wanted to watch chubby and growing Shar make a total pig of herself, this is a great place to start! ❤️ Keep growing, Goddess.
  1. I dont disagree with any of that. Also, I dont think youre asking in the wrong place, you're right, where else do you ask this sort of thing? I was mostly jwarning you that some of these responses might not be particularly thoughtful.
  2. Hmm. This is a very taxing fetish. Financially. Physically. Mentally. Socially. Whatever. Having someone close to you, who supports you and is "in the shit" with you, that's huge. It's something that you will probably miss having, regardless as to whether you have an eating disorder. So. Is it normal to feel that way? Yes. As an ex-gainer myself, I recall being in a similar situation. I think for most people, this "wall" hits you in the 200s, where you ask yourself of you want to change or not. I assume there are more of these same walls as your weight goes up. With your disorder, and nobody around to support the lifestyle that it enforces, i can't advise continuing, if thats what you're asking. If you side with your disorder instead of healthier behavior, it can (easily, and often does) lead to an unstable and unfulfilling lifestyle. It is a disorder after all... There are two caveats here, however. 1. People can make healthy choices and still be unhappy. 2. You wont know until you try. Also, if I may...You're asking advice for advice on a website full of horny guys. I know you know that, not criticizing, just giving you a heads up (pun intended I guess?). Some of us know when to be serious, but please watch out for people that are thinking with their genitals and not their brain. Men are shit like that.
  3. where the Denver women at

  4. 1. Imogeneize 2. Kel BBW 3. Gaining Niki It hurts my soul.
  5. Daaaaaaammmmnnnnn! I'm excited to see where this goes!
  6. Two gorgeous and growing women. I'm melting. Here's to many more meetups and even more pounds!
  7. No clue who she is. But please, don't stop posting.
  8. Well that's legitimately disappointing.
  9. For me, softness is extremely feminine. Its warm. It's a sign of comfort. It's a toasty fire on a chilly evening. If I may be vulnerable for a moment, it's a feeling of "homey-ness". That's my really poetic way of saying that squishy tums get my dick hard, but IMO there's always that underlying sense of "I'm going to comfort the fuck outta you with food". For some people, I think, it can be about control. I know there's a lot of crossover with BDSM and Pet/Owner fetish stuff. It can be exciting. But I don't think I've ever come across someone that was into it for humiliation. Now, for some people, humiliation is a turn on, but it's not the goal. Enjoy the incoming pounds!
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