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    Hot as ever. Is that scale accurate? I feel like she looks a lot bigger.
  1. 100% the best model on curvage. I'm just excited to see where this goes... ~(˘▾˘~)
    Best figure on curvage. It's unbelievably sexy watching her eat and grow. She is Thicc Supreme, as you'll see in the video.
    Recommend! Love seeing her light up as she shakes and bounces. Looking fuller and cuter. Excited for what the future holds
  2. Let's 👏 Get 👏 These 👏 Girls 👏 Fatter👏


    aka buy some clips you savages

    1. Chubbycat666


      There’s a special place in heaven for people that help us get FATTER 🙏🏽🙌🏼😇

    This girl is majorly pudgy. Her thick thighs and, dare I say, FAT belly are bursting out of her (really cute) shorts. Burping isn't really my jam, but I know others will absolutely love it. Quality video. Absolutely recommend, whether or not you've been following her.
    This girl is so adorable! A real Cuvage Cutie. She absolutely stuffs herself full of cake, and shows off the resukts in some tight black lingerie. I mean this lingerie is REALLY TIGHT. Very cute, very sexy. Absolutely recommend.
    Short and sweet, but you can definitely see how much bigger she's gotten. Very much recommended.
    Shes absolutely spilling out of her bra. Such a great figure. A must buy!
    Super cute video! Kay seems to really enjoy it. She's fucking hot and only getting hotter. Cute face, cute body. The comments from the guy kinda threw me off, though, not gonna lie.
  3. Personally into, like, eating challenges. Like 10 burgers or whatever you're into. Glad to see you posting
    In this video: lots of jiggling, some eating, funny stories...and... What an ending
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