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  1. where the Denver women at

  2. 1. Imogeneize 2. Kel BBW 3. Gaining Niki It hurts my soul.
  3. Daaaaaaammmmnnnnn! I'm excited to see where this goes!
  4. Two gorgeous and growing women. I'm melting. Here's to many more meetups and even more pounds!
  5. No clue who she is. But please, don't stop posting.
  6. Well that's legitimately disappointing.
  7. For me, softness is extremely feminine. Its warm. It's a sign of comfort. It's a toasty fire on a chilly evening. If I may be vulnerable for a moment, it's a feeling of "homey-ness". That's my really poetic way of saying that squishy tums get my dick hard, but IMO there's always that underlying sense of "I'm going to comfort the fuck outta you with food". For some people, I think, it can be about control. I know there's a lot of crossover with BDSM and Pet/Owner fetish stuff. It can be exciting. But I don't think I've ever come across someone that was into it for humiliation. Now, for some people, humiliation is a turn on, but it's not the goal. Enjoy the incoming pounds!
  8. Well, I was definitely wrong about you losing weight. Pleasantly surprised. You're looking, truly, more beautiful with every pound. Thick arms, cute face, chubby belly, and fat ass. Can't wait for more!
  9. God damn am I about to buy my first curvage clip? I think so.
  10. Jesus, Fuck. This woman isn't stopping and it's the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Another 50 pounds and she'll break the fucking internet.
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