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    Happy Friday to all of my lovely curvage peeps. Just for fun I'm running a 50% sale on my newest video and my Christmas video! It's the weekend! Treat yourself to my big sexy booty!
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    EXercise???... Well I think that I can try 🙄... again!🤭🐖 A new video tomorrow!! Aaand u are gonna have a surprise but I will talk about that tomorrow 💋💋
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    Dont forget to watch me attempt to work out and then stuffing my face with burgers when i fail it. for working out video HERE and for burgers face stuffing after workout HERE ♥
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    Nuggets Breakfast

    Version 1.0.0

    Bunny was too hungry for a normal breakfast then decided to order some fat fried nuggets with loads of mayo and coke. She eat, moans, caress and play with her belly and move her ass sensually. Hope you enjoy ♥


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    Teachers gaining weight

    Only other one i know in H S So this is kinda funny my buddys mom was the Art teacher at our school and its funny because we chilled with this kid like every other day.. So Anyways This week in Art class we had a lot of free period so we could do what we want. So this day was unbelievable hot. She said tomorrow we are going to have a open Mic day meaning we could just play music bring in snacks and auch.. So the class brought in lots of treat to share. So as were all just chatting she was munching away on snacks. Well as the class went on she was grading our music exams well she did her thing. She went to grab some more cookies and 2 of my friends noticed the top button was undone on her khaki pants.. As she walked over to the table of treats she grabbed like 5 cookies a plate of chips and these likelittle sandwiches.. so as the class is coming to an end we take our seats and she is at her desk finishing her 4 th plate of food the bell rings i go up to her and say didyou enjoy the double chocolate cookie my mom made she said yes it isnt evident as she laughs.. Here is the good part Me and my friends were all supposed to go to this kids house that day and he said yo lets chill in the game room so we did at dudes house. Well this lady being the mom of our friend and Art teacher was home so i get there firstbefore my other friends so we can set up game room. Well this is truly unreal what happened. She is in the kitchen making another plate of food as im grabbing chips and stuff for gamenight anyway She goes to sit down at the tabel and lets out this loud burrrrrrrrp i laugh she laughs and i take a seat start chatting with her about our guy art talent or lack of lol... So she digs in and half way through the plate we both hear like something hitting the floor we look around right next to her foot is the button to her pants and she says to me I guess i need new pants lol. I laughing and in my mind like if you were not my friends mom lol.. Well it gets better she finished the plate and gets up no shame in her game she then goes and gets a bowl of ice cream and comes back to sit down now mind you my friend is getting ready for the guys to come by and im just chilling.. Having convo with his mom lol.. She goes to sit down and eat her ice cream and lets out another huge burrrrrrrrp... As she finished that she sits for a few and says the single hottest thing i heard that month lol. I need help to my chair in living room would you mind. I say no i was like close to this fam so i didn't care as we are walking to the living room one last burrrrrrrrp again. The cool part was she was wearing a thong you could see it when clear when her belly was on display. She then said tell (my friend name) i will be napping here so no bass tonight hun as i walked away to answer door for our friends she asked could i grab her the chips for later so she wasn't getting up. She was seen at school by me the next day and said i gained 6 lbs in one day no wonder that button gave out lol.. i laughed so hard and said it happens.. Well that was all i have on her.. If you need a description She is 5'8 Big belly Brunette hair i would say C Boobs and a big butt. I dont see this friend anymore he moved away and his whole family followed him and his wife to i think Az so hope you enjoy the read !
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    Today is the last day to vote for me 🖤 https://avn.com/awards/voting/favorite-bbw-performer
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    Good Morning My Curvage Family!! 🐷🐷🐷 lets face it! ive always been adorably chubby... pics from 2-3 years ago!
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    Teachers gaining weight

    I posted one recently in the delectable observations thread about an old teacher who was a big woman (maybe a UK size 20-22) who got pregnant and grew a huge belly which she used to show off in under bump trousers & short tight tops that rode up showing her stretchmarks and the fatty underbelly that she retained below her bump. I also remember an instance where she unbuttoned her really tight grey trousers in class (before she got pregnant). I also remember a trainee music teacher who must have had a recent gain as all her trousers were too tight giving her a delicious muffin top that showed through the clingy jumpers she used to love wearing
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    Hopefully tomorrow i get my first date with a feedee, a cute burger bar she likes for 2 or 3 burgers and desert then snack shopping in poundland or shops then back to hers to feed some and maybe lose my virginity at 25
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    Up load some photos

    Up load some photos
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