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  1. That face! Kind of resembles Amber Heard... with an extra 50lbs
  2. I was going to say that your bra is looking a bit out its depth 😉
  3. @Mochii Babii please keep at it, I would love to see the day you need to be rolled out of your house 🏠
  4. So many directions to take this in. Any chance of more?
  5. I'm not a religious man, but... Oh, dear Lord!
  6. Wow! that camel toe is pretty epic!
  7. Pistol514

    Demi Lovato

    Is it just me, or does she look an awful lot like Lisa Ann in the 2nd pic?
  8. This is one of my all time favorite stories and to have The Spanish Delight make an appearance was so perfect.
  9. Great story and I agree that it would be great to see a sequel, if not a spin-off that follows Caitlyn. You provided just enough about her to wet the appetite without revealing anything significant about her. Quiet frustrating to be honest.
  10. Great update. Curious to see how Caitlyn survived the holidays
  11. Great start. I look forward to seeing where you take our fateful teacher.
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