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  1. John Smith

    Jaye Love

    Haven't recognized her at multiple instances, but here she goes...
  2. Publish anything worthwhile or keep silence forevermore...
  3. Ariana Grande claims God Is A Woman.

    But never she did preached that Santa's enchanted sleigh is in truth one as well.


  4. You should write a blog about couple stuff & feederism with @Dr. Feeder someday, @BindsThatTie .
  5. John Smith


    Not a first time. It's been several years she keep to weight yoyo-ing from one size to the other. Someday she's positively thin, a couple of months later she's curvaceous, the next few days her thigh gap has vanish, spurts a pair of size 14 jeans and a D cupped bust then a couple of weeks again her face is adorned by a chub, her upper arms wiggle and a pooch is oozing out there where used to be a studirly sculpted tummy... ... then out of the blue, she's bordering on anorexy. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  6. John Smith


    An Umbrella hovers over the Old Town Road.
  7. John Smith

    Gia Paige

    Her face has puffed up a bit, but her overall silhouette has unfortunately slimmed down a lot...
  8. When the most prolific apex predators are making one conquest after the other and now asserts their dominion over each other by friendly tail comparisons.




    1. ChubbyCupcake


      Or just simply showing what a burger a day can achieve hunny. I also love celebrating these gains with my girls. So yeah #massivemonday it is! 

    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      Celebrating is something we need more than ever in Curvage. Like I've always said: "keep ahead up!" . 👍

  9. John Smith

    Bella Thorne

    She keep saying some mess recently: Is this your chick?? Is this your ch-iiiiiick?!?!
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