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  1. @ButtonBuster to @goodgirlgrow : "Don't gain too quickly, it can cause x and y issues."

    GGG : "Okay fine 😅☺️🥰"


    One week of quarantine later, BB to GGG: "How are you today?:



    3cbe6893520096298d2dad290f47c6f3_w200 (1).gif

    1. goodgirlgrow


      Hahahahahahaha! Yes!!! It’s my goal to make one of these transforming gifs!

    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      Eh eh! It will come sooner than expected. 😁

    3. ButtonBuster
  2. John Smith

    Ileana D'Cruz

    No mate, she's still thin. None of these cushiony bat wings, round face, wide hips, pear-shaped backside, thunder thighs and heavy steps of old, here...
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