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  1. So that we may guesstimating how many more pounds she needs, prior seeing her bosom or wobbling gut squeezing through???
  2. She was so skinny-fat a couple of months ago. Even a little podgy. 😂 Now, she's clinically obese. 😁
  3. @goodgirlgrow You're going to look pretty much like a much taller, slender-ish @BigCutieMarilyn in a near future. 😲
  4. I haven't seen this descriptive comment coming.
  5. John Smith


    More photoshopped than that, you die. Isn't that ironic than a celeberity who keep promotimg the celebration of all bodies cannot handle her own fattening body??
  6. Michelle Nayla can't stop growing. Switzerland is way too small for her... prestige.


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