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  1. She's four-feet-four-inches tall only? Damn... she's going to be wholly bedbound before even to attain the 200-lbs threshold. .

    1. antoniodonizeti


      unfortunately she lost a lot of weight recently, because she did a plastic surgery

  3. @Drytuner Enfin une énième excuse pour se mettre à reluquer du contenu de Curvage en (imitant le joual) ostie d'farrrrançais!
  4. https://noovo.ca/emissions/occupation-double/candidats/rym https://www.envedette.ca/potins-stars-quebec/television/rym-d-od-afrique-du-sud-intimidee-a-cause-de-son-decollete-1.10057882
  5. John Smith

    Salma Hayek

    This photoshoot gives me very naughty thoughts...
  6. John Smith

    Katy Mixon

    You mean "if only she re-adopts the fashion style of her much thinner days, but onto her larger body" ... 😉
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