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  1. I know she's rather a 1980-90s bombshell rather than a late '70s bombshell, but Sigourney Weaver mpst definitively deserve her spotlight here:
  2. Gosh, leave her alone. Who the hell does even see any resemblance whatsoever between these two women? These trolls are crazy.
  3. I'm actually misanthropic, rubbish, abrasive, verbally unfiltered when it comes about overlining any crap, brutally honest, perfectionist, compulsive, broody, stoic yet funny, eccentric, arrogant, hypersexual, melancholic, demanding yet lenient to the brim where people mistaken me as a laxist or lazy guy, ever-unsatisfied and self-depreciating. Worst, I'm even most likely suffer of the higher end of the Genius Syndrome according most of the psychologists I ever met, which didn't help at all from being elected Mister Nice any sooner given the fact that people with such features tend to be most oftentimes much proficient about being out-of-pace with society than plain socially-savvy and my personal misfortune is that I'm actually one of the fewer who has undergone the two extremes of the spectrum multiple times in a lifetime, outlining my cynicism: you would likely hear me spoke the same about myself of anyone else while figuring out the possibility yet positive transforming change, hope, empathy or redemption, things but simultanepusly being struck down by my ever-expanding carelessness and lack of faith about that same "hope" . It's not easy to find ir ever maintain ant semblance of friendship with I'm not a saint: I even spite saints because I personally know they are worst. I'm a sinner driven out every once and a while by pride, cupidity, sex and ambition. I act as if I'm superior to everyone because some part think he absolutely is and it's a burden. Some aspects and facets about me are naturally contradicting, passionate, cold, lovely, despicable, overempathic, sensitive, militant, free-thinking, old-fashioned: seeking for unswerving equality, loyalty and freedom yet unequivocally warring against each other for dominion. Every single rational-thinking individual is defined by such opposite wolves. I'm not here to expiate them Your Holy Highness, only to speak out about their tribulations as a mere observer or co-actor to the ludic part about women who burst out of their social and physical constraints. Ponderally speaking. Call me John Smith, the Wandering Cafre: a storyteller who like to tell true awkward stories, a purveyor of the miscallenous, a Faust, a Trickster, a Tempter, a feeder, an enabler, an encourager, a lover and a fighter. Spawn from every river of Eden, bleed from the rainforest-sheeted foothills of the Mountains of the Moon, sired by forsaken mighty names of old, bred and raised on Iroquois once-holy land, a mystery after mystery after mystery... but NOT a saint.
  4. He seems like the exact opposite of my first feedee: neither a friend nor a girlfriend and refuse to be either of those in spite whining I used to woo her, complain when I stopped to do so, speak out about how she want to grt bonafide obese but didn't like the ongoing changes someday then get overjoyed the other day nay second, enjoyed the teasing, attention and snuggling but was at the end a prick-teaser then without even knowing, she make believe anyone we're in couple or worst married just to prevent any suitress from flirting me. 🙄 A waste of time. I'm sorry for you, yey simultaneously glad you'd leave that toxic person. Bipolarism and reluctance are not made to co-exist wity feederism, especially in "situationships" or any form of coupling affair.
  5. At least, she's seemingly way more physically fit than the vast majority of our sedentary society (I mean North Americans) . I can't tell the same about all of her detractors who had, obviously, never seen how look real female athletes outside of the gym and social medias. Some of the best Olympic weightlifters, wrestlers and Yoga teachers would make look Lizzo for a lightweight in comparison.
  6. Don't mention Jim Carrey, lol. Just a few days ago, Adam Driver went from being a Twitter hero for having played a sociopathic incel, to now being accused of being one. 😂 They will backlash Jim back to Canada. 😂😂
  7. That's exact. People don't think for themselves, thereof all media & art entertainment outlets as well as the corporate elites does the job for them. But they've proven themselves not being pretty in it.
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