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  1. You are projecting your feelings of insecurity and pack-mindedness over a topic that has nothing to do with your rambling rant. Who hurt you? How the hell does this topic has anything capable to bruise your ego?? A minority lobby on Curvage bleats anytime being tired about my so-called "pretentiousness" even to the point of hijacking whole threads that has nothing to do with me because my mere presence has been enough to bother them: but have you ever read mine and those of other forum-goers tired of your shenanigans, your obsessive crusade, unassumed inferiority complex, implicit biases and obnoxiousness shown none only against me but against other members and even some content creators as well?? Or are we going to religiously going full-on "F**k Zack Snyder" and see Curvage lose its 23,000 remaining viewers/lurkers out of the 300,000 before realizing how far the ever-emboldered toxicity of this situation has contribued to damage the whole online F.A. community. Because at the end of the day... we're going to wind up like one of those more "relatable" movies devoid of "pretentiousness" and full of escapism... Guess what happened next. No one besides the freaks cheers about this, anymore. I've done with you. Man up and give us some cheek.
  2. Naaah. She's just taking some vacations.
  3. John Smith

    Lana Del Rey

    I've just cackled internally when I've learn than Azalea Banks roasted her about her weight. You have to get this low to get roasted by Banks and actually getting owned by her. When you open your mouth, be careful about the flea around.
  4. (Chuckles) Not a professor. Although a lot of people asked me to devote myself into such career. I've always thought that was a passive way to ask me to shut up whenever I invited or engaged into a debate and make people feels uncomfortable. My intent is not to do so, lest not about my socalled fluency: but about setting a communal mindset forward some thought-provoking questioning. It might be perhaps something I will intent in a near future. Engaging people into debates stirred up from my musings. Yet, I doubt that Reddit might be the most ideal platform to do so.
  5. Is you Americans and your obsession about the quality of my written English is a passive-agressive form of implicit xenophobia or is that just the need to actually not read anything remotely longer than a phone text long rambling that shocks the younger generations? I mean, is this cultural or generational?
  6. Nope. She made a few collaborative video-conferences and repostings alongside former fellow G.o.T. castmate and friend Nathalie Emmanuel in support to the Black Lives Matters awareness platform in U.-K. last summer ago (she's known to be incisive when it comes about racism. Quite normal, given that she's of part Indian ancestry and has often knew a bad rap in the acting scene because of her somewhat "exotic" looks), but aside those, she pretty much retired herself from public life. Maybe she was tired to see/hear/read people pointing out constantly about her dramatic weight loss, rapid aging and spoilt looks. Or maybe she's just like that.
  7. Yesterday, I felt nagged by an increasing urge to re-subscribe into a rather popular, mainstream size-friendly wannabe reddit group page I just decided to quit a while ago. By "wannabe", I mean it: a vocal majority of the membership resumes itself into nothing but women still stuck into the self-flagellating phase of their body complex issue. I publish a first discussion topic: "P.A.W.G. is the most preposterous colloquial coining ever made: its outmoded racialist overtones obvious" or something. Nonetheless unsatisfied, I'd immediatly spiced up my initial intent: I shared the post into a kinky F.A. reddit page. Afterward, I posted a second topic on the mainstream group page thay has been shared too on the kink page: "When "Steatopygia" among black women turns into a way too bottom-heavy "Advanced Staging Lipoedema" , "P.A.W.G.s" or "ride breeches/pelvicellulite/Steatomery" for others-- or why Western contemporary medias & academics shall stop giving to Steatopygia any racial overtone" . Success unblocked. The kink page - assumedly frequented by the same type of obnoxious, antisocial pig-slurring neckbeards who likes bleating about the heterogenous nature of my discussion topic publishing on F.A. forums - votes down my two posts while some random member with a funny-sounding pseudo popped on my alert feed with a verbally charged rant preceded by the all-American "st**" , pompously accusing me to "polluate" the "last shelter against politics" and "race politics" or some redundantly debilitating bs on this vein that kay have been as well resumed ny a good ol' fashioned "s%$t up n@&ger/libtard/whatever" (which still happens way much than some of you readers may assume) . Y'all shall tip me off the day that cellulite skin, large hips, ballooning gluteus maximas and their colourblind nature are going to be on the news feed on the White House or the Canadian Parliament, (giggles) . 🙄😏 Might still be way much instructive than four years worth of psychotically violent tweeted rants and downward loophole into diplomatic disgrace, though... Back to the main focus, first few hours later and an angry female member is already stepping forward for a fight, half-threateningly asking me to get out with my so-called "kink" stuff and "post history" antics. A few rapid clicks later, she has gone M.I.A. after I scolded her silly MacCarthism and reminded her that a significant brunt of the page group content deal with sexuality and women posing suggestively, so getting angry about a previous post made about the commonality of the so-called Fat Fetishism in both Plus Size and non-heavier sexuality (and outside of its oft mob-minded fetish cart-- ahem I mean F.A. online community) is not the end of the world. Then, the next day later, I received from a female member of the mainstream page this reply about the topic on P.A.W.G.s : SOMEBODY: "The fact is, historically rounded & bigger asses was only found on African women. If white women was out here built like women from the country of Africa, Sara Baartmen wouldn't have been so popular. The fact is, in the US, big booties, thick hips & thighs have been synonymous with black women. White women spend a fortune to have abody that African women were born with. So to see a white women built like a black women, she is a PAWG period." Loud internal facepalm. More dense than that and I die. She did the one thing every single ill-assumed racist web-goer did, so to speak spewing out loud her implicit bias and taking the bait that would lead to racist folks' most-feared Boogeyman... not John Wick, of course... just an epically sound spanking to shatter anyone's Becky-made bubbles and some therapeuthic, paradox-shifting cognitive growth. 😏😁 ME: "Your statement is plain speculative and wrong because historically speaking, rounded & bigger asses has been reported and recorded multiple times all over South Asia, Western Asia, ancient Greece, the Italic Etruscan civilization and the Iberic Peninsula for a major part of Antiquity. The Myceaneans, Minoans, Hellenes, Italians, Levantines, Arabians, Mesopotamians, Iberians and even some Gallic tribes in Northwest Europe left various artifacts showing women with a moderatly to exceedingly plump, rounded buttocks and wide hips coupled by signs of pronounced Steatometry (or ride breeches, if you prefer) and archeological evidence reports since early 20th centuury that the female population of protohistorical hunter-gathering and latter Neolithic groups all across the British, Western, Southwestern, Southern and Central Europe sported frequently such traits from the Lower Paleolithic till afar as the Bronze Age. Biblical texts reports that ancient Israelite women were disencouraged by religious authorities from being sexually promiscuous prior marriage or to cuckhold their husbands under the threat from being immediatly smitten by their God with a curse that physically alters their bottom half bodies and resembles like a variation of bug-infested Cellulitis coupled by Steatopygia, which indicates that the latter one was an existing condition among the Hebrews, all theologically associated with divine punishment and infidelity in wedlock. Islamic hadiths and oral legends hints that the Arabian religious leader & prophet Muhammad's daughter, Fatima, sported during her premature later years an immense derriere as she has dived upward and heavier through the whole weight spectrum... just enough to need the assistance of a few servantmaids to lift her up afoot on a regular basis. Such pronounced callipygia was commonplace among women of any size and most any different ethnic background from whether Western Asia, India or North Africa across the latter Islamic world, as openly implies some erotic texts and tales from the 9th century A.D. Arab-Persian book 'One Thousand & One Nights' . So yea... the fact you're parroting a popular misconception embedded deeply into late modern colonialist views of plumpness & obesity along feminine bodies from far dubious claims rooted into sicentific racism, that has been discredited and refuted one hundred eight years ago by French academicians who were studying Steatopygia among native-born Frenchmaids (e.g. socalled Caucasian women) , is the one reason WHY this topic needs to be tackled once at all, whether it displeases some group of men or not." And for a first time since never, I get voted up four times and the interlocutor is the one who get voted down as many times... just before a tandem of twits did retaliatively votes me down as well as votes her up. Ignorance is a grudgeful bliss. Still, it was funny to see people from whatever spectrum of the Fat community getting owned withot having some random power hungry narcissist monitoring and censoring either I or anyone's instructive point made like a freaking David Rohl novel film adaptation with a heavyset, mean looking busty Nazi expy who spent her time eating chocolate, benchpressing weights and bullying people for archvillain (yea you hear me, shout out to 'Maltida') . Something has been deplorably lost in the Anglophone Fat movement lately, not just the F.A. online community: the element of freedom of speech, enlightement and betterment over ignorance, tribalism, shallowness and chauvinism. We can point our fingers at OF, social medias, the travesty of Body Positivity, FF, Curvage, DM, ** whatever as the cause of all of that, but to be honest the issue is as skin-deep as the implicit biases behind bottom-heaviness among white bodies and coloured bodies. Society is the one true boogeyman everyone tries to escape, but refuses to actually feed off while deshinbiting themselves behind their keyboard. I need to see what women on Curvage thinks about it. Any opinions?
  8. Curvage Be Like: "You post TOO MUCH BBWs!!" Also, Curvage:
  9. I've already heard about bodybuilders who started this young. Either way, if she used to be shredded like they said buy when she was minor, then let's forget it.
  10. Therefore, the mentions made by fans about her formerly thin body are older than 2014.
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