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  1. That was... quite erotic like caption. Guess we figured out why Poison Ivy wasn't in that Birds of Prey movie.
  2. Democracy does not totally speak to the whole people. Monarchy is not always the sacred institution it desite so much to be. Left is right. Right is left. Thicanma is Skinnyrihanna in some othet parts of the world. We're still waiting the Snyder cut of the "Justice League" movie. Trump is in Switzerland. "Mad Men" is overrated. Roses are red. Nothing is perfect. A specific generation of 25-to-55 years old (predominantly male) angry individuals over the Internet tend to misleadingly hold that bizzare preconception from which what any incoming movement should be necessarily achieve some Savioresque degree of success, but I have to go straight with you: that narrative is wrong. We cannot deal with absolutes. In any social movement aiming for geniune, positive welfare, we found geniune people, the sheep and the wolves. If we want to put an end to this, that is most certainly not Body Positivity who's going to save human society from being flawed. But we cannot dismiss neither the benefits this movement has brought to society. But well, enough of that bickering mansplaining. Let the ladies have their word about it fpr once, shall we?
  3. Maddy has shed a lot of weight. However, she haven't totally recovered the body shape of her prime, looking at these cue of love handles, fuller rear cheeks and somewhat podgy facial features. Let's hope she's going to bounce back heavier and bigger like Carmella Bing and Katie Cummings did...
  4. Now I'm reading it, I think this is the exact same story. My apologies.
  5. Found her while binge-watching the newest season of the Netflix television adaptation crime drama 'YOU' . She's very thin for the website standards, although a connoisseur of the TV is most certainly well familiar about some scenes showcasing her--... AHEM...!! well-rounded benefits. If you're capable to screenshot or find any of those scenes, it would be really appreciated because I cannot find any material outside that one TV show where she's flaunting that one peculiar feature. Thanks in advance.
  6. The account you have given about this story remind me about a similar story posted on DeviantArt and FF.
  7. Greetings from @Rj8499 .
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