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  1. If you believe what you're bringing forth in off-topic segments may entertains people, then freaking entertains people. And if you are believing what you're bringing forth may none only pertains to the welfare of this forum in the days to come but either ubdermine or benefit its set, then freaking speak about it. Stop giving a f*** about what losers, socalled reactionary "culture warriors" and butthurt Klansmen think about your content: let them evolve or being trashed. Just DO IT.
  2. Pretty sure you got to find out her doxxer/s not too far from around this forum. A minority of Curvage members are infamous for this: you'll always find that one narssisstic sociopathic lurker on a crusade against ** models and mainstream Curvy/Plus Size models growing popular in niche online communities, that one simp crippled by delusions of unrequited love who get fed up, or one of those cyber-Klansmen boiling down on an agenda. They all got in common two things: a support online team of amateur hackers and the obsessive desire to sabotage and undermine ones's personal lives. Besides, let's admit it: about half of the most active members in this website are none only overtly politically inclined into the total antithesis of what m-ary/ChubbyChiquita stand for but shows tremendous lenghts of virulent hostility and hysteria against anyone who does not befalls on their ideological stance. We all already acknowledge the reasons about how and why I am so well-placed to say what we're talking about and why mary is no longer there. The unbridled increase of competition and market-oriented content, underlying privileges and petty battles between models or between models and mods that we are leaning to act as if it never happened, aren't the only things that fed her up.
  3. When I tune the TV in foreign news show and figure out as a Canadian why trolls and buffoons are everywhere online, these days:



    tenor (5).gif

  4. A cautionary tale of greed, obsession-driven socially upward mobility and shallow comformity gone wrong.


  5. A cautionary tale of greed, obsession-driven socially upward mobility and shallow comformity gone wrong.
  6. Might be useful for the online weight labourer, the bartainer and the militias. Don't be a Don Quixote. Be a Harley Quinn.
  7. John Smith

    Aubrey O'Day

    Back to her younger career years as Diddy's then-protegee at the mid-late 2000s: To the turn of the previous decade... ... to her current "Instagram now" : VERSUS her true now:
  8. Nope. I can't fix the WiFi for now or otherwise the page might refresh up everytime I temporarily leave it. And even if I could, at the end of the day we're still enjoying a month worth of Demetria-centered content.
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