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    Getting 2023 off to a fantastic fattening start 😍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 😍. Nadya first video of 2023 shows how determined she is to fatten up even faster by increasing her eating speed. Breaking out the timer to see how fast she can stuff her face with some cookies all while looking like a sexy fat cow😍 her belly is so fat you can barely see her panties and when she switches angles 🤯 it's an ocean of blubber. This is the kind of new years resolutions we love to see hope you do a whole lot more of these challenges
    WOW!!! Damn Nadya you really blew me away with this one😍😍😍. Nadya is packed in some tight shorts and a top even before she opens the first box those buttons are looking like there hanging on to dear life trying to contain all that belly fat 🥵 and it only gets tighter the more donuts she stuffs her face with until she needs to release her gut and let it all hang out. I was already blown away by how fast you were going threw each box only chasing it down with some whipped cream and all the different angles showing just how much fatter you are looking 😍 but damn when you stuffed two donuts in your mouth at the same time OMG🥵🤯🥵 this video just kept getting hotter and hotter🔥🔥🔥. If you need a reminder of how much of a gluttonous pig Nadya is your going to love this video.
    Roleplay and a chugging all in on sexy video!!!🔥🔥🔥 Nadya confesses her unquenchable desire to get fatter even after her boyfriend dumped her after she ballooned up and covered her once skinny body with pounds of fat😍. This video was such a sexy roleplay hearing how out of control your eating has gotten and the flip from skinny gym girl to gluttonous pig😈
    Damn Nadya😮 your gut just keeps getting fatter😍. In this sexy role play Nadya sister tried to get to her to lose weight and get back to her former slim atheltic self but we all know those days have long past😈 her gluttonous appetite is way to strong to live off of salads. So when tempted with cake all bets are off and the word diet gets thrown into the void and she's ready to completely give in😁. I gotta say one of my favorite parts of this video is seeing your belly hanging on the back of the chair while shoving more cake in your mouth😍
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🥵 I love seeing Nadyas feeder side just as much as I love her feedee side!!! First off as a feedee this was hot as hell really the best of both worlds sweet Nadya with her gentle encouragement to eat more and gain at a slow steady rate and then evil Nadya ready to cut the bs and shove some donuts down your throat never satisfied until you get on her level and become an absolute pig. I gotta say I love sweet Nadyas gentle encouragement but that evil Nadya gets results 😈. Now my feeder side of the review 🤯You are looking even fatter!!! 2 hot sexy looks and your belly exploding out of both outfits especially evil Nadyas you should definitely do a photo set in those outfit 🥵😍
    Another hot roleplay 🥵. I don't think anyone would be able to concentrate on the food for Thanksgiving dinner while watching you heave your fat heavy gut around 😍. I love all the different angles and such a fantastic view of just how much fatter your double chin is getting along with that fat gut😍. Nadyas the star of the show for Thanksgiving dinner all eyes on your growing belly🤩🐷
    Hot damn Nadya!!!! 🤯The difference a month makes is mind blowing and the majority of it came after already fattening up during your weight gain challenge you didn't slow down one bit its been full steam ahead. Seeing the time jump between try ons took my breath away you look massive 😍 every part of you has blown up and your face has gotten even fatter seeing you try to squeeze back into those same clothes looked like a work out in itself you can literally hear the seams stretching🥵. It's clearly obvious after your weight gain challenge you spent a lot of time binging on pasta with side of boost this past month😉
    Chugging, burping and one sexy pig with a deep desire to get fatter🤯 Loved it!!!First thing that needs to be said is I love the look😍 you look so damn sexy. You are so incredibly fat in this outfit your rolls are bulging out the sides your face and double chin is even rounder😍😍😍 eventhough your already stuffed to the brim you can't help but squeeze in some more calories into that gluttonous belly😁. This video clearly shows Nadya following the no pain no gain philosophy to fatten herself up
    Damn!!!🥵 this video was fantastic seeing your shower stool start to buckle and bend under your weight really shows just how much fatter you are getting. I guess it couldn't handle all the extra pounds you gained after your gaining challenge I wonder what's next I hope your bed is a strong and sturdy one😉
    Congratulations!!!!🎉🎉 Nadya ended her big October gaining challenge with some serious gains🤯 all the food and boost she's been packing in has fattened her up real good and with 2 of the best gaining holidays fast approaching this gaining challenge has prepared her gut to be even more of a absolute gluttonous pig for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm excited to see just how much fatter your going to be by the end of the year🐷.
    🤯Honestly this photo set is a dream come true!!! As a massive starwars fan I always wanted to see a sexy fat bellied sith now that dream is complete and it was so damn sexy🥵 Darth Nadya mistress of gluttony 😍😍😍 If you have never been tempted to turn to the dark side you most certainly will after you see this photo set. And I fully agree a video of this would be incredible🤤
    DAMN🥵!!!!🤯 This video was so hot fattening up boss Nadya😍. I loved this roleplay I'm sure I'm not the only who's had this fantasy before and Nadya as your boss who has fattened up to the point that her clothes can no longer handle all her fat spilling out was too damn sexy😍 her belly is looking enormous and she has turned into such a pig she just cant help having a lil snack in between the meeting. I guess we all know we're all the donuts have been going every morning 😉 and I'm sure everyone is A ok with that😍
    Fantastic video⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ !!! The days of salads and going for runs has long past Nadyas a full blown gluttonous pig now 😍😍😍 It was so hot watching you stuffing your face while standing a good opportunity to show how wide your are getting and your double chin😲 I swear it's getting bigger in every video😍.
  1. Hahahaha I love this!!!😍
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