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  1. bigboy1858

    Good MOV file media player

    Curybabys videos specifically her Popeyes stuffing and the cupcake stuffing I used vlc on other mov files but it doesn't seem to work with those
  2. bigboy1858

    Good MOV file media player

    Does anyone know any good media players to play mov files besides VLC? One of the models here uses mov file for her videos and it cant seem to work on VLC it just locks up the program and plays the audio but the video is unwatchable. I have been converting them to another file type but the videos always comes out sideways
  3. bigboy1858

    CurvyBaby’s Popeyes Stuffing (part 1)

    The video looks fantastic but I can't get it to fully play it keeps freezing even when using vlc player
  4. bigboy1858

    Chubby Indian Plus Model Weight Gain

    I am definitely interested
  5. bigboy1858

    I think my friend wants to get fat? oO

    I really hope she gets to 170 she is looking fabulous
  6. bigboy1858

    I think my friend wants to get fat? oO

    Lol so im assuming her diet didnt last too long
  7. bigboy1858

    I think my friend wants to get fat? oO

    Wow this is an amazing update hopefully she sticks with it regardless it looks like she might be starting to get plumper soon
  8. bigboy1858

    Hey Curvage World!

    You two are absolutely gorgeous😍
  9. bigboy1858

    Good Feedee Eats Whole Pie

    Incredibly sexy video you devoured that pie like a true fat goddess I cant wait to see your other stuffing videos
  10. bigboy1858

    Lauraˋs amazing forced stuffing

    😍This video was mind blowing top notch force feeding your belly is looking fatter with every new video this is definitely my favorite video of yours
  11. bigboy1858

    Desi Rose comeback??? Could this be true?

    I hope so but idk all those pics are old and morphed
  12. bigboy1858

    Stuffing my belly... accidentally

    Fantastic video I have been waiting to see you stuff your face and show off your belly I loved it cant wait to see more of your stuffing videos.
  13. bigboy1858

    Whatever happened to CGV? (Chubby girl videos)

    She said someone was contacting people on her personal facebook and showing her videos to them
  14. bigboy1858

    I think my friend wants to get fat? oO

    She is looking great I cant believe I never looked at this thread before.
  15. bigboy1858

    Fat Club

    Fantastic vid love watching you roll around
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