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    You two are incredible together two fat gluttonous hotties busting out of your matching outfits filling your bellies to the max you two must of made Santa extremely proud😍😍
  1. A 14 pound turkey!!! Definitely a feast fit for a gut your size
    Mochi is looking fatter then ever you can get more fattening then stuffing bacon dipped in mayo incredible video
  2. Hell yes!!! Let's see how much fatter she has gotten herself
  3. Looking like an absolute whale I remember thinking you were massive in your last beach vid a year ago its incredible how fast you have grown
  4. Its absolutely incredible how far she has come from pigging out but still trying to workout to completely giving up and drinking weight gain shakes amazing
  5. Didn't realize this was so easy to make I need to try it out. Lol boost for those extra calories on top of an already fattening dessert 👍👍
    Loved this video you are looking fatter then ever watching you indulge in your insatiable appetite is so damn sexy😍
    Its obvious your appetite is growing bigger as you get fatter😍 Lovely video you look incredible!!
  6. Hell yes!! shoving burgers in her mouth eating pizza all of the above show off how she got so fat.
  7. 2 gain shakes good lord lady O is going high speed on the road of gluttony your going to have a big fat ssbbw wife in couple years
    This video is incredible I love watching you stuffing your face with big slices of cake you are growing into such a massive pig😍😍😍
  8. Welcome back to curvarge looking even bigger and more gorgeous then before I really hope you start modeling here
  9. I cant wait she is getting so much fatter its cray how much she has grown since the I love how she still wears tight dress showing off all her news rolls from years of laying on the couch stuffing her face the perfect fattened up wife
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