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  1. Well you get skimmed milk > whole milk, and single cream > double cream, so it seemed pretty logical to me to compare the % thickness of cream to % thickness of women (eg. her milkshake so thick it's butter, it brings all the palaeolithic boys to the yard). I don't think Mal's measurements have changed that significantly to update anything, plus the last couple of times she missed her thigh circumference, and her bra size is out of date because it's been years since she used the 'ABraThatFits' method. Mal's still at her highest thickness of at least 137 though (previous highest was June 2020 of 132), which places her as thick as butter, which has been the case post 220lbs.
  2. and giant boobs. Wasn’t her last bra a 38M? Well she’s exploding out of this one.
  3. Really love that combined heart shape of your huge fat tits and round spherical belly/fupa 😍💝 So I thought I'd have a go at exaggerating that effect you've fattened your pig-self into:
  4. Then vs Now. Talk about blowing up... not even a morph, that's just how fat you are now 😲 All that lard you greedily crammed into that poor tiny waist, imagine when the after image is the before if you double in thickness again. From waif to waddling pig.
  5. Crazy how you're now a living version of the morphs people made like a year ago, here's to some more coming true 😜
  6. Is that directed at me? Cause I was just talking generally in reply to nicenround with something I heard once, not advice or demands on what you should be doing.
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