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  1. I saw a post that broke down her gain. It seemed to suggest that her hips and thighs have been gaining at the same constant rate, gained rapidly on her belly when first past 200lbs but since slowed down and recently exploded in size with her tits. I’m not sure what’s hotter, always been a fan of an hourglass shape but there’s something so infinitely sexy about Mal’s proportions with a smaller round belly and huge hips, and it’s hard to believe just how many times bigger her boobs are now. Unlike some here I’ve never been a fan of the... very much larger women here (no judgment or anything) but Mal’s continued hourglass expansion is making me reconsider where my theoretical limits might be at this rate (so long as she’s happy).
  2. Was that of some weighing scales? I remember that, but in the comments she said that she had taken the photo from another Instagram model, it's all just part of her trolling unfortunately. Edit: Was it this image? Cause it was first posted in April 2017 if so. Also what she wrote on Tumblr about it: She also got all her fans to brigade Curvage claiming of all the sites on the internet that "generate hate" this forum was the worst and should be shut down; but that's a long topic derailing story.
  3. https://www.statemgmt.com/new-york/print/curve/women/main/1012406/large London hasn't given hers for a long while and they are not all in one place but she's 5'5" and a 40G according to her Amazon wishlist; London's waist is visibly more than her band size in video so that's 42"+, and so then proportionally her hips would be around 55" (she often says her thighs are 55" but I presume she means hips as the other would be physically impossible). Last time London accurately gave her weight it was 265lbs, since then she's just made random numbers up for years. So it seems to reason that a 5’7”, 38G, 47-40-56 woman and a 5'5", 40G, 47-42+-55 woman would be somewhere around the same weight.
  4. Yeah, that would be my guess as well; she has roughly the same measurements as London Andrews (without photoshop) so seems about right. And everyone often thinks women weigh more than they do. 5’7”, 38G, 47-40-56 btw if that’s not been mentioned before.
  5. Body positivity is for ALL bodies. Women bodies, male bodies, lbgtq bodies. All races, all genders, tall, short, fat, disabled… Every one struggles in some way and every one can use a bit of positivity. I think that a lot of men imagine that women want to date a man that looks like he walked out of the movie 300. But the majority of women are emotional, not visual. Men write me and complain that they cannot find a woman because they are “ugly “unattractive” “not good enough” “nobody likes them”- But the only real limitation holding them? Is back is themselves. Would I want to date someone that constantly complains about their looks and how ugly they are and how no one likes them? Nope. Are negative people sexy? Nope…. There is nothing sexy about a person that is unhappy and does nothing to change their outlook…. If that same guy was confident and charming and kind, would he be attractive to some women? Most likely yes. Women are emotional. Men are visual. I feel like body positivity can be so much easier for men because women do not place the same visual standards upon them. A woman could be the most amazing woman ever created… but 90% of men would not look twice unless she was attractive. Does anyone else feel like this is total crap? Don't get me wrong I think a lot of this true but pretty sexist from a supposed progressive blog. "90% of men would not look twice unless she was attractive", yeah except what is attractive is entirely and widely different to 90% of men too. How many women are 30/40/50/60 years old that have never been in a relationship compared to men? How many weirdly specific forums and subreddits are there for every kind of woman? Additionally dating research has shown that men have lower visual standards than women with women rating 80% of men below average. Further more, even if this was true, that a shallow and objectifying 90% of men ignore ~50% of women there are many ways you can boost your attractiveness; weight loss and exercise, or weight gain, or make-up, or surgery, etc, etc. Of course women not finding men attractive is men's own fault, men need to be confident and not be negative. True. Is this easy to change? Not at all. However, it strikes me somewhat like victim blaming, in the same vein as suicide; "men don't talk about their emotions, it's their own fault" *brushes any and all other issues under the carpet. Plus more research shows "8 out of 10 of women want their future husband to have a steady job, more than anything else. Men, on the other hand, seek a mate who has the same ideas", and others find "in order to get married and attract a wife, you have to earn more and be more entrepreneurial and work harder", that there "aren't enough men out there" because many women don't want to date down, with some women even freezing their eggs. So basically men are just a stable bank account to many, they have to be confident and positive to most, and have to compete with at least an equal level of physical shallowness in dating. But it's not some women who are entitled and shallow it's men's own fault for not meeting women's expectations, why get down from her pedestal of privilege where she has value for simply existing when it's sooo much easier for men anyway 🙄. Double standard that society needs to change to accommodate all women (despite forums like this that show that women of all shapes and sizes were already pretty accommodated) but it's men that need to change to fit society's mould, a confidence culture where if you don't fit you can get fucked, told it's your fault for being fucked over, and then to check your privilege. I have depression, Asergers, a minimum-wage manual labour job, am a failed artist... but I guess I deserve to be alone and repulsive then. I mean, why don't I just lie down in a ditch and die, ffs.
  6. This model of similar bra breaking, bigger than her head, proportions comes to mind (edited Micky Bells)
  7. It's fantastic! There's more on AdjectiveNounCombo's DeviantArt. My only very minor criticism is the measurements seems off imo. Lalia always seemed pretty tall so a 25" waist seems unlikely, I would have thought more like 30" at least. If I'm being super pedantic I'd have had her bust 44" before (as she's always been very busty, that would make her about a J/JJ) and 51" after too (with the support from her belly (as my research has shown most big bust models struggle to grow past 47" with a flat waist, they can grow much bigger tits but they tend to pass a threshold where they can't support their own weight and spread down their torso rather than project outward, also why at large sizes you need more than underbust and overbust measurements for bra sizes... but I hmm... digress >.>)) But I'm a numbers freak.
  8. Still debating on the subscription, I'll decide in the next few pages; probably will though. And yes, fuck, love to see Blame-thrower's stories done, especially the Dream Job sequel with the breast expansion. Weight gain based BE is the best. Thought on and off about illustrating it myself; I'm terrible at comic panels though.
  9. I noticed you last visited an hour ago... not that I'm obsessed or anything... I don't suppose it would be worth hoping?

    Man, I miss the old days when you had a small following and there was interaction with fans, like trying to guess what you were saying in a video to win something, all fun stuff.

    Heh, I remember back when I was 21 being so excited when you gave a shout out to the "sexy perverts" at Curvage in your WatchMalShrink video and being hyped every Monday for the new video. It's funny I remember thinking even if you disappeared then it felt good like we'd achieved something, you no longer hated your body and found loads of people loved it :)

    When I first got your DVD I literally couldn't stop shaking with adrenalin at some of the videos, I had to go walk to dog in the end, stupid XD.

    I guess it all got too crazy in the end... I sound like a jaded old man looking back wistfully at the best of times, oh well.

    Anyway, I hope you are well!

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  10. Your unique photos of you london Andrews

  11. How do US grades work again, I can never remember the age ranges? Either way I'm not sure I can remember specific examples, but what I find quite funny is how I was sexually attracted to weight gain in others, generally girls, before I even knew what sexual attraction was as I know I would fantasise and jerk off (TMI?) about weight gain from about 5 years old, usually about some cartoon I'd seen which had involved inflation of some kind (though oddly doesn't do anything for me now) or applying that to girls I knew. [Thinking about it I don't know when it's normal to be sexually attracted to women? I remember liking looking at posters of women and stripping Barbies before I was 10.][TMI incoming again; do you only develop the ability to ejaculate after a certain age? Cause I remember when I was 11 thinking I'd pissed myself despite orgasming for years]. I seemed to outgrow that as I got older, I guess with puberty and hormones everything became sexually attractive and was obviously increasingly aware of the girls in my school... growing and as such developed major breast and ass expansion [amongst related others] fetishes. It was great at the time for my 11-16 year old self looking at girls my age or older within the same age bracket; I noticed that most girls would develop their adult hips and asses first so would see amazing hip-to-waist ratios before their waists caught up (probably why Mal Malloy is my life obsession). Though I do remember a TotallySpies episode when I was about 14 where one of the girls gets addicted to cookies and becomes obese which was awesome [there were a few episodes of that show which make me think the writers had all sorts of fetishes ], and there was a Malcom in the Middle episode where one of his friends had grown a huge pair of breasts over the summer holidays (I think I nearly died when I first saw that around the same age). Ironically, despite having sexual feelings and being aware of women in this light since a very early age, I'm almost a 28 year old virgin, but at this point whatever honestly. Presumably I come over as a massive creep what with a ton of weight gain themed expansion fetishes to fill the void through my childhood and been masturbating almost since birth, but maybe that's normal, Idk? It's not like anyone talks about this Long post is long, but maybe someone will relate.
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