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  1. Then vs Now. Talk about blowing up... not even a morph, that's just how fat you are now 😲 All that lard you greedily crammed into that poor tiny waist, imagine when the after image is the before if you double in thickness again. From waif to waddling pig.
  2. Crazy how you're now a living version of the morphs people made like a year ago, here's to some more coming true 😜
  3. Is that directed at me? Cause I was just talking generally in reply to nicenround with something I heard once, not advice or demands on what you should be doing.
  4. Maybe it’s a similar principle to skipping breakfast then binge eating in overdrive in the afternoon supposedly helps gaining. The morning hunger tricks your body into thinking starvation is a possibility so when it does get food stores it more of it.
  5. If anyone is interested in the maths - I started wondering if I could see any pattern of where her gains are going every 10lbs: On average GGG gains 7" overall every 10lbs, though I found that this doesn't work very well as a measurement as to start with the first 10lbs were 10", then 8", then 7", and now 6" and obviously the larger a volume gets the more a volume must be gained for each inch. For example the best way to illustrate this is bra sizes: A 32D [approx GGG's starting size] is 455cc, to gain 1 cup size +101cc. A 36J [approx GGG's current size] is 2576cc, to gain 1 cup size now she would have to gain +379cc. As such, instead of every 10lbs gained I used a 20% increase from the previous weight, ie. 125 > 150 > 180 > 216. Each 20% increase in weight adds around 20" overall, also when in full gluttony mode you very consistently add 20% over 4 months, eg. by April 2020 you were 20% heavier than in January 2020 , by August 2021 you were 20% heavier than you were in April 2021, etc. So by New Years when you think about actively gaining again it will be fun to see if that holds true by April 2022 😉 In other words, another 20% would put you at 259lbs, should this happen, and based on the spread of where you gain the inches, I estimate your measurements will be: Bust 52", Waist 46", Belly 52", Hips 51", Thighs 33" [the ratio is 3.5 : 4.5 : 5 : 4 : 2.5]
  6. By Waist:Height Ratio she’s been in class III obesity since the July weigh in! That’s what happens when you become such a thick-waisted huge round-bellied piggy.
  7. Jesus, that’s one huge gut! Literally half your profile width is just your huge thick round belly while the other half is your everything else. Yours arms, let alone your thighs, will be as big as your waist used to be soon. So fucking fat and you still can’t. stop. eating.
  8. Years ago when she quite her Bronzehorse146 YouTube channel and her Tumblr she announced the fact and let everyone know, I can only assume she would do the same again, unfortunately I don't know what's going on.
  9. Just trying to imagine what it would be like for you to stand up with the huge weight of that heavy gut, so thick and deep with fat that you could fist your belly let alone finger it...
  10. At risk of staying the obvious, I don’t think those shorts will be able to withstand that greedy ass much longer...
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