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  1. How does it affect the taste of a dish? My wife doesn’t like fenugreek tea.
  2. Great! Right now I’m baking chocolate chip cookies. Always in large batches so it doesn’t show that the stack shrinks when she’s munching it down.
  3. I just keep baking, ignoring my wife’s comments. Because I know she just can’t resist.
  4. Welcome Lana. You came to the right place to have your curves worshiped. It’s so sexy to see a garter belt stretched to its limits. Start shopping for a new one because it won’t last long around here [emoji1787][emoji7]
  5. Just an observation how new weight settles. My wife gains almost 10 lbs in 10 weeks. Those extra pounds didn’t show until the last 2 weeks. Suddenly she starts widening all over. Her love handles and belly are returning. And for the first time I see a hint of a folding belly button. Her hips and bum are accentuating her pear shape again. The left boob is overflowing the cup. I’m so enjoying this gain after a long period of weight loss.
  6. Sexy Mic, Curvy dreamer and Anna Nicole smith.
  7. That’s a nice steady gain of 5 lbs since October.
  8. Very recognizable. This is our story. When we started dating, she was around 155 lbs (5.7 ft). Started working and she steadily packed on 20 during first year of marriage. This is where is discovered my FA fetish but I kept it for me. Then the kids came and it was a blessing for her body. At 187 her hourglass figure was plush all over, with enormous tits (she went from E to H). But still not at the end of her journey. There was a short fallback to 175, what made me panic. Not for long as she went up again fast due to medication. She was always craving for snacks. In one year she pasted the magic 200 and peaked at 202. I was so in love with my ‘new’ wife that I opened up about my preferences. She couldn’t understand how that was possible. She was charmed by all my attention and compliments and she was happy how I enjoyed her body. For her it was a nightmare seeing herself in the mirror like that. She detested every pound and decided to start dieting. I love her so much so I supported her in her decision. Slowly all the goodies started to fade away. I felt the sand slipping through my hands everyday. I stayed supportive off course but I was torn inside. She was so happy and full of confidence what made me happy but at the same time I was still mourning. At 159 - rock bottom so far - her figure was a faint memory of her once voluptuous goddess’s body. Everything was so formless and tiny. No more soft thighs and saddlebags, no more back fat, gone belly rolls, bye H cup, welcome E, ... We talked a lot about this because I had a hard time feeling attracted to her. In my mind a kept comparing to what was before. Luckily time brought some changes physically. As her weight stabilized, her body started to reorganize. It was like the fat was reallocating to match her body’s hourglass blueprint. Hips started to widen again. Her belly stayed flat though. Her girls went up a cup size again Her weight kept hovering around 162. Until last weeks. She rediscovered chocolate and cookies. And as I’m the shopper, I make sure to replenish the cupboard. Resulting in 165 at the beginning of December. As we were talking about our Christmas gifts for each other, the FA devil in me dared to say: please gain to 170 by Christmas. She didn’t promise anything at that moment but didn’t reject the idea too. She didn’t slow down with the munchies either. Can you imagine how my heart skipped a beat when I checked the scale app and read 169? There were signs all over. Her face is a little rounder, she’s overflowing her bra, her back is softening, she’s wearing more often a dress and pantyhose that stretch along (although accentuating her rounding bum). So I think I know what I’m getting under the tree because there’s nothing labeled for me. I feel blessed and I’m enjoying these small unexpected changes. I won’t be pushing for more. We’ll see what the future will bring. Never despair, what goes up goes down and vice versa. Happy holidays folks!
  9. empee

    Laura Goodger

    sorry, missed that one :-[
  10. empee

    Laura Goodger

    Before and after
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