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  1. I know exactly what you’re going through. My wife went from 158 when we dated to 201 after three kids and a hectic life. She hated the extra pounds, i on the other hand was in heaven and dreaming of 225. So she started to diet and almost went back to first base. She shrunk like a snowman on the beach. We were in the same situation as you now. We had many talks about it and I made my preferences clear but always respecting her side. I think it was important for her to know that I wouldn’t mind that her weight would go up. It gave her a certain peace of mind. I knew of course that she had a tendency to gain weight and that the force to resist treats was weak. Slowly the pounds creeped back on her hourglass frame. Not all, but she just hit 184 this morning. That’s a 15 pound gain in a year. She still doesn’t embrace it but she knows it’s a big turn on for me and she teases me with. Sexting about her belly and thighs. Bloating when I ask for pictures. Anyway, my advice would be to give it a rest, survive on memories for now respecting her choice but be clear about your preferences. Let time do it’s work. Keep in mind that there’s so much more in a relationship than the package. Luckily there’s curvage and a lot of other great stuff out there to ease the pain. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  2. I hope diet soda has the same effect because that’s what only fuels my wife.
  3. I’m afraid she’s about to jump of the gain train. She tells everyday how she’s disgusted when she sees her chubbier body. Especially her protruding belly is a thorn in the eye. She certainly grew a lot in that area. When is was sitting behind her the other day, I unhooked her bra. Her heavy tits dropped on her big belly roll. I lowered my hands to where her belly touched her plump thighs. I cupped her tummy to feel the heaviness. This roll filled half of my palms. It was heavenly to play with this soft flesh. And she didn’t refuse. I gave her many subtle compliments how hot and sexy she is. It was also a gluttonous week. Every day an ice cream and a couple of times pizza with 4 cheeses and McDo (large menu with sundae which she normally doesn’t take). I thought we were on the right track to hit 83 kg / 183 lbs But this morning she weighed in at only 80,7 kg / 178 lbs. This surprises me considering her last week’s diet. Is this just a setback or hitting the ceiling? Or is is the beginning of her slimming down given her sentiment.
  4. When I came home tonight I caught my wife on her way to the shower only wearing panties. Low cut eaten by her butt. Above her love handles there was a nice thick roll on each side of her back. On her wide thighs and cheeks cellulite is reappearing. Then she turned so I could watch her in side profile. Her H cups sagging on her growing belly. That belly is still very firm although it’s pushing out further and further. I’m sure she’s nearing the 83 kg / 183 lbs mark. I would like to know at what point a belly starts to hang on a 5’7 girl. This would be so sexy. Even when she was 91 kg / 200 lbs her belly didn’t hang. The only difference was that 2 lobes were forming under her navel.
  5. This is an important step. Taking pictures of herself not only knowing that it turns you on but also liking her self image. Once you’re past this point that she sees herself as a sexy person the road to further gain lays open. This is were my wife is still stuck. She’s convinced that I like her big or bigger but for her it’s still a bridge to far because she doesn’t like her chubby figure.
  6. Indeed, pleasantly chubby. When she sits her bigger boobs rest on a belly roll. And when she stands a enjoy the sight of her tummy and wider ass. I’m still surprised how soft she looks even at this weight compered to when she was 91 kg.
  7. She weighed in at 81.9 kg this morning. She's only 1.1 kg from a 10 kg gain in one year. Is this realistic in 2 weeks? And what would she have to eat? She doesn't like dairy products except ice cream.
  8. So we went to the beach and she was wearing her bikini. I was so proud. She was one of the bigger women in bikini. Her belly bulging over her low waist band. Pantries digging in. Her love handles wiggling together with her bum when she walked. She filled the top abundantly, putting her boobs on a shelf. Boy, did I enjoy this. And wasn’t the only one. I caught some other men, lurking from behind their sunglasses. To thank her, I treated her with an ice cream in the afternoon and evening [emoji16][emoji2956]
  9. Talking about shapewear. She went to the beach a couple of days ago. Wearing her one piece swimsuit. It has a special reinforced fabric in the middle to shape the stomach area. She sent a picture of the suit showing how it was worn out around her tummy. The upper fabric was torn. “Still not convinced I’m getting chubby again?”. “Nah, you just washed it not right.” [emoji1781] Today we’re of to the beach together. I’m trying to convince her that a bikini is a much better idea. Sometimes I’m so selfish [emoji1787]
  10. Thanks for your sharing your story and insights. Indeed the evolution of her belly is a real nightmare for her. True that it’s more pronounced but her boobs are still in the lead as they are expanding too. She reached 180 this morning. That’s a 3 pound gain in 8 days. I’m stunned as is she. This might be the tipping point to start dieting again. And like you said, boobs will melt like snow in the sun. And then her ass and thighs. To be continued. In the meantime I enjoy every moment like it’s my last minute on earth.
  11. She just was complaining about her belly sticking out again. She has a point: it looks bloated again. And than she stepped on the scale but didn’t want to disclose the horrible numbers. Not for the weak of heart [emoji3062][emoji2962]
  12. It’s very dual the last couple of weeks. She’s complaining that her summer dresses don’t fit as comfortable any more. But on the other hand she munching down chocolates like there’s no tomorrow. One box is about 1k calories and I buy 3 a week. She finishes one in a day. It’s like she teases me eating them in front of my nose. She even texts me to let me know that she ran out. And when I suggest to buy new ones, she does it right away. Crazy. I’m putting the scale away now to make sure that the new weight territory doesn’t scare her off.
  13. We’ll see about that. For now I’m enjoying the moment. She’s a typical pear. Heavy chest, rather small waist, a developing belly and wide hips and bum. She’s know in the phase that her thighs and ass are expanding the most. If rolls and back fat return than I know she’s heading towards 185.
  14. When I met my wife she was in her early 20’s. I wouldn’t call here curvy at that time. Just well formed at the right places. About 155 on her 5’7 frame. I know she had always struggled with her weight. On her college pictures I could witness the freshman’s 30. Which she lost again quickly the next year. Marriage, 3 kids later and of course my great cuisine resulted in an all time high of 201. I was in heaven. I saw her expand before my eyes. The last 15 came in less than a year Than she went on a diet and dramatically for me lost 37 pounds. All what I adored had melted away. I tried to support her because I knew she was happier that way. I the meanwhile I had opened up about my preferences. She couldn’t understand that I preferred the fuller version but she was happy that she was sexy in my eyes. Calling me Shallow Hal. The last year she slowly but steadily started gaining again. She’s still not loving it but I’m under the impression that she minds just a little bit less. Maybe because she knows that I adore it and that she drives me crazy. She just pasted an important milestone weighing 80 kg again (we’re living on the old continent. I’m hoping she stays above so a next increase is not that dramatic anymore.
  15. Buying larger clothes is the best way to forget the old normal.
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