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    Swimming, listening to music, writing, art, photography, card games, visiting museums/concerts/the zoo...
    ...being alive, do something that inspires you everyday!
    Oh and eating should be somewhere on this list, in between or during all of these activities.

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    1. whismic


      🤤 looking beautiful 

    2. Maria Alive

      Maria Alive

      @whismic Thank you! Loving your avatar ❤️

    3. andreoup5509


      wow that belly must be so hard😍🤗

    4. adecourv


      Nice, kissable tummy

    5. Jetson91


      What’s up Maria💥

  2. What should I have for dinner, a big bowl of rice, I always eat like 2 pounds of it with some side broccoli, falafal and maybe some chicken.

    Or...mashed potatoes with gravy, bacon and some split-peas?

    meal weeks GIF

    I'm almost done working for today and can't wait to start cooking!!! I'd rather have what that guy is eating but no one is taking me out on a date...

    1. ExponentialGrowth


      2lb rice bowl with protein/veggies is my vote. Or maybe that giant burger guy can share?? Lol

    2. Maria Alive

      Maria Alive

      @ExponentialGrowth This giant burger guy needs to gtfo, my burger LOL. I don't share food 👹

    3. ExponentialGrowth


      Also what is wrong with people in the Netherlands? No date!?!

    4. Maria Alive

      Maria Alive

      @ExponentialGrowth They all just smoke **, drink Heineken and do duck all 😛

    5. JellyKat


      I would say mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken and bacon! I am excited to see you on here more 😍

    6. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      @Maria Alive this is you


  3. @CouchQueen Very natural and elegant, you look more beautiful then ever in these photo's. The outfit suits you perfectly 💙
  4. Have a great Monday everyone! I'll be hanging out at the office..eating..and dreaming about cake ~ byeeeee

  5. Nothing better then cleaning the house on a Sunday, doing your administration and listening to some Gamma Ray!

    Happy Sunday!

    1. Vikingsteve666



  6. More Curvage clips coming soon! But in the meanwhile..enjoy some snippets This dress has been promoted to sweater 🧐
  7. 1272993703_MariaAlive-GAININGWEIGHT-Gam3rg1rlMariaislazyjusteatsEXCESSIVELYUGH.thumb.png.1f92eb190411f717bc70b6860acd613e.png1272993703_MariaAlive-GAININGWEIGHT-Gam3rg1rlMariaislazyjusteatsEXCESSIVELYUGH.thumb.png.1f92eb190411f717bc70b6860acd613e.png1272993703_MariaAlive-GAININGWEIGHT-Gam3rg1rlMariaislazyjusteatsEXCESSIVELYUGH.thumb.png.1f92eb190411f717bc70b6860acd613e.png

    I aspire to be as round as that Pokéball.

    Pokemon GIF by swineflew

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. anybody666


      als je pkmn go speelt mag je me wel toevoegen :P 1997-2777-4283

    3. Maria Alive

      Maria Alive

      @Boab Maybe, maybe not. I prefer food over liquids.

      @degek2001 It's good to be back bb!

      @Goloso2022 It's small but ultra soft!

      @adecourv You sly one... ❤️ jim carrey GIF

      @anybody666Pokemon Go Reaction GIF

    4. Guest


      Ohh but your old coke chugging vids were the best. I really hope you consider it 

    5. Maria Alive

      Maria Alive

      @Boab Put your money where your mouth is! Parks And Recreation Nbc GIF by HULU

    6. Guest


      Depends if you drink a full 2 litres or not 😉

    7. Maria Alive

      Maria Alive

      @Boab Curvage doesn't permit me to talk nor dm about customs

  8. 811210931_MariaAlive-GAININGWEIGHT-Gam3rg1rlMariaislazyjusteatsEXCESSIVELYandUGH(5).thumb.png.1c15f90395dc6cc09fc920629e22f1d6.png

    Like the Egyptians always used to say,....drink thou milk and feed thy riches, you're a queen...

    just ignore the crocodiles in the nile!

    also, praise the sun..uhh

    oh. wow.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Maria Alive
    3. Mattlovescurves
    4. notrelevent333


      Praise the sun? Sorry to busy worshipping your sexy body as it plumps you with food 😍😍😍

    5. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      Screw the rules! I have money!

      acid cards GIF

    6. Waynesworld


      I never realized how intelligent u are until u joined curvage. It makes me want to ask if you’ll marry me,  I love smart women. I guess that makes me a dumb man. I used to see ur inflation vids on ** and I would hope and hope that one day u would gain. Super excited to see u here, you’re like the hottest girl I don’t know.

    7. mcdorbandt


      I just want to see you bigger🤗🤟🏼🥰



    This is how all of my shorts and jeans have been fitting me lately...

    Could it be that I'm eating too much? 😓

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. adecourv


      Good lawd!

    3. Maria Alive
    4. AthleteTurnedFatty


      No such thing as eating too much 

    5. mcdorbandt


      Or not enough…

    6. JellyKat


      Wow You're a super hotty! 🥵

    7. SVegan


      I love your beautiful body so much 😍



    On the upcoming episode of

    Maria Whale Alive......

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