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  1. just waiting the approval 




    1. grateful


      Yes please!  😍

    2. Bellylover777


      wonderful - it´s a pleasure to see your fat sexy belly

  2. this is a fat talk where you will have a body tour and you will be appreciating that fat body in many angles with bast fat play and you will receive some really good news about what Laura has for you this year!! Enjoy her fat belly and that tight shorts!!


  3. Hello!!

    im so happy that you truly enjoy my big belly!!

    Now I have a new video coming tonight and is basically about me giving you the fat details of my gain and how December and January has been just eat and gain!! Hope you enjoy it!!!





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    2. softsliver


      Dam you getting sumo huge!! 😍

    3. chucklehead2


      Looks at that hang! It's hanging so much more than I ever thought it could. This is unreal considering how skinny she started. Now her hang is one of the best in the entire fat community lol

    4. grateful


      Beautiful pics!  😍

      Especially your sitting belly pic!  To die for!  🥰❤️❤️❤️

      Thanks for the great update!  😁

  4. Today is pancake’s night and I’m totally hungry this is the before I’ll end tons of them... 






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    2. Hoopers


      😱😱😱 estas enorme cerdita! La glotoneria ha dado sus frutos

    3. glider44


      You’re getting so fat and it looks so good! 😍

    4. JordiB


      This just keeps getting better by the time, simply amazing.

  5. Hello everyone!!... hope you have a nice week and heeeyy!, There’s a new video at the store that you must check 🐮❤️😘


    1. higel24


      Easily one of the sexiest sets I have EVER seen!

  6. hey, sorry for the late update... I got troubles with the internet connection buuuuuuut here you have, NEW VIDEO WAITING FOR THE APROVAL!!...  HOPE YOU HAVE A NICE NIGHT 😘 AND ENJOY ME!!


    lfcow.2020-01-24 23_22_49.gif

    lfcow.2020-01-24 23_19_57.gif

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    2. AustinMLucas1995


      I hate it when we have trouble internet connections

    3. KittyPiggy


      Holy shit, you look so good! 😍

    4. grateful


      OMG!  I didn't know you got Fat Cow Disease!  😮

      I understand you can only eat cakes and drink cream!  ❤️🥰😍

      Such a fun update! Thanks!  😁

  7. Here you have a fat cow, but is not just a fat cow is YOUR FAT COW!!... this cow is being eating so much this months just for you and now she can show you all her extra fat and that huge and hot belly. Laura enjoys her fat body and you will see, the way she moves her fat, how she moves her fat butt and how hot she looks in that tiny bikini is gonna explode your mind. Enjoy it.


  8. Good morning!!

    I’m editing the final details of my new video that I’m pretty sure you are gonna love it!!, 

    Have a nice day and this video is gonna be ready for tomorrow!! 😘❤️🐄🐄🐮🐮



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    2. grateful


      Wow! You picks are doing more for me than my double espresso!  😍

      Beautiful shots! Thanks!  🥰❤️

      Stupid FA question of the day: now that you are bigger, does it take longer to edit?  😂

      Great update!  Thanks!  😁

    3. AustinMLucas1995


      Laura, love that fat belly.

    4. Hoopers


      😍 estas tan enorme laura! Esa barriga cada dia crece mas 🐷🐮

  9. Good night!! 😘🐽🐽❤️




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    2. AustinMLucas1995


      What a nice belly

    3. Chimaira10


      Hot as fack 🥰🥰

    4. Residentsteven


      Wow how big are those love handles now Laura 🐷 that belly is looking plump.

  10. Hello everyone... this days has been crazy, too much work but hey as always I’ve been eating and eating and eating as much I can. This is my first lazy day, I woke up with this belly and I just end by myself a hole pizza so, my belly looks much bigger... you will see the difference in some hours 


    1. grateful


      You belly is so beautiful, I loose my breath!  😮😍❤️

      Thanks for taking care of her!  😁

    2. Hoopers


      😍 estas enorme cerdita! Cada dia mas redonda y cerdita

  11. Just waiting the approval! 😘


    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Some more donuts every day will do magic things to little girl's curves.

    2. grateful


      Completely fat and completely hot!  😍🔥

      Your making my head explode!   😂

      Thanks for the update!  😁

    3. Chimaira10


      Those pants are about to explode of you Laura with more donuts. I love how fast you are gaining and your belly is amazing 😍😍

  12. Laura, your little fat girl, is waiting for her breakfast and you appear with her favorite food ... Donuts !!, but first exercise! Laura hates the morning exercise, actually, the whole exercise ... but you know how to motivate that fat pig, some jumps equal to some donuts. Obviously you are doing this because you want to see all her extra fat jiggling and what a show you will have! After a few jumps, you will give all the donuts to Laura and she will be a very hot hog!!


  13. hello everyone, how is going this 2020??... hope everything good!!

    I have a really good video named: Donuts for Little Laura

    and is coming tomorrow😘😘😘

    hope you enjoy me😙




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    2. SeanBean172


      Little Laura? Idk about that....

    3. grateful


      More donut damage please!  😍🥰😁

    4. Chimaira10


      I wish I was there to massage your belly after 🤗😍

  14. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!💓🐖💓🐖💓🐖


  15. 😘😘😘 


    1. grateful


      Excited!  😍

      Thank you! 😁

  16. My belly is being wrowing for years, however a year ago at the begining of December 2018 I registered a huge number for my weigh in, this year you are gonna be crazy with the new number, all the extra fat that i played and how hot i look with my neew extra kilos plus... i will update my goals. enjoy it!!


  17. Hey, how are you? ... these days have been super difficult for me, I faced some personal problems, however, here I am and as always I have been eating like a crazy pig and finally tomorrow is the day ... "DECEMBER 2019 WEIGH IN" is coming ... by the way, Santa is preparing many gifts for all of you, keep waiting 😚😁😃


    1. Residentsteven


      Sorry to hear that Laura hope you are feeling better now, I cannot wait to find out how much you weigh now.

    2. softsliver


      Sucks what you might be going through I hope for the best, thanks for a update your content always is a gift Christmas or not.

    3. AustinMLucas1995


      That's horrible beautiful, thanks for the update and next year I can't wait to see how big you'll get

  18. BTW, have a nice night 💋🔥


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    2. Chimaira10


      So fine and am in love with your expanding body 🥰

    3. glamdring1287


      Belly is getting bigger and bigger

    4. Tomcat16


      Oh my. You certainly piled on the pounds since last year, and the angle you picked for the photo shows off the extent of your curves in a wonderful way.

      I especially appreciate that little roll of fat along the bottom of your belly spilling out onto your thighs, like doughy, soft handles waiting to be squeezed. 

      I'm excited to see more pictures of GIFs you might upload, and I hope you enjoy yourself eating and plumping up as much as those who view you on this site. 

  19. Hello everyone, I’m super exiting because December is about to be a really special month... a year ago I updated my weight before all the festivities... this year I will do the same and I’m pretty sure you are gonna be crazy... here you have something from a year ago 💋💋💋



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    2. panhype2


      ... and these pants deserve a mention too. Extra cool!

    3. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Great idea. I am waiting for this surprise how sexy ou may look wearing this cute outfit this year.

    4. Chimaira10


      Hope you still have them leggings. You will be stuffed into them 🥰🥰😘



    This video contain the last time I measured my huge body, and a new update is coming with the “DECEMBER 2019 WEIGHT-IN”, so enjoy this sale, from $9.99 to $5.99


    ENJOY IT!!… the sale ends by December 2nd!!



    “December 2019 weight-in” is coming soon, and you can’t miss any update of my weight, so here you have “NEW WEIGHT IN + WEIGHT IN COMPILATION” from $9.99 to $5.99


    ENJOY IT!!… the sale ends by December 2nd!!




  22. Delicious butt, huge belly and extra fat everywhere... plus, churros! This is how Laura gives you the best fat play ever, enjoy it!!


  23. Happy Thanksgiving  Day!!... hope you pas a wonderful night!!💋

    I have a gift for all of you... a new video coming tonight with a wonderful discount!!, hope you enjoy it!! 💋🔥💋🔥



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    2. gflono86


      Soo gorgeous 😍😍😍

    3. Chimaira10


      Your amazing Laura 🥰🥰🥰😘

  24. Hey how are you?? … I’m basically getting fatter 🔥💋



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    2. H12222


      When’s the next weight update :)

    3. JordiB


      Love the weight gain powder you have in the background. I guess this it's been very useful lately :)

  25. I wish you a wonderful day!! 🔥💋


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    2. grateful


      My face just fell into my monitor!   😍🥰😁

      Great pic! Thanks!  😃

    3. Chimaira10


      Beautifull 🥰🤤🥰

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