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  1. bbwfan54

    Tahlia Diaz

    This woman is SERIOUSLY gorgeous, and not afraid to let the rest of us see it! Thanks to all posters of this beauty!
  2. bbwfan54

    Amber Nova

    Built like a brick shithouse! And that's a good thing!
  3. Nice comparison, the "girl next door" versus a, well, let's just say, quite a vixen! All wrapped up in one incredibly gorgeous human being!
  4. Good Gracious, Young Lady, those are some truly delicious, wonderful curves! Welcome, and thank you for posting your thoughts and photos, they are certainly the way to make a great entry!
  5. She could be possibly be twice the size in the last shot as opposed to the first shoot at 16 pic! Horizontally, of course! Love it, Thanks for the pics!
  6. it's like being crushed to death by her incredible wonderfulness, and I mean that in a good way!
  7. Everything North and South of that spectacular ass is pretty damn stellar, too!😉
  8. Sweet Jumpin' Jehoshaphat, that last picture! Gaaaaahhhhhhh, I would risk death jumping from my balcony to hers for a night with that woman! And that lingerie? As nice as it is, I don't think she would be wearing it too long! That is if I survive the jump, of course. Thanks for the great pics!
  9. What a beautiful woman with an absolutely phenomenal figure! Good God, those legs! Thanks for the pics.
  10. Almost unbelievably beautiful. With or without makeup, a wonder to behold.
  11. Welcome to the Funhouse! I am loving those stretch marks, perhaps from recent gaining? Would love to see some pix with better resolution, for such a pretty, shapely woman! And thanks for posting your photos!
  12. What a gorgeous, scrumptious little morsel! Top to bottom, the camera loves her! And she does look like she has put on a few (or more!). The smile, the curves, even cute chubby fingers, the whole package! Thanks to all posters for the pix.
  13. bbwfan54

    Stellar Candid

    It's a little like she is praying to or entreating the phallic symbol in front of her! Just a killer chunky little cutie. Thanks for the post.
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