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  1. Absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing this beautiful woman! Specially like the first pic.....
  2. Incredible and beautiful gain in such a short time! Well done, Cookie! You are looking amazingly delicious!
  3. Went from a stick to a really pretty BBW! Niiiiiiiiiccce. Thanks for the post.
  4. Hi Cookie, looking good, you are very pretty! Hope you like it here!
  5. Quite a journey, your figure has filled out very nicely, and thanks for gracing us with photos!
  6. Very impressive belly!
  7. Allow me the privilege of being first to say, "Lovely Belly"!
  8. Scorchin' hot, I must say! I eagerly await Chapter 3. And the effects of the shoveling!
  9. This woman is beautiful at any weight! Them legs!
  10. Incredible Booty, that is undeniable, but Gorgeous, I would Love, Love, Love, to see more of them powerhouse legs of yours! May I humbly suggest photos from a stationary camera, so we can see those amazing "gams" (heh, old time word, I know) in their mesmerizing entirety! And "grazie mille" for all the wonderful posts!
  11. She looks like she is 3 times thicker than then the women in front and back of her, brown sweater and beige dress! And whatever fastener is holding closed on the white shirt top must be from the planet Krypton! Oh yeah!
  12. Simply a plump, lush and voluptuous figure, topped off by a gorgeous face and incredible screen presence. Gained a load of weight, and continues to proudly display her incredible curves as they grow and her body softens. Movements are amazingly sensual, sinuous, and erotic. Yeah, she's got nothing that would make her a goddess here, now, does she?(???). Heh.
  13. She looks like she probably exhaled like she almost exploded after her titanic effort to hold that belly in!
  14. Dear HLK, you are just COVERED head to toe in Awesome Sauce! The Extra Strength Variety! Unreal. Thanks for all the great photos!
  15. I feel as if I detect a certain kind of "discrimination", if you will. She has to stand at the end of the line, where her chubby little (very attractive!) legs and figure are mostly obscured by some sort of logo and music stand during the entire song! Or am I imagining shit? And I really, realllllllyyy wanted to see a good view of that gorgeous plumper wiggling in that nice, short clinging dress!
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