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  1. Incredible comparison, one of the best B/A on record! This woman is going to be as round as she is tall! First pic she may be a little young, but in that after, just fucking wow. I wonder what all the differences are in that little gem?
  2. Zachi, you Rock! I have seen the pics directly above, like most of our "persuasion", so to speak! But the new updated ones, at least for me, just blow me away! The young lady is just so nuclear hot! Maybe even a little more chunkalicious! Thanks for the post, if ya got more, I'll look at 'em!
  3. Jumpin' Jehosaphat, that shot of her walking in the surf, just wonderful! Thanks for the pics!
  4. bbwfan54

    Amber Nova

    Egads, the very definition of "Built like a Brick Shithouse", and oh, in such a good way!
  5. As far as I am concerned, a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman! And this woman is just gorgeous! And, Oh Joy, Oh Rapture, they come in all delicious sizes, shapes, colors, etc! A Visual Smorgasbord! No wonder I have scorched retinas!
  6. She bulges so nicely in all the right places! Thanks for the pics!
  7. Hi There, Nikki, I loved your introduction, glad you are enjoying your newfound liberation! Now, Love, about an "after" pic, well, personally I would love to see the effects of your current indulgences! And enjoy being "nell'Italia" (I hope that is the right phrase!) bbwfan54
  8. I can't wait until this woman is a wide as she is tall! Which is hopefully soon! Yowza!
  9. Hi Sophie, Welcome, hope you enjoy it here. Don't forget the old standby......pizza!
  10. Damn, that momentary glance at them tree trunk calves and powerhouse legs! Thick as a brick!
  11. Heh, once this beautiful young chubette gets married, has a couple of kids, starts going thru life, etc. I think she will really "blossom", so to speak! I can see the pounds piling up. Adding to all those delicious rolls. By Jove, she even has cute little "starter" cankles, should one care to look closely! Thanks for all the pix!
  12. 34 seconds in, the black woman in the second row with the pink outfit and black stripes? Just freaking spectacular, banging breasts, belly and buttocks! And it appears she has a pretty face, would love to get next to her!
  13. Very pretty face, looks SO much better than the skeletal pic! Although I have never seen her before now, she now looks just like what she is, a beautiful young woman!
  14. Plump and perfect, without being artificial looking! And I know she is extremely made-up and possibly 'shopped to a fare-thee-well, but still..... That color top and jeans on her, and the way they fit? Just devastating! This little chunkins is just devastating!
  15. When she is shown in the black outfit towards the end, well, she looks so fucking voluptuous it's insane! Woman is just flat out nuclear hot! Thanks for the post!
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