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  1. I feel as if I detect a certain kind of "discrimination", if you will. She has to stand at the end of the line, where her chubby little (very attractive!) legs and figure are mostly obscured by some sort of logo and music stand during the entire song! Or am I imagining shit? And I really, realllllllyyy wanted to see a good view of that gorgeous plumper wiggling in that nice, short clinging dress!
  2. Just absolutely gorgeous and delicious! Gawd, she looks so friggin' hot in those heels and that killer dress! Thanks for the post.
  3. Last girl....yum!
  4. Zachi, I just have to say "Well Done!" This young lady is truly gorgeous in face and form! Devastating in bathing suits and lingerie, that's for sure. Thanks for the post.
  5. The photo of her in the chair, oh god, so fucking hot! Just plump hotness billowing out from everywhere! Thanks for the post.
  6. Very nice, like the style, thanks for posting and would really like to see more if you have any!
  7. Retina scorching hot! I mean, she has it all, but, wow, them legs.....
  8. How my tongue longs to be that mitt....
  9. So Beautiful, So Soft and Squishy, a delight to behold!
  10. Not only documenting her gain, she seems to be absolutely flaunting it! And proud of it! Modeling aspirations, possibly? Thanks for the pics, she looks so delicious in that last set, truly a wonderful gain on a beautiful woman!
  11. Heavenly Days, that belly and those thighs! And the double chin! She is just billowing! She looks just so big and round in the above series, just wonderful! Thanks for the post.
  12. Abso-fucking-lutely beautiful at either end of the weight spectrum, but I soooooooooo prefer the afters! Just a wonderful gain on woman who starts out truly thin, then packs on serious poundage in all the right places! And want to displays to us all those glorious curves. Embracing the change. Damn great. Would I be out of line to ask timing and weight difference of this morsel? And if you have more? Thanks for the post! zachi, you rock You guys that do the "befores and afters", please start your engines....
  13. Totally beautiful, but, egads, from the waist down she has a truly exceptional lower body! Those legs! Just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, especially the photo on the beach steps. Gaaaahhhhhh! Thanks for the post.
  14. Incredible comparison, one of the best B/A on record! This woman is going to be as round as she is tall! First pic she may be a little young, but in that after, just fucking wow. I wonder what all the differences are in that little gem?
  15. Zachi, you Rock! I have seen the pics directly above, like most of our "persuasion", so to speak! But the new updated ones, at least for me, just blow me away! The young lady is just so nuclear hot! Maybe even a little more chunkalicious! Thanks for the post, if ya got more, I'll look at 'em!
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