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  1. X-mas is around the corner 😁


  2. big update! I purchased custom XL silicone breast implants (1200cc) and I can afford to get the surgery whenever, but I’m a little anxious about having an XL surgery as an obese person because the larger the implant the larger the risk of complications, and there is a much higher risk of plastic surgery complications at an obese BMI. there’s also scheduling.. January could possibly be a good time to have the surgery if my doctor is as sure as possible that I won’t have to worry about complications that could endanger my health. I don’t want to lose weight right now, I actually want to keep gaining!! so that’s taking priority over having the surgery, I’m so happy right now with my gain and my relationship - the implants aren’t going anywhere so I’m not in a rush. right now I’m visiting my partner until the 25th, it’s only the 10th and I’ve already hit my goal of 220 empty (I actually might weigh a lil more than that..). we’re aiming for 225 empty and 230 stuffed by the end of the trip 😍😍 250 by the end of the year is starting to look possible!! here are some recent body pics from my socials to give a general idea of how big I am now. I can’t believe I’ve gained 20 pounds since the beginning of September wow!!
  3. so you like your fat girls greedy, messy & h0rny?? then you’ll LOVE my first collab clip with @Curvage Casey and @MissSugarPlumpFairy !! We stuff our faces with a huge red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, eating like the sexiest slobs you’ve ever seen and making a mess as we make out between giant bites, tasting the cake on every kiss, shoving handfuls of cake into each other’s faces and licking it off of each other’s cute chubby cheeks, thighs and bellies. There’s no hotter way to get stuffed!! I have lots more spicy collab clips in the pipeline to be released - I’ll drop the next one when this video gets 5 reviews 😍🥰


  4. Will you be filming with @Curvage Casey again soon? Would love to get a custom from you two!

    1. reiinapop


      I would love to!!

    2. mbrewster


      Would absolutely love it! I'll keep my eye out for you two to film together again! Got tons of ideas for you two and your big bellies!

  5. here’s some recent 200+ pics from my trip! I looove the size difference between me and my partner ❤️
  6. I love all the updates to my thread!! I’m shooting to hit 210 stuffed and 207 empty in the time I’m visiting my partner - but hopefully I can get even bigger than that!! This year I would LOVE to hit 225, that’ll make it 50 lbs gained since I started dating my partner (I was 175 when I asked him out in May 💓) not planning on stopping.. I had an INCREDIBLE time filming with @Kaybearcutie95 @Curvage Casey & @MissSugarPlumpFairy the other week and being surrounded by fat babes made me realize I’m way happier in a bigger body and I would love to see 250 or even 300 someday 😍🥰
  7. Obviously I think you have a perfect body/belly but also you are soo friggin hot!  Those eyes and lips 😍. And I love that belly tattoo, soo unique 

  8. filming new content with @MissSugarPlumpFairy and @Curvage Casey



    1. MarshallT


      Yes, please!!!! 😍

    2. midwestfeeder


      That booty demands worship lmao

    3. Berytosz


      I may say a bit colloquially, but for best butt, you win. 😎

    4. Tastic1


      You guys are living the dream 😍

    5. sirabe123


      That's a butt a face could get lost in

  9.  Traveled to see @Curvage Casey &@MissSugarPlumpFairy for making some collab content 😍😍💞


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ExponentialGrowth
    3. user2012


      That content is going to be fire.🔥

    4. TNd3vildog88


      It's about to go down!!!!danny mcbride GIF

    5. jackal27


      Epic collaboration content upcoming! 😍

    6. Zmaster7


      This is awesome three fatties coming together this is excited 😍🐷🐷

    7. Chimaira10


      3 beauty's 🥰🥰🥰

  10. I hit 200 pounds on an empty stomach this morning (200.8) and I couldn’t be more thrilled and excited to be gaining and having a partner who loves and worships my curvy body so much.. ❤️ can’t wait to film my biggest most exciting weigh in ever!!



    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. B14


      What a babe 😍👏

    3. SVegan


      I am very attracted to your beautiful body😍.

    4. Daryl D

      Daryl D

      Lookin fantastic. You came back strong!

    5. nflames555


      Whoa baby! Omg you look amazing

  11. Schoolteacher Kawakami has been eating a lot after class.. one morning as she's getting ready for lunch she discovers she's way too fat for the skirt she always wears! She squeezes into a pair of tight denim shorts and starts her lunch, realizing that she was delivered THREE big mac burgers instead of one! Not one to waste food, Kawakami devours all 3 burgers with a big sugary coffee. She has to unzip her shorts mid-meal to make way for her growing gut. Soon it's time for her to go to class, but her shorts can barely zip! She squeezes into them, stuffed belly bulging out.


  12. Me and Abby have both gained a lot since we became feedees! We chat about all the food we want to eat and our plans for stuffing our bellies while rubbing and jiggling our round tummies and feeling how soft each other is~ I'm SO CLOSE to hitting 200 pounds on an empty stomach, I've already hit 200 stuffed before!


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