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  1. IMG_7266.thumb.JPG.da4d17024984724ef466432f9c38425f.JPG

    Its hard to believe how much I used to weigh! Can anyone guess how much I weighed when this was taken?

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    2. cycling1951


         If this was at your highest, I believe you were just over 180 lbs! 😁

    3. user2012


      161 pounds maybe? Hope you will make a comeback on gaining one beautiful day. 😊😊

    4. John Smith

      John Smith

      You weren't at your heaviest (200lbs or so) in this picture, so I deduce maybe 170-80s pounds?

    5. Angelic


      You should gain back to it! Still look good, but my god, the curves you had 😍😍😍

    6. Synthesis


      I'd say around fourty five bags of sugar 🤔 (If the bags are 4 lbs each)

    7. Will Smith

      Will Smith

      The yellow hair was around 160 so I’d guess that

  2. Super bloated!! :o I haven’t even had dinner yet. 



    1. regbill


      If your belly is that bloated before dinner then only get bigger from there.

    2. Bob.bob


      You are the thinnest person on the sight now. Congrats 😥

    3. biggirlsok


      Well this was unexpected

    4. chubluv


      Honey are you eating?


    5. Synthesis
    6. Maverick500


      Love that sexy pudgy belly of yours 🥰🥰🥰

  3. Would you ever gain the weight back ?

  4. are you an author on deviant art? If so I loved your work!!

    1. zewhatcher


      Yes I am. Still trying to author on occasion, just not as often as I used to. Thank you so much. :) It is always gratifying to meet someone who recognizes me. Been a fan of yours for a long while. I hope you are well! 

  5. Letting go and ballooning during the quarantine is so much fun, you inspired me to gain weight and be in the body I’ve always meant to be in

  6. quarantine gains... 😳

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    2. WGCompilationVideos


      It's few people on this website that can get my complete undivided attention with two words and no images but you've just once again proven yourself as the queen. I know you'll probably never gain as much you did when you were doing it actively but it's honestly a treat whenever you come back a little heavier than usual so I am super looking forward to any content that comes from this.

    3. Jetolo


      Have you been taking quarantine as an opportunity to fatten up

    4. chubluv


      The anticipation is killing me! 🤤

    5. Expanditor


      Over 2 weeks later and I'm still hoping this has a follow on... 😅

    6. ell927


      oooo wow!

  7. Your soo sexy 


    1. Curvelover2010


      If Reiinapop came back to the gaining scene the internet would literally combust. We were spoiled beyond belief from her generous gaining journey content. 

  8. Too pretty lol very good 

  9. CUSTOM: Your pregnant wife Reina can't stop burping and stuffing her face.. her insatiable pregnancy cravings have caused her to gain a lot more than just baby weight. She shows off all the areas of her fecund body that have gained as a result of her pregnancy, knowing it turns you on. Her constant sugar cravings means she's always drinking soda and letting out big burps! Your wife describes multiple binges, going out to eat and fast food confessions all because she can't stop stuffing her pregnant belly. Being pregnant has made her SO gassy and bloated constantly, she never knew how intense it could be! You love hearing about all of her embarrassing pregnant moments while she shows off her big round belly from all angles.


  10. what if I was your pregnant wife who can't stop burping, stuffing and gaining weight?~ uploading a really cute/hot new roleplay clip to curvageclips tonight!


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    2. reiinapop


      @fattony20 I have one weight gain encouragement video out, I am happy to entertain whatever ideas people may have!! I'm much more of a feedee than a feeder, but I definitely have a strong appreciation for both sides of it lol

    3. John Smith

      John Smith

      If I may assume from such given point... 🤔



    4. Manilus


      Reiinapop, I remember you

      You have been much bigger a while ago...what happened?

      How did you manage to lose all that weight?

      Just being curious :)

    5. Stephen Leonard Gladwell

      Stephen Leonard Gladwell

      Who cares shes still fucking gorgeous 

    6. Stephen Leonard Gladwell

      Stephen Leonard Gladwell

      I wont lie I was into this shit alot but I'm not personally like that but I like it but idgaf if she isnt chunky anymore shes a certified dime piece regardless and will always be 

    7. NogutNoglory


      I'm curious myself!!! Give me some tips!!

  11. I’ll be your little balloon 🎈 


    1. fattony20


      Aww little blimpy belly

    2. regbill


      You are one beautiful balloon.❤️

  12. someone was naughty over thanksgiving break.. here's my confession.. I ate sooo much I managed to gain almost 11 lbs in 4 days... and 5 pounds gained the week before break! It all went straight to my ass, thighs, belly and face. I talk about my new curves, my deviant defiance of my regular diet, and what the future holds as far as my curviness goes! I try on 2 pairs of jeans that fit only 2 weeks ago, and rub some oil on my formerly flat stomach. my body feels so different now!!


  13. crazy how gaining weight is almost infinitely easier to do by accident.. in the week leading up to thanksgiving break, I put on 5 lbs (final exams are approaching and i'm a stress eater). over thanksgiving break I managed to gain almost an additional 11 lbs (10.8 to be exact) and ALL of the weight stuck to my belly, thighs and face. 

    i filmed a weight reveal video where I talk all about how someone "accidentally" gains 15 lbs in less than a month, and I try on two pairs of jeans that fit me only 2 weeks ago! I also talk about what the rest of the month has in store for me, future videos and more. 

    before all the comments come, i do not have plans to intentionally gain more weight. if it happens doing the occasional food challenge video that would be neat! as you can see I gain super easily :'D 

    in 2 days I have an all day stuffing planned with a friend, and I will be filming part of it! but nothing else for the rest of the month besides christmas. open to whatever the future holds I guess~



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. reiinapop


      @ButtonBuster ice cream mostly!! :P 

    3. berserker1


      Dont worry, I know you wont, but, ma'am! It would be so fucking incredible if you start gaining again. We can always dream, right?

      Glad to ser you doing great

    4. user2012


      15 lbs!! Wow you are the champ. And christmas yet to come.😍

    5. brock.9000


      You got my support if you gain again baby

    6. WGCompilationVideos


      This is awesome to see! It's good that you're not compromising your health to go through the same process as before, but seeing you with even a little bit of extra weight is always a treat.

      I'm kind of curious if you'll intentionally lose the weight or just see what happens naturally. Whichever choice you make, you're bound to look great doing it.

  14. i love any excuse to stuff my piehole with uh, pie. like many americans, i have mixed feelings about the origins of thanksgiving but history aside - I have a lot to be thankful for! 

    what are your favorite thanksgiving desserts or some thing YOU are thankful for? 

    also a reminder - now is a great time to take advantage of the black friday sale on curvageclips and buy some discounted content from any of the gorgeous ladies on here ❤️



    1. dj2k1357


      Is this a new stuffing coming from you?

    2. todforpresident2019
    3. mattkoty
    4. devpizzaslice


      Brb, on my way to buy it! 💖

    5. John Smith

      John Smith

      It's insanely fascinating to see how your face trimmed up while the rest of your figure is slowly blimping back. 

  15. Happy thanksgiving to my american fetish fans! I put my eating skills to the test against a whole pumpkin pie, and manage to devour the entire thing in 8.5 minutes! I wash it all down with root beer, then I eat 3 big slices of cake! I hope you enjoy watching me stuff my face and turn my flat stomach into a huge round foodbaby full of holiday desserts. There are several really big burps here too if you're into that! This clip is filmed straight through with no film cuts/transitions - I eat everything in one sitting!


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