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  1. empty morning belly versus so round, bloated and inflated after live streaming 🥵 a FAR CRY from how I used to look!!! ~80 pounds gained between then and now ❤️
  2. can’t WAIT for this clip to be approved!!! turns me on so much when @goodgirlgrow funnel feeds me pure weight gain shake what’s in my shake? 2 bananas, confetti cake mix, 2 scoops of protein powder and almond milk 🥵💕
  3. before and after a big stuffing!!! I can’t wait to get even rounder and softer!! I’m loving that thicc lower belly curve even when my stomach is empty~
  4. Goodgirlgrow wants to stuff my belly until it’s massively round and sloshy, full of weight gain shake to make me even fatter! My shake has 2 bananas, cake mix, almond milk and a lot of protein powder - it’s so filling but I can’t get enough of it and I chug and chug until every drop is in my gut. GoodGirlGrow rubs and jiggles my belly between funnel feeding me more thick weight gain shake. Best friends making each other fatter in the hottest ways!!


  5. I have a horrible secret.. recently I haven't been able to STOP stuffing my face and it's driving my roommate @goodgirlgrow crazy because I keep eating all her leftovers and snacks!! She has a special potion drink just for me that's supposed to fix my piggie problems, I drink it and suddenly I start feeling funny and I'm snorting like a PIG even more than before! Suddenly I grow pink piggie ears and get even HUNGRIER, all I can think about is shoving my face in a trough.. before I know it I've also sprouted a little pink piggie tail and it feels SO RIGHT to get down on my hands and knees oinking and begging to be fed! ** this clip was shot in HDR - if the color in the clip looks off in streaming don't worry - download it and view to fix it!


  6. Your cute little long distance girlfriend finally flew out to see you!! Only something's NOT at all what you expected.. You open the door and the girl you see looks like she just ATE the girl in the pictures from her dating profile. She's so much fatter in person! She shyly acknowledges it immediately, blushing and giggling as she explains her quarantine weight gain and talks about getting fat. She notices you start to get turned on watching her get embarrassed about her weight gain - she guesses you DO love fat girls! She doesn't hesitate to undress for you down to her bra and panties, cute chubby legs in socks and love handles bulging out from her hips. (POV) She takes the lead after noticing your arousal and straddles you, kissing your face and jiggling her soft belly right in your lap~


  7. Roleplay: @goodgirlgrow and I started dating when we were both thin, she became my feedee and over the years I fed her to over 200 pounds - tonight is our anniversary! She surprises me with my favorite burgers, fries and a milkshake. She notices she’s not the ONLY one who’s been getting fatter in our relationship, recently in the quarantine lockdown I’ve been home eating all her leftovers and I’ve gained around 70 pounds GoodGirlGrow realizes she’s also into feeding ME, and turns the tables on me after we finish feeding each other bites of our burgers, demolishing them. She pins me down under her weight and stuffs French fries in my mouth, making me moan both from her weight on me and the delicious food... the tables have turned!!!


  8. New clip with @goodgirlgrow coming out TOMORROW!! Dominant Feedee GF Anniversary RP Stuffing ❤️  


    1. DaddyT


      Wow the both of you are perfect 😍 two perfect plump piggies! 

  9. Me and my friend Amy love stuffing ourselves, this time we go out to eat together at a mexican restaurant! We chat about gaining weight and outgrowing clothes, tv shows, getting vaccinated, and having fun while we stuff food in our faces! Watch me demolish an enchilada, tostada and 2 cheesy burritos AND a shrimp quesadilla, and 2 margaritas! My belly gets so full and heavy, after stuffing we weigh ourselves (bet ya can't guess who weighed more~) and squeeze and rub each other's stuffed bellies.


  10. It wasn't necessarily a conscious choice, I tricked my brain into thinking I was starving over 2 years so when I started eating again all I could think about (almost obsessively) was eating more, so I did and I gained crazy fast because eating relatively little for a couple years slowed my metabolism down a LOT. The first time I gained weight my metabolism was a lot faster so it took me about 2-3 times as long to gain the same amount, it had everything to do with my physiological response to binge eating after fasting and restricting my diet for years, nothing to do with the money. I did anticipate that people would be excited to see me gaining again, and that proved to be very right! My friends have been very kind and accepting of my weight gain and supportive/encouraging, since they are aware of what I was going through before I decided to gain. My family still hasn't seen me fat... Thank you so so much!! I used to feel bad when I overate, but I don't as much anymore because I'm doing what I want to do and I shouldn't feel guilty about it! ❤️
  11. eating sushi off a hottie is my dream come true!! Watch me cover @goodgirlgrow with sushi and eat it off of her one bite at a time, with chopsticks and just licking it off! At the end, my belly is so full and heavy it’s pushing into her.. we LOVE to see it!!


  12. Good morning!!! Raiding my phone for some cute collab pictures for you 💕 found a few more before/afters too!!
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