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  1. Where are these from? She hasn't posted in a while, are they part of her FA tier Snap?
  2. @maebh17 Would you ever consider or be willing to make anymore cooking videos?
  3. The only way this could really happen is if she started doing weight gain shakes. That or a lot of sweets, or heavier home cooked meals. Personally I'd rather the home cooked meal and regular stuffings route instead of the WG shakes.
  4. I agree with you and I know life gets in the way and I've never held it against her. Just the venom being spewed though... I'm just hoping that she's doing okay. It could but that'd have to be her decision.
  5. She's back with some new content but the comments... wow... I just don't get it man.
  6. Hope we'll get to see a new update soon. I hope everything is alright on her end.
  7. Not chubby enough 😉😊 could always do with quite a bit more.
  8. Agreed, but if some people are new and don't know, that's cool.
  9. Okay so the new content is really good. Sucks that there was no sound to it. I like those Q&A's they are really interesting. Also the new swim suit was really cute looking. I might be the only one to say that but it did look rather cute.
  10. Oh... so there is no cake... I was really looking forward to some like chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc. and what do you mean by, "cake" I'm confused.
  11. She's a giant, god damn she's beautiful and the sensuality coming off her must be intense.
  12. 😂😂😄 Ha, ha, ha, ha and here I thought we were going to have another segment of this thread sent to the Abyss. 🖖👍
  13. Here's one from her Green Kimono video, I do like the direction of these videos and I do hope that she does more stuffing videos like these in the near future.
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