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  1. I've always thought @Curvage Casey and Mal would be an interesting team up. Especially on Casey's podcast. Just two ladies chatting about anything and everything. Me personally, I don't think her mentioning a collab with Boberry was to, "mollify the fans". She did say the whole experience was a mixed bag of feeling enthralled, and or shocked by it all. This just may be a fantasy of hers, who knows. It still sounds like to me that she's quite shy about it all. Maybe a collab would be a good thing. @Miners666 I heard that she is planning on posting them to OF, though I wonder why her P is for all intense purposes DOA. @Eskeld Thanks, I was curious as I had heard some rumors about her health, glad to hear that she's doing well.
  2. Well I'm glad to admit to being wrong on the whole reason why for her weight gain. It's good to have a an answer, not leaving one to delve into what some had "claimed" to have heard or taken as gospel from having "conversations" with Mal. Lots of those came came across as quite spiteful in nature. So I have to agree with @Miners666 that getting to hear from Mal, her thoughts and feelings on the manner was quite illuminating. Was the whole stream just about the fetish or just a general Q&A? I'm quite curious. I've caught the link here and that's it. Did Mal ever mention what happened to her sister Val? Just hoping Mal posts more and again doesn't mind dropping in on the thread to start up a bit of a conversation.
  3. I love this photo, if she just had a cape I could see her being the Goth version of PowerGirl this past Halloween. This little black number just shows that she's as luxurious as she always been even more so. In all sincerity though, she is looking quite happy, it's not in her smile but in the way her eyes just light up. Seeing this as something that looks to have brought her joy then all I can say is that I'm happy for her. I can't say that I won't miss BBW Mal but seeing her cry in some of her videos and looking unhappy in others is why I stopped subbing. Her well being both physically and mentally is worth more than the fetish if I'm allowed to be honest. Aside from that there could be a wide array of reasons why Mal lost weight and well, its happened. No sense in losing sleep over it. I just hope that she doesn't look upon us with disdain like others have and comes back to hang out and and have a nice chat. That being said here's to her being happy, healthy, and of course staying the classy lady she is.
  4. These are some of those pictures where Enigmatic truly at least for me captures what Mal is. Akin to a actress in a film noir, sultry with an air of mystery. I do hope she does more cooking videos, maybe a Q&A video with her sister would be kind of fun. Overall however it is great just to have her back.
  5. Where are these from? She hasn't posted in a while, are they part of her FA tier Snap?
  6. @maebh17 Would you ever consider or be willing to make anymore cooking videos?
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