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  1. IF is mainly used for weight loss, and isn't recommended for anyone who struggles to eat a lot. It's difficult to get 3,000+ calories in a single meal - and to get all your daily nutrients in that one meal you'd have to do some pretty weird food combining.
  2. Gusto

    Jennifer Lopez

    Man, she and Gwen Stefani look amazing for 50.
  3. Olive oil is definitely healthier than cream but hard to tolerate lots of it in one sitting. Drinking a cup of oil would make most people throw up I think lol. How did your ex consume it?
  4. You can gain 2 lbs a week using just heavy cream, and it should only cost you like $8 a week. Just eat normally during the day, and drink about a cup and a half of cream at night before bed. If you can't stomach the taste, make a milkshake with it using some ice cream. It fits in a small glass and goes down really easy.
  5. You can use heavy cream in place of water with mass gainer but it's not very palatable. Even using milk + mass gainer is far too thick imo. Mass gainer goes down easiest with just water.
  6. Sometimes the body goes through plateaus. If you just keep eating over maintenance, it will eventually catch up to you. Key is to really make sure you're meeting your calorie needs every day. Sometimes that means keeping close tabs on everything you eat (not as much fun to gain this way, but effective). You can't go wrong with adding heavy cream milkshakes before bed. They pack quite a punch in a tiny glass. You can add peanut butter, oreos, pb cups, etc. to increase the calories. Probably not the best thing to consume if you have any sort of blood sugar issues though.
  7. She guzzles heavy cream, like 3200 calories of cream in one sitting. One cup of cream has over 800 calories. If you have trouble drinking it straight just use the cream in place of milk when making milkshakes. I honestly don't think there is anything more effective than cream. I mean oil is but who can drink a cup of oil without puking lol
  8. This has to be my all time favorite photo - I've never seen anyone with this body shape, she's one of a kind
  9. Gusto

    Weight Gain

    The least expensive way to gain is drinking heavy cream. If you drink a cup a day you'll gain a pound and a half a week. Walmart and Costco sell it cheap. You can make milkshakes with it to make it go down easier, just combine it with ice cream. If you want to gain rapidly, you can make cake shakes. Here's a recipe that was used by another gainer (ffafeed): 3 cups of whole milk 2 cups of heavy cream ½ a box cake mix 2900 Calories
  10. I know of several fast gainers who gained evenly all over as well
  11. Does anyone know what prompted Jess to do this for a fashion show?! lol
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