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  1. She's definitely thickened up over the years - gorgeous shape
  2. I've always wondered if the people on My 600 Lb Life experience any sort of pain or discomfort from eating that much food on a regular basis. I'd imagine it would largely depend on each person's ability to properly digest the food. Some people have a hard time processing fats, for instance, while others might have some kind of gut flora issue that interferes with absorption, etc. Even if your digestive system is in tip top shape, I can't imagine how one would have an appetite for that many calories unless there is some kind of disconnect in the body's appetite regulation system.
  3. It's hard enough for women who are into this fetish to endure through all the negative repercussions of gaining much less someone who is not naturally interested in feedism. If someone is gaining for their partner and not because they themselves genuinely want to get bigger, it usually doesn't end well. You have to be pretty hardcore to keep gaining long term.
  4. I'm so happy you felt moved to join Curvage - I hope your experience is positive and everything you hoped it would be!
  5. We just need someone to test out this theory and report back with the results=) I'd love to see someone document their gain eating 5k for a week, then 6k, etc.
  6. Expecting a thank you from sex workers is like expecting the CEO of Warlmart to thank you for buying a pair of shorts lol. That being said, the models who nurture a personal connection with those who buy their content make more money than the ones who don't.
  7. Holy shit I don't remember her ever looking this chubby! She must be eating good
  8. And it's not like a foot fetish or something where there are no negative consequences
  9. Pic of her mother She went by Calico Bombshell - hasn't posted to her IG in five years. I wonder what happened to her
  10. The video is private so we can't watch it
  11. Gusto

    Kirsten Dunst

    Wow, I don't like it when time suddenly fast forwards like that. I don't keep up with celebs so this happens a lot lol
  12. SPOILERS | | | Can't wait for tonight's episode!! Jess sipping chocolate milk from a champagne glass
  13. I'm curious what sites your'e referring to
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