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  1. Jessica has been cast for Big Brother USA this summer.
  2. That's a tricky one. It's best to see a nutritionist and follow their advice, as it's dangerous to be giving nutritional advice to anyone with health issues like diabetes. That being said, eating large meals can mess with your blood sugar so I'd try to have more frequent smaller meals balanced with protein, fat, and some whole grain carbohydrates. I would also try to eat more healthy fats like coconut oil, avocados, olive oil, nuts and seeds, nut butter, whole fat dairy products like cottage cheese, greek yogurt, etc.
  3. Your health and personal desires, needs and happiness should always come first. I would never suggest that someone gain for a partner if it's not something they personally want to do for themselves. Especially if it causes health issues, and if you don't enjoy the physical implications like being out of breath, not being able to maneuver around as easily, etc.
  4. If you're lucky your tastes will change someday like mine did. I used to be the same as you but now I'm happy with merely chubby girls who are enthusiastic about eating:-)
  5. It would be a lot easier if there was a dating website that was exclusively for people looking for an actual relationship. The feedist sites that are available currently make it difficult to discern who is just looking for an online feeder (there are also a lot of sex workers looking to make money from gaining) vs those who are seeking a real, in person relationship with a feeder.
  6. 5'9" to 5'11", 200+ lbs, BMI over 30, thick hourglass (wide hips, thick thighs, big booty, no belly) But I appreciate all shapes & sizes
  7. True hourglass (esp hourglass with pear tendencies) don't usually get a big belly. It usually stays quite small compared to their breasts & hips
  8. Welcome to Curvage! I'm really looking forward to keeping tabs on your journey! Did you take any measurements before you started gaining (22 lbs ago)?
  9. Layla just posted some pics on her Instagram of she and Tammy at Disneyland
  10. Gusto

    Who is this girl?

    How did we miss this legendary gain?!
  11. She uploaded a video on another site on January 30th so it looks like she's still around
  12. I came into this fetish around the same time as you so I can relate to a lot of what you described. I feel like the whole problem would be resolved if there was a dating site exclusively for people looking for in person relationships, where the exchange of money isn't allowed (wishlists, paypal donations, etc.) It seems like that would be the only way to filter out the aspiring models/sex workers from women who are looking for an actual in person feeder. If I was tech savvy, I'd make a dating site like this myself but I'm pretty computer illiterate.
  13. Gusto


    From the album: Maria Gjieli

  14. Gusto


    Wow, what a beauty!
  15. Really enjoying the 10yearchallenge
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