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  1. Minh-Ly was already getting thick and seemed to be constantly eating, was really looking forward to watching her gain 🙁
  2. Looks like plus size model Haley Rudolph but not sure
  3. Your enthusiasm for this fetish is thrilling. I honestly can't believe how quickly you're plumping up (your belly is already touching your lap!) Thank you for showering us with so much quality content and giving us the opportunity to witness your growth in real time. You are such a gift to this community!
  4. She uploaded a video four days ago
  5. I tried Soylent once and had a very unpleasant experience. Came right out the other end lol
  6. I'm in shock at how chubby you've become in such a short period of time! Your breasts look enormous compared to just a couple weeks ago. What a mind blowing gain
  7. Gusto


    From the album: Erin Klay

  8. Gusto


    From the album: Erin Klay

  9. Gusto


    From the album: Erin Klay

  10. Gusto


    From the album: Erin Klay

  11. Gusto


    From the album: Erin Klay

  12. Translation: "In the past five years, in order to prevent misunderstandings, I want to say that I really did n’t intentionally gain weight. I just have a good appetite. I have to eat almost 4,000 yuan per month. This is relatively expensive in China. And I really hate sports ... I almost didn't move, and I still want to emphasize again, my blood sugar, blood pressure, lipids are all normal, I didn't hurt myself, I just enjoyed the food 😋"
  13. I would never purchase content directly from a model. Best bet is just to stick to trusted clip sites like this one. I'll never understand how women can even keep up with the demand on their own lol. Sounds like it would be a total nightmare in terms of keeping things organized, much less trying to find time to fulfill hundreds of unique customs.
  14. What impresses me the most is not only that she gained 100 lbs in less than nine months, but that she has continued to gain 11 lbs a month without slowing down or plateauing. I don't think there has been a more consistent, prolonged rapid gain in the history of this community.
  15. Water weight doesn't stick, so if you weigh yourself weekly and continue seeing your weight increase, it means you're gaining fat.
  16. Gusto

    Does Weight Gain Stop?

    It all depends on how consistently she overeats. Eating more than your daily maintenance results in weight gain. A lot of people tend to overeat one day, then they undereat (often subconsciously) for a day or two which cancels out the gains.
  17. This thread wouldn't be so depressing if we just reversed the images and pretended they were before and after gaining lol
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