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  1. I think that the dress fits perfectly..even more so after a huge meal and a few drinks.
  2. Love your enthusiasm about getting fatter and fatter. Can't wait to see how all of that energy will go once you really start getting fat, lazy and completely out of shape.
  3. You are such a hot, greedy and sexy pig...Gotta love that button pop.
  4. Eager and greedy. I see great fat things happening in your future. Loved how you unbuttoned your jeans and belly did the rest.
  5. Stunning woman + No self control = HOT!
  6. You eating out a bakery. Now that would be a sight to see.
  7. Looks like Kim hasn't been that busy lately (at least from a physical standpoint).
  8. Damn Kitty you're getting so fat, especially your arse which is looking extra plump and doughy. Could play with that butt for days.
  9. Goddamn you continue to amaze, Shar. Also, you kind off had a Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction) look going about you in this..
  10. Definitely one of the hottest and sexiest women on this site.
  11. I could watch you shake, bounce and jiggle for days. Stunning.
  12. You are too adorable and beautiful. Just want to shake that belly.
  13. You two are great together, can't wait to see more.
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