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  1. So..hot. Hope you had the door frames of your new house widened.
  2. You are amazing...as plain and simple as that.
  3. So fucking HOT! Could feed you cake after cake after cake, until you won't be able to even move.
  4. All that junk food that you've been greedily stuffing yourself with is reeeally starting to catch up with you, Nicole. Looking quite fat 'n' chunky now.
  5. Damn Laura! Empty chip packets, bottles & wrappers littered around everywhere, doing nothing but constantly partying and greedily stuffing yourself all the time.. You've really become a FAT PIG!!
  6. You're such a pig... And I love it.
  7. I would say that the skinny guy ultimately won, but, I doubt there would've been much of him left.
  8. God freakin damn Kitty. You in that white dress...I really had to use a lot of control.
  9. He walks into her room and sees her laying back on her bed, with empty KFC boxes and buckets laying around her engorged body. All he can say as he looks on as she rubs and squeezes her enormous belly while groaning and moaning in pain and pleasure is "Look at how FAT you've let yourself get..You pig."
  10. This greedy goddess doing what she does best..being an absolute PIG! ..maybe go for 20 tacos next?
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