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  1. Fuck Shar looked liked you were about to explode. Must be a site to see for other people when you go on these vacations. A beautiful girl greedily stuffing herself...making herself fatter and fatter.
  2. Beautiful as always. Would always look hot no matter the hair style or colour.
  3. Wish I could off been in that pool.
  4. So beautiful, just want to grab & jiggle those hips and that belly.
  5. Gabbo

    Female wrestlers

    Ember has always been thick, but damn. She's looking a little more juicer lately.
  6. With all the female wrestlers gaining weight, they should start up another promotion.
  7. The fattest you have ever been alright, you're spilling out of everything and everywhere. You greedy pig.
  8. One of these days you're going to plop into that chair and it'll collapse from under you.
  9. Amazing. You're pretty much bigger than the fridge now.
  10. Damn Laura, you're looking absolutely huge in this. I guess it is true what they say, you are what you eat. I mean you're belly is literally starting to resemble a burger. You really have let yourself become a fat PIG!
  11. Constantly stuffing yourself with junk food and drinking alcohol...Like where this is heading.
  12. Wow, you're really starting to fill out now. Especially with your hips and thighs.
  13. I can imagine you as a pop star Shar. Your manager always on your case about dieting and trying to throw hints at you to lose weight but you just keep stuffing yourself and gorging on whatever is front of you, quickly getting out of breath on stage and also not fitting into your outfits.
  14. Looking extra doughy and fat in this Laura... Gods you're hot.
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