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  1. Gabbo

    Doctor's Reaction to 100lb Gain

    100 pounds! Jeez, you really have let yourself go.
  2. Gabbo

    Spoilt Brat

    I can picture you walking (well, waddling) around in Willy Wonker's Chocolate Factory stuffing your greedy self full of everything in sight.
  3. Gabbo

    Dreamy's Measurements!

    Dreamy's gettin' chunky.
  4. You really (and I mean really) let yourself go. You got FAT!
  5. Love it. Should do some more vids like these on other characters from animations, video games, comic books & movies.
  6. Gabbo

    Another Tiny Shorts Selfie Photo Set

    So hot!!!! I wish that you could wear those shorts forever, but something tells me that they don't have much time left.
  7. Damn! Both the top & jeans look practically painted on.
  8. Gabbo

    Too Small to Go Out?

    Could watch you bouncing & jiggling around, trying to squeeeeze into your too small clothes all day.
  9. Gabbo

    Big butt and belly smashing you

    That's ONE lucky dude.
  10. Gabbo

    Burger and Fries Before Bed

    Keep eating like this before bed & you'll be big in no time.
  11. Definitely looking a little rounder & more softer....Still don't know how you get into those shorts.
  12. Wouldn't be able to keep my eyes off you. Especially while you were wearing either that tight dark red dress & that black outfit.
  13. Gabbo

    Tiny Clothes Photo Set

    Absolutely stunning Ero. Loved the full body shot. Looked like Aphrodite or Venus. Also, how did you even get into those shorts (if that's what you could call them)?
  14. All of your greed (and it's effects) on for show without any shame whatsoever. When people look up gluttony in the dictionary, there should be an image of you next to it.
  15. Gabbo

    Blue Dress

    Looking plumper than ever (well, at least I think so). That belt looked like it could off given up at any moment, not to mention that dress as well. Really liking the dark hair.
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