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  1. You truly are a greedy, fat, gluttonous, PIG! Please don't ever stop.
  2. Would love to fatten you up even more Casey. To tie you up and feed you without end.
  3. Looks like you need to be driven around in a limousine, constantly stopping at every drive-through.
  4. Payback for nurse Laura for eating all of the patient's meals.
  5. Bow down and give up your food to this goddess.
  6. I'd be staring too, you're getting BIG!. Your arms are looking really rolly polly...if that makes sense.
  7. Bring the queen her food. Her room must always be stacked with food and wine.
  8. You're getting so fat Shar, I could strap you to a feeding machine and just leave it running.
  9. You're amazing. Love your facial expressions.
  10. Ah a Metallica girl, even better. Funny how Metallica started playing on my computer just as I clicked on this update.
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