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  1. That'll be right, I finally come back on here after not been this site for a couple of months, and this one of the first things that I see. Not going to lie, I'm a bit disappointed now.😞 But, if it makes her happy then she can go and be happy. I suppose.
  2. You really are amazing KP. Loving the new hair colour, though you looked good with the dark hair as well. Can't wait to watch this. Even the gifs and pics are driving me nuts.
  3. Getting so fat, chunky and bloated dew to your excessive gluttony being out of control.
    Fuck the game and the films (Well, at least the Angelina Jolie ones..I thought the recent one was pretty alright and I don't mind the games either), I can watch Shar run or waddle around a jungle looking for treasure and artifacts while stuffing her face with food and getting even more fatter and out of breath any day. Anyways, if you are a fan of Tomb Raider and Shar I don't see why you wouldn't want to buy this vid.
  4. THIS...Was awesome. You looked pretty much the spitting image of Lara, only a lot heavier and fatter. Hopefully there will be a second to this..or more?
  5. Fucking cute and sexy. That belly looks like it's about to burst through that bodysuit bikini thing..whatever it is.
  6. Looking much softer and chunkier these days. You are gorgeous.
  7. You on all fours shaking that butt then just sliding backwards so smoothly...AMAZING!
  8. I can only imagine what your friends would off said and thought once their saw formerly athletic (well..somewhat athletic) friend show up after 2 months having gained over 100 pounds...Looking all bloated, and well overfed and..well.. just FAT period.
  9. 😮Looking good Lexx, definitely chunking up nicely.
  10. I don't think there would be any work getting done in that office with you shaking around like that.
  11. Fuuck you've packed it on Shar! You're basically ballooning out of all your clothes. So hot.
  12. You naughty, greedy, pig. If it was me, I wouldn't not only made you finish that cake off, but I would off made you eat another one..or two.
  13. My god Ero, you're really ballooning lately. Looking fatter and plumper with each update. Even your face has gotten chubbier, and that double chin is becoming a lot more noticable.
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