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  1. To maintain the Full HD 1080p format I’ve split the video on 2 parts... enjoy it!❤️



     Be free to enjoy me and leave your review 💋🐖💋🐖

  2. Version 1.0.0

    ...You already haves Laura begging you to stop the feeding party, but you can’t stop to enjoy al her curves and all her delicious extra fat so you keep feeding her belly and giving cans and cans of soda and beers, with no excuse you’ll be stop until she ends the third hamburger. Her burping is extremely hot and the shape of that belly stuffing to the maximum doesn’t have price. This was the ves idea that you can have. By the end Laura can’t even say a word, her breath is heavy and her belly is gonna be your huge and soft phillow.


  3. Version 1.0.0

    Laura accept your invitation for a dinner and She has no idea of your feeder disidiere. Laura arrives wearing a super tight dress that let you see all her extra fat on her body and you can’t control your self, Tonight that pig is gonna be feeding. You Take advantage of Laura's carelessness to put her on a deep dream. When Laura wakes up note that she is completely tied up and surrounded by a lot of food. Bewildered, she asks you to be released... yes with a lot of giggles on every move. And you, you’ll be limiting yourself to playing with her fat body and feeding that big belly until she can’t eat anymore. Hamburgers, pizzas, beers , sodas ... everything you can put on her mouth until you get satisfied.


  4. Coming tonight!!😏🔥😏🔥



    1. dj2k1357


      This shld be titled "50 shades of pork" 🐷🐷🐷😍😂

    2. giottano2


      Wow! I want see grow more bigger and fatter that sexy pig!🐖 I want see eat a lot of fattening foods to that beautiful fat pig!🐷

    3. dj2k1357


      Just watched and i have to say i am blown away at the creativity in this and your ability to put away so much in such a little time. Thanks for fulfilling a fantasy of mine 🐷🐷🐷🤤😍

  5. Do you like my new cover photo? 


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    2. regbill


      I'm loving your new cover photo.

  6. Have a wonderful Saturday’s night family!... I’m just gonna leave this gif of my new video who comes tomorrow’s night and is a Huge forced stuffing!!!🐽💋🔥🤰🏻


    1. dj2k1357


      I need this video in my life right now!! this looks like it might blow away all your other force feedings :D tomorrow can't come early enough :( 

    2. dj2k1357


      this is the sexiest gif teaser you have made so far :D

    3. Xfinity92


      This may be your best vid yet.  Its not just your weight that continues to increase but the quality and creativity of your content as well.

  7. Today is a perfect say because we get to see the luscious Lauren squeeze into tight white pants.  

    Ps:  i still cant over how Lauren broke that couch when she sat on her man.  Money

  8. Hi my curvage family!!…… 

    Today I was getting ready for a family dinner and everything was super good until I tried to fit on my white jeans... this was the result!!🤰🏼🐷💋




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    2. giottano2


      Wow I want see grow more and more that belly ! I want see you become huge!

    3. fatchicksarelovely


      You're beautiful that way! Very sensual and sexy!

    4. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      You are looking super sexy in those white jeans. They could not fit sexier. Your top is sweet too.

  9. Morning!!, I hope everyone one has a nice day and hey just if you are curious about how my belly looks at the next morning of a stuffed dinner...here you have!💋🐽❤️

    (Btw, that Hudd is size XL🤯)



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    2. giottano2


      More more belly! I want see your belly become more and more bigger and fatter!

    3. johnp0971



    4. renatobrazil


      Uau!!! Guapissima!!!! ;) 

  10. “Is not a good day until I got stuffed”... that’s how I’ve been enjoying my week and the results are really great!... sorry i don’t have self control 🤰🏻💋🐽... actually YOU has been doing such a good job with this little tummy!🤰🏻🐽❣️




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    2. cai man

      cai man

      You're belly is looking great! 😍

    3. giottano2


      I want see your belly grow and grow more big! I want see you huge!

    4. Chimaira10


      Holy shiat 😊😍😍

  11. Moooorning!!!, 

    after some technical problems!!.., here you have my new video!!

    enjoy it!!



  12. acdc34434

    The bad hog nurse

    Version 1

    Here you are again, ready for your annual checking, you most be ready to be with your nightmare, yes here is Laura, the nurse that every time that you return she is fatter and fatter but yes, she doesn’t know that. Her self perspective is completely wrong, at her eyes you are the fat, you are the hog and you are the one who should be avoiding sugar...How wrong is she. She is gonna be teasing you all the time and is gonna be turning you on more and more cuz she is a sexy piggy whose is eaten as crazy donuts and is drinking all the soda that she deserves.


  13. 💛❤️💛❤️Free Video Alert❤️💛❤️💛

    Won a free video, Check how clicking the link!! 

    1. S77


      The new video looks epic but I am confused about how folks can win a free version of it.  Leave a sexy comment for you here? Is that how?

    2. young9003


      you're gorgeous, would love to see!

  14. Hey hey!!, Today is a big day I’m super happy to introduce you to ❣️The Bad Hog Nurse❣️... she is gonna be the star of my new video and I’m pretty sure that you are gonna love her... let me tal about she, she is definitely a nightmare, she is rude with you and she really believes that she is super skinny, and is gonna let you know that all the time.

    Coming tomorrow...





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    2. Rebeljoe


      I need intensive care.

    3. Shar’s Lover

      Shar’s Lover

      You’re so fat omg.. ❤️

    4. Chimaira10


      So beautifull 😍😍 

  15. Hi!, I just wrote on my trend some experiences that I got at the beach during my vacations, soooo click the link and enjoy it!! ... have a nice dreams! 💋🐽