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  1. Well that’s what I’ve been doing all week and I decided to record a video where you will watch me being a gamer pig! ... coming tomorrow! 
    24A28034-90A5-47EA-9D80-9340263A077B.thumb.jpeg.fcd6c731d80d13d5f872e013b95225e7.jpeg 1D61A272-AC57-4317-8AA1-38EA92CE067D.thumb.jpeg.31ff3b24ca6c9115a3c50afc8c92a51f.jpeg

    1. Sweettooth83


      OMG 😳 that belly is huge! Clearly making a piggy of yourself 😍😁

    2. buck_sumo


      There should always be someone feeding you. He's doing a great job!

  2. Hello everyone... guess what!.. I bought some really hot clothes to wear and now I’m planing do a hot photoset but I can’t decide which of this two dresses I should wear... could you help me?... what do you want to see me wear? 
    a)💜 or b)💚



    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. AJ-Xander


      B because I can't tell from the pic what's it's supposed to look like on someone and I'm curious to know

    3. Feedmygirl
    4. matt nagle

      matt nagle

      Got to be A, whatever you choose will be good

    5. Ida
    6. FatGurlLover
    7. acdc34434


      Ok, A won! But don’t worry I would show you B on a video! 🐽🐽🐽

  3. McDonalds time!! ❤️❤️

    Hope your day goes well!!

    018D542A-8BD2-40AF-AB6A-4905D5351DCC.thumb.jpeg.7d9d6a7724e8b11807b53cf80b42ab20.jpeg C3B75363-005E-44C0-8411-9393FD5F35CF.thumb.jpeg.c8f9a21860da60693b7f72fbcf23012a.jpeg 5A26AFFE-13C3-4CB6-A4CB-021098106D78.thumb.jpeg.14d01ee5f94bf6872f8398afd539aa86.jpeg

    1. rotwang


      QUESTION: Why do you post photos with your eyes cut off?  🤔

    2. Bellylover777


      Super sexy Mc Donalds-belly - Good work, Laura

    3. acdc34434


      @rotwang the thing is: My belly and basically all my body is big cuz I want to show you my huge belly in 1st plane well, I don’t leave much space to show my face hahaha I’m to big! Haha

    4. Bruno49


      You must be a happy meal, since we always get a great treat from you 🔥

    5. buck_sumo


      I hope it's McDonald's time a lot of the time. Looking great!

    6. Mjohnson


      Hottest fat girlfriend around , wow ❤️

  4. Keep an eye on this... cuz is just waiting the approval 🐽🔥🐽🔥




    1. Sweettooth83


      I would end jogging next to you,just to watch your body wobble 😍😍😍

    2. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      I'd end up looking in awe and ask you out for lunch. A big lunch. 

    3. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      So sportive, so sexy. Let me be your personal trainer.

  5. How you ever seen a hot bbw trying to exercise in public with no shame for her huge body?... Well you are about to watch how Laura is at the park trying to do some exercise, but you knows that she is a huge fat pig and she can't do any exercise so, you will watch how her extra fat shakes, how she is out of breath, how her belly jiggles and how people around her gots shock by her huge and hot shape... Is really hot how she shows her body in public without shame.


  6. I started my year with some “exercise” in public [[exercise is what I tried to do, however I was a big pig showing her huge belly in public]] 🐖🏋🏽🐽... THIS VIDEO IS ABOUT TO BE UPLOADING 🖤🐽

    26648DFD-1123-4214-ADB2-BDF4750C14BC.thumb.jpeg.c986995c7213596acd3f531a6021377e.jpeg 343D48E7-92BF-4E52-8B3A-801D6C508DF2.thumb.jpeg.1d9de349d1c49754c6ae7f421d75a084.jpeg 737D5E63-E18A-4C42-891D-6827D83E5205.thumb.jpeg.6b40051b65c39c12038705e700391a6a.jpeg

    1. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      Exercise is overrated. 

    2. Chimaira10



  7. Hope your week was good! And let’s start a good... good weekend!! 🐽🤰🏼

    2930F6B9-0CB8-441E-A4D6-153F89BC59EF.thumb.jpeg.1d31bde2649bb56d7a688eea2b9cc8e1.jpeg 5F8792A4-7AEE-45C5-8BF5-D3410EBF233F.thumb.jpeg.b7fa16216bd57a3725d7400625af9de9.jpeg 353A2A01-11DF-4C97-BFBE-297BD17690CF.thumb.jpeg.bdf11d21470b30e619c2e848ce8e2e30.jpeg

    1. extra_m13


      bring on the steak and beer! carnita asada ON

    2. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      So round and heavy. 😍😘

    3. Bellylover777


      Glorious stuffed belly - absolutely sexy, Laura

    4. Zmaster7


      Bigger is better 🐷😘😍😍

  8. Have a wonderful day! 🐽

    2BD70CD1-B7B8-4AEF-A369-98E723439439.thumb.gif.6fb300f56c3df7222daabd02b2481db7.gif 84723BEA-AB7D-429A-ABB6-DBDAD0BB1585.thumb.jpeg.71ac04d893527239f26ef2da02076456.jpeg

    1. extra_m13


      chilaquiles for breakfast ! 

    2. grateful


      Breath-taking update!!!  😍❤️😮

      How I love your beautiful beautiful belly!!!!😍❤️🥰

      Fantastic update!!  Thanks!!  😁

    3. buck_sumo


      It's always going to be a wonderful day when we get to see your huge belly 😍

    4. Zmaster7


      Damn 🐷🐷🐷😘

  9. Hello! I want to wish you a happy new year! And I want to celebrate it with this video that is just waiting the approval 👌🏻




    1. grateful


      So pretty!  So massive!!  😍❤️🥰

      Beautiful update!!  Excited about the clip!!  😮😁

  10. Today a big surprise awaits you... Laura is about to give you a delicious show with balloons where she will be smashing them with her huge belly, hot butt and all her fat body. She will smear the balloons on her fat body... by the end she will explode your mind and the balloons in different hot positions.


    Well done @CouchQueen ... This is such a nice and hot video of this fat woman. Simply perfect!
    THIS WAS SO HOT! Definitely a good video. I need to admit that I am involve of your beautiful face and belly! 🖤🖤🖤
  11. I just wanna say... Happy New Year!! We did it... 2020 was [ described as you wanted ] but let’s start 2021 happy and hope you being ready for all the weight I’m planning to gain 🐽🐽🐽

    B72C8348-7F2B-454F-B548-665D037FD624.thumb.jpeg.189de883f10840d234c3b2ba95cc010e.jpeg 27062953-75CC-4063-85FE-CC95B18D6AC9.thumb.jpeg.9d33b216aae2b0f2e732daf332282574.jpeg

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. foball1290


      Happy New Year piggy!🔥🐖😍

      Best wishes for '21 and happy gaining!

    3. grateful


      Two outstanding pics!!!  😍

      Your belly is the best!!!  :wub:

      Thanks for the beautiful update!!  😁

      And Happy new year!  ❤️

    4. buck_sumo


      Happy new year Laura!

      Most definitely looking forward to watching you grow bigger than ever this year 😍

    5. extra_m13


      planning to gain... that is the hottest thing to hear. let-s see... i think a good mexican can gain 1-2 kg per month with some effort. if that holds... that would be aroud 50pounds in a year probably?

    6. Feedmygirl


      Happy new year. I wish you a good gain, tones of food and more gain. Happiness, health and more fat.😘



    7. Bellylover777


      Super sexy new years-belly, Laura, very good work - love it

  12. What is more delicious than a feedee waking up you just to make you witness of a delicious stuffing?? ❤️❤️




    1. Bbwlover8996


      Why don’t I have permission to see it ? :(

    2. acdc34434


      @Bbwlover8996 is still waiting for approval ☹️

    3. buck_sumo


      That would be the perfect Christmas present 😍

    4. Bellylover777


      Fantastic big Christmas-belly - looking soo sexy

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