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  1. Always good to see you back and hope your mother is doing well!

  2. morning everyone!

    Hope you have a great day and hope you watch my new video who’s ready for you at my store.




    1. Bellylover777


      Sweet bulging belly, Laura, pants are too tight, but your belly is most sexy!

    2. ikke


      You look amazing!


    Here you have!!!... I’m just waiting the approval... hope you enjoy it and , part 2 is gonna be here Soon... 🖤 



    1. Maverick500


      I absolutely love your flabby jiggly belly 😍

    2. H12222


      I don’t have permission to see it?

  4. Laura is finally back!!... you are about to watch a video where you are gonna be the witness of how Laura’s body change during this quarantine. At this compilation you will admire her belly massages, you will watch how her body gain centimetres and clothes that now are simply small for Laura and more... enjoy it!


  5. Hello everyone!!
    Today I have a great new... I know, I truly know you’ve been waiting months for a new video and tomorrow is the day

    I decided to save many ideas and content because I recorded Myself getting huge during this quarantine ... the new video is basically a diary ... tomorrow you will have the first part... recorded in 4K and around 20 minutes for a small price and I hope you enjoy the video!!!

    Please, Stay safe!! I love you🖤


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    2. Chimaira10


      Your looking amazing Laura. Getting nice a plump now 😍😍

    3. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      You know what they say. Eat a lot of junk, you start getting real heavy and you outgrow your clothes. Yet I find that so sexy and attractive. 

    4. Pritze99


      Beautiful 😍

  6. I've not seen you for a few weeks - hope everything is ok

  7. Hi! Have a nice afternoon!! 💋💋💋


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. buck_sumo


      That belly just keeps hanging lower 😍 keep up the good work!

    3. Serapio Martinez

      Serapio Martinez

      Cada día que pasa te vuelves más sexy 😍 espero que ese vientre siga en crecimiento 

    4. Chuckgreen505


      Damn 😍😍😍❤❤

  8. Today I woke up very early and this is what I saw... 🐷😏❤️


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DavyW22


      yasss sexynesss

    3. Kyle Butler

      Kyle Butler

      Not ur panties i guess 🤔

    4. skyros2404


      I suppose you started to laugh, and then you saw your belly shaking ;)

  9. Who else is been wearing only underwear all day?? 😏😏😏


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    2. Hoopers


      Claro que si cerdita!

    3. N29W39


      That's a gorgeous belly😍, i hope it's receiving all the love and nutrition it needs😋

    4. Chuckgreen505


      What a piggy🐖🐖😍😍

  10. My booty Is getting huge!! 🖤

    Morning!! 🍑🍑🍑



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. buck_sumo


      This is the best way to start the day 😊

    3. Chimaira10


      Love you and your growing body 😍😍

    4. ell927


      Looking great

  11. I missed you AF!!!

    Heeeey!, how are you???

    I don’t have words to express how thankful I am for all the love you show me after my last update!!. Certainly was a terrible time and terrible moments that I went through but as I said I’m a positive person and here I am, stronger!!, fatter!! and ready to continue my gain!.

    This is the first photo that I took in more than a month and I thought that I was gonna look skinnier hahaha... honestly I was quite sad... then I saw the picture and well wow! Then I check my weight and wow!!  

    so, my next video is gonna be a weight in and more! Haha

    Also!, hope the quarantine being not to horrible for all of you!, I know the world I suffering but be strong!! And i will be trying to make you happy while you are in home! 😘😘😘😘 




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    2. Joao1996


       What is her snap?anyone know?

    3. Gabbo


      Welcome back, Laura.

      You're certainly looking, well...Fat.

    4. Chuckgreen505


      Sexy 😍😍😍

  12. Hello everyone!... it’s been a while since my last video and post, and I will tell you why. As always I want to be transparent with you. My mother’s health was very, very bad since the beginning of this 2020, sadly it goes worst very fast... she got lungs cancer and... well I’m the one who took care of she. Now, my soul is suffering and honestly I’ve been with zero energy to record videos or even take pictures... but, I’m a pretty positive person and I don’t wanna stay sad, so hopefully soon I’ll be much better and you will be able to watch me...shining, as always.


    I truly love everyone here and hope you can feel me and, btw, hope things in your countries been in control soon. Take care, please!!!


    With love, Your Laura❣️

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. AustinMLucas1995


      Hope she is okay

    3. FedericoBigLover


      Stay strong beauty, we`ll be waiting for you

    4. Gabbo


      Sorry to hear about your mum Laura, hopefully the doctors have caught the cancer in it's early stages and everything will be alright. I went through this sort of thing with my dad last year when he had bowel cancer which the doctors successfully removed. But unfortunately he died due to another issue.

      Just be strong.

  13. When is the next update

  14. Run to my store!!🤰🏼🍻🤰🏼🍻


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