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  1. THANK YOU for communicating with your Fat Admirer fandom to let us know you're OK !!!  I've been watching for you in Curvage and C4S.  To say you're so hot you steam up my glasses is putting it mildly.  One word of unsolicited advice: Always Pay Yourself First.  SAVE at least 10% of each paycheck.  It builds up and will empower you !!!  For example, I did the saving and built up $800 for my Galaxy S9 smartphone.  Next, I saved 10% until I'd purchased a training program that will create self employment income no boss can control.  In time, I'll work from home only for myself to keep the profits.  Like a massive  weight gain, your finances will grow much BIGGER. BTW - keep EATING baby girl, you turn me ON - I want your hubby to hear the floorboards creaking under you when you REALLY get big !!!💕😊👍


  2. Hello everybody!!!... so sorry for been quiet for so long. I started to work and honestly, between more videos and work i end my days super exhausted but as i said I've been working on new videos and content and soon i will be sharing some photos of me wearing my job's uniform (((super tight🤯, btw))) and more🤩👌🏻

    For now, how are you???, have you missed me??❣😘

    1. regbill


      It's nice to see you back on Curvage and I look forward to seeing you in your work uniform.

    2. Prince-nutty


      Looking forward to seeing that!

    3. fattyluver



  3. 🔥🔥🔥


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    2. Lardfiller


      So hot your force feeding pics and vids 💓

    3. giottano2


      Wow! I want see you eat more and more and grow more bigger and fatter!


    4. giottano2


      I want see you become a big sexy huge pig!🐷🐖

  4. I told you... this is a new way to self stuffing, this time I have a nice story where I am your prisoner and found the way to devour a huuuuge cake by my self with no hands... 

    Also I gave you a POV stuffing to let you enjoy a bit more my fat...

    i hope you enjoy my new video 🤰🏼 (((Waiting the approval)))


    1. renatobrazil


      sorry, but where is the video?

    2. acdc34434


      @renatobrazil, hi is right here at the clips store... but I’m still waiting for the approval ;)

  5. “Laura has been your prisoner for days and, no food has been her punishment, however everything is part of your plan... a massive forced stuffing by your own hands. You have everything ready... a huge cake and a pitcher full of milk but, you never imagine that this pork will be too hungry to stuffed her self while she is alone and tight.” Wearing a sexy bikini and having hands and feet tight, Laura wakes up feeling really hungry and she can’t control her self when she found a huge cake and milk just next to herself... with a voracious appetite Laura founds the way to ate that cake... she looks crazy for that cake and the unique thing she is thinking is “eat more, eat as much you can Laura”. Burping and moaning Laura ends extremely stuffed, she can’t ate anything else, when... You arrive to Laura’s room to finally stuff her belly and, surprise!, Laura already ate almost all the cake... Laura is looking at you And you are looking her enormous body and her round belly. She looks too hot and you can’t control your self, you need to stuff her belly until she begins you to stop. Cake, milk, more cake, slap on her belly and more cake again are part of your play time ... Laura is definitely stuffed but you aren’t stop until your desires be satisfied.


  6. Hi!!!, what about your weekend??...

    Because i know you loves my stuffing videos, tonight i want  to surprise you with a great self stuffing but... i hope you'll be ready for a new style of SS... coming tonight!!!🤩😘

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    2. extra_m13


      i am sure we are all more than ready! 

    3. S77
    4. S77


      hope you didn't run into any trouble uploading.

  7. Hello everyone, how is going your week???…

    Here I am, sharing you my rounder belly, Im not sure if it was all the beers that I drank or the tacos that I ate the past month buuuuut as I said my belly it is rounder 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼

    Btw, Im so happy that you’ve been enjoying my last video 🐽🐽🐽 Remember that my huge belly it is because of you 💋💋💋




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    2. extra_m13


      if that belly is because of us then the sky is the limit = ) thanks for sharing your journey!

    3. GodBless22


      Queens need to be worshipped

    4. Prince-nutty


      Looking bigger than ever! A new weigh in due soon? ;)

  8. I’m proud of this video, because it reflects all the progress that I’ve been doing during these months ... this is a video recorded in 3 lapse time to show you a real of my body... I hope you enjoy the video and be proud of my belly, who’s has been growing just because of you 💋💋💋💋



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    2. ZX6R


      masterpiece... i love you

    3. dj2k1357


      your new video was great! I left a review that I hope you will like. Let me know what you think when you get a chance plz

    4. bunker52



      wait so this was actually made in 3 parts, recorded over 2 months??

  9. Version 1.0.0

    A video recorded in 3 Lapp times to create a real gaining atmosphere is ready to blow your mind. Scene 1 Laura arrives to her new office job, she is wearing a hot and tight uniform who let us watch her curves. The first thing that she find is a box with free donuts for all the office. Laura is not going to say NO to any donut so, she takes one... two... three and no more, she has self control and is trying to take care of her shape. Before she started her job, she preferred to end the Donuts with a bit of milk. Scene 2 After one month of daily donuts and milk, the changes on Laura’s body and weight are evident... Her self control is being affected and her fatty shape is starting to look really fat. Scene 3 After two months Laura looks huge... her clothes can’t fit anymore, the T-shirt is ready to pop and her belly is immense, she is a total hug, who Is crazy for donuts and just can’t control her self. Are you prepared to look a real Laura’s transformation????


  10. After 15 days of flu and fever 😷🤒🤧...

    I’m back and I shared you something at my trend


     Enjoy it and comment... I truly love your participation !! 🐽💋


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    2. John Smith

      John Smith


    3. Camille


      you're incredible ! 😍


    4. degek2001


      Welcome back. And your belly is so lovely round! ❤️ Henk

  11. After some internet issues, finally here you have.... SPYING ON LAURA IN MC DONALD’S 🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟🍔🍟

    I need to admit that I left some people shocked at the restaurant, how often do you find a hot hug, on tight clothes, eating... devouring 3 hamburgers!!??…… anyways I hope you enjoy the video

    🐽🐽🐽 fat kisses 🐽🐽🐽



    1. Chevalier


      Completely unhinged eh? Belly popping out will always garner attention.

  12. Version 1.0.0

    Today is your lucky day, because you found this fat hug devouring 3 big hamburgers a big soda and a bid French fries at McDonald’s. Wearing a really small and tight shirt, showing her round belly and her muffin tops, she walks trough all the place, catching all the views of the people right there, on her enormous body. She takes a seat in the perfect place for you... now you are catching all her fat angles and now you have the best view to see how Laura is pigging this meal, who is definitely too much for a person. Bite by bite the pig goes finishing all that grease food. At this point, her belly is so big and rounder that the shirt she’s wearing is looking like a top... she looks completely stuffed but she is decided to finishing the 3 hamburgers so her best option is to unbutton her jeans to keep pigging.


  13. Hey, what about your week???… mine was busy but fine, and actually this is how I started the day, you doesn’t have an idea of how I’m looking now!!

    By the way... tomorrow I will be uploading a new video, and just because I think that my curvage family deserves a really good McDonald’s public stuffing I will give you right that... I’m not leaving any picture or gif because I want that you’ve been stunning tomorrow’s night when you find my video 💋🐽




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    2. renatobrazil


      Goddess! as always...

    3. Gabbo


      Looking inSANELY hot.

    4. maurice_deux


      That once flat and toned belly is definitely gone for good. Maybe you'll fatten up enough and get a double belly in time for bikini season😉

  14. 😉💋... 


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    2. Prince-nutty



    3. Rebeljoe


      My dream.

    4. limit1ess


      You look a lot like a fat Jessica Alba in this pic. She has nothing on you!

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