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  1. A far as I can understand, the speaker recomends her to break up with her boyfriend in order to loose weight and get a beach body. Sadness leads to loss of appetite and, therefore, to weight loss. But at the end it doesn´t work.
  2. Stunning dress at the Met gala 2021
  3. More samples, including some advertising
  4. Recently I’ve purchased Freeks squeele: Kim Traüma, the latest comic-book by F. Maudoux. Besides the marvelous artwork and the bizarre plot, it is worth mentioning here because Monsieur Maudoux has introduced many WG/BBW scenes. It's the best example I've ever seen of subtly introducing fat fetishism themes in a comic intended for the general public. As far as I could understand using my poor French, the eponymous character Kim is a small girl that gets super powers ( namely flying and magical tatooing) by eating a burger (!) with the convenient side-effects of her body swelling as she gained 100 pounds. For reasons only we can understand, each transformation includes good views of her underwear ( wich seems to be made of the same elastic fabric as Bruce Banner pants). After using her powers she gets exhausted and shrinks to a emaciated figure due to the ‘loss of energy’. Here goes her first transformation. It doesn't mind if you don't understand French because it doesn't make much sense anyway.
  5. Actually, she mentioned that she managed to loose 4 kg... and then gained back another 10 kg 😂
  6. She said something like 'I lost four kilos' (with that diet)
  7. Indeed. I wonder why she is selling her old clothes...
  8. Last month she posted on her IG account a video jiggling her back fat rolls.😍 Unfortunately, I don't know how to upload it here.
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